Sadly, it’s the penultimate round for 2018, an ironic description in more ways than one.

With the Christmas bash scheduled for next week at Bankstown, most players will be in survival mode today, hoping to scrape through the long Liverpool obstacle course without receiving threatening injuries to their drinking arm.

With seven artificial lakes and the Georges River to swallow up errant shots, the catawampus Revesby golfer will be further tormented by the many sand bunkers and trees that plague the course.

For those guzzler’s winners during the year who are neither inebriated nor afraid of getting their hands or lips wet today, there is the annual Guzzler’s Cup for the taking, sponsored by the philanthropic and daffy trio of Huey White, Dewey Little and Louie Lattouf!

Also of interest are some important yearly events to be finalised today, namely, the Player of the Year (Pointscore Leaderboard), progressive stableford and birdie competition for each grade.

Only 25 players were on-hand when play commenced in the single stableford event at 6:44am.  Starting from the member’s white tees on the 10th hole, with prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule, players already knew the long course would just get longer under the hot sun and humid conditions.

The verdant fairways and greens were a delight to play on, however, the game was somewhat slow, particularly on the last nine holes 🙁

As expected, the scores were low, with only four players (16%) scoring 36 or more points today.  CCR was 32 points.

Individual Single Stableford Results:

The Outright winner was Joy Mesuria with a score of 37 points (count-back).

What a productive couple of weeks its been for the skipper of Revesby, a B-grade win at Bankstown, a 2BBB outright win at Cabramatta, and now a singles outright today.  Doesn’t need to bellow out to be heard anymore, his clubs are doing all the talking! He is soaring like an eagle on the golf course, as a matter of fact, he grabbed one eagle today on the par5 13th hole 🙂

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with a score of 37 points (count-back).

Followed up his disappointing Bradman’s last week with a solid performance to grab his fifth A-grade win of the year.  Has been very consistent the last six months and today was an all-round good performance with driver and irons that should have won him the day’s event.  Just a few simple mistakes cost him dearly.

The B Grade winner was Noel Connolly with a score of 36 points.

Simple swing, simple game plan, super short game and super putting, as well as teeing up the ball terrifically, they were all the ingredients that enabled Noel to bounce back so quickly from his worst-ever game three weeks ago at Bankstown.  He may need steel-tipped tees and a hammer at Bankstown next week if he wants to nail another win 🙂

The C Grade winner was Les Back with a score of 36 points.

Got the Bradmans in July, so it was a popular win for the come-back kid!  Les backed himself on the challenging layout and amassed a very good score in his first win of the year.  If he wins next game, it will be a back-to-back win 🙂

The Guzzler winner was Adam Giltinan with a score of 37 points.

Timed his Guzzler’s win as well as he does his irons!  When he hits the ball with his driver, I’m sure the ball breaks the speed of sound twice (don’t you get it, boom, boom).  A good and timely reward for the hard work today, just relax and put your feet up at the Christmas bash and get people to attend to your liquid needs 🙂

The Bradman winners were Wayne Coleman (24 pts), Allen Foster (26 pts) and Paul Dawkins (18 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Ho, ho, ho, what have we here.  An A-grader contending for the pointscore leaderboard and falling by the wayside under the pressure, a B-grader dreaming about the many lamb SHANKS he will have at the Christmas lunch, and a C-grader succumbing to all the praise for his win last week and resurrecting his inglorious past 🙁

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:

1.Best score was 37 points (count-back) by Joy Mesuria.

2.Speaking of Joy, he hit driver and 3-hybrid on the par5 13th and was faced with an 8-iron from 130 metres for his third. He struck the ball straight and saw it land close to the flag. Casually walking to the green, he saw the ball close to the hole so marked it and waited for Terry Coleman to play on.  Terry didn’t play a shot, he also walked onto the green and asked where was his ball, as he had already hit. Joy shrugged his shoulder and stated he didn’t see Terry’s ball anywhere.  Terry then pointed to the ball in Joy’s hand and said that it was his ball, so where was Joy’s ball?  They both did a 360 degree turn and saw no ball and then looked at each other and then turned their heads towards the hole.  They took a few steps and looked down at the hole and sure enough, there was Joy’s ball, he had holed out his third shot for an eagle3 🙂

LOWLIGHTS of the day:

1.George Lattouf may have won (unofficially) the 2018 Player of the Year event (congratulations, George), but that doesn’t mean he was immune to lowlights on the day. Whilst playing the short par4 1st hole, George ended up in the right green-side bunker.  After three unsuccessful bunker shots, his playing partner, Ryan Cassin, screamed out “pick the bloody thing up!”.  George acquiesced without protest 🙁

2.Most wayward par3 tee shot witnessed by the scribe (excluding any shots from the scribe or the master of the improbable, Mark McDonald):

Phil White was playing the 150 metre par3 18th when he blocked his knock-down rescue wood right over the lake and saw it land on the par4 9th green (yes, he actually hit the green) and watched it roll through into the green’s front bunker.  He was left with an 80 metre sand bunker shot to the 18th green.  Not only did he wipe the sand out of his eyes and clothing, he also wiped his scorecard as well!  Sadly, this was not the first time Phil had hit the 9th green from the 18th tee 🙁

3.Wayne Coleman had no luck, and that could explain his aberrant performance today. In fact, his luck was so bad that even when he was taking relief, he got into strife. On the par3 4th hole (with a lake between tee and green), Wayne topped his tee shot straight into the lake.  He went to the point of entry in the water hazard, chose a flat grass section to drop his second ball, and then saw it bounce forward back into the water. Wayne spent minutes searching for that ball in the water 🙁

4.Speaking of balls in the water hazard, Brian Craven had the luxury of losing three balls on the long par4 16th hole with the water hazard on the left. Brian hit his first ball from the tee into the left hazard.  Walking to the point of entry, he dropped and then pulled his second ball back into the same hazard 20 metres further up.  Again, he walked to the next point of entry, dropped his third ball and proceeded to pull the ball back into the same hazard another 30 metres away.  Lucky for Brian, he was running out of water hazard to hit into by the time he hit his fourth ball 🙁

5.Claude Poletti hit his tee shot on the short par4 1st hole up near the practice driving range on the right. After finding his ball at the top of the hill on the range, Claude yelled out to his fellow competitor at the bottom of the hill, Noel Connolly, to grab his 3-iron and throw it up to him. Noel grabbed Claude’s 3-iron and threw it up the hill, unfortunately, Noel’s throw is not as straight as his drives, because the 3-iron ended up in a TREE (well, it was a twee-iron)! Up until this point, Claude had not been playing very well, but after he came down from the practice driving range, his game started to improve, go figure that one out 🙁

Individual results on the day:


Outright Winner: Joy Mesuria [15]    37 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [12]   37 pts  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Noel Connolly [22]  36 pts

C Grade Winner:  Les Back [23]       36 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Adam Giltinan [9]   37 pts


A Grade:   Wayne Coleman [15]  24 pts

B Grade:   Allen Foster [18]   26 pts

C Grade:   Paul Dawkins [32]   18 pts

Nearest To Pins:

L.Back(4), J.Varrica(6), R.Hamer(14), J.Varrica(18)

Drive & Pitch:






Isn’t it strange, you start writing about rare and quirky golf decisions two weeks ago, like completing a swing when a clubhead falls off in either the back-swing (not counted) or down-swing (counted as one-shot) and sure enough, a very similar situation occurred in the recent Australian PGA tournament with John Senden, when he snapped his shaft in the grip handle on the down-swing and missed the ball.

