6/12-JUNE-2018: Gold Coast Tour Championship

The much anticipated Gold Coast Tour Championship for 2018 got under way on June 6th and culminated June 12th.   The tour is held every two years with this one being the 8th tour to date and was this year be contested by 26 eager participants at four of Queensland’s finest golf courses, Arundel Hills, Links Hope Island, The Royal Pines Resort and Lakelands Resort.

The tour is the culmination of a great deal of hard work by the organising committee comprising of Claude Poletti (tour captain), Phil Kilazoglou (communications and publishing), Luke Whalan & Noel Connolly (bookings & entertainment), Mark McDonald and Steve Vaughn ( Match Committee) and Joy Mesuria ( vest supervisor). Special mention also to Cathy Whalan And Maria Connolly for their contribution regarding bookings and food preparation.

The best four round aggregate score would determine the winner of the championship. Past winners have been Martin Kennedy ( 2004 & 2006), Wayne Donovan (2008), Claude Poletti (2010), Chris Knock (2012) and John Varrica (2014) and Luke Whalan (2016).

The total prize pool this year was $5600.00 excluding the ‘Calcutta’ which saw players auctioned off to cashed up bidders hoping to snare one of the top dogs and subsequently the substantial reward for buying the eventual winner and placegetters. The events consisted of daily singles, blind 2BBB and a composite draw consisting of certain holes on each of the four courses.

Three types of vests would also be awarded to some players at the end of each round. The ‘TOP DOG’ vest was the most desired as this would be worn by the winner on the day. The ‘SNAKE’ vest would be the most costly and would be awarded to the last player from each group to 3 putt on the day. This player would then be required to shout the first 2 rounds of drinks for his group and at an average price of $8.00 a drink could lighten ones wallet considerably. The two vests to be avoided at all costs were the ‘BAR WENCH’ vests to be worn by the two players with the lowest scores on the day which for the wearers involved club house and presentation area waiting duties as well as restocking of eskies and general clean up duties each afternoon.

June 6-Day 1

06:00   Lift off on board Jetstar flight JQ400 to the Gold Coast  and the 2018 Tour Championship is officially under way.

09:30  Arrive at Gold Coast airport and are greeted by our tour operator Keith. Clubs and luggage are loaded into the trailers and the party is bussed to La Grande apartments in Broadbeach. The party is given time to check in and relax while the organisers set off to stock up on essential supplies for the afternoon BBQ.

12:00 – Players are treated to a feast of  steaks, sausages and salads prepared and cooked to perfection by Rossco Hamer and the “plumber” Steve Faulkner . To wash this all down was the never ending supply of liquid refreshment ordered to individual preference.

14:00 -Time for the much anticipated Calcutta with Rosco Hamer acting as the auctioneer. This auction is the unofficial gauge where player rankings are determined. The tickets purchased at  the airport give the holder of the drawn ticket special privileges in relation to the player up for auction. He can either buy or cash in the said player for half of the final bid. The top 8 bids are listed below.

$600-Luke Whalan

$600-Adam Giltinan

$540-Mark Donovan

$450-John Varrica

$410-Claude Poletti

$410-Joy Mesuria

$400-Ryan Cassin

$400- Ryan Johnston

18:00 – Official proceedings for the day are over and players are free to do what they want. Some choose to retreat in readiness for the first game the next morning, while others go off to restaurants or the casino for the die hard.


June 7- Rnd 1- Arundel Hills Country Club

golf greens

There is a certain amount of mystery and intrigue surrounding this Fred Bolton designed  course. The course layout is exceptional – designed to challenge the best or to be played as hard or relaxed as individual players choose. The great Australian champion, Norman Von Nida, pronounced the course as the best in Australia, describing it as “perfect… perfect tees, perfect fairways, greens shaped and manicured to perfection”.

With heavy rain falling all morning, the group was resigned to a wet day of golf. To our great relief, the rain stopped as we pulled in to the course and play got under way from the first tee. Rules for the day were preferred lies through the green and carts were restricted to the cart paths only. The fairways were a bit soggy but the greens were like lightning and three and four putts were the order of the day.



C.KNOCK (35)




2BBB R/U : 43PTS


















June 8- Day 3- Links Hope Island

Our day began with a friendly welcome from the concierge, and for some included a practice session on the aquatic driving range. It  then involved some careful strategic thinking while we made our way around the Par 72 course, avoiding the natural and man-made hazards and the 128 challenging pot style bunkers.

Rules for the day were preferred lies fairways only and carts were allowed on the fairways making club selection  much easier and the pace of play a lot quicker.



2ND: 36PTS C/B























No golf today but most of the guys were off to the Gold Coast races whilst others remained at the apartments for the traditional game of Texas Holdem which was won by Mark Donovan.

June 10-Day 5- RACV Royal Pines Resort-3rd rnd

The new-look par-3 16th is the centrepiece hole within the redesigned layout at Royal Pines.

It’s been a mighty transformation for the championship course at RACV Royal Pines Resort these past couple of years, a nine-by-nine renovation of a golf course that was formerly little more than a pleasant walk on a flat, parkland site next to the Nerang River and in the shadows of an enviable resort complex.

The resort is still just as desirable, however now the 27-hole golf course is equally so, as witnessed at the Australian PGA Championship last December and, more recently, the RACV Ladies Masters last month. What was previously a course characterised by large, flat and relatively open greens – with bunkers to match – now has more firepower and architectural nuances.


























The name Nicklaus has long been associated with greatness on the Golf Course. The 18 professional major championships, the most electrifying finishes, the sheer will to win. Jack’s achievements are legendary. Today the name of Nicklaus also stands for the superior Golf Course Design, the result of Jacks more than four decades as a renowned Golf Course Designer. With a course rating of 74 off the black tees and 72 off the blue tees the course offers a very special golfing experience. In the Australian Golf Digest’s recent Top 100 Australian Golf Course rankings, Lakelands came in at number 56.

With strategies in place and players grouped in order of current standings, the stage was set for a thrilling finish to the tournament. A large number of players were armed with substantial increases to their handicaps and with the greens playing a little slower than anticipated, some huge scores were expected.

Rules for the day were preferred lies fairways only and for the first time, a shotgun start.


























With the tournament over, it was now time for the match committee to sit down and scrutinise all of the results in readiness for the gala presentation dinner that was held at Cav’s Steakhouse. Once again, the tour party was treated to an amazing array of handpicked steaks which were cooked to individual preference and complemented with an assortment of tasty entrees and an open bar.  After much laughter and banter, captain Claude Poletti commenced the presentation and awards ceremony.

For the first time in the fourteen year history of the tour, it was announced that there would be joint winners.

Congratulations to the part time golfing room mates namely Mark Donovan and Chris Knock who both tied with a score of 138 Pts and were named as joint champions. Mark becomes a first time winner and Chris becomes only the 2nd two time winner. Not only did they win the tournament jointly, they also jointly bought Chris in the calcutta and cleaned up there as well.

The second best score for the tournament was predicted before the event by the player in question himself, Steve Vaughn. Steve played solidly all final round and was on course for a huge come from behind victory until the dreaded yips cost him dearly. Steve 3 putted the final three holes to miss out on the trophy by a shot on 137 pts.

In 4th place was the “chicken wizard” Joy Mesuria with a fine score of 133 pts. Joy proved that a beef and alcohol free diet accompanied by early nights was his recipe for success.

Congratulations to all of the other placegetters and award winners and to all the participants  in general for the way in which you conducted yourselves and for the terrific camaraderie that makes this event so special and a huge thanks to the organising & match committee for their tireless work before and during the tour. Until 2020……………sayonara.



Final Standings


3. 137pts-STEVE VAUGHN

4. 133pts-JOY MESURIA



11. 128pts-JOHN McDONALD


14. 126pts-ADAM GILTINAN

15. 124pts-WAYNE HIGGS

16. 123pts-RYN CASSIN

17. 122pts-MATT CAMPBELL


21. 119pts-JEFF HILDER




26. 112pts-ROSSCO HAMER




27-MAY-2018: MacArthur Grange – Single Stableford + 4BBB Matchplay Rnd 2


It’s been a very long time since we played here as a social club. Past memories of the course were bad, not because of the course layout, but because of its diabolical condition 🙁

So interest was high to see if the course was back to its pristine and challenging best 🙂 Historically, the land was originally used for open grazing land.

It is now protected under environmental protection zone E3, that is, land with special ecological, scientific, cultural or aesthetic attributes or environmental hazards/processes requiring careful consideration and management to ensure development is compatible with these values.

The golf course lies in an area referred to as the “Scenic Hills“, a local name given to a vast tract of gently rolling hills and valleys that cradle the city of Campbelltown and provide its scenic backdrop.

Campbelltown Council has for many decades fought to preserve this area and has rejected several rezoning requests for housing development or cemetery/crematorium that would have impacted on the golf course existence. The most recent development plan was to build around 550 homes on the site of the golf course but was rejected by Council in 2016.

Interestingly, the last major development plan approved by Council in the “Scenic Hills” was in 1998, it was for the construction of an 18-hole golf course (aka MacArthur Grange), clubhouse and maintenance sheds 🙂

Today saw 29 Revesby players show up for a single stableford event in conjunction with the second round of the 4BBB matchplay championship. Macarthur Grange is a 5500 metre links-style course with some of the biggest greens you will ever see. The course looked very dry but more importantly, the greens were verdant looking! Most players were familiar with the course.  It is well designed, challenging and somewhat unique. Almost every hole is shaped into a valley, with relatively flat fairways, but big hilly slopes covered in deep grass on one or both sides of the fairway. It is severely up and down hill, so if you walk it, don’t get a caddie, get a Sherpa! For the majority, a cart is essential to traverse the course.

