20-Jan-2019: Camden GC-Single Stableford



A big welcome back to the 23 members and 3 visitors that showed up to Camden GC for the opening round of the 2019 season.

As you read on you will notice that this report will not contain much fanfare as in previous years due to the standing down of the previous publicity officer and until someone in the club puts their hand up to have a go, it will be up to the president who hasn’t got much to do these days (cough, cough) to try and do justice to these reports albeit a little later than usual. Thank you to the respective winners for texting me a brief description of their round as this will make it a lot easier to do this report.

Tee off was at 6:45am and for the first time in a long while, the weather was overcast and much cooler than the debilitating heat that we have been experiencing in Sydney the last few weeks. Coupled with much unbridled enthusiasm from many golf starved members made for some promising scores to kick off the new year.

Camden GC is a much liked golf course by many and was in pretty good condition considering the extreme heat that we have had recently with the only blemish being the slow greens which have taken a battering from the weather.

The Captain (Joy) and his trusty assistant (Steve) organised the groups  via a blind draw and as is now customary placed the late late comers in the last groups. Members must remember that it is very difficult to do the draw at events if you are late and the captain does not know if you are coming or not. A simple phone call can fix all that.

With the round completed, members congregated in the clubhouse for the customary refreshments and  presentation ceremony. With all of the cards checked and results noted, the captain began with the presentation.

The Outright winner today was Peter Davis with a terrific score of 42 points on a countback. This result was a bit of a surprise as Peter is relatively new to our club and has found it difficult to play to his handicap. In fact, I believe that the handicapper had or was going to use discretion to reevaluate Peter’s handicap but instead will be chopping it after this round. Peter started his round by topping a few of his drives and was told early by Cliffy to slow down his swing as he was coming  out his shoes and wella, he started to hit some great shots. A few holes later he duffed a chip shot and got another free lesson from the chipping guru Rossco Hamer ( the C grade Bradman by the way) and his round turned red hot. A pleasing result for Peter and a pleasure to be in the same group as him.

The A grade winner was Gary Buckley with a score of 40 points. His SMS read – “Had a good game no wipes. 2pts & 3pts only. Got 2 Birdies on one hole ????? On the par 4 12th hole I teed off and hit a bird near the green my ball stopped pin high just off the green. Just missed the putt but got the return one for a birdie 3”. Seems that Gary has recovered from his almost severed hand last year.

The B grade winner was Mark McDonald with a score of 42 points. One of three players on that great score, Mark  reports that his putting was solid and his short pitching performance got him out of trouble ( it’s usually the other way around). He was in the same group as two other winners and says that they all bounced off each other. The 4th member of that group didn’t bounce very well and will remain anonymous. He seemed to still be in festive mood as he was heard singing ” Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel”.

The C grade winner was another in the 42pts club. Glen Blades reports that after a poor showing at the Ridge GC last Saturday his driver finally found it’s line and length which was surprisingly backed up by his irons for the first two holes and even the putter behaved itself. He thought that it might have been the new shoes but from the 3rd hole on , stuggle street raised it’s ugly head and short game fell apart. Score could have been anything if not for this.

The Guzzlers Cup winner was a man in a huury. Claude Poletti shot a credible 41 pts. Needing to leave early, Claude played at blistering pace and reports that he was walking faster than the cart carrying Glen Blades and Noel Connolly. At last report, the cart was seen being towed to the mechanics to have the suspension rebuilt. Claude had an overall good game driving well and sank a few good putts but reports that he left a lot out there.  The highlight for him was winning the lottery tickets off big Noel. He also reports that he has earmarked the first member that he is going to hit up for a free drink at the next game.




The Bradmans for A,B,C grade respectively were Joy Mesuria 29pts, Steph Suzor 30pts and Rossco Hamer 29pts. No need to embarrass them so early in the year and we hope that they come back from their pitiful performances today.

In concluding , I would like to thank all of the members who showed up and those who contributed towards our fundraising by entering in the eagles nest. Please remember that due to increases in green fees this year it is imperative that we all support  our club and not rely on others to fund our privileges. One such thing will be the free BBQ on the 10th of February at Rosnay golf club.

Also a big welcome to our newest members, Mark McSwinney and Dennis May. We hope that you enjoy our little golf club and hopefully be on the podium pretty soon.

Once again I urge any of our members to please contact me in regards to the position of publicity officer. You will be doing your club and me a great service.

Day’s Results

Outright Winner: Peter Davis [33]  42pts c/b

A Grade: Gary Buckley [15] 40pts

B Grade: Mark McDonald [21] 42pts

C Grade: Glen Blades [25] 42pts

Guzzlers Cup: Claude Poletti [21] 41pts

Drive & Pitch: Brian Craven

NTP’s: [3] Ken Little [6] Cliff Bourquin [8] Graham Dean [16] Jeff Hilder

Best Visitor: Mark McSwinney [88]

Bradmans: [A] Joy Mesuria  [B] Steph Suzor [C] Rossco Hamer


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