Why is losing the clubhead in the back-swing and completing the swing not counted?

Because the rules state, a shaft by itself is not a club, and a stroke is the forward movement of the club!

Most social golfers have encountered snapped shafts and de-capitated clubheads in the past, I would say from my observations and testimonies from other players that these incidents always occurred between golf shots!  At least that’s one thing the social golfer is better at doing than the pros 🙁


Today’s game saw 25 players show up for a single stableford event at the short Georges River golf course, starting at 6:39am from the 1st tee.

It was going to be a Mufti & Pizza day for all, so when the scribe showed up with large coffee in hand, he asked where were all the muffins?

Revesby’s social secretary, Ryan Cassin, politely shook his head and advised the scribe that the pizzas were ordered and would be made available after the game, whilst the “muftis” were somewhere out on the course and if you keep your eyes open, you will find them!

The scribe is no Islamic scholar, but he certainly noticed many players not wearing their standard Revesby Workers golf uniform today!

Some shirts were obscenely bright, with Phil White’s Indy car racing shirt being the slickest looking and Allen Foster’s fluoro-yellow referee’s shirt being the brightest (some say he should have been sin-binned for wearing such a shirt on a golf course)!


The players quickly got underway, full knowing it was going to be a very hot day with a strong, gusty, westerly wind kicking in later.  The fairways and greens were very green and in good shape, whilst the bunkers looked compacted and skinny in the sand department.  Prefer-on-fairways only was the local rule of the day.

The strong westerly wind really kicked in towards the end of the round, so it was surprising to hear Revesby’s handicapper (Steve Vaughn) assess CCR at 37 points, with six players (24%) scoring 36 or more points on the day (and three of them were graduates from the Friday Golf Academy at Georges River).

Many thanks must go to Revesby’s Social Secretary, Ryan Cassin, and the committee for arranging the free pizas for all players at the end of the round. It was very well received and is a harbinger of good things to come at the end of year Christmas-Presentation day round at Bankstown.


Individual Single Stableford Results:

The Outright Winner was Ken Little with 42 points.

The scribe was so focussed on finding those muffins out on the course today, he forgot about golf course management and went hell-for-leather with the driver and got rewarded.  He did find some magic muffins out there because his short game of yore had magically re-appeared.

It was his first win of the year 🙂

The A grade winner was Phil Kilazoglou with 40 points.

(count-back from George Lattouf)

It was a battle royal today between the titanium-enriched Kila and the plutonium-dense George Lattouf for A grade.

Kila’s steady performance in team events recently has led to some visits to the winners podium, so it was expected he carry his winning momentum over today and topple the much fancied opponent on his home track.  Both graduates of the Friday Golf Academy, today saw the Apprentice master the Master! 🙂

The B grade winner was Mick McCarney with 38 points.

Out of action for two months with back problems, a partially rejuvenated Mick made a come-back today.  Started off poorly with two double-bogeys, his back and swing started to warm up as the day got hotter.  Started to hit the ball better and was only let down by poor putting all day.  If ever enthusiasm deserved a reward then it happened today with Mick’s victory – well done 🙂

The C Grade winner was Paul Dawkins with 36 points.

Has been out of the limelight most of the year.  You could always count on Paul in past years for being up on the podium every week for good and bad scores, but this year, he faces stiffer competition in both categories.  In any event, Paul is up here today because he played steady from tee-to-green, nothing brilliant and nothing dumb.  Consistency was well rewarded today 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by George Lattouf with 40 points.

It was a disappointing score for the man who knows every nook and cranny on the course and whose golf swing and low shot making fits perfectly with the flat, hard terrain and small greens.  Nevertheless, he came within a whisker of taking out A grade.  His second guzzlers for the year, he will be sponsoring the Guzzlers Cup next week at Liverpool with the rest of the ex-Marrickville boys (Whitey and the scribe).  An ironic win for the Guzzler sponsor 🙂





The Bradman winners were John Varrica (29 pts), Robert Black (25 pts) and Glen Blades (31 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

With Christmas looming on the horizon, the Bradman winners have each received an “Immunity from Persecution” from Santa’s attorney, which will protect them from any diatribe the scribe can think of to prosecute their performance today! Mind you, if I was them, I would be asking Santa to bring a new putter 🙁


1.It would be remiss of me not to mention Matt Campbell’s equal best individual performance of 42 points from last week at Cabramatta. His performance went un-noticed because his 2BBB score     was only 44 points (yes, Wayne Coleman contributed an additional two points), which did not register on the 2BBB WIN-ometer scale.

2.Best score on the day was Ken little with 42 points.

3.The current birdie leader in A grade, Phil White, cemented his position today when he garnered another three birdies to extend his lead by 5 birdies with one round to go. His closest opponents are Shane Thorn and Wayne Coleman.

4.Speaking of birdie comps, a very relieved Matt Campbell in B grade was ecstatic to see Kila win A grade today. Had Kila played poorly, he potentially could have dropped into B grade and pip Matt at the post with one round to go (deja-vu for Matt).  The C-grade birdie leader, Gary McMahon, is still sitting comfortable with only one round to go!

5.Robert Back hit his tee shot out-of-bounds on the long par4 18th hole. Why is this a highlight?  He played his 3rd shot from the tee in the stiff westerly wind and ended up getting a bogey 5 for 3 points (he basically scored a birdie with the second ball).  A great come-back (sorry about the pun) Robert 🙂


1.Revesby’s captain, Joy Mesuria, was seen chasing his umbrella in the strong winds down the par5 17th fairway. For many who witnessed the event, it was like watching “Mary Poppins gone             wrong” 🙁

2.John McDonald had an air-swing on the par4 13th hole. He hit his tee shot to the right under the trees. Trying to keep the ball low with his second shot, John swung and missed the ball, hit the overhanging branches, and knocked out two little doves from the tree.  Naturally, he claimed two birdies to add to his yearly total of zero birdies 🙁

3.Have you ever lost a ball up in a big tree? Who in our club could do such a thing?  I mean, its pretty hard to do, its 99% air, and when it does hit something, it always ricochets down to earth.

Well, the master of the improbable, Mark McDonald, did just that on the 1st hole today. Playing his second shot to the par4, Mark hit the ball straight into the last pine tree on the right edge of the fairway. He could see a ball in the tree and started to shake some branches and watched it drop down – it wasn’t his ball.  Declaring it lost, Mark moved on.

Later that day, Ian Lindberg was playing the par4 18th hole and as he was walking by this pine tree, he noticed a ball lying on the ground at the base of the pine tree.  It was Mark’s ball, the strong wind had shaken it free!

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Ken Little [16]       42 pts

A Grade Winner:  Phil Kilazoglou [16]  40 pts  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Mick McCarney [18]    38 pts

C Grade Winner:  Paul Dawkins [32]     36 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   George Lattouf [15]   40 pts


A Grade:  John Varrica [12]  29 pts

B Grade:  Robert Back [22]   25 pts

C Grade:  Glen Blades [24]   31 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  J.McDonald(3), P.White(5), P.White(9), A.Foster(12), P.White(14), G.Lattouf(16)

Drive & Pitch:      P.Collins(15)




Its been several years since we played on the Kikuyu and Couch fairways and Penncross (Bentgrass) greens of Cabramatta golf course, and as usual, they appeared in excellent condition.