Play got underway at a warmish start time of 8:30am from the 1st hole. Local rules were “prefer-on-fairways only” and use the “Irish rule” for lost balls (to speed up play). The game was slow,  particularly with majority of matchplays being so close.  Some players spent a lot of time looking for golf balls, not knowing the “Irish rule” was in play today. Fortunately, all players conducted themselves well and remained very patient out on the befuddling course 🙂

How many had sore arses and broken backs from the electric carts as they lurched at full speed across the rock hard undulating fairways?  The pedal had only two speeds, full or stop 🙁

And what about the course conditions?  Feedback from players ranged from challenging to crap, with the majority agreeing with the latter.

Yep, the weather has been very dry for some months, but have we come across another course with fairways as bad as the ones seen today?   Loamy soil interspersed with dead/dormant grass is a cricket pitch not a golf fairway. Neil Armstrong could have placed his foot on one of the fairways and gotten away with landing on the moon, so barren was the ground.  Only problem was, he would have ended up with shin-splints, so hard was the ground 🙁 The dreaded rough was next to dead, with balls running through it like a hot knife through butter. On the other hand, the greens had been watered, so were in much better condition for golfing.  Being large and grainy, most players came unstuck with 3 and 4 putting the norm.

About one-third of players scored 34 or more points (today’s CCR), with only five players actually bettering their handicaps.

The outright winner today was Ron Knebusch with a run-away score of 43 points.

Never had to look for his golf ball all day, just kept it in play. A remarkable individual effort considering he was also involved in the 4BBB matchplay with his team mate, Ken Harris.   Ken Big didn’t do much, he only won one hole in the matchplay as he was suffering from nicotine withdrawal symptoms after losing his packet of cigarettes out on the course (which were later found by his new buddy and non-smoking soul mate, George Lattouf). Ronnie’s shoulders were worn out from carrying Ken all day, but he managed to stave off the brute pairing of Joy Mesuria and Steve Vaughn by finishing the matchplay 1up.

A champion performance from The Don, err, I mean, The Ron 🙂

The A grade winner today was Wayne Coleman with a very good score of 39 points.

Has played solid all year and has been unlucky not to grab more trophies than the single guzzlers back at Rosnay in March. Can be flashy at times, particularly with his trousers, but his driving was no flash in the pan.  Hit some long drives last week at Bankstown as he worked out the secret to driving and used it to success today as he steered the ball across the Sahara-like fairways. Avoided trouble and used his short game and putter to hide any sins. A well constructed win.

The B grade winner today was Steve Vaughn with a fine score of 38 points.

Can be very hot or very cold, but this year, he has kept under the radar. Why is that, you may ask? I’m not sure, but I know that Revesby’s handicapper has finally put his body on the line and scored well, so will he pull out the knife and slice himself? Teamed with Joy Mesuria to lose his 4BBB matchplay one down, so it was a bitter pill to swallow. Everyone is cheering his good performance today and wish him many more good performances in the future!

It’s kinda like self-mutilation, isn’t it Mr. Handicapper 🙂

The C grade winner today was George Ostermann with a fine score of 38 points.

It’s deja-vu, it’s deja-vu. I’m sure I wrote about him last week for doing exactly the same thing! Let me check my notes, hmm, aha, I see, yep, I’m not delusional. Mister steady-eddy has grabbed the C grade win two weeks in a row, now making that three C grades for the year. Combined well with his 4BBB partner, Glen Blades, to smash the 4BBB pretenders of Adam Giltinan and Rossco Hamer with a whopping 8 and 6 victory. George has a simple game plan that is hard to beat, hit it straight. Took advantage of the rock hard fairways, it was just another, dare I say it, straightforward victory 🙂

The Guzzlers winner today was Phil White with a fine score of 38 points.

Another person in good form for some time.  Seems to play better after each sea cruise and the more he does it, the better he gets. Why, it’s rather obvious, let me explain.

  • He beats the old ladies in the putting competition every time, so that boosts his confidence.
  • He learns how to chip into a net on a rolling deck, that improves his balance and timing.
  • He gorges himself on the plentiful supply of food on board – that lowers his centre-of-gravity.

I rest my case 🙂








The Bradmen winners were Ken Little (27 pts), Rossco Hamer (21 pts) and Ken Harris (25 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively. All Bradmans today were involved in matchplays, of which, two were in winning 4BBB teams, go figure that one out! Just goes to prove matchplay does have an impact on performance, both positive (outright, B grade and C grade winners today) and negative (all three bradman winners). One of the Bradmans had withdrawal symptoms from lack of nicotine, another didn’t make use of the Irish rule whilst the other just got creamed by the opposition.


  1. Best score was Ron Knebusch with a whopping 43 points.
  2. No air-swings to report 🙂


  1. Cliff Bourquin hit his second shot with a fairway wood onto the par5 18th green! Before he could be congratulated by his playing partners, a crow swooped down and pinched his ball from the green 🙁
  2. Speaking of crows, Steve Vaughn saw crows pinch his sandwich and biscuits from his cart and he hadn’t even started to play!
  3. The greens are large at MacArthur Grange, none more so than the dreaded par4 4th hole.

It is called “The Hourglass“. This short par 4 has the biggest green on the course at 40m+ long and only 5m wide at the neck of the hourglass, where this hole gets it name. So many players either 3-putt or 4-putt this hole, with several seeing their putts run off the green. Jeff Hilder can attest to 4-putting the hole whilst both Mick McCarney and Cliff Bourquin saw their putts run off the green.  In fact, Cliff saw two of his putts on the same green run off 🙁

4.Many players had trouble reading the grain on the greens. They are probably the grainiest greens ever experienced by Revesby players.  Some greens like the 4th and 10th were exceedingly slow in parts and yet quick elsewhere 🙁

5.The short par4 11th hole caught many players out whilst they watched their tee shots run, and run, and run into the water on the left. Even hitting into the right hand rough on the hill resulted in the ball bouncing left and run through the rough, then across the fairway and into water. It was diabolical 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Ron Knebusch [21]     43 pts

A Grade Winner:  Wayne Coleman [15]    39 pts

B Grade Winner:  Steve Vaughn [22]     38 pts

C Grade Winner:  George Ostermann [25] 38 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:    Phil White [11]       38 pts


A Grade:         Ken Little [12]   27 pts

B Grade:         Rossco Hamer [21] 16 pts

C Grade:         Ken Harris [26]   25 pts

Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(2), P.White(6), G.Dean(8), J.Varrica(13), W.Higgs(15)

Drive & Pitch:



Glen Blades/George Ostermann  def  Adam Giltinan/Rossco Hamer  8&6

Ken Little/George Lattouf   def  Mick McCarney/Cliff Bourquin 2&1

Jeff Hilder/John McDonald  def  Frank Saify/Mark McDonald  3&2

Ron Knebusch/Ken Harris  def  Joy Mesuria/Steve Vaughn  1up



20-MAY-2018: Bankstown GC - Single Stableford + 4BBB Matchplay Rnd 1


Today sees a single stableford event in conjunction with the first round of the 4BBB Matchplay Championships.

The chilly environs of Bankstown golf course greeted 31 rugged-up players as they surveyed the well-kept fairways and greens in front of them.

Alas, the 6:45am hit off time from the tenth tee (yellow markers) meant the early groups would feel the biting cool air the most as the Sun slowly climbed its way above the trees.

Whilst the practice putting green was dangerously fast, players were comforted in the knowledge that the holes were cut in the friendly position “D” quadrant on each green.

Play was reasonably paced with no reports of bottlenecks on the course and the weather turned out to be a perfect Autumn day 🙂

The consensus after the game was the course was the victor, with only six (6) players playing to or bettering their handicap today.  CCR was a low 34 points.

Maybe the pressures of matchplay played its part, with some being overly-aggressive and paying the price, or just too defensive to ensure a win.

The course could not be faulted, the fairways were very good, the bunkers well maintained and the greens smooth as silk and fast 🙂


The outright winner today was Jeff Hilder with a score of 38 points.

Hmmm, haven’t I seen his name on the podium this year and at the same course?

Come to think of it, he won B-grade at Bankstown in January, he won B-grade at Bankstown in March, and now Outright in May!

Talk about horses for courses 🙂

He may be renowned for roasting the beef and lamb at the BBQ, but today, with his 4BBB partner, John McDonald, he also roasted the team of John Varrica and Phil Kilazoglou in the matchplay!

Jeff scored 22 points on holes 10-18 and putted very well.  Teamed very well with Johnny Mac, in fact, their 4BBB score would have been 48 points on the day!

Not a bad effort for a retiree, just tooo good 🙂

The A-grade winner today was Frank Saify with a score of 37 points.

An import from the Twilight Zone called Western Australia, he showed no recurring signs of jet-lag or car-lag from the long journey weeks ago, the only lag was in his mighty golf swing as he continued to pound the ball into the stratosphere.

He combined well with his symbiotic 4BBB partner, Mark McDonald, to ensure the team comprising the two great White Rhinos (aka Ryan Cassin and Ryan Johnston) remain extinct in the match play!

A powerful performance 🙂


The B-grade winner today was Wayne Higgs with a score of 37 points (count-back).

