Important notice: The new time for 17/2/19 Campbelltown GC is now be there at 6:00am.

After a lengthy 3 week break, it was game on again and Rosnay GC was inundated by 29 very eager Revesby golfers. The good numbers may have been attributed to the cooler weather, the lack of golf,  members wanting to hone their game for the upcoming Club Championships or was it the lure of the terrific seafood BBQ prepared by our amazing social secretary Mr Ryan Cassin.

The course had received a huge amount of rain the day before and as a consequence the rules for the day were preferred lies on fairways and all bunkers out of play. Balls landing off the fairway would be punished heavily because of the longer than usual rough and many bare lies.

Play got under way at 7am from both tees and the groups were led off by the social committee who needed to organise the cooking of the food.

Play was reasonably fast and the members quickly got stuck into the smorgasbord of prawns, oysters, grilled fish, salads and all washed down with the abundant supply of free beverage. Once again many thanks to Ryan and his crew for the great effort and we can’t wait for the next one.

With all of the eating taken care of, the captain commenced the presentation.

The outright winner today was Steve Floyd with a great score of 43pts. Steve said that this was his best round ever and could not have played any better. His reward is the loss of a shot to 18 hcp and firming into favouritism for the B grade championship. Well done Steve.

The A grade winner was John Varrica with a surprising result of 39pts. John has not played as much golf as usual in recent times as he has been renovating his new home. Working 7 days a week since November, John only rests on Revesby GC Sundays and was expecting to be quite rusty. To his surprise (and George’s), he hit some good drives, some great approaches and bagged a couple of birdies. The secret might be less is best for Johnny V.

The B grade winner was Mick McCarney with an impressive score of 41pts. The report from one of his playing partners (the loud one) stated that Mick played out of his skin and should have won the day had it not been for the slight mishap on the 11th hole. Mick apparently hit a great drive to a few metres short of the dam on the left but then proceeded to put his next shot into the dam. Took a penalty drop and you guessed it, put another in the water. He then took another drop only to do the same. No need to say that he wiped that hole.

The C grade winner was the super cook Rossco Hamer with a top score of 40pts. I haven’t received a report of how he played but going on his score it must have been pretty good. You always know when Rossco has a good game because of the absence of club throwing stories from his playing partners. Well done Rossco.

The Guzzlers cup was won by one of our newer members being Pat Collins with a score of 39pts on a count back. Pat is beginning to show some form and is someone to look out for as well during the championships.

The A grade Bradman was Cliff Bourquin with 34pts. The A grade field must have been on fire because it is very uncustomary to get the EARS with a score like that. Very unlucky Cliffy.

The B grade bradman could be excused for his lacklustre effort of 24pts. Steve Vaughn was on a strong dose of antibiotics to treat a recent bout of vertigo and not surprisingly was not firing on all cylinders.

The C grade Bradman was Ken Harris with a paltry score of 22pts. When asked about his round, he said that he was very consistent shooting 11pts on both front and back nines.

Once again, many thanks to all the members that showed up and a big thanks to the social committee for spoiling us. Also, a big thanks to Joy and Gary for getting us underway in the morning and Claude for helping with the cards after the match.

A reminder to all that you should attempt to familiarise yourselves with the new rules of golf before the start our Club Championship. A few of the 20  important to know general rules that must be observed are:-


  1. You must putt out on all holes during  Club Championships(no gimmies).
  2. The match committee has decided that there will be no maximum score on any hole so you must continue playing no matter the amount of strokes taken. If you pick up then you will be disqualified.
  3. The match committee has also decided that out of bounds or lost balls will be treated as before with no provision to take a 2 shot penalty from the fairway nearest to where you went out of bounds or lost your ball. Please play a provisional ball if you think you may be in trouble and if you are OB or LB you must take a stroke and distance penalty as before.
  4. The time limit for searching for a ball is now 3 minutes and the ball must be declared lost after this time. You cannot play that ball if it is found after you have declared it lost.
  5. Loose impediments can now be moved in Penalty Areas formerly known as water and lateral hazards as well as bunkers. Clubs can also be grounded in these areas but not as to improve your lie.
  6. You cannot deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with a club but accidental touching incurs no penalty
  7. You can take a 2 shot penalty and drop the ball out of the bunker and back on the line that it went in.
  8. If your ball moves whether on its own or accidentally touched by a player, it can be replaced in its original spot without penalty.
  9. A double hit is now deemed as one stroke.
  10. You can elect to leave the flag in the hole when putting from on the green and you may tap down spike marks.


Outright winner: Steve Floyd [19] 43pts

A Grade : John Varrica [11]  39pts

B Grade: Mick McCarney [18]  41pts

C Grade: Rossco Hamer [24]  40pts

Guzzlers Cup: Pat Collins [25]  39pts c/b

Bradmans: [A] Cliff Borquin 34pts   [B] Steve Vaughn 24pts  [C] Ken Harris  22pts

Drive & Pitch on 14th: Adam Glitinan

NTP’s: [5th] Adam Giltinan  [9th] Brian Craven [10th] Brian Craven  [16th] Mark McSwinney [17th] Matt   Campbell



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