A large roll-up of 32 players congregated on the 1st tee for a 6:56am start from the friendly social tees.  The packed car park so early in the morning was a warning sign that play was going to be extra slow, and sure enough, the latter Revesby groups were still waiting at 8:00am to hit-off 🙁

Cabramatta golf course has a layout that has many tight fairways straddled by densely populated trees, many bunkers and water hazards, sharp dog-leg angles and severely contoured fairways on many holes, slippery greens and on top of all that, its bloody hard to walk on.  Not surprisingly, many experienced players elected to use a motorised cart 🙂

Lucky it wasn’t stroke play today as there would be players still outside looking for their balls 🙁

Hmmm, I wonder if the new 2019 Rule 21.2 (Maximum Score) for future stroke rounds is a solution or will tradition rule out?



Whilst the weather was ideal for golf, the slow round proved too much for some players who became, literally, legless during the round.

With all score cards in and checked, it soon became apparent that the top three individual scorers today, Joy Mesuria (42pts), Adam Giltinan (41pts) and Graham Dean (41pts), also boot-strapped their partners into the winning 2BBB circle.

The Outright winners today were Joy Mesuria and Noel Connolly with 47 points.

Revesby’s Captain is in a purple patch at the moment and his brilliant performance (42pts) was enough motivation for last week’s Bradman winner and partner, Noel Connolly (30pts), to get his game together and save Joy’s bacon on two holes and add the extra five valuable points needed for victory.

Mind you, Joy grabbed 2 birdies today, which was significant since he had only 3 birdies for the whole year before the game.

The Runners-Up were Adam Giltinan and Mark McDonald with 46 points.

Adam (41pts) took a liking to this course when he used his dilithium crystal warp driver to shrink space between tee and green and set his iron phasers to stun, whilst his fellow crew member, Mark McDonald (30pts), backed up on impulse engines and kept the shield arrays going to protect the team from damage.

The Guzzlers were Graham Dean and Phil Kilazoglou with 45 points (count-back).

Graham (41pts) exploded today and it wasn’t back in the club-house!  It was his best performance of the year and he was suitably backed up, not literally, by Kila (32pts) with his two birdies.  Their score should have been higher, but their combination was not as good as the winners.

The Bradmans were in the last group, so that was sufficient punishment 🙁



1.Best 2BBB score was 47 points from Joy Mesuria & Noel Connolly.

2.Top three individual scores were Joy Mesuria (42), Adam Giltinan (41) and Graham Dean (41).

3.Best stableford score on a hole was Graham Dean’s birdie3 on the short par4 3rd hole for 5 points.

4.The numerous hills and severely sloping fairways took its toll, and poor Shane Thorn’s legs succumbed to it on the par3 16th hole. His partner, George Ostermann, was left alone to play the final two holes for the team. George managed to steer the team home safely 🙂

5.Rossco Hamer was beaming like a Cheshire cat after the game. No, it wasn’t because he broke the world distance record for twirling a club in the air.  He was ecstatic because it was the first time in a decade that he hadn’t lost a ball after 18 holes!

6.Glen Blades 5-putted the par4 1st hole today. What makes this a highlight is he had the “Encouragement Award” trophy that he won last year in his bag, and if ever a person needed it it was right then. Sure enough, he pulled the trophy out of the bag, gave it a good rub with his towel and out of the smoke popped a Genie who granted Glen his wish of putting better. It worked 🙂


1.Noel Connolly was a winner today, but some of his shots were Bradmanesque. The low-light was his tee shot on the par4 10th hole, when he pulled it straight left onto the footpath, saw it bounce into the wire fence, and then ricochet right back out onto the fairway. When asked by the scribe if it was just good luck, he replied: “No, it was good course management”.

2.Cliff Bourquin hit his second shot into the pro-shop adjacent to the par4 9th green. When Cliff arrived at the shop looking for his ball, he found it sitting neatly on top of a brick wall outside the shop with a business card lying against the ball. The business card had some writing on it, which said “if you want some lessons, please see the professional inside the shop” 🙁

3.Phil White invoked his old “Sydney Water” workplace union rule when attempting to get out of the bunker. That’s right, its an unfamiliar rule which states “if you arms get tired, you’re allowed to pick up and get out”, and that’s what happened to him after playing six unsuccessful bunker shots in the far left hand front bunker on the par3 12th hole!

Ironically, next to him in the adjacent bunker was George Lattouf, who got out of the bunker in one shot!  To the scribe, who witnessed the event, it was just one of those “Ripley – Believe It or Not” moments 🙁

Revesby 2BBB results on the day:

Winners:       Joy Mesuria [17] & Noel Connolly [21]    47 pts

Runners Up:    Adan Giltinan [11] & Mark McDonald [20]  46 pts

Guzzlers Cup:  Graham Dean [20] & Phil Kilazoglou [16]  45 pts  c/b

BRADMANS:      Terry Coleman [12] & Robert Back [p22]   37 pts  c/b

Nearest To Pins:

R.Knebusch(5), J.Hilder(7), B.Craven(12), T.Coleman(14), R.Cassin(16)

Drive & Pitch:


18-NOV-2018: Bankstown GC-Single Stableford


It was 100 years ago on the 11th hour, of the 11th day of the 11th month, when the Great War ended.

Whilst the rules covering humanitarian treatment of wounded in Armed Forces in the field started in 1864, it evolved in 1949 into four treaties that defined conventions for:

– the treatment of wounded and sick in Armed Forces in the field (1864)

– the treatment of wounded, sick and shipwrecked members of the Armed Forces at sea (1906)

– the treatment of prisoners of war (1929)

– the protection of civilian persons in time of war (1949)

These four treaties collectively are better known as the Geneva Conventions.

The regulation of rules covering the actual conduct of war and the use of weapons of war (such as the prohibition of “dumdum” bullets and asphyxiating gases) were initially defined by the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 into International Law.

In many ways, golf is a combative sport, and there are rules that govern how you conduct the game, the use of weapons during the game and how you treat yourself to punishment, or ameliorate punishment, should you infringe the rules.

We play in accordance with the rules of golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

The current rules are dense, complicated to read and are often mis-interpreted:

– Did you know you can be 4up after two holes in match-play?

– Did you know spider webs are considered loose impediments, even when attached to something?

– If your clubhead falls off during the back-swing and you swing and miss, it is not counted. But if the clubhead falls off during the downswing and you swing and miss, it counts as a stroke.

– You cannot place a water bottle on the green and use it as a level to determine the break in a putt

– You cannot move loose impediments in a hazard, such as an insect, and the boundary of a water hazard extends vertically, but it’s OK to swat a flying insect before playing from the hazard!

Currently, there are 34 rules and on the 1st January, 2019, this will change to 24 rules.


So how does this affect you?

In essence, the new rules have focussed on the following areas:

– elimination or reduction of “ball moved” penalties

– relaxed putting green rules

– relaxed rules for “penalty areas” (formerly known as water hazards)

– relaxed bunker rules

– more reliance on player’s integrity

– speeding up the game

A summary of some of the important new rule changes that may impact on you can be found at the end of the write up 🙂

Today’s game saw thirty (30) players show up for a single stableford event at Bankstown golf course, starting at 6:18am from the purple tees (yes, that is correct) on the 10th hole.  Pin location was the not too difficult location “C” with prefer-on-fairways only the local rule.