Well, well, well, can’t keep a good man down, so they say, especially the C-grade champion for 2018.

Can hit the ball faster than a speeding bullet, however, they often mutate into kryptonite balls when they go near the greens 🙁

A novice in 4BBB match play, he teamed with another novice, Peter Davis, to lead by two holes with two to play, only to succumb to the dastardly and brutish pairing of Steve Vaughn and Joy Mesuria (former Captain and current Captain) to lose on the 20th hole (it was actually the 19th followed by a putt-off on the practice putting green) 🙁

A good individual result combined with a disheartening 4BBB result.

I suppose I would call it a higgledy-piggledy performance 🙂


The C-grade winner today was George Ostermann with a score of 37 points.

The steady-eddy of Revesby, has kept his mantelpiece fairly empty this year, though did grab a C-grade trophy back in March at The Ridge golf course.

He combined well with his 4BBB partner, Glen Blades, to dust-off the fancied pairing of boom-boom Allen Foster and Tarzan Gary McMahon in the match play.

Just like the Dambusters, George’s game plan of flying low under the radar and unleashing a deadly bouncing projectile over the enemies defences and counter-attacks was the key to his successful mission today!

A distinguished performance 🙂


The Guzzlers winner today was Mark McDonald with a score of 37 points.

It’s been a more positive year for Mark, consistency has improved and he even managed to grab his first birdie of the year on the par5 second hole – yippee!

He teamed well with Frank Saify in the 4BBB and easily put the White Rhinos (the two Ryan’s) into the history books as a forgotten footnote 🙂

With Frank winning B-grade and Mark winning the Guzzler’s, shall I place the commentator’s curse on them by giving them a huge rap and make them the favourites for the Championship!

Heh-heh, the scribe is pushing fate, isn’t he?

Nevertheless, a rewarding performance 🙂


The Bradman scores today were indeed Bradmanesque 🙁

But the scribe understands and can empathise with the Bradman candidates, because the pressures of match play can lead to many unfortunate decisions and poor executions.

Injuries and inexperience can exacerbate the situation, so today, they receive a “Get Out of Jail” card from literary persecution and name-dropping 🙂

Just remember, the scribe has a loooong memory!



1.Best score was Jeff Hilder with 38 points.

2.Shane Thorn thinned his second shot with a sand wedge to the short par4 5th hole (the drive and pitch hole). The ball went low across the green like a cruise missile and hit one of the hoops at the back.  It ricocheted backwards up in the air, landed on the elevated tier and rolled back towards the hole to about 4 feet. He sank the putt for a simple birdie3 🙂

3.Hmmm, I’m short on material, so this one is going to be a highlight:

As previously mentioned, both Wayne Higgs and Peter Davis were novices to the 4BBB match play format. Their 4BBB opponents were the formidable and knee-trembling combination of Captain and ex-Captain, Joy Mesuria and Steve Vaughn, respectively. As a courtesy, the Captain started to explain some of the match play rules, in particular, he stressed to avoid accidentally hitting your own bag or your partners equipment, as it will result in a penalty (rule 19-2).  If you breach this rule then you lose the hole in match play. Would you believe it, it happened! Whilst playing a shot on the par4 5th hole, the ball hit a tree and ricocheted back hitting the player’s bag. BUT, it wasn’t the novices Wayne or Peter who did it, it was the Captain !!!!!

There is irony to be had in that story 🙂


1.Today saw a new low when the experienced and distinguished 4BBB team of John Varrica and Phil Kilazoglou go throughout the game without ever having the HONOUR on the tees when they played against Jeff Hilder and John McDonald. They lost the toss for honour on the first hole played and never got it back!

What’s the old saying, “there’s no honour amongst thieves” 🙁

2.The quiet and introverted Shane Thorn mis-hit his tee shot on the par3 7th and ended up short and to the right, next to the trees. He elected to punch a low 5-iron under the nearby tree and land it short and run up to the green. He hit it sweet and straight, but the ball hit a rake next to the bunker and stopped dead in its track. His 5-iron is now wrapped around the nearby tree 🙁

3.Steve Vaughn elected to play safe on the par4 17th by hitting a 3-wood from the tee. Unfortunately, the ball went straight and too long, running into the lake in front of the green.

Dropping a ball near the lake for his 3rd shot, Steve proceeded to top his shot and saw the ball skipping across the lake 15 times (so he says) before it ran out and collided with the dam-like walls of the bunker on the other side. By the way, he didn’t breach the dam-like walls of the bunker 🙁


Steve Vaughn is the master extraordinaire when it comes to air-swings. Never in the field of air-swings has so many been done by so few persons in such short time! Next to the green on the par4 4th hole, Steve was faced with a delicate chip over the bunker. He chunked it, saw the divot come partially out of the ground and watched the club-head bounce over the ball 🙁

Oh dear, just another scalp to his collection! The positive was he didn’t top the ball 🙁


Revesby Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner:  Jeff Hilder [18]      38 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:   Frank Saify [14]      37 pts

B Grade Winner:   Wayne Higgs [21]      37 pts  c/b

C Grade Winner:   George Ostermann [25] 34 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:     Mark McDonald [19]    37 pts


A Grade:          Gary Buckley [14]     20 pts

B Grade:          Rossco Hamer [21]     22 pts

C Grade:          Peter Davis [29]      25 pts

Nearest To Pins:

W.Coleman(3), K.Little(7), S.Thorn(11), K.Little(13), M.McCarney(15)

Drive & Pitch:






6-MAY-2018: Georges River GC-2BBB Championship-2nd Rnd


Today saw 31 Revesby golfers show up to Georges River Golf Course to play the second and final round of the 2BBB Stableford Championship.

The Autumn morning was cool with some mist hovering above the fairways, a good sign that the day would turn out perfect for golf.

With the car park practically full by the time Revesby players showed up, one couldn’t help but feel this was going to be a long day out on the course 🙁

Favourites for the 2BBB Championship would most likely be the top 5 or 6 teams from the last round, however, the Georges River course can provide many opportunities for massive scores, giving some lower placed teams a slight glimmer of hope.


Play commenced, unusually, from the 10th social tee at around 7:30 am, with prefer-on-fairways only the local rule.

As expected, Revesby’s vanguard group quickly went round the first nine (holes 10 to 18) only to back into a slower-paced social club ahead and it soon became slow-motion replay golf from then on 🙁

The slo-mo game tested many a player’s patience and rhythm, the ultimate agony being on the long par3 5th hole when 12 players were sitting around the tee just waiting 🙁

Overall, the course conditions were good, the dry fairways were hard and fast making the course somewhat shorter to play whilst the slightly scarified greens were slightly bumpy but of reasonable pace.

By the time the last hole appeared, many a player’s golf mojo and appetite for the game had severely diminished 🙁

Fortunately, Revesby’s President, John Varrica, had the foresight to run off at half-time and order heaps of pizzas for the players at the end of the game, full knowing it would cure most ailments suffered on the last nine holes 🙂

Individual CCR for the day was a surprisingly low 35 points.

The Outright winning team today was James Dawkins and Paul Dawkins with a massive 51 points.

James shot 42 points by himself whilst his dad, Paul, amassed a vital 33 points.  Their first nine played (holes 10-18)/last nine played (holes 1-9) points score tally in the 2BBB was a whopping 24/27.

Paul’s birdie2 on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) for a 5-pointer was the icing on the cake.

How can you beat great team-work based on bloodlines?

It’s unfair you say, well, I call it just good genetic engineering 🙂

The Runners Up went to Ronnie Knebusch and Ken Harris with a terrific 49 points.

This pair may not have had a genetic link, but they sure as hell had some sort of symbiotic relationship today when they both scored 36 points individually to amass their 49 points!

What’s even more incredible was their 29 points on one of the nines (holes 10-18), yep, they had seven 3-pointers and two 4-pointers.  Yikes, the scribe struggles to get that many points in 18 holes 🙁

Ronnie’s birdie3 on the tough, long par4 18th hole was the highlight in the round.

If only they hadn’t wiped one hole together, it cost them dearly!

The Guzzlers went to Allen Foster and Gary McMahon with a great 48 points (count-back).

Allen shot the best individual score on the day with 43 points whilst Gary chimed in at the right time with his lowish 29 points.

The two sluggers from hell should have made mincemeat of the course, only trouble was Gary couldn’t follow the local Bankstown Air Traffic controller’s directions when launching his tee shots into the stratosphere 🙁

Not only did they win the arm-wrestle for the Guzzlers cup today, they also took out the 2BBB championship for 2018.

Congratulations fellas 🙂

The Bradman’s Trophy went to Ryan Johnston and Matthew Campbell with 36 points.

Ryan’s individual score of 29 points combined with Matt’s 28 points proved there was some sort of teamwork going on, but where was the coal to stoke the boiler?

The boys couldn’t chip or putt all day, in fact, Matt never scored a single par 🙁

The only saving grace about their performance was they protected the reputations of certain noted individuals in the club, whose names go unnoticed through fear of losing my job as the scribe 🙂


 Highlights of the Day:

1.The 2BBB Championship winners for 2018 were Allen Foster and Gary McMahon.

2.Best 2BBB score was James Dawkins and Paul Dawkins with 51 points.

3.Best individual score was Allen Foster with 43 points.

Was full of fire and brimstone when he started, not because he was psyched up for a good game, rather, he lost a ball in the practice nets beforehand 🙂

4.Best nine hole total was 29 points by Ronnie Kneebusch and Ken Harris (that’s right, 7 x 3-pointers and 2 x 4-pointers).