As usual, the fairways and greens appeared in great shape, whilst the bunkers were all in play with plenty of sand.  More importantly, the lakes were full of water and the evil, dastardly and overly-aggressive geese were nowhere to be seen 🙂

Weather conditions were perfect for golf and speed of play was initially quick on the first nine holes and disappointingly slow on the last nine holes.

With the round finished and all score cards collected and assessed, Revesby’s handicapper (Steve Vaughn) determined CCR was a low 32 points, with only one player (3%) scoring 36 or more points on the day.

Individual Single Stableford Results:

The Outright Winner was Steve Vaughn with a score of 39 points.

The slicer and dicer of Revesby has committed hara-kiri, as he stands head-and-shoulders above everyone else with his score today.

Wasn’t good off the tee, but his irons were straight and he putted all right.  Didn’t score that well on the first nine holes, but the game changer was when he decided to change his ball on the second nine.  It was a points blitzkrieg from then on!

Hmm, strange strategy, the scribe changes ball every second or third hole (when he needs to reload) and that doesn’t change his game!

The A grade winner was Cliff Bourquin with 35 points.

Coming back to form after a mid-year slump.  The extra practice at the Friday Georges River Golf Academy is now paying dividends.

As long as he stops hooking, his game will start cooking. Stayed out of trouble and kept his short game simple and putted solidly.

The B grade winner was Joy Mesuria with 33 points.

The Captain has done it again.  The pressures of the job has not impacted on his game. Doesn’t need sand paper in his pockets to get the ball moving in the air. A good reward for all his hard efforts.

The C Grade winner was George Ostermann with 34 points.

He says he was terrible off the tee, his irons were so-so, but his putting saved his game. Well, maybe he was just being modest, because he grabbed a birdie2 on the par3 13th hole and he also grabbed the NTP on the difficult to land on par3 7th hole. His irons must have been so-so good as well 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Shane Thorn with 34 points (count-back).

Another steady performance from Revesby’s Yoda Jedi Master with an eight-over par round.

Came close to winning A-grade but was more happy at winning the Guzzlers – obviously he prefers gold liquid to gold coins.


The Bradman winners were Phil White (28 pts on a count-back), Noel Connolly (19 pts) and Pat Collins (24 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Phil has taken a bruising from the cruising, Noel scored his worst individual score, ever and Pat was resting on his laurels after grabbing an eagle3 (and 5 points) on the par5 6th hole.


  1. Best score by a large margin was Steve Vaughn with 39 points.

2. Best score on a hole was Pat Collin’s driver from the tee, followed by driver to the heart of the par5 6th green, followed by 15-20 foot putt for an eagle3 and five (5) stableford points.

3.There were no geese to attack the scribe today 🙂


1. Steve Floyd drove the ball gun-barrel straight for the first eight holes, only problem was the ball never left the ground.

2.When Kila teed up on the last hole (par4 9th), he was pulled up by his playing partners with comments about him wearing a dress. Unfazed by the sledging, Kila backed away and re-gathered his thoughts and prepared his body for the violent short swing he was about to apply to the ball.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something strange about the tee marker, it was red in colour. His playing partners said Kila’s error was a sub-conscious reminder that he had been playing like a sheila all day 🙁

3.So Pat Collins scored 5 points on one hole, so why did he only score 19 points on 17 holes and end up with the Bradmans? His explanation was simple, he blamed his playing partner, Noel Connolly, for seducing him to the dark side.  Oh yes, his lack of experience was also a factor 🙁

4.Speaking of Noel Connolly, the big man stated it was indeed his worst game ever. When the scribe asked if there was some aspect of his game he thought was good on the day, he replied: “I teed up the ball terrific” 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Steve Vaughn [23]     39 pts

A Grade Winner:  Cliff Bourquin  [14]  35 pts

B Grade Winner:  Joy Mesuria [17]      33 pts

C Grade Winner:  George Ostermann [24] 34 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Shane Thorn [6]       34 pts  c/b


A Grade:  Phil White [12]    28 pts c/b

B Grade:  Noel Connolly [21] 19 pts

C Grade:  Pat Collins [p24]  24 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:

S.Vaughn(3), G.Ostermann(7), S.Vaughn(11), G.Blades(13), A.Foster(15)

Drive & Pitch:



SOME IMPORTANT RULE CHANGES FOR 2019 (new rule number in brackets):

  1. SEARCH TIME (18): 3 minutes (use to be 5 minutes)
  2. BALL MOVING DURING SEARCH (7): put it back without penalty (use to be a penalty)
  3. EMBEDDED BALL (16): free drop anywhere in the general area (formerly “thru-the-green”), except bunkers
  4. CLUB-LENGTH (Definition): the player’s longest club, except for the putter (use to be any club)
  5. DROPPING BALL (14): drop from knee height (use to be shoulder height)
  6. BALL ON WRONG GREEN (13): taking your stance on the wrong green is not permitted
  7. PLAYER HITS HIMSELF OR OWN EQUIPMENT (11): no penalty (use to be a penalty), however, it must be unintentional
  8. DOUBLE HIT (10): no penalty, counts as one stroke (use to be a penalty)
  9. TOUCHING SAND IN THE BUNKER (12): touching sand incidentally is allowed (all other rules in sand still apply)
  10. LOOSE IMPEDIMENTS (15): loose impediments can be removed everywhere (if you move ball it will still be a penalty of one stroke)
  11. UNPLAYABLE BALL IN THE BUNKER (19): additional option to drop a ball behind the bunker with two penalty strokes
  12. PENALTY AREAS (17): water hazards are now called red and yellow penalty areas
  13. GROUNDING CLUB IN PENALTY AREA (17): touching the ground and water in a penalty area is permitted
  14. BALL MOVES ON GREEN (13): ball moves on green after being put back: put it back without penalty
  15. BALL ACCIDENTALLY MOVED BY PLAYER ON GREEN (13): put it back without penalty (say you dropped club on ball or your practice putt hit ball)
  16. REPAIRING DAMAGE ON THE GREEN (13): repairing damage on the green is without penalty (excluding natural imperfections)
  17. NO POSITIONING OF CLUB TO LINE UP THE SHOT (10): not permitted
  19. HITTING THE FLAG-STICK IN HOLE (13): no penalty
  20. BALL WEDGED ON THE FLAG-STICK (13): ball partly below the lip of the hole is classed as holed
  21. BALL LOST OR OUT OF BOUNDS: as an alternative to stroke and distance, committee can invoke local rule to drop ball in the vicinity of where the ball is lost or out of bounds (including the nearest fairway area) under a two-stroke penalty.

Further to the above new rule changes, it is important to understand that our golf club is also governed by it’s own constitution and all members should take the time to read these rules which can be found on this website under the “Club Rules” tab. Below is an excerpt from the constitution in regards to general play.


(a)      All matches will be played in accordance with the rules of golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

(b)      Local rules must be observed at all times.

(c)      It is the responsibility of every member to make himself conversant with the rules of golf and to read local rules before hitting off in each competition game.

(d)      Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse for contravention.

(e)      Any player observed infringing the rules or reported for infringement will be dealt with by the Match Committee.

(f)      It is the responsibility of every player to ensure that his correct handicap is shown on his card: his card is correctly marked and that any alteration is initialled before signing and handing in. The lowest handicapped player in the group will accept responsibility for collecting and handing in cards for the group immediately after play finishes.

(g)      Any infringement of rules, incorrect handicap or wrongly marked card could lead to disqualification and any such penalty imposed by the Match Committee will be final and not subject to appeal.



4-NOV-2018: McKeough/Hogan Shield-Canberra V Revesby

The Prez recieves the McKeough/Hogan Shield

This year saw  Canberra Labor Club hosting the annual McKeough/Hogan Trophy  against Revesby Workers at the difficult Bathurst  golf course which is situated about three hours from Sydney and is one of inland NSW’s finest courses. it is the third oldest course in NSW first opening in 1894.

Bathurst GC is an 18 hole championship course which has played host to the NSW open. The weather was superb and the recent rain had provided lush couch fairways and frighteningly fast bent grass greens.

The day’s event was a 2-ball ambrose, with a team from each club playing a single match, with the 18-hole nett scores used to determine the match winner and earn a single point for their respective club.

The club earning the majority of match points will win the McKeough/Hogan Shield.

A large contingent of Canberra golfers (28) showed up to battle the Revesby players (30) for the McKeough/Hogan Trophy. The Canberra golfers were psyched up and ready to avenge their flogging last year at Mollymook golf course.

Play commenced at 8am on both tees (1st & 10th) and was from the  longer white tees (members) , the Captains advised prefer-through-the-green was the local rule of the day and a minimum of six (6) tee shots were to be selected for each player in the ambrose team.

Length from the tee would be a strong advantage today and those with soft putting strokes would also excel on greens playing at billiard table speed.

Due to the shortage of carts, many players had to walk the course which resulted in  backlogs on a few holes and slowed the game considerably.

Play finished at around 2pm and with all players in the clubhouse it was time to sit down and enjoy  a well deserved meal and a few drinks prior to to presentation ceremony.


With  14 official matches on the table, Revesby’s tour Captain Claude Poletti announced that Revesby Workers had once again proven too strong for a gallant and improving Canberra Labour Club winning the event by 9 matches to 5.


Revesby’s best team was the father and son team of Ryan and Steve Johnston who played on their own as their opponents did not show up ( apparently they deemed Bathurst too far to travel). Well done boys.

Canberra Best Score: Danny Grassigli & Mark Croker [12.5] 66.5 nett

Danny and Mark defeated the revesby team of Terry Coleman and Wayne Higgs  66.5 to 70.75.

The Revesby Bradmans were Gary Buckley and Graham Dean playing off a handicap of 8.25. Their nett score of 78.75 was 6 strokes worse than the second worst score and 11.75 from the best score. I’d be covering my face too with a performance like that.

The Bradmans for Canberra were Chris Bugden and Paul Long who played off a handicap of 10.5 for a score of 78.5 nett. They can be excused a little as they actually came second last and were awarded the “NAGA” after it was deemed that a certain Canberra life member who’s name also happens to adorn the trophy was voted ineligible to receive such an embarrassing award.

Thanks must go to all participants on the day for making it an enjoyable and relaxing event and special mentions to the social committees and Captains of both Clubs for running the tournament and ensuring it was a great success.

In particular, special thanks to Claude Poletti and Steph Suzor from Revesby and Les Brown from Canberra for their meticulous planning and organising of the event. The only thing that les forgot to do was bring his golf clubs to Bathurst. Les had to hire a set of clubs from the pro shop and his team ultimately lost to Claude and Steph by half a stroke.

Final Results


NTP: 5th-Jeff Hilder, 8th-Mark McDonald, 16th-Wayne Coleman, 13th- Matt Campbell

Long Drives: 9th-Damien Vincent (c), 15th-Wayne Higgs (r)

Drive & Pitch: 4th- Graham Dean (r), 12th-Paul Sjoberg (c)

Best Ladies Score: Emily Mollard (c)


21-OCT-2018: Bankstown GC- Matchplay Final + Stableford


After the wash out in the Lawson Cup at Penrith last week, its been three weeks of no golf to report on (with a wry smile on the scribe’s face).

The thunderstorms that hit Sydney on Friday evening must have frightened a few players away today because only 23 players showed up to play a single stableford event in conjunction with the final round of the singles match play event (involving Ryan Cassin and Allen Foster) and International Cup matchplay (teams based on country of origin).

The course was very damp in places, however, motorised carts were available for players as long as they kept to the designated paths.

As usual, the fairways and greens appeared in great shape, whilst the bunkers were all out of play due to the recent storms.  Not surprisingly, the course local rule was prefer-thru-the-green.

Play started at 6:18am from the 10th tee (yellow tees) with the singles match play final pair leading out in the first group.

The pace of play was good and the weather, cool and overcast to begin with, gave way to a warm and humid day.

With the round finished and all score cards collected and assessed, Revesby’s handicapper (Steve Vaughn) determined CCR was 36 points, with 25% of players scoring 36 or more points on the day.



International Cup:

Internationals    defeated  Australians

Match Play Final:

Ryan Cassin defeated Allen Foster  1UP

It was a very close affair, with no player dominating the match, the greatest margin at any stage was two holes.  In fact, when the match play finished, only two holes out of eighteen were halved!

Ryan’s game plan was simple, keep the ball in play from the tee, whilst Allen would blast his way over obstacles.

Both players made some simple mistakes around the greens, but it was the greens that ultimately separated the pair.

On the first nine holes, Ryan putted very steady whilst Allen 3-putted several times from poor judgement of pace.

The last nine holes was a different story, with Allen putting better whilst Ryan started to miss some very short putts!

It came down to the last hole with both players on the green equally in score.  Allen was pin high left of the hole with a sliding left-to-right putt, whilst Ryan was above the hole and marginally closer, with a twitchy down-hill, left-to-right putt.

Allen putted first, it was rolling well but it didn’t break as much as he expected. A simple tap in.

Ryan had to sink his putt to win the match.  As is typical of his putting style, he quickly got over the ball and gave it a solid rap, bang straight into the hole for a well earned victory.  Just another big scalp to put on his golfing curriculum vitae (CV) 🙂

Congratulations to Ryan Cassin and commiserations to Allen Foster, you both worked hard to reach the finals and it was only the narrowest of margins that separated you both at the end.  It was very entertaining to watch with excellent sportsmanship demonstrated throughout the match.

Individual Single Stableford:

The Outright Winner was Glen Blades with a score of 42 points.

Plays golf like a bachelor, never makes the same mistake once 🙂

Course management was very good, his driving was like a robotic metronome, whilst his irons were full of steam.

The only weakness was the flat blade, particularly from short distances, so he coulda, shoulda, scored heaps more points!


The A grade winner was Cliff Bourquin with 37 points.

His good Samaritan act last game at Dunheved, by saving Shane Thorn’s pants from falling down with a Bourquin supplied shoe-string, was aptly rewarded today. Has been out of form most of the year, with his last Revesby win in January in a 2BBB and a top finish at Goulburn in April.

Cliff finally untied the knots in his swing today for a polished performance 🙂


The B grade winner was Claude Poletti with 36 points.

Followed up his outright win at Camden two games ago, with another win today.  His pre-game tactic of stuffing himself with McDonald’s food and drink to loosen his swing worked again 🙂  His game plan of avoiding bunkers at all costs was perfect today, he didn’t play a single bunker shot.  Come to think of it, nobody did!


The C Grade winner was Paul Dawkins with 36 points.

His Bradman performance last game at Dunheved on the Labor Day long-weekend inspired him to work on his game ten hours a day, six days a week. No more 40 hour week practice for him!  Look at the result, productivity improved, key performance indicators were achieved or exceeded and he didn’t ask for over-time or take a sickie. A workman-like performance 🙂


The Guzzlers was won by Steve Vaughn with 36 points (count-back).