5.Adam Giltinan manned up again when he thumped his driver on the par5 7th hole to give himself only a 6-iron to the green.

He proceeded to sink the putt for another eagle3. Just like Jason Day, he has eased off the heavy lifting to give his pecs a rest 🙂

6.Paul Dawkins struck his tee shot on the par3 3rd (eagles nest) hole perfectly and watched it come to rest adjacent to the hole.

Not again!  Not another eagles nest! Dawko was smiling like a Cheshire cat 🙂 “I’ve got it, I’ve got it” he exclaimed.

His dispassionate son, James, coolly got the tape measure out and calmly measured the distance and quietly said: “Dad, tough bikkies, its 54cm away“. The birdie2 for 5-points was small consolation indeed 🙁

Lowlights of the day:

1. Steve Vaughn hit his drive on the short par4 15th (drive&pitch) hole and hit Mick McCarney’s golf bag some 20 metres away to the left. Only damage done was to Steve’s pride.

However, many holes later, when playing the long par3 5th hole (the second nine), Mick McCarney pulled out his infrequently used 3-wood. Mounting the ball on the tee, he placed his 3-wood behind the ball only to see the head fall off the shaft 🙁

Sure enough, the shaft had been snapped by some tremendous force! A blaspheming Mick McCarney threw the broken black & gold Fujikura shaft into the garbage bin.

It was suggested to Mick he change the colour of his replacement shaft as the West Tigers have always been fragile to brute force attacks 🙂

All I can say is, “The Punisher” got punished!

2. Speaking of equipment damage.

John Varrica was lining up a putt on the back of the par4 11th hole, when he walked backwards and collided with Kila’s parked buggy. Both John and buggy fell over.

After the dust had settled and the buggy righted, it soon became apparent the buggy came out worse. The buggy’s frame had cracked and was in need of repair to hold the bag in place.

Anyone got tape?” asked Kila. Needless to say, John had some sticky tape in his bag and after about 20 metres of it was wrapped around the frame, Kila’s buggy was fit for use.

3. Do you remember when Brett Ogle hit a tree and the ball ricocheted back and hit him in the kneecap? He was never the same golfer after that.

Well, today saw a Revesby golfer in a similar situation. Playing the par4 18th hole, Wayne Coleman hit his drive to the right edge of the fairway near the trees.

Electing to hook the ball around the tree, Wayne got out his go-to club, the 1-iron! I thought they were extinct, but apparently not.

He flushed the 1-iron, but it hit the tree and he saw the ball come back towards his head at incredible velocity.

Unlike Brett Ogle, Wayne instinctively flinched his head backwards like an Australian opening batsman and saw the ball graze his nose as it whistled past.

Unfortunately, the ball then hit his golf bag. Wayne imposed a 2-shot penalty on his score, however, it pays to check the rules.

Golf Rule 19 covers ball in motion deflected or stopped.

Under rule 19-2, it states:

If a player’s ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by himself, his partner or either of their caddies or equipment, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.

The lesson to be learnt here is:

Don’t carry a 1-iron in your bag and replace it with a rule book 🙂

2BBB Championship results:

Outright Winner:  Allen Foster & Gary McMahon   93 pts

Runners Up:       Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris  89 pts


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Jamie Dawkins & Paul Dawkins   51 pts

Runners Up:      Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris   49 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Allen Foster & Gary McMahon    48 pts (count-back)

BRADMANS:        Ryan Johnston &  Matt Campbell 36 pts

Nearest To Pins: P.Dawkins(3), B.Craven(5), R.Knebusch(9), G.McMahon(14)

Drive & Pitch: M.McCarney(15)


2BBB Championship Results (2018)


22-APR-2018: Goulburn GC – Single Stableford – Pig’s Arse Challenge

The “Pig’s Arse” Challenge is a yearly single stableford event, with ownership of the Pig’s Arse trophy going to the club with the lower average stableford score (that is, gets the “Pig’s Arse“!)

Seventeen (17) beefy Revesby golfers journeyed through the early morning fog to the enjoyable Goulburn golf course to ensure the Pig’s Arse trophy remain with the thirteen (16) ham-fisted Goulburn Workers who showed up 🙂

The lack of rain has had an impact on Goulburn, however, the course conditions were still ideal for good scoring.

With Goulburn located 702 metres above sea-level, the ball will travel further in the thinner air, and on the ground, the hardened armour-plated fairways will be like a laxative to the ball, it will just keep on running and running towards the hole 🙂

Mind you, Goulburn had some defences, in particular, the trees straddling the fairways, the razor-thin rough and fairways and the green-hugging bunkers:-(

In addition, the usually fast greens had been cored 2-3 weeks ago, and whilst they remained smooth and well rolled and watered, they were somewhat slower to putt on.

Play was suppose to start at 7:30am from both the first and tenth tees, with Goulburn Workers mandating “prefer-through-the-green” (yippee) and tee-off from the social “yellow” tees (double-yippee).

But where was the late-running pro and golf carts?

Eventually, he arrived and play got under way at 8am 🙁


The weather started out cool but any extra clothing worn was soon discarded after just a couple of holes.

The game was quick and the course as dry as a dog’s bone.  Even mishits from the tee ran as far as a normal shot.  Fortunately, the greens were much softer and receptive to high pitch shots.  The bunkers had a powdery brown soil that made blasting out look like you were using dynamite.

After the round, the players quickly returned to Goulburn Workers Club for drinks and fed themselves by devouring the delicious chicken schnitzel or steak meal with chips and salad 🙂

Unlike two years ago when we played from the blue “tiger” tees on lightning fast greens, today’s score cards showed the shorter course and slower greens favouring the home club.

Yep, the Goulburn boys used their home town advantage to great advantage today, with a staggering 62% of players amassing 36 points or more as against 32% of Revesby players.

A beaming Craig Brown from Goulburn stood up to announce the PIG’s ARSE Trophy Winner:


GOULBURN average 34.15  defeated  REVESBY average 33.00


Congratulations GOULBURN, you can now return the inglorious Pig’s Arse trophy to REVESBY 🙁

Bravo Zulus to all players for showing up today to represent their club and for their good spirit and friendliness both on and off the course.

In this regard, special thanks must go to Gary Privett, Craig Brown and the Goulburn Workers social committee for their hospitality, time and effort in organising the event, it was a very successful outing and pleasurable experience had by all.

Until we meet again for the next challenge in Sydney, just remember Rossco’s prediction – “Pigs F****** Arse they’ll leave it in Sydney” 🙂
































Goulburn Workers (34.15 average) defeated Revesby Workers (33.00 average)

Goulburn Individual Results:

Winner:           Terry Privett     42 pts

Runners-Up:       Gary Privett      40 pts

Revesby Individual Results:

Winner:           Clifford Bourquin 42 pts

Runners-Up:       Phil White        39 pts  c/b

BRADMANS:   Ian Stevenson (Goulburn)  16 pts,  Ryan Johnston (Revesby)   23 pts  c/b

Nearest To Pins:

Glen Blades (R)

Gary Privett (G)

Steve Vaughn (R)

Peter Tozer (G)

Shane Thorn (R)

Drive & Pitch:

Frank Saify (R)

Goulburn Individual Results:

Terry Privett     42

Gary Privett      40

Matt Wicks        39

Ray Grant         38

Mick Kadzella     38

Rob Folland       38

Brian Webb        36

Craig Brown       36

Terry Riley       32

Peter Tozer       32

Mark Geale        31

Bob Painter       26

Ian Stevenson     16


Revesby Individual results:

Clifford Bourquin 42

Phil White        39

Frank Saify       39

Allen Foster      38

Shane Thorn       36

John Varrica      36

Wayne Coleman     35

George Lattouf    35

Steve Vaughn      34

Joy Mesuria       33

Glen Blades       31

Rossco Hamer      31

Ryan Cassin       31

Mark McDonald     29

Ken Little        26

Peter Davies      23

Ryan Johnston     23







15-APR-2018: Bankstown GC - 1st Round Club 2BBB Championships

The billowing smoke from the nearby bushfire near Menai was an ominous sign of things to come from the usually benign Bankstown golf course.

The fear of heat and smoke saw 31 evacuees arrive at the safe haven of Bankstown for shelter.  To keep their minds off the nearby danger, the evacuees were invited to play the first of two rounds of the 2BBB Stableford Championships.

Starting at 6:18am from the 10th hole (white tee), individuals were psyched up for a tough battle with Maria (sounds like ma-rye-ah), with predicted wind speeds up to 40 km/hr.

That’s right, away out here they got a name, for rain and wind and fire, the rain is Tess, the fire Joe, and they call the wind Maria.

Whilst that line may have come from the 1951 Broadway musical “Paint Your Wagon“, did you know there was a 1941 novel written by George Rippey Stewart called “Storm” in which he names the storm “Maria“.

The success of this novel influenced U.S. military meteorologists to start the informal practice of giving women’s names to storms in the Pacific during World War 2.  This practice became official in 1945 and in 1953, a similar naming system was adopted for North Atlantic storms.  Men’s names were eventually adopted in 1979, though some may think this was because technology was making storms more predictable 🙂

Play was reasonably fast on the first nine holes, however, many players were struggling with the strong wind.  Club selection was difficult, with many electing to go two or three clubs longer or shorter, depending on the direction.