The stress of cutting or grafting handicaps is a lonely and thankless job, and any subsequent trauma associated with such acts can be deleterious to one’s game.  Thankfully, there is one universal remedy to such stress and its called the Guzzlers Cup.  So have a stress-free week with the cup, you deserve it for your performance today 🙂




The Bradman winners were Ryan Cassin (28 pts), Noel Connolly (28 pt) and Alan Tricker (14 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Ryan was too pre-occupied with the singles match-play final to care, Noel was over-dosed from three weeks consumption of the Guzzlers Cup he won at Dunheved and Alan was still driving in first gear (more often reverse) wearing his fluoro-orange trucking attire 🙁


1.Best score by a parsec was Glen Blades with 42 points.

2.Ryan Cassin defeated Allen Foster 1Up in the Singles Match Play final. Oddly enough, Ryan scored 28 points whilst Allen scored 32 points in the day’s event?

3.Interestingly, Ryan Cassin was putting from off the front edge of the par4 first hole (Hole 1) when he had to stop and wait because three pigeons were walking across his line on the green, when two stopped and began to fornicate! His opponent, Allen Foster, was laughing hysterically, but the scribe noticed Allen had in his golf bag an open box of bread crumbs.  Were the pigeons personally trained by Allen and was this a devilish plot to undermine Ryan’s concentration? Never-mind, Ryan safely got up and down with the putter and cooed with delight afterwards :-)4.

4.Mick McCarney’s passion for golf is unquestioned. Having worked a 14-hour shift prior to the game, he had to leave after the game as he was very tired. The tactful and empathetic Graham Dean, who was Mick’s playing partner, cheered him up by calling him a “SOOK“.

5.Mick had the last laugh on Deano with this story. Whilst playing the par4 4th hole, Deano had to make use of a toilet nearby whilst the other players (Mick McCarney, Gary Buckley and George Lattouf) walked to their balls for the next shot. Whilst in the toilet, a tree branch fell down and hit the top of the toilet block with a loud bang.  Everyone in his group heard the noise and turned around thinking Deano had dropped a large one!

6.Gary Buckley’s tee shot with the driver failed to reach the ladies red tees on the par4 4th hole. His second shot was pulled left, and whilst it wasn’t the words Gary used to describe it, to put it politely, it went in the direction of a lavatory nearby 🙁

7.Have you ever seen a golfer hit a poor golf shot and put the blame on some external, un-controllable, un-foreseen factor. You know what I mean, you’ve heard all the excuses, right? Well, today, the scribe heard Glen Blades explain his poor tee shot on the par4 1st hole. As Glen addressed his tee shot with the driver, he was just about to pull the trigger on his swing when he noticed one of his shoe laces had unravelled and was strung out on the ground between his feet.  He went ahead with the swing anyway whilst his mind was still thinking about the shoe lace!

Hmm, it may have unravelled between his feet, but the scribe was wondering whether something else unravelled between his ears 🙁

Graham Dean over-heard the conversation and retorted: “Glen should use VELCRO!

8.Gary McMahon thought he had lost the par4 8th hole to lose his match play against Steve Floyd 3&1. He went up to Steve to shake his hand and congratulate him on his victory, only to find out he had actually won the hole and was only one down in the match play with one hole to play! Gary went on to win the last hole and square the match play with Steve!



Ryan Cassin def Allen Foster 1UP

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Glen Blades [26]    42 pts

A Grade Winner:  Cliff Bourquin [14] 37 pts

B Grade Winner:  Claude Poletti [20] 36 pts

C Grade Winner:  Paul Dawkins [33]   37 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Steve Vaughn [23]   36 pts  c/b


A Grade:  Ryan Cassin [13]   28 pts c/b

B Grade:  Noel Connolly [21] 28 pts

C Grade:  Alan Tricker [39]  14 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:

C.Poletti(3), C.Poletti(7), G.Dean(11), J.Hilder(15)

Drive & Pitch:



International Cup Match Play Results:


Internationals          Australians

George Lattouf    def   Mick McCarney     5&4

Ken Little        lost  Glen Blades       4&2


Phil Kilazoglou   def   Alan Tricker      7&6

Claude Poletti    def   Noel Connolly     4&3


Paul Dawkins      def   Terry Coleman     2UP

John Varrica      even  George Ostermann


Gary Buckley      def   Graham Dean       3&2

Cliff Bourquin    even  Wayne Coleman


Gary McMahon      even  Steve Floyd

Steve Vaughn      lost  Jeff Hilder       1DOWN



It’s the last day in September and tomorrow is a public holiday, making the weekend extra long.

How many people know why we have a long weekend on the first Monday in October each year (well, for the ACT, NSW and SA anyway)?

Is it to do with the Queen?  Nope.

Is it to do with the Banks?  Nope.

Is it to do with the America’s Cup win in 1983?  Nope.

Is it to do with something of historical significance?  Yep.

It may be better known as International Workers’ Day or May Day and celebrated in more than 80 countries on the 1st of May, but for us poor working grunts in Australia, its called Labour Day to celebrate the achievements of workers.

Its origin in Australia was linked to the stonemason unions movement to successfully reduce working hours from 10-12 hours a day for six days each week to an eight-hour working day, way back in the middle of the 19th century.  The unions advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, and eight hours for golf, sorry, I mean recreation 🙂

Being a long weekend, it wasn’t surprising to see only a small number of players (18) show up for the 2-Ball-Better-Ball (2BBB) event.

Can’t help but suspect we lost some players trying to find the course, its hidden behind an industrial estate and you need a Harry Potter wand to locate the course entrance 🙁


The Dunheved course is a relatively short course at 6300 metres, with well-grassed fairways and small to medium sized undulating greens.

Whilst it is social-golfer friendly with light rough and well-spaced trees, there are plenty of bunkers and water hazards to contend with.

The course is prone to local flooding, so check the weather map before nearing the place.  The last flood in June, 2016, almost destroyed the course and clubhouse.

Starting from the 1st tee (yellow social markers), each group of four players selected their partners using the traditional random ball-tossing on the tee, with closest ball-pair being one team.

No “Irish” rule for lost balls today, just prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule on the day.

The weather was good, the company was good, the speed of play was reasonable, with some experiencing slow play on the back nine.

The outright winners today were John Varrica and Phil Kilazoglou with 47 points (count-back).

They must use magnetic balls when it comes to ball-tossing for partners, they are a tried and experienced team who know how to win.

Whilst John was mostly steady (34 pts), his quasi-cyborg partner was quickly bouncing back to form (38 pts), after another recent body upgrade, to cement their position as best tag-team since the days of Mario Milano and Killer Kowalski!

The Runners Up were Shane Thorn and Glen Blades with 47 points.

May have been absent from golf for a while, but “Rusty” Blades drove well in his up-and-down performance (30 pts) today to team well with his steady-as-a-rock and straight-shooting partner, Shane Thorn (37 pts).   Shane may have kept the team together with his new iron blades, but his game almost fell apart at the beginning with equipment malfunction.  Good team work and a good Samaritan in the group saved the day 🙂

The Guzzler’s winners today were Frank Saify and Louis Tasaico with a score of 46 points.

Both players scored 37 points individually, so their team work was good.  Frank kept the ship steady all day with his straight driving and solid putting, whilst Louis chimed in on his new titanium knee to score many valuable points for the team.  Both have been recent Bradman winners, so it was a welcome return to form for both 🙂

The Bradman winners were Ken Little and Paul Dawkins with 38 points.

With Sir Shankalot up to his usual tricks (30 pts) and Dawko (27 pts) hitting balls made out of lard (he was hitting fat all the time), it was only fitting they both end up with the infamous trophy.

They will both start practising ten hours a day, six days a week without recompense and may only rest on the Sabbath and try to play golf 🙁


Highlights of the Day:

1.Best 2BBB team score was Mario Milano and Killer Kowalski (sorry, my mistake, John Varrica and Phil Kilazoglou) with 47 points (count-back).

2.Best individual score was Phil Kilazoglou with 38 points.

3.Gary McMahon said he saw an emu on the 10th hole do a U-turn!

A very astute observation, but did you know the emu and kangaroo are the only two native Australian animals that can’t walk backwards (that’s why they hold the Australian coat-of-arms, can only advance forward, get it, got it, good) 🙂

4.Graham Dean has a good set of singing pipes, as witnessed by some whilst waiting on the first tee. But did you know a lot of singers practice in the loo!

And Graham likes to practice a lot, even when he plays golf.

When asked to describe his performance today, he used words like loose and not very solid, quite frequently.

What can I say: GD’s the man, as he sits on the pan, with paper in hand, he sings so grand! 🙂

Lowlight of the Day:

Equipment Malfunction

When you prepare for golf, you make sure all the gear is in the car and you’ve got your proper Revesby shirt on (through fear the President will rip your undies off if you don’t), right?

Well, Shane Thorn was driving to the course not realising he was wearing track pants with his Revesby shirt.  Upon arrival, he scrummaged through his car and found a pair of pants that was two sizes to big for him around the waist.  Unable to swing whilst holding his pants up with his hand, it was a Cliff Bourquin accoutrement that saved Shane from further embarrassment.

What was it?  It was a very long shoe string 🙂

Needless to say, Cliff requested the return of the shoe-lace after the round and told Shane to “belt up” in future.

A befuddled Shane was last seen trying to open his car door with one arm holding his winning prizes and the other arm holding his pants 🙁


Revesby results on the day:

Winners:       John Varrica [11] & Phil Kilazoglou [16]  47 pts  c/b

Runners Up:    Shane Thorn [7] & Glen Blades [26]        47 pts

Guzzlers Cup:  Frank Saify [14] & Louis Tasaico [22]     46 pts

BRADMANS:      Ken Little [14] & Paul Dawkins [32]       38 pts

Nearest To Pins:

G.Dean(4), F.Saify(9), F.Saify(11), J.Varrica(13), S.Thorn(17)

Drive & Pitch:



23-SEP-2018: Camden GC-Single Stableford


Its been 16 months since Revesby last played here and it was good to see 26 players roll up on the social golf-friendly course to play a single stableford event at 6:45am.

The relatively short course (around 5,900 metres) allows the social golfer to go for broke with the driver or shank to his heart’s content with the irons on the wide-ish fairways, as the rough is relatively short and the trees sparsely populated.  Its not all easy as bunkers, water and out-of-bounds come into play, so player beware!

Play started on time from the 1st tee with prefer-on-fairways-only the local rule.

The weather was excellent and playing conditions were ideal.  The small to medium size contoured greens were generally smooth if somewhat slower than normal, whilst the fairways were in very good condition.

Players went around the course in good time with no major holdups to report.  Not surprisingly, the scores today were much better with 38% of scores better than 36 points.  CCR was 39 points.


The Captain, Joy Mesuria, announced the outright winner today was Claude Polty, huh, sorry Poultry, no it was Poletti, with 44 points (count-back from Brian Craven).

Claude always precedes his game with a McDonald’s breakfast, so the change in menu today (pancakes with steroidal syrup) did wonders, as it was a different person swinging the club today.  He drove well, putted solidly and was OK around the greens.  More importantly, his tactic of avoiding the bunkers at all costs was the basis for his terrific score today 🙂

The next best score was the B grade winner, Brian Craven, with a score of 44 points.

A metronome golfer who hits the ball straight all day (yawn) and makes relatively few mistakes with his irons and putter (damn, the scribe is so envious), capitalised on the benign conditions to amass a whopping score.  Surprisingly, it was only his second B grade win for the year.

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with 41 points.

Golly gosh, its his second game back from a pennant golf-sabbatical, and he has followed up his outright win last week with an A grade win today.  His game wasn’t 100% though, his mis-firing driver was eventually parked in the bag and replaced with a more reliable 3-wood.  On or around the greens with his irons all day, he putted solidly to grind out a good score.

The C grade winner was Ken Harris with 41 points (count-back from Rossco Hamer).

Crikey, this is his second C grade win in the last two weeks, making it four (4) C grade wins and a Guzzlers in the last three months.  Has the lack of responsibilities of being treasurer for the club lifted his game?  The account ledger may be gone, but the score card ledger is definitely showing a profit this year 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Joy Mesuria with 42 points.

The heavy responsibilities of Captaincy has not affected his golfing, unless he starts tampering the ball with sandpaper.  Kept the ball in play all day and put on a putting exhibition that blew away the players in his group.  Ten footers and under were just gimme putts for him today.  Could have won the outright today but for one or two mistakes.

The Bradmans went to Frank Saify (32 pts), Graham Dean (28 pts) and Peter Davis (30 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The Bradmans are all going back to boot camp.  Frank is being booted back to Western Australia, Graham booted back to Bankstown for punishment and Peter is going to invest in some new ten-pin bowling shoes.


1.Best score was Claude Poletti with a whopping 44 points (count-back). Honourable mention also goes to Brian Craven with the same score.

2.Best iron shot to par3 green was Wayne Coleman on the par3 6th hole.

He thinned the shot and watched it travel no more than 6-inches high before it bounced and ran along the ground, just missing the front right-hand bunker, taking the slope and curving onto the green six feet from the hole.  He sank the putt for a birdie2 and won the NTP for the hole 🙂  Wayne has a habit of doing these trick shots, today was just a repeat of the last hole at Liverpool a couple of weeks ago.



Claude Poletti may have won the outright today, but he took four (4) bunker shots to get out of the left-hand bunker on the par4 7th hole before he sank the putt for a seven 🙁

2.Hole-in-One ALERT

Hitting from the new par3 9th tee, Steve Vaughn pulled his tee shot left and low into a hole at the base of a tree 50 metres away.

Fortunately, he was able to poke a “tree” iron into the hole and get his ball back 🙁


You can’t keep a good man down.  Yep, Steve Vaughn, master air-swing champion did it again.

Faced with a grass tuft sitting behind his ball for his second shot on the par3 3rd hole, Steve saw his chip shot hit the grass tuft and bounce over the ball.  He played his third shot and again, saw the clubhead hit the grass tuft and bounce over the ball.

He managed to hit the ball on the next chip shot and eventually sank the putt for a five 🙁


Phil White parked his buggy near the right-hand bunker next to the par5 17th green.

When he finished putting out, he went back to his buggy only to find it had disappeared.

Yep, gravity won the day, his buggy had rolled down the hill and finished in the trees 100 metres away 🙁


Ever seen a golfer nonchalantly pass the time away by throwing a golf ball up in the air over and over again.

Well, Shane Thorn was doing this on the 1st tee whilst waiting for his shot.

Only trouble was, Shane forgot to get his head out of the way and threw the ball into his face and ended up with a fat lip!