The vanguard group eventually caught up with the members on Hole1 – our 10th hole 🙁

Playing the par4 first hole and par5 second hole was like hitting your head against a brick wall, so strong was the wind.  Relief would come when playing down wind on the last couple of holes, but then the dilemma, how do you stop the ball on the greens?

Even putting was difficult with the ball wobbling (and possibly moving) as you putt 🙁

Eventually, the game concluded, with many players worn down by the strong abrading wind and were suffering from the following symptoms:

– throats as dry as a bull’s bum going up a hill backwards

– so hungry they could eat the crotch out of a dead leper’s undies

– too dehydrated to drain the main vein 🙁

CCR for individual scores was 33 points.


The 2BBB winners today were a combination of a good anchor man with well handicapped partner.

The outright winners were Ryan Cassin and John McDonald with a good score of 45 points (on a count-back).

The new combination of quiet achiever with muscle (Ryan) and loud one with bustle (John) produced a winning score under the trying conditions, with John the major contributor scoring 38 points and Ryan backing up with 30 points.

The good team work was obvious from the individual scores, though John’s good effort in the wind was no surprise as his normal game is to keep the ball low.

The pair are good putters, though John’s putting technique of keeping head well over ball provided a stable platform against the strong winds.  He has on odd occasions gotten too low over the ball and fallen over, particularly on slippery wet greens 🙂

Runners up went to Allen Foster and Gary McMahon with another good score of 45 points.

A boom-boom pairing if ever I saw one, the pair of sluggers combined to over-power the strong wind, with Gary amassing 39 points and Allen 35 points.  Their consistency was outstanding but missed several opportunities with the putter on the wind-swept greens.

Gary’s eagle3 on the par5 6th hole for a 5 pointer was a big turning point 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Adam Giltinan and Rossco Hamer with a solid score of 44 points.

A good balanced pair, Adam speaks with his rail-gun driver whilst Rossco speaks with his, err, um, mouth!

Adam blasted his way out of trouble with a credible 36 points, whilst Rossco, well, when he is on, watch out, but the strong winds today may have muted his vocal chords as he only scored a respectable 33 points (he did lose three balls by the way).

The pair can now sit back and relax and reap the rewards of their great team work 🙂

The Bradmans went to Kevin Gerkins and Paul Dawkins with a low 35 points 🙁

What can I say, the strong wind blew them off the course.

Mind you, there are some pairs very relieved and grateful that Kevin and Paul showed up today!

When asked to best describe their game today, Paul said after scoring only six (6) points on the first nine holes, his game was a brown dog barking at the back door, whilst Kevin said it was no different to dropping a brown bear in the porcelain cave 🙁

Both were last seen taking a stroll to the gravy bowl (for those who don’t understand the Australian language, the sh**house) 🙁


What three words when spoken will make anyone sound like an Australian?





  1. Best score was 45 points (count-back) by Ryan Cassin & John McDonald.
  1. Gary McMahon grabbed an Eagle3 on the par5 6th hole (and 5 points).

Hit a terrific drive into the strong wind over the right-hand fairway bunker.

Followed it up with a brutish 3-wood to finish 30 metres from the green.

Using his Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video as a guide, he played a low chip from the back foot.

He thinned the chip and saw the ball scuttle across the fairway, run onto the green and hit the flag stick to go in.

Thank you Mr. Mickelson 🙂

  1. Cliff Bourquin landed in front of the par3 15th green with a straightforward chip to the hole.

Unfortunately, his ball was sitting in an area defined as GUR (Ground-Under-Repair).

His marker was The Punisher, Mick McCarney, who quoted Rule 25 to Cliff.  He MUST take relief and lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole.

The nearest point of relief was a spot to the left, leaving Cliff a more difficult chip over the bunker to the hole.

An unhappy and irate Cliff was GRRR about the GUR ruling, but nevertheless, he complied.

Guess what, he chipped in !!!!!!!!

  1. Allen Foster has had some bad luck on par5’s lately, but today saw the pin-ball wizard strike back.

Playing the par5 second hole, Allen struck his second shot into the strong wind and saw it curve left into the left hand concrete water channel marked as a water hazard.

The ball struck the wall and ricocheted left-right-left-right-left and then back out onto the fairway 🙂

He wasn’t shaking his head in disbelief, he was actually watching the ball!

  1. Ken Harris must have been inspired by the Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video.

Hitting left on the short par3 3rd hole (eagles nest), Ken was confronted with a delicate lob shot over the left hand bunker to a short-sided hole placement.

Well, as so often happens with Ken, a miracle happened, he skulled the ball and saw it hit the lip of the bunker and crawl over the top edge and gently roll onto the green 🙂 He missed the putt 🙁

  1. Adam Giltinan drove his tee shot into the water on the par5 second hole.

Dropping a ball at point of entry, he hit a driver for his third shot into the strong wind.

Playing his fourth shot, he creamed his 9-iron over the flag stick and watched it spin back pin-high to the hole.  Sank the putt for a straight forward par 🙂

That’s determination for you, never give up.  No wonder their team was in the mix today 🙂

  1. Jim Gardner played well today with a well constructed 38 points.

He drove into the green-side bunker on the par4 5th hole (drive & pitch) and played a great bunker shot close to the hole.

He looked at the ball and the existing NTP marker and thought he was closer and asked his marker if that was correct.

As his marker walked towards the ball, a gust of wind came up and moved the ball several inches closer to the hole making the choice obvious.

He put his name on the NTP marker 🙂


  1. Kevin Gerkins 5-putted the par4 16th hole.
  1. Rossco Hamer hit a house on the left on the par4 first hole (yep, you thought it was impossible).

Walking towards the house and hopefully find his ball, it was suggested by someone in the group he should drop into the Golf Academy building on the way 🙁

  1. Glen Blades had a double-hit whilst chipping from the back of the par5 14th hole.

Using a pitching wedge, he hit the ball and watched it slowly climb up into the air.  Only problem was his follow through was quicker than the ball.

He hit the ball smack in the middle of the sweet spot and watched it go miles back over his head 🙁

  1. The wind was strong, wasn’t it?

well, the scribe almost had an air-swing with the putter on the last hole.

Faced with a 2-foot putt for par, a sudden gust of wind blew his Bunning’s hat over his eyes as he prepared to putt.

Backing away, he again stood over the putt and as he was about to pull the trigger on the putt, another gust of wind blew him forward and the putter moved with him uncontrollably.

The putter hit the ground behind the ball and barely had enough momentum when it hit the ball.

The ball travelled four inches 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winners:  Ryan Cassin [13] & John McDonald [32]  45 pts  c/b

Runners Up:        Allen Foster [23] & Gary McMahon [24]  45 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:      Adam Giltinan [12] & Rossco Hamer [20] 44 pts

BRADMANS:          Kevin Gerkins [26] & Paul Dawkins [33] 35 pts

Nearest To Pins: A.Giltinan(3), P.Dawkins(7), J.Gardner(11), J.Varrica(13), A.Giltinan(15)

Drive & Pitch: J.Gardner(5)


Place Name 1st Round 2nd Round Final
1 G. McMahon / A. Foster 45   45
2 R. Hamer / A. Giltinan 44   44
3 J. Varrica / P. Kilazoglou 42   42
4 J. Gardner/ P. Davis 42   42
5 F. Saify / M. McDonald 41   41
6 J. Mesuria / S.Vaughn 41   41
7 S. Thorn / P.White 40   40
    8 K. Harris / R. Knebusch 40   40
9 J.McDonald / J Hilder 38   38
10 C. Bourquin / M. McCarney 38   38
11 S. Suzor / C. Poletti 38   38
12 G. Lattouf / K. Little 38   38
13 G, Buckley/ G. Dean 37   37
14 S. Floyd / W. Coleman 36   36
15 K. Gerkens / P. Dawkins 35   35
16 R. Cassin / R. Johnston 30   30

25-MAR-2018: Auburn GC –Single Stableford + BBQ


A warm Autumn day welcomed nineteen (19) Revesby golfers to the easy-walking Auburn Public Golf Course to play a single stableford event, followed by the ever popular barbecue (BBQ) organised by Revesby’s Social Secretary, Ryan Cassin 🙂

Interestingly, the word barbecue comes from the Spanish word “barbacoa” (cooking food using a framework of sticks set upon posts), whose usage was first traced back to the island of Haiti (the 2nd largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba) in the early 1500’s.

Overtime, the word transformed in the English language to “barbecue” or its informal variants, “barbeque“, “bar-b-q” and “BBQ“.

Today, barbecue can also refer to either a cooking method, an apparatus for cooking or to a type of social event featuring this cooking method.

Barbecuing is usually done outdoors by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal, but other techniques include roasting, baking, braising and grilling.

The recent dry Summer may have prohibited some BBQs from going ahead, but not today 🙂

Surprisingly, the dry spell has not affected the course too much, with much of the course and greens still verdant in appearance and in excellent condition.  The only downside was the greens which appeared to be recently cored and covered with light sand, still uncut and slightly bumpy, and as a consequence, very slow to putt on 🙁

The game started on time at around 7:00am from the par3 tenth tee (yellow tees).   Importantly, the vanguard group was led by Ryan Cassin and his motley crew of Food Service Specialists.

Play was reasonably quick and whilst the weather remained fine, the day got hotter and the wind stronger, making some holes into the wind play a lot longer and harder to score.

As expected, the slow and bumpy greens made the golf at best, challenging, and at worst, un-enjoyable 🙁

Fortunately, there was a cure for many of the 3-putt nightmares that had gutted many a player’s round today.

The cure came in the form of the odour of BBQ beef and lamb that was wafting its way across the fairways near the end of the round.

Sure enough, after the round, the players quickly congregated around the BBQ area, watching and smelling the cooking food with much anticipation.

Once the green light appeared, and with plenty of beer and soft drink available, the players dived in and devoured the food like a starving pride of lions masticating a wildebeest.

Even Revesby’s Captain, Joy Mesuria, was sorely tempted, he was a vegetarian until he started leaning towards the sunlight 🙂

Feedback from the players was terrific, and in this regard, the following Revesby food specialists must be acknowledged:

Ryan Cassin:

Bravo Zulus to the Assassin commando for stealthily procuring high-value targets like the beef and lamb without personal injury, successful reconnaissance and acquisition of classified drinks, rolls and sauces, and precision slicing and dicing of the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions without alerting the sentries.

Another highly successful mission from Cassin the Assassin 🙂

Rossco Hamer & Jeff Hilder:

The hot golfers on the day, in more ways than one, they combined to cook and slice the juicy, tender beef and lamb for their fellow golfers.

More importantly was the extra taste added by Rossco, no, he didn’t unzip his pants.

Rather, it was the Memphis Style Seasoning “Pigs Arse Rub” that was added to marinate the beef and the garlic and rosemary (plus salt and pepper) to the lamb, that gave it that extra twang for the taste buds to savour.

A salivating performance fellas 🙂

George Lattouf:

I saw him tread on a corn flake this morning and called him a cereal killer!

But lo and behold, he redeemed himself by volunteering to help out today with the BBQ by providing additional resources, namely –

– Lebanese bread

– tabouli salad

– baba ghanoush paste

– hummus paste

– garlic paste

The food was extremely popular with the players, so many thanks to George (and his wife!) for the extras today 🙂

The scribe wanted to take home the leftovers, but someone else FOILED his plans 🙁

With the eating over, it was back to announcing the winners (and losers) today.

On the whole, the scores were much lower than normal, with only three (3) players playing to or better than handicap today and CCR was provisionally set to 34 points.


The outright winner was Rossco Hamer with a great score of 41 points.

Handled the course conditions much better than the majority of players, must have handled his putter like a spatula to get the balls moving across the slow greens.

Probably marinated his golf balls the night before to make them more slippery!

Kept the ball in play and was aggressive (as always) with the chips and putts, which was a recipe for good fortune – a rewarding and tasty win to Revesby’s head chef 🙂


The A Grade winner was Phil White with a well crafted score of 39 points (on a count-back from Wayne Coleman).

Been in relatively good form over the last couple of months, found the slow greens challenging and elected to chip his putts on three occasions, so slow were the greens.

Wearing no hat on the first nine holes, he had to borrow Steph Suzor’s floppy hat and immediately proceeded to wipe the 10th hole.  Fearing the hat may be responsible, he turned the hat inside-out and put it back on, and the result was a resurgence of good form when he amassed a further 20 points over the last eight holes 🙂

Another good, steady performance from Snow White 🙂

The B Grade winner was Steve Floyd with a lowish score of 33 points.

He drove long but was erratic with the driver.  His medium irons were good, but he chipped well thanks to the Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video (I think it’s time the scribe looks at it, as well).

The putting could have been better, but that was true for most today.

Not his best performance today, but a pleasing result, nevertheless, for Steve 🙂

The C Grade winner was George Ostermann with a lowish score of 34 points.

There was a surprised expression on his face when he heard his name announced.

Kept the ball in play and was somewhat sneaky long for his age.

The slow greens were challenging for him, but he kept his patience and grinded out a winning score.

A welcome return to the winners podium George 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Wayne Coleman with a solid score of 39 points.

No flashy trousers today, just plain shorts and a hangover.

His tempo and rhythm was surprisingly good for someone under the weather, he didn’t stumble as he plastered his putter on the treacle-like greens.

A tension-free game from Wayne and his reward to cure his hangover today – the Guzzlers cup 🙂

The Bradmans went mainly to players with shoulders ladened with BBQ responsibilities today.

They were Ryan Cassin (26 points), Jeff Hilder (29 points) and Steve Vaughn (28 points), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The scribe was sympathetic, so will refrain from any ascerbic, sardonic, satirical or scathing remarks, suffice to say, the one common-denominator for their poor performances was pathetic putting, with Steve Vaughn one level lower 🙁

Highlights to report:

  1. Best score was Rossco Hamer with 41 points.
  2. A very enjoyable BBQ had by all (with many thanks to Ryan Cassin, Rossco Hamer, Jeff Hilder and George Lattouf).


Results on the day:

Outright: Rossco Hamer [23]     41 pts

A Grade:  Phil White [11]       39 pts  c/b

B Grade:  Steve Floyd [19]      33 pts

C Grade:  George Ostermann [25] 34 pts

GUZZLER:  Wayne Coleman [16]    39 pts


A Grade:  Ryan Cassin [12]      26 pts

B Grade:  Jeff Hilder [17]      29 pts

C Grade:  Steve Vaughn [22]     28 pts

Nearest To Pins:

C.Poletti(6), J.Hilder(9), J.Hilder(13), J.Mesuria(16)

Drive & Pitch:


18-MAR-2018: Bankstown GC – 4th Rnd Championships


Hallelujah brother, I am here to comfort the poor golfer and return the stray shot to the fairway, let them who are vexed take heart, for today sees 32 sinners show up for the fourth and last round of the Club Championships.

What makes a champion?

Do they visualise like Jason Day as an aid to translate thought into action or are they inspired by motivational quotes?

For us mere mortals at Revesby, brought up on a healthy diet of American movies over the many decades, could it be that these movies have permeated our sub-conscious to move us to tears or give us courage to keep going on the golf course?

Let’s see if you can identify your inspiration and for the sceptical few, “you can’t handle the truth!“.

There’s no place like home” when playing at Bankstown golf course.  Today’s game started from the social white tees on the 10th hole at 7:15am, a reasonable time for those that “love the smell of napalm in the morning“.

Flags were situated in location “B” quadrant on the greens whilst prefer-on-fairways only and putting out on each green (its stroke play) were the Galactic Empire orders of the day.

Any compliance issues with the rules will be put down to “what we’ve got here…is failure to communicate“.

The course defences of bunkers, water hazards and subtle, but slippery contoured greens, were fully primed and begged the question “is it safe?…is it safe?“.

Some individuals scoffed at the dangers and called upon their inner-demons:

‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

The leading contenders in each grade were grouped together based on the old mafia principle, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer“.

The game progressed slowly, and as the Sun rose, so did the temperature and wind.  The latter groups were melting away under the 39 degrees weather, with some players crying out “I feel the need…the need for speed“.

Game over, man! It’s game over!” was the catch-phrase for many after the hot round.

With all score cards collected, only 7 players played to or bettered their handicap (71 nett) today, with CCR set to a provisional 72.

The outright winner on the day went to Phil White with a well crafted score of 67 nett (handicap 13).

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” – was a cry of glee after a round marred by crooked hook shots in the trees, often salvaged by accurate recovery irons and very good putting.

Like most A-graders, had some luck from the ricochets from trees, but kept the damage down to a single double-bogey and grabbed a birdie as well.

His reward for his efforts was “show me the money“, after all, “greed, for lack of a better word, is good” 🙂

The A grade winner was Ryan Cassin with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 14) – on a count-back.

Out-muscled the scribe and Kila on a count-back, he kept the ball in play from the tee and somehow extracted himself out of six bunkers to amass three double-bogeys and one birdie in his round.

Chipping was only fair but his putting was extremely good.

His comment on the close win was “larf was lark a box of chocklit, you never know what you gonna git” 🙂

The B grade winner was Jeff Hilder with a solid score of 70 nett (handicap 18).

Celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement today, Jeff could not have wished for a better present.

His swing was as smooth as slippery oysters and his putting as delicate as the shell-like skin on a prawn.

Come to think of it, he also devoured a basket load of the them during the game.

It was a tension-free game, a picnic to play, so it was just “go ahead, make my day“.

What about work after June? – its “hasta la vista, baby

The C Grade winner was Gary McMahon with a solid score of 70 nett (handicap 25).

Came out swinging like Tarzan, literally, as he swung from tree-to-tree.

He was everywhere, but he managed to get the ball back into play and take advantage of his exceptional chipping and very good putting.

The trees proved no obstacle to him as he shouted “open the pod bay doors, please, HAL“.

A rewarding performance, so “here’s looking at you, kid” 🙂


The Guzzlers winner was Ken Little with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 14) on a count-back.

Sir Shankalot subsisted on a lamb-free diet all week to compile a steady round (for once).

Kept the ball in play most of the time, he managed to pull-off some extraordinary up-and-down chips with the lob wedge to minimise damaging scores, with 7 pars and 11 bogeys.

Putting was sound but like many players today, found it difficult to sink any.

Asked about the change in form, the scribe responded:

One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas.  How he got in my pyjamas, I don’t know“.


Now its time for the Bradman awards, so “round up the usual suspects“:


The Bradmen winners were George Lattouf (84 nett), Graham Dean (Disq) and Ronnie Knebusch (88 nett) for A, B and C grade, respectively.




George has been in good form lately, but somehow lost his mojo today.

As usual, he explained his loss of form as follows:

You don’t understand! I coulda had class.  I coulda been a contender.