Shane then tripped over the ropes surrounding the par3 6th tee area and landed flat on his face.  He now has a red face with a fat lip 🙁


We all know carts can’t go near the greens.

Well, as rally cart driver, Wayne Coleman, approached the par5 17th green, his navigator, Shane Thorn, shouted out:

you can’t go near the green!

Wayne quickly veered left and saw Shane fly out of the cart!

Shane finished the game with a red face with a fat lip and a grass colonoscopy 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Claude Poletti [22] 44 pts  c/b

A grade winner:  Terry Coleman [12]  41 pts

B grade winner:  Brian Craven [19]   44 pts

C grade winner   Ken Harris [26]     41 pts  c/b

GUZZLERS CUP:    Joy Mesuria [18]    42 pts


A grade:  Frank Saify [13]  32 pts

B grade:  Graham Dean [19]  28 pts

C grade:  Peter Davis [32]  30 pts

Nearest To Pins:

J.Varrica(3), W.Coleman(6), C.Poletti(12), R.Cassin(16)

Drive & Pitch:





Its been three weeks of no golf, so 28 eager golfers showed up today in another attempt to conquer the benign Bankstown golf course, not realising their delusion and poor memory of past misdeeds.

Today’s event was a single stableford event in conjunction with the fourth and penultimate round of the singles matchplay event (involving four players).  So typical of this time of year, a cool south-westerly to westerly wind was ever present, with many players rugged up at the start and keen to get going from the tenth tee for the 6:18am start.

The recent rain event was very kind to the course, with the once empty lakes now filled and the ducks and geese much happier (except towards a certain Revesby member).

As usual, the fairways, greens and bunkers were in great shape.  The practice putting and chipping greens were extremely fast, so chipping and putting was going to be key to a good score today.

Flags on the greens were positioned in location “B” for bastard and because of the debris and litter scattering the course, prefer-thru-the-green was the order of the day.

Apart from the five late starters (they thought it was a 7am start), not much drama occurred during the round, though one or two put on a “Serena Williams” act with their poor play 🙁

With the round finished and all score cards collected, only 5 out of 28 players (18%) scored 36 or more points on the day, with a further eight player (29%) scoring 33 to 35 points.

Putting was a common complaint, with many having problems judging pace all day :-(.


The Outright Winner was Terry Coleman with a score of 37 points (count-back).

After playing pennants for the last couple of months, Terry has returned with a vengeance.  Used his experience to manage the course well and was able to extradite himself from any errant shots with the driver with solid iron play and short game.  A good grinding effort 🙂

The A grade winner was George Lattouf with 37 points.

Kept the ball in play and didn’t get into too much trouble.  He even got out of bunkers with a single blow. Could have putted better, but he always says that, but what is most amazing is, he now knows how to play this course, just treat it like its a game at Georges River course on a Friday 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with 37 points (count-back).

After two B grade wins early this year at Rosnay and Bankstown, “Sugar Ray” was surprised to hear his name read out as a winner.  What is surprising is he hasn’t won more often, what with his fire-power with the driver, he should be able to punch himself out of any trouble 🙂

The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with 30 points.

Another surprised winner, more so because of the low score.  He was everywhere from the tee but recovered well all day, mostly due to his improved short game.  His playing partners were more like Davy Crockett, scouts in search of a new frontier, but their eagle eyes aided and abetted his win today 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Noel Connolly with 37 points.

Plays mostly under the radar these days, but he has a rather fortuitous habit of grabbing the Guzzlers more often than not.  Played solid without too much duress and was happily rewarded not with gold coins but with liquid gold 🙂



Sadly, the Bradman winners were Mick McCarney (19 pts), Daniel Tasaico (22 pt) and Peter Davis (27 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

They all submitted blood samples after the game for performance depreciating drugs, and their results were all the same, “B negative“.


1.Best score was Terry Coleman with 37 points (count-back).

2.Best shot went to John Varrica on the par4 5th hole (drive & pitch hole).

John pushed his drive right and finished along the tree line.  Blocked by overhanging branches, John told his playing partners he was going to play a trick shot by blading the ball along the ground into the deep front bunker and roll it over the top lip onto the green.

Sure enough, he executed the “thin’ shot to perfection and the ball just missed the hole before it stopped. He sank the putt for a birdie3!

How come when the scribe elects to thin his shots there is always a dam or a lake in front of him 🙁

3.The semi-final winners in the Singles Match Play were Alan Foster (6&5) and Ryan Cassin (2up).

Alan may have power-sprayed his driver but he recovered very well with his irons.  On the other hand, Ryan is more the tactician, plays too his strength and keeps the ball in play and applies consistent pressure on his opponent.  The final should be a beauty.

4.Graham Dean played today and he didn’t DQ, he didn’t leave early and he didn’t get the Bradmans. That’s what I call a trifecta, Wayne Coleman, where are you, I think the scribe will be contacting you very soon for help 🙂


1.Alan Foster played very well today when he soundly beat his opponent, Adam Giltinan, 6&5. Adam stated his game was just a comedy of errors, but he wasn’t laughing 🙁

Why is this a lowlight. Well, Alan scored 39 points today, but he did not qualify for a win today as he discovered he had 15 clubs in his bag 🙁

For breaching the 14-club rule, I understand the maximum penalty in stroke play is 4 strokes and maximum penalty in match play is two holes.

2.The scribe got attacked again by a ruthless and threatening gaggle of two geese next to the par5 12th tee. This time, the scribe manned-up and stared eyeball-to-eyeball with the lead goose. The goose finally backed away after realising it was looking at a bigger goose, particularly after watching the big goose shank three balls into the canal on the preceding par3 🙁

3.Mick McCarney didn’t waste too much effort on scoring points today, but he sure as hell expended a lot of energy on throwing clubs. Mick claimed he didn’t throw, he just passed his clubs back to the bag! Well, that doesn’t explain why one club ricocheted off the frame of his buggy like a bullet and I couldn’t help but notice the brand name on his bag had abraded away 🙁


Ryan Cassin def Joy Mesuria 2up

Allen Foster def Adam Giltinan 6&5

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Terry Coleman [14]   37 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  George Lattouf [14]  37 pts

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [20]     37 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [26]      30 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:    Noel Connolly [22]  37 pts


A Grade:  Mick McCarney [16]   19 pts

B Grade:  Daniel Tasaico [17]  22 pts

C Grade:  Peter Davis [31]     27 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(3), N.Obody(7), C.Bourquin(11), R.Cassin(13), A.Giltinan(15)

Drive & Pitch:


2019 CYPRESS LAKES TOUR:17-19 MAY,2019.

The 2019 Cypress Lakes tour has been booked and deposit paid. The deposit is 50% of the total trip and has been paid  by the PREZ out of his own funds.

It would be appreciated if those intending to come pay a minimum deposit of $100+ to book their spot. Payment in full will be even better.

The event will consist of 3 championship rounds with carts and 2 nights accommodation (quad share) in 9 x 2 bedroom villas with breakfast.

At this stage transport will be of your own means as we will not have the luxury of Russ the Buss as he is moving to Port Macquarie. (This could change)

Date: Friday 17th  to Sunday 19th of May, 2019.

Golf: Friday 9:00am, Saturday 8:40am, Sunday 8:00am.

Prizes: Approximately $3000.00

Cost: $500.00 per person.

Contact John Varrica to book your spot. Deposits are essential.