I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am” 🙁


Graham for the second time threw in the towel and DQ’d at Bankstown after missing a putt from 6 inches on the par4 4th hole.  When his wife picked him up in the car park, she asked how did he play, he replied:

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” 🙁

Ronnie has just moved into C-grade, so can consider himself unlucky.  Still, he should transmit “Houston, we have a problem” to get help about his dysfunctional game today 🙁



  1. Best score was Phil White with 67 nett.
  2. Shane Thorn lost George Lattouf’s scorecard on the par5 14th hole and didn’t realise it until he had finished the hole some 20 minutes later (lots of lost balls to find).

After playing the 15th and 16th holes, Shane deviated back to the 14th tee (“Shane. Shane. Come back!“) to search for the missing score card.

He found it some 30 metres in front of the tee on the wet and muddy cart path.  It must have been run over by several carts, because it was covered in mud.

It was the dirtiest looking score card ever submitted after a Revesby game, and it was only fitting George’s score was as foul.

  1. Steph Suzor uploaded a link to a Phil Mickelson Chipping 101 video for members to view.

The responses from Steve Vaughn and Gary McMahon were ecstatic as it did wonders to their game (so they say).

Proof is in the pudding as Gary McMahon won C grade today based on the strength of his chipping 🙂



  1. Gary Buckley did a great chip to two feet on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) today. Unfortunately, he 4-putted from two feet 🙁

He did bounce back on the par4 5th hole (drive&pitch) when he chipped to 6-foot and sank the putt for a birdie3.

2.Matt Campbell can count his blessings today when he shot an awful 114 strokes in B-grade, but managed to avoid the Bradmans (thanks to GD).

He did create a record for what is considered the fastest century scored (now referred to as a Dougie Walters century) by compiling his century after 15 holes.

What is another unique feat claimed by Matt is he also had an air-swing in the bunker on the 6th hole.  He even raked the bunker after the air-swing:-(

Matt’s head must have been still spinning, because he even forgot his sand-iron on the second last hole.

You think that was end of his woes?

He was driving home towards the M5 when the scribe found his wallet left on the table in the clubhouse 🙁

That’s it from the scribe, until next time when “I’ll be back” 🙂


Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Phil White [13]   67 nett

A Grade Winner:  Ryan Cassin [14]  68 nett  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Jeff Hilder [18]  70 pts

C Grade Winner:  Gary McMahon [25] 70 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Ken Little [15]   68 nett  c/b


A Grade:  George Lattouf [13]   84 nett

B Grade:  Graham Dean [19]      Disq.

C Grade:  Ronnie Knebusch [21]  88 nett

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  P.Kilazoglou(3), S.Thorn(7), J.Hilder(11), P.Kilazoglou(13), K.Little(15)

Drive & Pitch:      S.Vaughn(5)

Movie quotes:

Did you guess which movies the quotes came from (in order of appearance)?

A Few Good Men

Wizard of Oz

Apocalypse Now

Cool hand Luke

Marathon Man

Dirty Harry

The Godfather Part II

Top Gun


White Heat

Jerry McGuire

Wall Street

Forrest Gump

Sudden Impact

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

2001: A Space Odyssey


Animal Crackers


On The Waterfront

Gone With The Wind

Apollo 13


The Terminator

11-MAR-2018: Campbelltown – 3rd Round Championships – STROKE


Today sees the third round of the championships at Campbelltown golf course (par 70) for a 6:56am start.

Whilst the Academy Awards have come and gone, many players will find their game today bordering on The Darkest Hour, overcome by The Shape of Water and Dunkirk sand that straddles the many greens and fairways.

In addition, the large and ever-so subtle contoured greens can make a Blade Runner out of the putter and drive you Coco in the process.

With so much punishment on hand, it was surprising to see thirty one (31) battle-weary Revesby soldiers show up for combat where high casualties were expected.

The skirmish started on time from the 10th white sector under clear skies and somewhat cool conditions, with fairways cleared of anti-personnel mines for preferential dispersion of balls as the local rules of engagement.

As expected, the advance got bogged down, with soldiers spending a lot of time reloading their guns on tees or looking for balls in uncharted territory.

The day got warmer, the wind grew stronger, the hills got steeper and the cursing got louder.

The fog of war eventually cleared as the troops queued to Get Out from the war zone and be evacuated back to the cool comfort of The Hurt Locker where medical staff were on hand to apply intravenous drips of amber fluid to the wounded.

With 31 dog tags to be checked and recorded, it soon became apparent that only a third of players had managed to come through unscathed (par 70 nett or better), whilst CCR was provisionally set to 68 nett.


The outright winner today was Glen Blades with a terrific score of 61 nett (handicap 28).

It’s a double-whammy for Glen, that’s two consecutive outright wins on the same course in the space of a month.

Kept to the same game plan and minimised risk.  When he did get into trouble, he somehow managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to escape.  He even managed to hit the ball away when it was wedged against a tree trunk!

Its his third win of the year after taking out C-grade at Antill Park (Jan18) and outright at Campbelltown (Feb18), so is a golfer in good form who continues to improve – a clean win Glen20 🙂

The A Grade winner went to John Varrica with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 11) on a count-back.

A very steady performance with driver and irons, underlined by good course management, trading power for accuracy by keeping the foot off the pedal with the driver.

Chipping and putting was steady, sank a few good short putts to save par.

Dropped four shots on the last three holes to mar what was an excellent round.

A pleasing result for John 🙂

The B grade winner went to Mark McDonald with a sound score of 71 nett (handicap 20).

A player coming back into form, battled his way around the course but managed to salvage a winning score on the back of his good driving and good putting over short distances.

His irons weren’t as reliable today but he compensated by managing to eliminate 3-putting on the tricky greens and keeping the bad scores down to six or less 🙂

Any errors in his shot making were put down to poor eyesight 🙂

A rewarding result for all the hard work Mark 🙂

The C grade winner went to Wayne Higgs with a great score of 63 nett (handicap 23).

From the depths of despair in January when he took out the Bradmans at Bankstown, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes to fly aloft once more.

His brilliant driving has returned with plenty of, to quote Higgsy, “POW-WA!”

He drove long and well and putted very well over short distances, only marred by three 3-putts.

He amassed 42 and 44 on the first and second nine, respectively.

It was appropriate he chose the griller as his prize today, because its the closest thing to best describe his chest-thumping performance today – well done Magilla 🙂

The Guzzlers went to John McDonald with a very good score of 65 nett (handicap 33).

If ever a chap deserved a good long drink today and for the rest of the week, it was Revesby’s Vice-President.

Stuck to a simple game plan, if you can putt from 150 metres away, do it!

Managed to stay clear of the water all day and when he did muck up, it went straight and low and out of harms way.

His putting from 6-8 feet was not as good as it use to be (so he says), but I think his putting distometer went awry when the country changed to the metric system – he is the only player who carries a slide-rule in his golf bag 🙂

He got serious when he started to wear a hat on the second nine, a rare sight indeed.  But it paid off, he kept his cool and sweated out a thirst quenching score – my hat is off to you, John  🙂


The Bradmans went to a bunch of AWOLs who decided to attack the enemy by advancing to the rear.

The defendants are:

Ryan Johnston (A – 82 nett)

Claude Poletti (B – 77 nett – count-back)

Rossco Hamer (C- 85 nett)

Their court-martial will offer them two choices:

  1. Tied to a post and be shot by a volley of golf balls
  2. Volunteer on a suicide mission as The Dirty Triplets

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:


  1. Best score on the day was Glen Blades with 61 (nett).


  1. Wayne Higgs topped his 9-iron to the par3 12th hole, saw the ball running along the ground towards the hole and started crying out loudly:

Stop… Go… Stop… Go… Stop…Go…Stop!

Well, the ball finally dribbled onto the green and stopped hole high to the right.  And you guessed right, he sank the putt for a birdie.

He wasn’t able to speak for the next three holes because his vocal chords were severely strained 🙁

3. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land in the water hazard.

The scribe hit his 9-iron on the tee and lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out another ball on the tee, the scribe repeated the shot with identical result, lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out a third ball, the scribe repeated the shot, heard a click and lost sight of the ball.  “Where did it go?” he asked.

Johnny Varrica replied: “its on the green a metre from the hole!”

Well, you wouldn’t believe it, the scribe sank the putt for his sixth stroke!

It was a commendable effort, worthy of Knighthood, so from now on, the scribe will be referred to as “Sir Shankalot” 🙂


LOWLIGHTS of the day:

  1. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land short of the green.

Steve Vaughn should have learnt from his previous encounter during the first round of the championships in February when he amassed 13 strokes on the hole.

Today saw Steve hit his tee shot land short of the green and roll back into the hazard.   Finding the ball, he elected to play it.

The ball flew up and short of the green and rolled back down the hill.

Several chips saw the same thing happen again and again and again (it was like the movie Groundhog Day).

Eventually his ball ended back into the hazard, where he started.

Watching him play out of the hazard was like watching a player trying to kill a snake.

Finally, after 12 attempts, Steve dropped out of the hazard, chipped on and two putted for an impressive 16 strokes.

That’s 29 strokes on the same hole in two rounds of the Championships 🙁

2. Players who use covers for their irons risk damage and embarrassment to their game.

Mark McDonald on Friday at Georges River mistakenly pulled out his Lob wedge instead of his 7-iron and found his shot was way short of the mark (no pun intended).

His explanation was the “L” on his lob wedge looked similar to his “7” (just upside down).

Well, today saw Mark select his 9-iron on the eagles nest par3 4th hole.

Aiming at the tree guarding the flag, he saw his ball climb over the tree, over the course perimeter fence and over the road into the neighbouring houses.

Thinking how he crunched the shot, he looked at the club-head only to see it was his 6-iron!

Hmm, think its time to invest in new Braille covers 🙁

3. Par5 3rd hole

Alan Foster was savaged severely on this hole last time we played it in the first round, when he amassed 13 shots.

When asked how did he go on the hole today, he said he had improved and only scored 12 shots 🙁

The par5s weren’t kind to him today, he also racked up 11 strokes on the par5 7th hole!


Phew! Only one more round to go before the fun in golf returns 🙂


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Glen Blades [28]   61 nett

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [11]  68 nett c/b

B Grade Winner:  Mark McDonald [20] 71 nett

C Grade Winner:  Wayne Higgs [23]   63 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP:   John McDonald [33] 65 nett


A Grade:  Ryan Johnston [14]   82 nett

B Grade:  Claude Poletti [20]  77 nett c/b

C Grade:  Rossco Hamer [23]    85 nett


Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(4), A.Giltinan(6), S.Thorn(12)


Drive & Pitch:




18-FEB-2018: Bankstown GC-2nd Round Club Championships (strokeplay)


Its back to Bankstown golf course for 34 players to begin the second round of the Club Championships.

In many ways, Revesby’s Championship event is like the American “film noir” crime movies of the late 40’s and 50’s.  Fear, mistrust, bleakness, loss of confidence, despair and paranoia were readily evident in these noir films (that is, dark films), and there were rarely happy or optimistic endings.

Today will find many noir stories developed around cynical, hard-hearted, disillusioned male golfers who will experience a beautiful but promiscuous, amoral, double-dealing and seductive golf course, only to be charmed and then double-crossed and literally destroyed by it at the end 🙁

Some male protagonists will use noir movie titles such as, This Gun for Hire, Dead Reckoning, Brute Force and Double Indemnity, as their call card and insurance for success 🙂

On the other hand, the majority will probably use noir titles such as The Big Sleep, The Lost Weekend, Kiss of Death, Nightmare Alley, Walk a Crooked Mile, Short Cut to Hell, Born to be Bad, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Quicksand, as their calling card 🙁

Today’s story started from the social tees on the 10th hole at 6:47am.  Flags were situated in location “B” quadrant on the greens and prefer-on-fairways only and putting out on each green (its stroke play) was the order of the day.

The story unveiled slowly on the first nine holes, with many players finding the plot often elliptical, non-linear and twisting.  As the story unfolded on the second nine, the pages turned even more slowly, with many players Spellbound by the heat, listless from The Long Wait and their patience nearing The Breaking Point.

The story eventually ended with many players falling victim to their over-achieving ambitions.  Some got a Raw Deal, some went down The Street With No Name, and for the unfortunate few, got into a Dark Passage with No Way Out 🙁

With all score cards collected, only 11 players played to or bettered their handicap today, with CCR set to a provisional 71 strokes.

The best score on the day went to Joy Mesuria with a terrific score of 63 nett (handicap 19).

Just like Steve Smith, Revesby’s Captain led from the front and was Ruthless in his dissection of the course defences and kept his ball Beyond the Forest by driving straight down Sunset Boulevard all day.

It was a performance worthy of The Maltese Falcon, the, uh, stuff that dreams are made of 🙂

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 16) – on a count-back.

Well, well, well, this man wins B-grade last game, and now he wins A-grade by The Narrow Margin!  He may have been out-of-form for many months, but The Damned Don’t Cry!

His revitalised swing is now reaping The Sweet Smell of Success, and if he keeps this up for another round then the B-grade championships will be like a Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with a good score of 70 nett (handicap 18) on a count-back.

A good result for a player now beginning to enjoy his game.

May have 3-putted the first five holes and felt like he was climbing a Rope of Sand, but he kept his cool.

Normally a big hitter who launches his ball into the High Sierra, his recovery play was The Glass Key to his success today.

A rewarding performance Steve 🙂

The C Grade winner was Claude Poletti with a very good score of 69 nett (handicap 21).

From Out of the Past comes a stranger to the podium, its definitely been a long time between drinks – like Strangers on a Train.

His last win was the Cypress Lakes Championship in May, 2017.

Avoided The Asphalt Jungle and had no Cause for Alarm on the greens.

A pleasing performance delivered, so lets hope The Postman Always Rings Twice 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was George Lattouf with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 14).

Danger, danger, intruder alert!

Hang on, that’s a TV show, not noir:-(

Ah, I’ve got it.

I Wake Up Screaming, because The Mask of Dimitrios has been unmasked.

Yep, George has been in cracking good form lately, so no surprise to see him in the mix.

Didn’t drive that well but made up for it with good irons and chipping.

Will he keep the form up and be the Champion or The Pretender in A-grade?

Only The Big Clock will tell 🙂


Now we get down to the dreaded Bradman awards.


Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, these are the Bradman winners:

The Bradmen winners were Adam Giltinan (83 nett), Graham Dean (Disq) and Paul Dawkins (83 nett) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Adam has gone from hot (A grade winner last week) to cold in the space of a week.

He was ecstatic with the great job done by Greg Bailey (one of our sponsors – Sydney Golf Tech) to fit-out his clubs with super-sticky grips, only trouble was his game came unstuck when he used them for the first time today 🙂

Someone needs to tell Adam he needs to practice first and get the feel, otherwise, he will tug the ball left all day – which he did 🙁

Graham started out the day whistling and singing on the practice putting green.  The scribe actually complemented him for his good dulcet singing voice (he actually sings in a band – in case you didn’t know).

Unfortunately, Graham’s golf clubs were singing a different tune, one more attuned to a hacksaw 🙁

Paul had another one of those rounds again. However, he was quite pleased with his tee shots.  Instead of pulling his tee shots, he was now pushing.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to add up, however, if you saw your son get engaged, married and you become a grandfather on the same day, then you could be excused for not concentrating on your golf game 🙂



  1. Best score by a long margin was Joy Mesuria’s terrific 63 nett.


2.Big Steve Vaughn grabbed an eagle3 on the par5 12th hole.

He bombed his driver, hit 7-iron and sank the putt!


  1. Ever watched another player putt on the same line as yours and get valuable insight on how much break is in your putt? It always help, doesn’t it?

Well, today saw Steph Suzor with a 10 metre putt on the last hole played (par4 9th).

On the same line and just a little bit closer was Paul Dawkin’s ball.

Paul carefully marked his ball and watched as Steph stroked the putt, watched the ball roll metre by metre, cm by cm before seeing the ball disappear in the hole.

Armed with the knowledge of how and where to putt the ball, Paul demonstrated his uncanny skills with the putter and proceeded to –

Did you say one-putt?

Not on your life, he proceeded to 5-putt the hole 🙁



  1. Wayne Higgs needs to learn how to drop a ball outside a water hazard.

After topping his ball 60 metres into the water hazard in front of him on the par4 4th hole, Wayne tempestuously grabbed a ball from his bag and dropped it, without looking, near where he went in.

Sure enough, the ball landed in the only hole present in the vicinity of the hazard.

With only the tip of the ball visible, Wayne took an almighty whack and saw divot and ball fly 3 metres back into the hazard 🙁

I wonder if he will remember next time?



John McDonald may know how to angle fish, but today saw his top shot literally go up the arse of a duck 🙁

There may be a circle on his score for that hole, but its not as big as the one he left on that duck’s arse!


3.Louis Tasaico almost holed out on the eagle’s nest hole par3 4th hole today.

His tee shot landed on the green and rolled at the hole, catching the rim and accelerated to a distance well outside the 40cm target!

The only trouble was he missed a putt from 6 inches 🙁


4.Can’t keep a good man down.

Alan Foster racked up a huge 13 last week on one of the par5’s at Campbelltown.

He didn’t let that bother him today, he got a 10 on the par5 12th hole and a 9 on the par5 6th hole 🙁


  1. Speaking of the par5 12th hole, it also gave Shane Thorn a lot of trouble today when he racked up a 10 as well.

He hit his first drive onto Milperra Road, followed up by hitting his 3rd shot from the tee into the far left hand water hazard.

Playing safety first, he punched his 5th shot too far into the creek in front of the green.

His 7th pitch shot went into the right hand bunker.

Splashing out of the bunker (no water in it, by the way), he safely 2-putted for a nice round 10 and three lost balls 🙁


  1. The par5’s seemed to cause quite a few problems today.

Glen Blades lost the plot on the par5 6th hole.

Started out with a good drive, hit his 3rd into the green-side bunker.

Taking two shots out of the bunker, he watched in shock as the ball came to rest on the edge of the other bunker.

Glen managed to hit both ball and bunker edge, only to see it pop up and fall back into the bunker 🙁

He must have put his Baker’s hat on because he ended up with a 12 on the hole 🙁


Revesby results on the day:


Outright Winner: Joy Mesuria [19]    63 nett


A Grade Winner:  Terry Coleman [16]  67 nett  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [18]    70 pts   c/b

C Grade Winner:  Claude Poletti [21] 69 nett


GUZZLER’s CUP:   George Lattouf [14] 67 nett



A Grade:  Adam Giltinan [12]   83 nett

B Grade:  Graham Dean [19]     Disq.

C Grade:  Paul Dawkins [32]    83 nett


NOTE: c/b = count-back


Nearest To Pins:  

T.Coleman(3), K.Little(7), A.Giltinan(11), C.Poletti(15)


Drive & Pitch: