18-MAR-2018: Bankstown GC – 4th Rnd Championships


Hallelujah brother, I am here to comfort the poor golfer and return the stray shot to the fairway, let them who are vexed take heart, for today sees 32 sinners show up for the fourth and last round of the Club Championships.

What makes a champion?

Do they visualise like Jason Day as an aid to translate thought into action or are they inspired by motivational quotes?

For us mere mortals at Revesby, brought up on a healthy diet of American movies over the many decades, could it be that these movies have permeated our sub-conscious to move us to tears or give us courage to keep going on the golf course?

Let’s see if you can identify your inspiration and for the sceptical few, “you can’t handle the truth!“.

There’s no place like home” when playing at Bankstown golf course.  Today’s game started from the social white tees on the 10th hole at 7:15am, a reasonable time for those that “love the smell of napalm in the morning“.

Flags were situated in location “B” quadrant on the greens whilst prefer-on-fairways only and putting out on each green (its stroke play) were the Galactic Empire orders of the day.

Any compliance issues with the rules will be put down to “what we’ve got here…is failure to communicate“.

The course defences of bunkers, water hazards and subtle, but slippery contoured greens, were fully primed and begged the question “is it safe?…is it safe?“.

Some individuals scoffed at the dangers and called upon their inner-demons:

‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

The leading contenders in each grade were grouped together based on the old mafia principle, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer“.

The game progressed slowly, and as the Sun rose, so did the temperature and wind.  The latter groups were melting away under the 39 degrees weather, with some players crying out “I feel the need…the need for speed“.

Game over, man! It’s game over!” was the catch-phrase for many after the hot round.

With all score cards collected, only 7 players played to or bettered their handicap (71 nett) today, with CCR set to a provisional 72.

The outright winner on the day went to Phil White with a well crafted score of 67 nett (handicap 13).

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!” – was a cry of glee after a round marred by crooked hook shots in the trees, often salvaged by accurate recovery irons and very good putting.

Like most A-graders, had some luck from the ricochets from trees, but kept the damage down to a single double-bogey and grabbed a birdie as well.

His reward for his efforts was “show me the money“, after all, “greed, for lack of a better word, is good” 🙂

The A grade winner was Ryan Cassin with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 14) – on a count-back.

Out-muscled the scribe and Kila on a count-back, he kept the ball in play from the tee and somehow extracted himself out of six bunkers to amass three double-bogeys and one birdie in his round.

Chipping was only fair but his putting was extremely good.

His comment on the close win was “larf was lark a box of chocklit, you never know what you gonna git” 🙂

The B grade winner was Jeff Hilder with a solid score of 70 nett (handicap 18).

Celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement today, Jeff could not have wished for a better present.

His swing was as smooth as slippery oysters and his putting as delicate as the shell-like skin on a prawn.

Come to think of it, he also devoured a basket load of the them during the game.

It was a tension-free game, a picnic to play, so it was just “go ahead, make my day“.

What about work after June? – its “hasta la vista, baby

The C Grade winner was Gary McMahon with a solid score of 70 nett (handicap 25).

Came out swinging like Tarzan, literally, as he swung from tree-to-tree.

He was everywhere, but he managed to get the ball back into play and take advantage of his exceptional chipping and very good putting.

The trees proved no obstacle to him as he shouted “open the pod bay doors, please, HAL“.

A rewarding performance, so “here’s looking at you, kid” 🙂


The Guzzlers winner was Ken Little with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 14) on a count-back.

Sir Shankalot subsisted on a lamb-free diet all week to compile a steady round (for once).

Kept the ball in play most of the time, he managed to pull-off some extraordinary up-and-down chips with the lob wedge to minimise damaging scores, with 7 pars and 11 bogeys.

Putting was sound but like many players today, found it difficult to sink any.

Asked about the change in form, the scribe responded:

One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas.  How he got in my pyjamas, I don’t know“.


Now its time for the Bradman awards, so “round up the usual suspects“:


The Bradmen winners were George Lattouf (84 nett), Graham Dean (Disq) and Ronnie Knebusch (88 nett) for A, B and C grade, respectively.




George has been in good form lately, but somehow lost his mojo today.

As usual, he explained his loss of form as follows:

You don’t understand! I coulda had class.  I coulda been a contender.

I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am” 🙁


Graham for the second time threw in the towel and DQ’d at Bankstown after missing a putt from 6 inches on the par4 4th hole.  When his wife picked him up in the car park, she asked how did he play, he replied:

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” 🙁

Ronnie has just moved into C-grade, so can consider himself unlucky.  Still, he should transmit “Houston, we have a problem” to get help about his dysfunctional game today 🙁



  1. Best score was Phil White with 67 nett.
  2. Shane Thorn lost George Lattouf’s scorecard on the par5 14th hole and didn’t realise it until he had finished the hole some 20 minutes later (lots of lost balls to find).

After playing the 15th and 16th holes, Shane deviated back to the 14th tee (“Shane. Shane. Come back!“) to search for the missing score card.

He found it some 30 metres in front of the tee on the wet and muddy cart path.  It must have been run over by several carts, because it was covered in mud.

It was the dirtiest looking score card ever submitted after a Revesby game, and it was only fitting George’s score was as foul.

  1. Steph Suzor uploaded a link to a Phil Mickelson Chipping 101 video for members to view.

The responses from Steve Vaughn and Gary McMahon were ecstatic as it did wonders to their game (so they say).

Proof is in the pudding as Gary McMahon won C grade today based on the strength of his chipping 🙂



  1. Gary Buckley did a great chip to two feet on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) today. Unfortunately, he 4-putted from two feet 🙁

He did bounce back on the par4 5th hole (drive&pitch) when he chipped to 6-foot and sank the putt for a birdie3.

2.Matt Campbell can count his blessings today when he shot an awful 114 strokes in B-grade, but managed to avoid the Bradmans (thanks to GD).

He did create a record for what is considered the fastest century scored (now referred to as a Dougie Walters century) by compiling his century after 15 holes.

What is another unique feat claimed by Matt is he also had an air-swing in the bunker on the 6th hole.  He even raked the bunker after the air-swing:-(

Matt’s head must have been still spinning, because he even forgot his sand-iron on the second last hole.

You think that was end of his woes?

He was driving home towards the M5 when the scribe found his wallet left on the table in the clubhouse 🙁

That’s it from the scribe, until next time when “I’ll be back” 🙂


Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Phil White [13]   67 nett

A Grade Winner:  Ryan Cassin [14]  68 nett  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Jeff Hilder [18]  70 pts

C Grade Winner:  Gary McMahon [25] 70 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Ken Little [15]   68 nett  c/b


A Grade:  George Lattouf [13]   84 nett

B Grade:  Graham Dean [19]      Disq.

C Grade:  Ronnie Knebusch [21]  88 nett

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  P.Kilazoglou(3), S.Thorn(7), J.Hilder(11), P.Kilazoglou(13), K.Little(15)

Drive & Pitch:      S.Vaughn(5)

Movie quotes:

Did you guess which movies the quotes came from (in order of appearance)?

A Few Good Men

Wizard of Oz

Apocalypse Now

Cool hand Luke

Marathon Man

Dirty Harry

The Godfather Part II

Top Gun


White Heat

Jerry McGuire

Wall Street

Forrest Gump

Sudden Impact

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

2001: A Space Odyssey


Animal Crackers


On The Waterfront

Gone With The Wind

Apollo 13


The Terminator

11-MAR-2018: Campbelltown – 3rd Round Championships – STROKE


Today sees the third round of the championships at Campbelltown golf course (par 70) for a 6:56am start.

Whilst the Academy Awards have come and gone, many players will find their game today bordering on The Darkest Hour, overcome by The Shape of Water and Dunkirk sand that straddles the many greens and fairways.

In addition, the large and ever-so subtle contoured greens can make a Blade Runner out of the putter and drive you Coco in the process.

With so much punishment on hand, it was surprising to see thirty one (31) battle-weary Revesby soldiers show up for combat where high casualties were expected.

The skirmish started on time from the 10th white sector under clear skies and somewhat cool conditions, with fairways cleared of anti-personnel mines for preferential dispersion of balls as the local rules of engagement.

As expected, the advance got bogged down, with soldiers spending a lot of time reloading their guns on tees or looking for balls in uncharted territory.

The day got warmer, the wind grew stronger, the hills got steeper and the cursing got louder.

The fog of war eventually cleared as the troops queued to Get Out from the war zone and be evacuated back to the cool comfort of The Hurt Locker where medical staff were on hand to apply intravenous drips of amber fluid to the wounded.

With 31 dog tags to be checked and recorded, it soon became apparent that only a third of players had managed to come through unscathed (par 70 nett or better), whilst CCR was provisionally set to 68 nett.


The outright winner today was Glen Blades with a terrific score of 61 nett (handicap 28).

It’s a double-whammy for Glen, that’s two consecutive outright wins on the same course in the space of a month.

Kept to the same game plan and minimised risk.  When he did get into trouble, he somehow managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to escape.  He even managed to hit the ball away when it was wedged against a tree trunk!

Its his third win of the year after taking out C-grade at Antill Park (Jan18) and outright at Campbelltown (Feb18), so is a golfer in good form who continues to improve – a clean win Glen20 🙂

The A Grade winner went to John Varrica with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 11) on a count-back.

A very steady performance with driver and irons, underlined by good course management, trading power for accuracy by keeping the foot off the pedal with the driver.

Chipping and putting was steady, sank a few good short putts to save par.

Dropped four shots on the last three holes to mar what was an excellent round.

A pleasing result for John 🙂

The B grade winner went to Mark McDonald with a sound score of 71 nett (handicap 20).

A player coming back into form, battled his way around the course but managed to salvage a winning score on the back of his good driving and good putting over short distances.

His irons weren’t as reliable today but he compensated by managing to eliminate 3-putting on the tricky greens and keeping the bad scores down to six or less 🙂

Any errors in his shot making were put down to poor eyesight 🙂

A rewarding result for all the hard work Mark 🙂

The C grade winner went to Wayne Higgs with a great score of 63 nett (handicap 23).

From the depths of despair in January when he took out the Bradmans at Bankstown, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes to fly aloft once more.

His brilliant driving has returned with plenty of, to quote Higgsy, “POW-WA!”

He drove long and well and putted very well over short distances, only marred by three 3-putts.

He amassed 42 and 44 on the first and second nine, respectively.

It was appropriate he chose the griller as his prize today, because its the closest thing to best describe his chest-thumping performance today – well done Magilla 🙂

The Guzzlers went to John McDonald with a very good score of 65 nett (handicap 33).

If ever a chap deserved a good long drink today and for the rest of the week, it was Revesby’s Vice-President.

Stuck to a simple game plan, if you can putt from 150 metres away, do it!

Managed to stay clear of the water all day and when he did muck up, it went straight and low and out of harms way.

His putting from 6-8 feet was not as good as it use to be (so he says), but I think his putting distometer went awry when the country changed to the metric system – he is the only player who carries a slide-rule in his golf bag 🙂

He got serious when he started to wear a hat on the second nine, a rare sight indeed.  But it paid off, he kept his cool and sweated out a thirst quenching score – my hat is off to you, John  🙂


The Bradmans went to a bunch of AWOLs who decided to attack the enemy by advancing to the rear.

The defendants are:

Ryan Johnston (A – 82 nett)

Claude Poletti (B – 77 nett – count-back)

Rossco Hamer (C- 85 nett)

Their court-martial will offer them two choices:

  1. Tied to a post and be shot by a volley of golf balls
  2. Volunteer on a suicide mission as The Dirty Triplets

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:


  1. Best score on the day was Glen Blades with 61 (nett).


  1. Wayne Higgs topped his 9-iron to the par3 12th hole, saw the ball running along the ground towards the hole and started crying out loudly:

Stop… Go… Stop… Go… Stop…Go…Stop!

Well, the ball finally dribbled onto the green and stopped hole high to the right.  And you guessed right, he sank the putt for a birdie.

He wasn’t able to speak for the next three holes because his vocal chords were severely strained 🙁

3. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land in the water hazard.

The scribe hit his 9-iron on the tee and lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out another ball on the tee, the scribe repeated the shot with identical result, lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out a third ball, the scribe repeated the shot, heard a click and lost sight of the ball.  “Where did it go?” he asked.

Johnny Varrica replied: “its on the green a metre from the hole!”

Well, you wouldn’t believe it, the scribe sank the putt for his sixth stroke!

It was a commendable effort, worthy of Knighthood, so from now on, the scribe will be referred to as “Sir Shankalot” 🙂


LOWLIGHTS of the day:

  1. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land short of the green.

Steve Vaughn should have learnt from his previous encounter during the first round of the championships in February when he amassed 13 strokes on the hole.

Today saw Steve hit his tee shot land short of the green and roll back into the hazard.   Finding the ball, he elected to play it.

The ball flew up and short of the green and rolled back down the hill.

Several chips saw the same thing happen again and again and again (it was like the movie Groundhog Day).

Eventually his ball ended back into the hazard, where he started.

Watching him play out of the hazard was like watching a player trying to kill a snake.

Finally, after 12 attempts, Steve dropped out of the hazard, chipped on and two putted for an impressive 16 strokes.

That’s 29 strokes on the same hole in two rounds of the Championships 🙁

2. Players who use covers for their irons risk damage and embarrassment to their game.

Mark McDonald on Friday at Georges River mistakenly pulled out his Lob wedge instead of his 7-iron and found his shot was way short of the mark (no pun intended).

His explanation was the “L” on his lob wedge looked similar to his “7” (just upside down).

Well, today saw Mark select his 9-iron on the eagles nest par3 4th hole.

Aiming at the tree guarding the flag, he saw his ball climb over the tree, over the course perimeter fence and over the road into the neighbouring houses.

Thinking how he crunched the shot, he looked at the club-head only to see it was his 6-iron!

Hmm, think its time to invest in new Braille covers 🙁

3. Par5 3rd hole

Alan Foster was savaged severely on this hole last time we played it in the first round, when he amassed 13 shots.

When asked how did he go on the hole today, he said he had improved and only scored 12 shots 🙁

The par5s weren’t kind to him today, he also racked up 11 strokes on the par5 7th hole!


Phew! Only one more round to go before the fun in golf returns 🙂


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Glen Blades [28]   61 nett

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [11]  68 nett c/b

B Grade Winner:  Mark McDonald [20] 71 nett

C Grade Winner:  Wayne Higgs [23]   63 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP:   John McDonald [33] 65 nett


A Grade:  Ryan Johnston [14]   82 nett

B Grade:  Claude Poletti [20]  77 nett c/b

C Grade:  Rossco Hamer [23]    85 nett


Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(4), A.Giltinan(6), S.Thorn(12)


Drive & Pitch:




18-FEB-2018: Bankstown GC-2nd Round Club Championships (strokeplay)


Its back to Bankstown golf course for 34 players to begin the second round of the Club Championships.

In many ways, Revesby’s Championship event is like the American “film noir” crime movies of the late 40’s and 50’s.  Fear, mistrust, bleakness, loss of confidence, despair and paranoia were readily evident in these noir films (that is, dark films), and there were rarely happy or optimistic endings.

Today will find many noir stories developed around cynical, hard-hearted, disillusioned male golfers who will experience a beautiful but promiscuous, amoral, double-dealing and seductive golf course, only to be charmed and then double-crossed and literally destroyed by it at the end 🙁

Some male protagonists will use noir movie titles such as, This Gun for Hire, Dead Reckoning, Brute Force and Double Indemnity, as their call card and insurance for success 🙂

On the other hand, the majority will probably use noir titles such as The Big Sleep, The Lost Weekend, Kiss of Death, Nightmare Alley, Walk a Crooked Mile, Short Cut to Hell, Born to be Bad, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Quicksand, as their calling card 🙁

Today’s story started from the social tees on the 10th hole at 6:47am.  Flags were situated in location “B” quadrant on the greens and prefer-on-fairways only and putting out on each green (its stroke play) was the order of the day.

The story unveiled slowly on the first nine holes, with many players finding the plot often elliptical, non-linear and twisting.  As the story unfolded on the second nine, the pages turned even more slowly, with many players Spellbound by the heat, listless from The Long Wait and their patience nearing The Breaking Point.

The story eventually ended with many players falling victim to their over-achieving ambitions.  Some got a Raw Deal, some went down The Street With No Name, and for the unfortunate few, got into a Dark Passage with No Way Out 🙁

With all score cards collected, only 11 players played to or bettered their handicap today, with CCR set to a provisional 71 strokes.

The best score on the day went to Joy Mesuria with a terrific score of 63 nett (handicap 19).

Just like Steve Smith, Revesby’s Captain led from the front and was Ruthless in his dissection of the course defences and kept his ball Beyond the Forest by driving straight down Sunset Boulevard all day.

It was a performance worthy of The Maltese Falcon, the, uh, stuff that dreams are made of 🙂

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 16) – on a count-back.

Well, well, well, this man wins B-grade last game, and now he wins A-grade by The Narrow Margin!  He may have been out-of-form for many months, but The Damned Don’t Cry!

His revitalised swing is now reaping The Sweet Smell of Success, and if he keeps this up for another round then the B-grade championships will be like a Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with a good score of 70 nett (handicap 18) on a count-back.

A good result for a player now beginning to enjoy his game.

May have 3-putted the first five holes and felt like he was climbing a Rope of Sand, but he kept his cool.

Normally a big hitter who launches his ball into the High Sierra, his recovery play was The Glass Key to his success today.

A rewarding performance Steve 🙂

The C Grade winner was Claude Poletti with a very good score of 69 nett (handicap 21).

From Out of the Past comes a stranger to the podium, its definitely been a long time between drinks – like Strangers on a Train.

His last win was the Cypress Lakes Championship in May, 2017.

Avoided The Asphalt Jungle and had no Cause for Alarm on the greens.

A pleasing performance delivered, so lets hope The Postman Always Rings Twice 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was George Lattouf with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 14).

Danger, danger, intruder alert!

Hang on, that’s a TV show, not noir:-(

Ah, I’ve got it.

I Wake Up Screaming, because The Mask of Dimitrios has been unmasked.

Yep, George has been in cracking good form lately, so no surprise to see him in the mix.

Didn’t drive that well but made up for it with good irons and chipping.

Will he keep the form up and be the Champion or The Pretender in A-grade?

Only The Big Clock will tell 🙂


Now we get down to the dreaded Bradman awards.


Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, these are the Bradman winners:

The Bradmen winners were Adam Giltinan (83 nett), Graham Dean (Disq) and Paul Dawkins (83 nett) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Adam has gone from hot (A grade winner last week) to cold in the space of a week.

He was ecstatic with the great job done by Greg Bailey (one of our sponsors – Sydney Golf Tech) to fit-out his clubs with super-sticky grips, only trouble was his game came unstuck when he used them for the first time today 🙂

Someone needs to tell Adam he needs to practice first and get the feel, otherwise, he will tug the ball left all day – which he did 🙁

Graham started out the day whistling and singing on the practice putting green.  The scribe actually complemented him for his good dulcet singing voice (he actually sings in a band – in case you didn’t know).

Unfortunately, Graham’s golf clubs were singing a different tune, one more attuned to a hacksaw 🙁

Paul had another one of those rounds again. However, he was quite pleased with his tee shots.  Instead of pulling his tee shots, he was now pushing.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to add up, however, if you saw your son get engaged, married and you become a grandfather on the same day, then you could be excused for not concentrating on your golf game 🙂



  1. Best score by a long margin was Joy Mesuria’s terrific 63 nett.


2.Big Steve Vaughn grabbed an eagle3 on the par5 12th hole.

He bombed his driver, hit 7-iron and sank the putt!


  1. Ever watched another player putt on the same line as yours and get valuable insight on how much break is in your putt? It always help, doesn’t it?

Well, today saw Steph Suzor with a 10 metre putt on the last hole played (par4 9th).

On the same line and just a little bit closer was Paul Dawkin’s ball.

Paul carefully marked his ball and watched as Steph stroked the putt, watched the ball roll metre by metre, cm by cm before seeing the ball disappear in the hole.

Armed with the knowledge of how and where to putt the ball, Paul demonstrated his uncanny skills with the putter and proceeded to –

Did you say one-putt?

Not on your life, he proceeded to 5-putt the hole 🙁



  1. Wayne Higgs needs to learn how to drop a ball outside a water hazard.

After topping his ball 60 metres into the water hazard in front of him on the par4 4th hole, Wayne tempestuously grabbed a ball from his bag and dropped it, without looking, near where he went in.

Sure enough, the ball landed in the only hole present in the vicinity of the hazard.

With only the tip of the ball visible, Wayne took an almighty whack and saw divot and ball fly 3 metres back into the hazard 🙁

I wonder if he will remember next time?



John McDonald may know how to angle fish, but today saw his top shot literally go up the arse of a duck 🙁

There may be a circle on his score for that hole, but its not as big as the one he left on that duck’s arse!


3.Louis Tasaico almost holed out on the eagle’s nest hole par3 4th hole today.

His tee shot landed on the green and rolled at the hole, catching the rim and accelerated to a distance well outside the 40cm target!

The only trouble was he missed a putt from 6 inches 🙁


4.Can’t keep a good man down.

Alan Foster racked up a huge 13 last week on one of the par5’s at Campbelltown.

He didn’t let that bother him today, he got a 10 on the par5 12th hole and a 9 on the par5 6th hole 🙁


  1. Speaking of the par5 12th hole, it also gave Shane Thorn a lot of trouble today when he racked up a 10 as well.

He hit his first drive onto Milperra Road, followed up by hitting his 3rd shot from the tee into the far left hand water hazard.

Playing safety first, he punched his 5th shot too far into the creek in front of the green.

His 7th pitch shot went into the right hand bunker.

Splashing out of the bunker (no water in it, by the way), he safely 2-putted for a nice round 10 and three lost balls 🙁


  1. The par5’s seemed to cause quite a few problems today.

Glen Blades lost the plot on the par5 6th hole.

Started out with a good drive, hit his 3rd into the green-side bunker.

Taking two shots out of the bunker, he watched in shock as the ball came to rest on the edge of the other bunker.

Glen managed to hit both ball and bunker edge, only to see it pop up and fall back into the bunker 🙁

He must have put his Baker’s hat on because he ended up with a 12 on the hole 🙁


Revesby results on the day:


Outright Winner: Joy Mesuria [19]    63 nett


A Grade Winner:  Terry Coleman [16]  67 nett  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [18]    70 pts   c/b

C Grade Winner:  Claude Poletti [21] 69 nett


GUZZLER’s CUP:   George Lattouf [14] 67 nett



A Grade:  Adam Giltinan [12]   83 nett

B Grade:  Graham Dean [19]     Disq.

C Grade:  Paul Dawkins [32]    83 nett


NOTE: c/b = count-back


Nearest To Pins:  

T.Coleman(3), K.Little(7), A.Giltinan(11), C.Poletti(15)


Drive & Pitch:  




4-FEB-2018: Campbelltown GC – 1st Round Club Championships - STROKE


Who said golf is a game of endless disappointments?

Well, it’s that time of year again when that question will rear its ugly head because today sees Revesby golfers go through the 4-stroke mince-meat grinding machine of championship stroke play 🙁

The Championships consists of four rounds of stroke play and the winners (scratch and handicap), in each Grade (A, B and C), are determined by totalling the scratch and nett over-par score of the best 3 out of four rounds.

Stroke play will often favour the more consistent player who can grind out each round whilst keeping their emotions in check. Most players will err on the side of safety and play conservatively so as to avoid big scores that can kill a round.

Today sees the first round of the championships at Campbelltown golf course (par 70) for a 6:30am start.

It’s a relatively wide course favouring the big hitters, however, it has plenty of water hazards, trees and sand bunkers strategically placed to punish errant shots. The fairways looked dry and hard, so expect the ball to run a lot and beware the sloping fairways that run towards the hazards!

After battling through these defences, one is then confronted with the large, slick and ever-so subtle contoured greens that can play havoc with the putting stroke. The early morning dew may slow the greens initially, but as the day warms up and the wind kicks in, expect the greens to become much faster 🙁

With so much punishment on hand, it wasn’t surprising to see thirty two (32) masochistic Revesby players show up in their leather jock-straps with bull-whips in hand, full knowing their only relief from pain would be moving their balls a hand span when on fairways only 🙁

The torture started on time from the 10th tee under clear skies and somewhat cool conditions, but it didn’t take too long before players started getting hot under their leather collar 🙁

As expected , the torture was slow to very slow, with players spending a lot of time looking for balls in the trees and short Kikuyu rough, putting more carefully on the greens (no gimmes today), whilst some players needed more time to play a provisional ball or two or three or … from the tee, or dig sand like a prospector looking for diamonds in a bunker 🙁

The day got warmer, the wind grew stronger, the hills got steeper and the cursing got louder (sorry Higgsy, but my ears are still ringing, particularly in the tunnel), with the latter groups feeling the pinch the most, with many of the walking players feeling tired and worn out after the round.

With 32 score cards to be checked, sorted and recorded, it soon became apparent that only a third of players had managed to play to or better their handicap today with the CCR provisionally set to 69.

The outright winner today was Glen Blades with a terrific score of 62 nett (handicap 31).

Three shots clear of his nearest rival on the day, Glen showed he was no show pony by carefully placing the ball away from harms way most of the time and allowing his irons and short game to control his destiny.

His 41 on the first nine was better than some A-graders and even though he began to falter and hit some loose tee shots out of bounds or into the hazards on the second nine, he still hung in managed to minimise the big numbers to slide in over home base a winner!

Its his second win of the year after taking out C-grade three weeks ago at Antill Park and had a solid round at Bankstown afterwards, so is a golfer in good form and could be the man to beat if he maintains this standard – well done Glen 🙂

The A Grade winner went to Adam Giltinan with a very good score of 66 nett (handicap 13).

Whilst his driving is his strength, today saw a more controlled game plan from the big hitter, electing to go a club longer with his irons for more control.

The strategy worked in the main and when he did get into some trouble, he escaped with very good recovery shots. His best recovery was on the last hole (par4 9th) when he needed a par to shoot 79. His tee shot ended up in the dry part of the lake on the right, but was able to extract himself out of the lake onto the green for a safe par 🙂

To cap it off, he had no three-putt on the greens – a great effort Adam 🙂

The B grade winner went to Terry Coleman with a great score of 65 nett (handicap 17).

A man out of form over the last couple of months, Terry had found his golf mojo (and swing) just in time.
His driving is now straighter than a gun barrel and his irons are back to their crisp and pure ball-striking best.

If he can maintain this form and sink more putts (he only had one three-putt) he will be a force to be reckoned with – may the golf-guru force be with you Terry 🙂

The C grade winner went to Louis Tasaico with a very good score of 66 nett (handicap 23).

Another player in form this year after already taking out C-grade at Bankstown two weeks ago.
With his steady straight game from tee to green and good putting skills, its no surprise to see the Friday Golf Academy pupil on the podium again.

Whats even more remarkable is he played under extreme duress, having to share the cart with George Lattouf on Friday and today. It was a pleasing if not focussed performance from Louis – by the way, if you have the secret vaccine for George, can you share it with the rest of us, but please don’t put it on Facebook 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Wayne Coleman with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 16).

Coming off his great win at Bankstown two weeks ago, Wayne has continued his good form today.
Played well again and had many birdie attempts but only grabbed three.

Marred what could have been an excellent round and potentially grade winning score when he racked up a big nine (9) on the par5 3rd hole, a graveyard for many today.

A pleasing performance Wayne, you couldn’t have picked a warmer day for the Guzzler, now just make sure your early for the next game 🙂

Bringing up the rear, the Bradmans went to bunch of gentlemen who didn’t forget to bring their leather hand-cuffs and stiletto spiked golf shoes, because the whipping and/or spanking they will receive from the local dominatrix will show more authority and control than their performance on the course today 🙁

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:

1. Best score on the day was Glen Blades with 62 (nett).

2. There is a long queue of players lining up wanting to take the Bradmans by proxy, with George first in line!

3. Rossco Hamer didn’t get past the ladies tee on the last hole (par4 9th).
He may have hit a tree and ricocheted backwards, but its a highlight because he got the “wear the skirt” challenge and manned up by shouting the boys in the group afterwards – another ethical and moral man, but not necessarily upright 🙂

4. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land short of the green.
Ex-captain, Steve Vaughn, found out the hard way after several attempts from the water hazard.
Should have taken lessons from Jeff Hilder when he got out of the hazard and one putted for par 🙂

LOWLIGHTS of the day:

Some holes today proved more dangerous than others:
1. Par4 9th hole (our last hole)
The fairway was rock hard and fast, with balls just running and running until they went into the lake.

With players becoming delusional from the hot and glaring sun, local volunteer life-savers had erected red & yellow flags in the dried out lake to denote safe areas to play, less they be taken away by a deadly rip, kangaroo-eating eel or sucked into the quick-sand like mud!

Fortunately, the lake was very dry and the water had receded leaving several metres of dry mud for the ball to rest in. Some players, like Adam Giltinan and Jeff Hilder managed to extract their ball from the right hand lake safely.






On the other hand, others went into the lake behind the green.
Ken Harris attempted to play his ball from the mud and blinded himself with the splash-back of mud into his face and clothes. The ball popped up and almost hit him on the head 🙁




The scribe also had to face a ball in water shot, only this time he had to stand in the knee high mud and water. Unable to move his legs in the goo, the scribe swung his SLOB wedge (submersible lob wedge) and saw the ball fly high with a water trail, landing softly on the green. It was his only good iron shot on the day 🙁

2. Par4 2nd hole
This right-hand dog-leg par4 is protected by a deep bunker on the left hand side of the green.

Wayne Higgs took six bunker shots to get out before two-putting for a 10.

If you thought that was bad, Gary McMahon took seven bunker shots out of the same bunker and racked up a huge 14 on the hole 🙁


3. Par5 3rd hole
This hole was dangerous in the right-to-left cross wind, because any draw or hook (for a right-hander) would just run away on the hard fairway towards the out-of-bounds.

a. Both Shane Thorn and Wayne Coleman racked up huge 9s on the hole.

b. Even worse, was Alan Foster who had to hit one tee shot followed by three provisional balls.
Sure enough, the first three balls hooked left out-of-bounds, leaving his fourth ball in play.

Poor Alan hit a great 8th shot only to see it go in the water hazard on the left near the 4th green.
Dropping out of the hazard, Alan hit his 10th shot into a tree and landed in the mulch.

His 11th shot was good and somehow he got it on the green.
A tiring Alan hit his putt very short leaving a tough next putt.

He sank the putt for his 13th shot on the hole, blew a sigh of relief and then a wry grin when he heard Steve Vaughn lament about his own game and how he was going to put his irons up for sale on eBay 🙁

Phew! One down, three more rounds to go, I wonder what the attrition rate will be 🙁

Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Glen Blades [31] 62 nett

A Grade Winner: Adam Giltinan [13] 66 nett

B Grade Winner: Terry Coleman [17] 65 nett

C Grade Winner: Louis Tasaico [23] 66 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP: Wayne Coleman [16] 68 nett




A Grade: Cliff Bourquin [15] 82 nett
B Grade: Brian Craven [20] 77 nett
C Grade: Paul Dawkins [32] 89 nett

Nearest To Pins:
G.McMahon(4), A.Giltinan(6), W.Coleman(12), A.Giltinan(14)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
John Varrica (A)
Terry Coleman (B)
Steve Vaughn (C)

28-JAN-2018: The Ridge GC  2BBB Stableford


It was pleasing to see a large number of players (31) show up for the 6:57am start of the 2-Ball Better Ball stableford event at THE RIDGE golf course, located at Barden Ridge near Menai.

THE RIDGE is a public golf course that has features often found in championship layouts.

It has carpet-like couch fairways you could sleep on, flanked by short rough, native trees and plants to hug and hide your ball from further physical abuse.

The large, fast, contoured bent-grass greens will tease and befuddle the best of putters, and lastly, there are plenty of sand bunkers and water hazards to jump into should you wish to terminate your game with extreme prejudice!

The course may have been built on an old rubbish tip, but some players today will end up feeling like their game matched what was under their feet 🙁

Starting on the 10th tee (yellow markers), a large number elected to travel by cart across the exposed hilly terrain to mitigate the fatigue that sets in from the lack of shade and trekking the long uphill and downhill fairways.

No “Irish” rule for lost balls today, just prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule on the day.

The weather was overcast and comfortable, with a hint of a north-easterly breeze.

After the game, course feedback from players was very positive. Many players enjoyed the extra freedom of the wide fairways and the superb conditions of the course and were keen to play it again 🙂

As usual, the most challenging feature of the course were the tricky greens. Players found chipping over the fast surface to the hole very difficult, whilst putting on the mottled colour camouflage greens was very perplexing.

There was definitely a lot more grain in the greens today, so allowing for break, grain and pace became an equation too difficult to compute for some of the pupils of golf today (including me) 🙁

The outright winner today was Cliff Bourquin and Gary McMahon with a scholastically brilliant score of 50 points.

They formed a very competitive team, with Cliff the steady-like prefect who never got caught getting into serious trouble, whilst Gary, with his dichotomous hot & cold swing, would play brilliant one moment and then go truant the next.

Its reported that Gary is offering his golf swing to the CSIRO as they are looking at developing a new particle-accelerator and are in need of an atom-smasher 🙂

Both putted reasonably well, so they must have had programmable calculators in their smart phones in order to perform the complex Fourier transforms on each green and reduce the frequency of putts to the hole to an absolute minimum.

It was a performance that definitely deserved a high distinction from the Revesby School of Golf.

The Runners Up were Ronnie Knebusch and Ken Harris with a creditable pass score of 45 points.

Both pupils struggled to pass their own golf exam today, with Ronnie and Ken amassing 32 and 31 points, respectively. Lucky for them, when one didn’t have an answer on a hole, the other covered with the correct answer, it was just plain good team work 🙂

Their poor knowledge of chipping around the greens was more than compensated for by their street smarts in getting their balls near or into the hole when sliding across the green mattress with their flat bladed stick.

A great result for a pair who prefer to play golf hooky and angle their life away with other pursuits 🙂

The Guzzler’s winner today was John Varrica and Kevin Gerkins with a satisfactory pass score of 44 points (count-back).

With the Dean of the school present (aka President), poor Kevin Gerkins was like a first year pupil not wanting to get into trouble and go on detention or get the cane from his partner.

Well, Kevin exceeded his parent’s expectations (and the Dean) by being smarter than everyone in the group, displaying precision in his shot making and alertness in his golf management. Could hit the ball at will, be it low into the wind or high down-wind as he amassed an effortless 40 points himself.

The Dean contributed to the partnership, but was fatiguing fast at the end as he grasped and gasped for his electronic steam-engine puffer.

Walking in the last group and facing the toughest of weather conditions (the wind got stronger and the Sun came out), the pair deservedly earned their Guzzlers today 🙂

The Bradman winners were Shane Thorn and George Ostermann with 38 points.

How the mighty have fallen 🙁

When you put together the current A Grade scratch champion (Shane) and the C Grade scratch champion (George) together, you expect to see fireworks, if not commendable performances, rather than scratchy golf 🙁

Oh well, it just goes to prove that individual performers do not necessarily make a good team!

Today’s punishment for the Bradman’s is one week in detention and they must write on the back of their scorecard eighteen times “There was no Roman God named FARTICUS” 🙁

Highlights of the Day:
1. Best team score was Cliff Bourquin & Gary McMahon with 50 points.

2. Its arguable if this is a highlight, but Im desperate for another highlight, so for the lucky few in a certain group, it certainly was!

Talk about the “commentator’s curse”.

After lauding Wayne Higgs last week with his terrific driving prowess at Bankstown, today saw Wayne duff his tee shot on the very first hole (the par5 10th) and watch his ball dribble not very far, not even reaching the ladies tee 🙁

An ever alert member of the group, Ryan Johnston, quickly invoked the “Wear the Skirt” rule which entailed the skirt wearer to shout drinks at the bar for the group.

Wayne, the upright, ethical and moral golfer that he is, obliged accordingly 🙁

Lowlights of the Day:
1. Ever see a golfer pray on the course?

Well, today saw Kila do just that when he blocked his tee shot right on the par5 6th hole (our 4th last hole).

The ball ended up under a small native tree with the branches hovering near and over the ball.

Kila got on both knees and managed to swing and hit the ball out of trouble.

It was, and excuse the parlance, a Hail Mary shot!

Did the Gods listen to him and forgive him of his sins from the tee?

Nope, he still racked up a big score on the hole 🙁

2. OK, now for the lowlight birdie stories.

Yes, if you can’t get one legitimately then you might as well get one the easy way.

Brian Craven got one when playing the par5 10th (our first hole) when he played his second shot and saw the ball go straight up the arse of a duck near the waters edge. Naturally, Brian had to declare the ball lost 🙁

George Ostermann claimed another one whist playing the par4 2nd hole. Hitting his second shot over the small pond guarding the front of the green, George topped it and saw the ball scuttling left along the ground around the pond.

The ball started to curve back towards the green only to be stopped by a big fat duck.

In the duck’s defence, it had been up since the quack of dawn, so was tired, sleepy and too slow in getting out of the way.

A distressed George took pity on the lame duck and quickly fixed its ailment with a small piece of duck tape. No bill was charged for his kindness 🙂

3. Ryan Johnston proudly showed off his two luminescent green VolVik golf balls to his playing partners, boasting how easy it was to locate the balls in the air and on the ground, and how the crows won’t steal them.

The first nine holes proved his words right because Ryan couldn’t lose the ball, no matter where it went, be it rough or dense trees, it stood out like a beacon.

Come the second nine, Ryan had lost both green balls to the crows in the space of three holes 🙁

On the other hand, white balls were as safe as houses as the crows appear to be colour-blind to white 🙂

4. The scribe had a despicable lie to tell, and I don’t mean a fib.

Playing the long par4 16th, the scribe hit a good drive only to see it drift left and land in the left-hand fairway bunker up the hill.

It turned out the ball ran up the face of the bunker and finished outside, just 1cm from the elevated front edge of the bunker.

With no way to stand near the ball, the scribe hopped into the steeply sloped bunker face and elected to hit the chest-high ball.

He managed to hit the ball alright, but straight left into an unplayable lie in the deep rough 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Winners: Cliff Bourquin [16] & Gary McMahon [25] 50 pts

Runners Up: Ronnie Knebusch [20] & Ken Harris [26] 45 pts

Guzzlers Cup: John Varrica [10] & Kevin Gerkins [28] 44 pts c/b

BRADMANS: Shane Thorn [7] & George Ostermann [24] 38 pts

Nearest To Pins:
W.Higgs(5), C.Bourquin(8), M.McCarney(11), I.Lindberg(15)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
A.Giltinan (A)

21-JAN-2018: Bankstown GC-Single Stableford CCR38



It may not be the hottest place on earth today, but its going to get awfully hot later on in the morning, so it was rather surprising to see thirty one (31) Revesby Bedouins show up with their camels for a very early trek at Bankstown Golf Course.

The weather was fine with little to no wind. Some Bedouins elected to travel by motorised camels on four wheels to survive the heat and ward of fatigue, whilst a significant number elected the more traditional and tribal custom of using shank ponies as a rite of passage to golfing glory.

Most players were carrying heaps of fluids to hydrate themselves in the expected heat wave conditions and for some, the protection and deployment of umbrellas to repel the stinging rays from the Sun was a last line of defence!

The quest started from the yellow tees on the 10th hole around 6:15am. Flags were situated in location C quadrant on the greens and prefer-on-fairways only was the order of the day.

Play was very brisk on the first nine holes, with many players finding the course easier to play under comfortable conditions whilst the Sun remained low in the sky.

Unfortunately, the vanguard group caught up with the members waiting to hit off from the tee on Hole1 (our 10th hole). Taking advantage of the break, everyone sat done around the covered water-hole and ordered a bacon+egg roll or snag+onion roll and bided their time.

After 15 minutes, the groups got going and the last nine holes felt slow, more so as the Sun began to glow!

More often than not, players swings would melt down and direct the ball instinctively into the shadiest part of the course, the TREES. Yep, it was a two-edged sword, you either got hot under the collar or cool under the collar or both 🙁

The trek eventually ended back at the big water-hole, the clubhouse. With all score cards collected, only 7 players out of 31 players bettered their handicap today, with CCR set to a provisional 38 points.

Not surprising to see so many good scores because the course was in very good condition, with fairways and bunkers well groomed and greens well matted with grass (notice how wet the greens were around the edges).

The lack of rain over the last few months has not degraded the course, so Bravo Zulus to the Bankstown green staff for their excellent work. Whilst many of the lakes were near to bone dry, there was still some that had plenty of water – did anyone notice the water spewing endlessly out of a pipe into a lake next to the par3 13th hole?

Not only is the weather hot at the beginning of the year, but so are the winning golf scores!

The best score on the day went to Wayne Coleman with an incandescent blue-hot score of 46 points !!!!!

That’s right, blue-hot is even hotter than white-hot, because its a 1,000 plus degrees hotter, and no one came near his score today.

Wayne stated he drove OK, irons were very solid, but his putting was Einstein brilliant!
He had seven one-putt greens on the second nine holes for a total of 23 putts for the round and managed to get up-and-down twice from bunkers. It was a brilliant performance worthy of a Nobel prize 🙂

The A grade winner was Shane Thorn with an incandescent white-hot score of 40 points.

Luke Skywalker may have left us but he wasn’t The Last Jedi, because Revesby has kept a secret from the rest of the movie-going public. Yep, master Jedi Shane “Yoda” Thorn still has “the force” and is still carving up the evil empire of golf courses throughout the galaxy.

Today was just another routine attack using his trusted and true light saber irons and sturdy X-wing driver. He did, however, utilise a new weapon, a no-name generic putter given to him from his niece, which must have had some psychometric powers built in to the blade, because he putted like a genius 🙂

The B grade winner went to Jeff Hilder with a slightly cooler red-hot score of 39 points.

Seems to always glide in under the radar and keep a low profile, but then springs into life and bites hard.
The scribe picked him as a favourite after watching him on the practice putting green!

He says he putted average today, but he had many birdie attempts (only one birdie) and no 3-putts!
Was very good from tee-to-green but marred his round with three wipes. He didn’t say whether it was bunkers or trees that hurt him, but I noticed he was getting tired as he wiped the sand from his eyes 🙂

The C Grade winner was Louis Tasaico with another white-hot score of 41 points.

Another successful graduate from the Friday Golf Academy, Louis is now bordering on Hall of Fame status if he keeps this performance up.

Nothing flashy about his game, hits the ball straight all day and gives it enough oomph to allow his steady irons to get the ball either on or near abouts to the green. Putted very well with no 3-putts.

Would have cleaned up Georgie Porgie today and earned another free coffee and one week of bragging rights 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Steve Vaughn with a red-hot score of 39 points (on a count-back from Phil White).
With the weight of Captaincy off his shoulders, Steve was able to swing his shoulders more freely and raise his arms and hands to a loftier plane and find the power and accuracy that had deserted him.

Was good from tee-to-green with his irons the best feature of his game.
His only blemishes were two wipes when he hit two trees.
It kind of reminds me of the old adage “of all the trees he could have hit, he hit the one that hits back)!

Au contraire mon capitan, it was a welcome return to form 🙂

Now we get down to the all important category that no member seeks, the dreaded Bradman awards.




All previous Bradman employment contracts with Santa Claus are now declared null and void and any exclusive non-disclosure arrangements are hereby cancelled.

The Bradmen winners were Ryan Cassin (28 pts), Ron Knebusch (32 pts) and Wayne Higgs (29 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Ryan was hot and cold last year, so getting a Bradmen was not a surprise. He had what could be described as a top game, and I mean it literally, he topped a lot of shots. Had some bad luck with unplayable lies but he compounded his problems with poor putting. Going on last year’s performance, expect to see him win the next event 🙁

Both Ron and Wayne had their share of problems with the trees and bunkers and not putting well was a common ailment. Ron’s 32 points was a respectable score, so can consider himself unlucky.

On the other hand, Wayne’s driving was brilliant, very long and straight, better and longer than most A graders! Unfortunately, his short game around and on the greens needs to improve. Has plenty of potential in him 🙂

1. Best score by several light years was Wayne Coleman’s brilliant 46 points.

2. Did I mention Wayne Coleman had a brilliant putting round? How good was he?

The scribe had to putt on the second last hole (par4 8th) from the back part of the green (about 3 metres from the back). Faced with a downhill then uphill then downhill double-breaking putt, the scribe struggled to 3-putt the hole.

On the other hand, Wayne Coleman was on the back of the green, 3 metres further back than the scribe’s putt, and guess what, Wayne drained his ridiculously difficult putt for a par four 🙂

The scribe was impressed!

3. Mark McDonald has a reputation for displaying the widest spectrum of golf shots in the club, dare I say it, maybe the country.

a. Playing the par4 Hole1 (our 10th hole), Mark hit his second shot into the right hand bunker next to the green.
b. He thinned his bunker shot out which went like a low-flying cruise missile across the green at sub-sonic speed.
c. The ball hit one of the small trees on the other side of the green, about 40 metres away.
d. The ball ricocheted back towards the hole, almost holing out as it rolled across the green.
e. Mark casually walked up to the ball and marked it, chastising himself on the shot because he put too much back-spin on the ball 🙂

4. Mark McDonald, the great shot wizard, also demonstrated his abilities when playing the par3 11th hole (our 2nd hole).

You guessed it, he hit his tee shot into the lake on the left 🙁

Fortunately for him, the lake was nearly empty of water, so he submerged himself into the cavernous hole and took out his SW (Submersible Wedge) and somehow gouged the ball out of the mud and land it near the front of the green. A chip and one putt for a bogey 4 was his reward!

1. Glen Blades walked into the clubhouse with a red face. From the Sun, you say?

Glen was playing the par4 17th (our 8th hole) when he heeled his tee shot 30 metres to the left of the tee into a hazard (huh, what hazard, its the one that comes into play on the left when you play the par5 12th hole).

Glen searched for his ball in the dry weeds and bush boys and found his ball in an unplayable lie.
He elected to pick the ball up and play outside the hazard.

As he walked out of the hazard, he trod on something he thought was just green weeds and tripped over head first, with his face landing in the mud!

It turned out Glen tripped over the red water hazard post with green vegetation grown over it 🙁

With a story like that, I would have a red face as well !

Another reason for Glen’s red face could be he had an airswing today.

Playing the last hole (par4 9th), Glen hit into the trees on the right, only to find the ball nestled adjacent to a tree.

He side saddled the tree in an attempt to hit the ball, only to miss it and look up in embarrassment.

He may have wiped the tears from his eyes after finishing the hole, but he also looked at his score card to find another hole wiped as well 🙁

3. Some players had trouble in the bunkers today. But how many had buried lies?

Well, I can think of three players who had dastardly buried lies with the ball barely visible.

Ryan Cassin (par4 16th), Wayne Higgs (par3 15th) and the scribe (par4 8th) all hit balls high up into the bunker face to find their balls almost hidden from view 🙁

Wayne had the worst lie with his ball not only buried but wedged under the lip of the bunker. He was not a happy chappy 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Wayne Coleman [18] 46 pts

A Grade Winner: Shane Thorn [7] 40 pts
B Grade Winner: Jeff Hilder [18] 39 pts
C Grade Winner: Louis Tasaico [24] 41 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP: Steve Vaughn [21] 39 pts c/b

A Grade: Ryan Cassin [13] 28 pts
B Grade: Ron Knebusch [20] 32 pts
C Grade: Wayne Higgs [23] 29 pts c/b

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(3), N.Obody(7), R.Knebusch(11), W.Coleman(13), K.Little(15)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
A. Giltinan (A)
I. Lindberg (B)
W. Higgs (C)

14-JAN-2018: Antill Park GC – Individual Stableford


Happy New Year to everyone, its been four weeks since our last game, so hopefully Santa provided you the replacements for all those balls you lost, drivers and putters you snapped, irons you lost in the middle of lakes and for the fortunate few, specialist DVDs from the ABC Shop covering anger & stress management 🙂

Even my doctor said I should exercise more and suggested I play 36 holes a day, so I went out and bought a harmonica!

The first golf event for 2018 saw a welcome return of thirty one (31) celebratory golfers (I can’t say over-weight anymore) to the distant and picturesque Antill Park golf course at Picton.

The dry weather in Sydney was no different in Picton and the fairways looked no different to the many front lawns in Sydney suburbs, sparse and ugly 🙁

Fortunately, the firm but patchy fairways were in stark contrast to the smooth looking greens.

Starting from the yellow tee on the 10th hole at 6:30am, the forecast was for a cool summer day with gusty southerly winds kicking in later on in the morning.

Play wasn’t that quick, but the cool conditions allowed for a relaxing and comfortable game.

Quite a few players managed to play to or better their handicap today, with CCR set to a high 39.

The best score on the day went to a re-surging Mark McDonald with a brilliant score of 46 points.
Mark left his indelible mark on the course with his crisp hitting irons and improving short game.

No wipes and no lost balls – a rare feat indeed. His improved performance was not a surprise to some, with Friday Golf Academy coach Georgie Porgie nominating him as favourite before the game.

Will he get back into A grade again, just like last year, or will he regress into the abyss?
Only time will tell and this commentator will not curse him by giving him a great rap, not just yet, anyway 🙂


The A grade winner went to John Varrica with a very good score of 42 points.
Another member of the Friday Golf Academy playing well of late. Managed to keep the ball out of harms way with his driver most of the time and took advantage of this with his consistent iron play and solid putting. His eagle3 on the par5 1st hole was the highlight of his game today.


The B grade winner was Brian Craven with a fine score of 41 points.
Carrying on from last year with yet another good performance. A straight shooter from the hip holster whose shots rarely miss the fairway, Brian would have found the course more to his liking. Also adapted quickly to the slightly slower than normal greens.


The C grade winner was Glen Blades with a very good score of 42 points.
Hmmm, finished last year with the Bradmans and now takes out the C grade, what gives?
Was he hamming it up or was it the extra Christmas pudding around the waistline that changed his swing today?

Well, it just so happens he had Bruce Murch in his group and the very good A grader had a strong influence on Glen’s swing and resultant straight driving. Bruce also had a better GPS 🙂

Needless to say, Glen needed no help on the putting, he was born with a Blade putter in his hand 🙂


The Guzzler went to Paul Dawkins with a fine score of 41 points.
Wow! Talk about coming out with all guns blazing, the man who put Audie Murphy’s medal count to shame with his haul of Bradman purple hearts, now comes out to receive a winners medal in his first game.

Bask in the sunshine Paul, smile like a Cheshire cat up in a tree and saviour the moment, before the fundamental forces of nature (be it gravity, electro-magnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force or golf swing) pulls you off the tree 🙂

Now for the Bradman winners.

Hold on, I just received a late thank you letter from Santa Claus.

He is thanking the club for all the help he received from the Bradman winners in late December (when they were exiled to the Arctic Circle) and is requesting they be given a reprieve from the scribe’s inky arrows in the first game.

Oh deer (sic), I suppose I must, I mean, how can I refuse Santa 🙁

1. Best score on the day was Mark McDonald with 46 points.
2. John Varrica grabbed an eagle3 on the par5 Hole1 (Driver -> 8-iron -> putt)

3. Steph Suzor is notorious for losing balls, but today he actually found lots of balls.
Whilst searching for his partner’s balls, Steph located 5 balls for Kila and 2 balls for the scribe!

When questioned on how many balls did Steph lose, he indirectly responded:
“I didn’t lose 2 balls, the water took it away from me”

4. Mark McDonald played very well, but he did have his fair share of luck.
The third last hole played, the par5 7th hole, is an example of his luck today.
a. Shanked his tee shot left towards the 8th green behind the trees
b. Punched an iron back onto the 7th fairway.
c. Laid up short of the pond in front of the green.
d. Hit approach shot over green towards highway.
e. Ball hits out-of-bounds fence post and bounces back into play above the green.
f. Chips onto green
g. Sinks putt for a 6 and three stableford points.

Lots of birdies were scored today!

1. Glen Blades claimed one on the par4 2nd hole when he mis-hit his 9-iron for his second shot and hit a duck 🙁

2. John Varrica managed to hit his first straight drive on the par4 17th hole only to see it land and hit a duck in the middle of the fairway and the ball stopped dead (and so did the duck) 🙁

Well, that’s it for the first game back, so happy new year to all and may your hips (natural or titanium) keep turning all year round 🙂

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Mark McDonald [22] 46 pts

A Grade Winner: John Varrica [11] 42 pts
B Grade Winner: Brian Craven [20] 41 pts
C Grade Winner: Glen Blades [33] 42 pts
GUZZLER’s CUP: Paul Dawkins [34] 41 pts

A Grade: Cliff Bourquin [14] 27 pts
B Grade: Graham Dean [17] 30 pts
C Grade: Rossco Hamer [22] 29 pts

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(5), T.Coleman(6), W.Higgs(9), N.oBody(10), G.Dean(15), K.Little(16)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
(A) G.Lattouf
(B) T.Coleman
(C) S.Vaughn

17-DEC-2017: Bankstown GC – 2 Man Ambrose



It’s the last game of the year, so 44 players rocked up to the Bankstown golf course (par 71) to play a 2-man Ambrose event followed by free lunch and drinks 🙂

The popular Ambrose is always fun to play, particularly when your partner is a slugger with the driver, it makes life so easy, as long as six of your tee shots are selected before the 18th hole 🙂

In addition to the game, the 2017 Presentation ceremony will be conducted after the game. Like the Academy Awards, Revesby’s presentation ceremony will celebrate the accomplishments of various players and acknowledge their good deeds with awards for their individual (or team) performance.

Play started from the 10th tee at around 7:00am with “prefer-through-the-green” the local rule of the day and holes cut in quadrant “B” of each green.

The weather was better than expected, with overcast conditions keeping the temperature down, and a slight breeze from the north assisting players with their shots on the early holes.

The game was quick on the first nine holes, however, Revesby’s vanguard group soon caught up with another social club and play slowed down by a gear or two 🙁

With the game over, it was pack the golf gear a.s.a.p. and get into the clubhouse!

The outright winners today were a combination that a good safe-cracker would find hard to pick.

Yes, the very steady Paul Kirgan combined with the enigmatic John McDonald to shoot a scratch score of 69 (two-under par) to score 58.25 nett.

With Paul piloting the plane and giving sound advice to an initially unsteady John, it was amazing to see them combine like the gears in a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, spitting fire from their irons and strafing the hole with the accuracy of a canonical tachometric Norden bomb-sight.

They managed to shoot down three birdies at the expense of being hit by one bogey.

A small piece of advice from Paul early on turned John into a clean hitting striker of the ball, which combined with their B17 Flying Fortress-like putting (they were dropping bombs everywhere), made them a lethal combination on the day 🙂

The Runners Up went to the inexperienced combination of Adam Shields and Kevin Gerkens, with a great score of 60.75 nett (71 gross).

Teamed very well, with Kevin shooting straight all day like Annie Oakley, allowing Adam to pump his driver like a Sharps buffalo gun.

Not surprisingly, they shot three birdies on the longer par5’s, but the best shot was Kevin’s shot on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) when his golf bullet ran along the ground, through the front bunker and safely stopped on the green.

Kevin was very proud of the shot, he called it his “fizzer” shot because it had plenty of top-spin!

Well, all I can say is, it was a top effort from Adam and Kevin, and the result was no fizzer 🙂

The Guzzlers went to the rusty combination of Terry Coleman and Ronnie Knebusch with a smooth score of 63.75 nett (73 gross).

Whilst Terry and Ronnie exhibited rust in their swings from a lack of playing, it’s amazing how WD-40 works so quickly on joints and shoulders!

After three holes they were two-under par, however, the WD-40 started to thin out as the day wore on, so they had to team well to keep the damage to a minimum.

A good short game from the two saved their score from sliding down the slippery pole, with the resultant 3 birdies and 5 bogeys earning them, to their surprise, the Guzzlers 🙂

The Bradman winners went to two individuals who are now packing their bags to travel to the Arctic Circle and pay their bradman dues by helping out Santa – Oh deer, what will become of them 🙁

Following speeches from the President and Captain, the 2017 Presentation Awards were conducted.
For a full list of awards, please refer to the 2017 Leaderboard section on the web site.

The last round of the year again proved very popular and special thanks must go to Claude Poletti for managing today’s events, Mark McDonald for organising the trophies, the Social Committee and Secretary for organising the luncheon and the provisioning of prizes and lastly, Bravo Zulu to Rossco for running the raffle 🙂

Special thanks to our ex-Captain (Steve Vaughn), President (John Varrica) and Vice-President (John McDonald) for guiding our club so successfully throughout the year, we were the envy of many social golf clubs for the way we conducted and presented our club.

Also, many thanks to our sponsors on the web site (SGT – Sydney Golf Tech, Milperra Golf Academy, Mobile Tools, JVE Painting Services, First Choice Fitouts, Australian Goat Soap, Milperra Golf Academy) for their on-going support, it was greatly appreciated.

Well, that’s all folks, time to wrap it up for the year, so Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to everyone and may your hips keep turning in 2018.

Highlights of the Day:

1. There were two eagles on the day with the first coming from Phil White and Ken Harris on the par 5 12th hole.
Taking Phil’s drive and approach, Phil then proceeded to chip in for an eagle 3 from the back of the green.

The second came from Ryan Cassin and Gary McMahon on the par5 12th hole.
Taking Ryan’s drive, Gary hit the second shot two feet from the hole for a tap-in eagle 3!

2. Revesby’s President, John Varrica, was in ga-ga land today whilst playing with his partner, the PGA professional, Greg Bailey. John was in a daze at how easily Greg hit the ball straight and long, turning the course into a practice-your-wedge only round.

And whilst they were putting for birdies on every hole, the surprising result was their playing partners, Phil White and Ken Harris, were ahead of John and Greg off the stick by one shot, with a score of three-under par after 9-holes!

Well, you guessed it, Phil and Ken crashed and burned on the last nine 🙁

3. Did I mention how well Terry Coleman and Ronnie Knebusch played around the greens?
As an example, on the par4 4th hole, Terry had to play his third shot and hit it low under a tree.

Unfortunately, Terry hit it low and too hard, saw the ball screaming towards the flag.

Guess what, the ball smashed into the flag stick and dropped dead two foot from the hole!

That’s what I call a good short game 🙂

4. It was a 2-man Ambrose today, but for two people, Rossco Hamer and Alan Tricker, they were both hobbling on one and a half legs.

To their credit and courage, they both showed up today to play their part in the team, and to their respective partners, a great sigh of relief for playing well enough to avoid the dreaded Bradmans.

Thanks fellas 🙂

Lowlights of the Day:

1: The Bradman winners categorically stated:
“They deserved it”

They loved the trees, particularly on the right.
They are now filling application forms for the NRMA Safer Driving School.
Their irons needed more steam (plus extension cord).
Their putting was no better than their punting.
Their short game skill was microscopic in quality.

2. Putting your name on the Drive and Pitch on the last hole (par4 9th) is usually a good sign.
Not for Matthew Campbell and Steph Suzor, they both three-putted from 12 foot 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Paul Kirgan [11] & John McDonald [32] 58.25 nett
Runners Up: Adam Shields [14] & Kevin Gerkens [27] 60.75 nett
Third Place: Terry Coleman [17] & Ronnie Knebusch [20] 63.75 nett

BRADMANS: Mick McCarney [14] & Glen Blades [33] 73.25 nett

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(3), G.Ostermann(7), S.Thorn(11), R.Knebusch(13), D.Tasaico(15)

Drive & Pitch:
W.Coleman(5), R.Knebusch(8), P.Kirgan(9), K.Harris(17)

10-Dec-2017: Brighton Lakes GC – Single Stableford – GUZZLERS CUP


The penultimate round for the year sees the grand final for the 2017 Guzzler’s Cup, and the many Guzzler qualifiers (those that won the Guzzlers from any event this year) will be smacking their lips in anticipation of winning the prize sponsored by the tea-totalling three stooges – Larry White, Curly Lattouf and Moe Little 🙂

Also of note, some important yearly events are up for grabs, namely, the Player of the Year (Pointscore Leaderboard), progressive stableford and birdie competition for each grade.

Today saw 25 Revesby players front up to the relatively new and by some accounts, challenging 9-hole Brighton Lakes golf course with its myriad hazards and tight fairways demanding precision and good course management from one’s game.

That isn’t really a surprise, as the course is based on the “old” New Brighton course, a tough, tight, tortuous track on the best of days. Unfortunately for its members, the march of time and progress resulted in the course being amputated by housing developers (aka Mirvac) with the promise of a new golf course in lieu.

Only ten New Brighton greens remain (the two par 5’s next to the Georges River still exist but are not part of the nine holes played today).

A further seven new holes on the other side of the M5 is planned to be built, whilst the eighth new hole and green is now completed and in play (today’s 9th and 18th hole).

With the game today over 18 holes, the younger Revesby players will experience “deja-vu” moments when playing the first nine again, however, don’t be surprised if some of the older players end up thinking they played 18 different holes 🙁

Starting at 6:30am from the 1st tee, the sun was hovering above the horizon and the skies were clear, but would you believe it, the hole also faced east directly towards the rising sun – grrr !

Prefer-through-the-green was the course local rule and it didn’t take long to figure out why!

Yep, some holes had patchy fairways and some had new sections of grass that were still immature, but the greens were in very good condition. Bunkers were hit and miss and pity those who found the sand to be like concrete 🙁

Speaking of trouble, don’t forget those water hazards next to greens or guarding the flanks of fairways and on some occasions, doing a double-cross on the player by criss-crossing the fairway unexpectedly 🙁

If that wasn’t enough, what about those serpentine fairways on some of the par5’s, for some, it was like driving “The Esses” at Mount Panorama’s race track, all downhill and out of control 🙁

Remarkably, at day’s end, no one got lost or dis-orientated from the repetitious play 🙂

Today’s outright and “2017 Guzzlers Cup” winner was John Varrica, who put a kibosh on all that spiel about trouble on the course, with an ultra-magnificent score of 46 points.

Drove extremely well and was good with his approach irons, setting up many birdie attempts. He putted very well and grabbed his third birdie when he bombed a forty foot putt 🙂

His round could have been even better had be not shanked twice!

The A grade winner was Cliff Bourquin with a good score of 38 points (count-back).
How steady is he? Probably the most consistent golfer in the club for 2017!

That’s his eleventh visit to the winners podium this year (2xOutright, 3xA-grade,2xB-grade, 1xC-grade, 2xGuzzlers and 1xRunnerUp).

You’re my pick for the Dally M Medal 🙂

The B grade winner was Ian Lindberg with a fine score of 39 points.
A quiet year, Ian is making a come-back of late by taking out his third B grade win.

The course was suited to his strong iron play and he must have found the greens to his liking.
Played to the old adage, “stay out of trouble and you won’t burst your bubble” 🙂


The C grade winner was Allen Foster with a solid score of 37 points.
A relatively new member, Allen is finally shedding the probie status and starting to hit his stride by earning his second C grade win of the year.

Can boom-boom the ball prodigiously but just like a shaken can of Fosters, you don’t know where the explosive eruption will end up 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Shane “Yoda” Thorn with a good score of 38 points.
What good timing for the Jedi Master to make a come-back.

He planned to hit everyone at the Christmas game next Sunday, but was peeved when he realised all the drinks were free 🙁

Oh dear, the Force may be succumbing to the dark side, so will Shane be The Last Jedi to ever win the Guzzlers?

Stay tuned, I will find out after I watch the movie at the theatre tomorrow 🙂

Sadly, there are some things the Force cannot overcome, no matter how much mentoring, coaching or training is applied. When Obi Wan KENobi was calling out to “Luke, Luke”, he wasn’t calling for Luke Skywalker, rather, he was after Luke McNaughton, the PGA golf instructor 🙁




The Bradman winners were Ken Little(25 pts), Jeff Hilder(27 pts) and Gary McMahon(25 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Ken may have lost ten balls and his marbles, but he did manage to finish with one ball left in the bag.
He attributed his mis-directed shots to the gravitational pull of a large black hole on his left all day 🙁

Jeff couldn’t putt if his life depended on it and his putter sounded like a mis-firing motor scooter (putt-putt-putt…)

Gary was like a can of deodorant, sprayed everywhere but still missed the hole 🙁

Next week will see the last round of the year (2-Ball Ambrose) at Bankstown, followed by the Xmas lunch, so expect a huge turnout 🙂


Highlights of the Day:
1. Best score by a country mile was 46 points by John Varrica.
2. Adam Giltinan shaved his beard off, he looked so much younger, no one recognised him!
3. Ryan Cassin won the Pointscore Leaderboard with 134 points (his second win in the last 3 years)
4. Grade birdie competition won by John Varrica(28), Matthew Campbell(11) and Gary McMahon(8) for A, B and C grade, respectively.
5. Progressive stableford won by Cliff Bourquin with 39 points on a count-back from Matthew Campbell.

Lowlights of the Day:
1. When asked to comment about his poor Bradman performance, the scribe responded as follows:

I guess I should have stayed in bed, my pillow wrapped around my head,
Instead of waking up to find, a nightmare of a different kind,
My swing began to falter, as I watched my balls go in the water.

My whole game is upside down, it turned my smile into a frown,
Its such a pity the state I’m in, I must stay on my feet again,
Can’t play this way, this just doesn’t seem to be my day.

My, oh my, how sad am I,
I’m just a Revesby golf ham, who scored another Bradman 🙁

Individual results on the day:

GUZZLER’s CUP Champion: John Varrica 46 pts

Outright Winner: John Varrica [14] 46 pts
A Grade Winner: Cliff Bourquin [15] 38 pts
B Grade Winner: Ian Lindberg [20] 39 pts
C Grade Winner: Allen Foster [22] 37 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP: Shane Thorn [7] 38 pts

A Grade: Ken Little [13] 25 pts
B Grade: J.Hilder [18] 27 pts
C Grade: Gary McMahon [24] 25 pts

Nearest To Pins:
L.Tasaico(2), K.Little(7), S.Thorn(11), S.Thorn(16)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drive:
A.Giltinan (A), J.Hilder (B), L.Tasaico (C)

26-NOV-2018: Auburn GC – PRESIDENT’S CUP -Single Stableford


Its been a long year of golf for some, if not all, and today sees the 35th game of the year (including rep games) played out at the the easy-walking Auburn public golf course.

Whilst the rivets are starting to pop and the welds are starting to crack, twenty (20) tireless Revesby players fronted up to have a crack at winning the World Cup, correction, the Ashes, whoops, better get rid of the newspaper I’m reading, that’s right, its the prestigious President’s Cup (and I don’t mean Trump).

The game started on time at 7:30am from the par5 1st hole (yellow tees).

The weather was muggy to begin with, but as the day wore on, the breeze kicked in to make life more bearable.

The course was in very good condition, the only complaint heard was the greens were slower than normal.

Play was initially fast on the first nine holes, but the game started to stall when Revesby’s vanguard group caught up with golfers from another social club 🙁

After the round, the players quickly congregated inside the air-conditioned clubhouse for a cool drink and light snack.

The last group, comprising Phil White, Kila, George Ostermann and Mick McCarney did an excellent job with the pins, making sure every NTP and Drive&Pitch was picked up and handed in. Not surprisingly, 5 of the 8 pins had their inscriptions 🙂

The outright winner, and winner of the President’s Cup, was Phil Kilazoglou with a fine score of 42 points.

Followed up his A-grade at Antill Park last week with another good all-round performance today.

Why the good form of late? Could it be playing at Stonecutters on Friday, then the Ridge on Saturday?

Not likely, his new re-constructed shoulder should have fallen apart under such a heavy workload!

Kila put his whinny performance down to the horse liniment called Rapigel, a product registered for use on horses and dogs. Does the stuff work?

Well, he no longer barks up the wrong tree as he gallops around the course and swings with his tail held high 🙂

Not far behind Kila was the A Grade winner, Phil White, with a good score of 41 points.

The old man woke up with a crook back, aching shoulders and swollen fingers and a golf swing no better than a rusty gate without hinges.

Tapped into his pill box marked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, …. and emptied all of its contents and followed it up with the same equine embrocation that Kila had used, namely, Rapigel.

The liniment kicked in as he reined in his driver and carefully navigated the saddle-shaped contours of the course. Would have won today on a count-back had Kila missed his 5-foot putt on the last green.

Whitey’s only comment about his body’s miraculous recovery was:
“To all you neigh-sayers out there, this stuff really works!”

Another man in good form of late, was Joy Mesuria, who took out the B grade winner with a score of 38 points.

Won outright on his birthday two weeks ago at Bankstown, so today was just the icing on the cake with another victory. Made one or two errors from the tee that cost him severely, but kept the ball in play and backed it up with a good short game and putting.

The C grade winner was George Ostermann with a good score of 40 points.
His 4th C grade win of the year, George may have boot-strapped his game on the Rapigel fumes from his playing partners, Kila and Whitey.

More a trotter than a galloper, George showed great courage and tenacity on the long par4 15th hole when he saw his second shot end up on the concrete causeway.

The ball was sitting up on the concrete covered with a thin layer of water and slimy green-algae (tread warily George, this stuff is slippeeeery – I know from past experience when I went head-over-arse on it) 🙁

George carefully took his stance and elected to play the shot and to the surprise of everyone watching, including the scribe from the adjacent par3 16th green, managed to hit the ball out of the hazard 🙂

A show pony (without the Rapigel) effort George 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was, I’m still rubbing my eyes in disbelief, Ryan Cassin with a solid score of 39 points.

How can a player who scores zero points the week before bounce back like that.

I suppose he had to improve, I don’t think you can score negative points in a stableford round, though I’m sure Ryan will find a way!

That’s 3x guzzlers and 7x outright wins so far this year for Ryan, however, he also has 5x bradmans as well!

The good news for The Assassin is that his two closest rivals in the Club Pointscore, George Lattouf and Cliff Bourquin, did not take advantage of his low performance last week 🙂

It’s still a close race with two rounds to go, with only 5 and 8 points separating second and third!




The Bradmans went to Cliff Bourquin (A), Wayne Coleman (B) and Mark McDonald (C) with scores of 35, 34 and 31 points, respectively.

The scores for the Bradman’s today were unusually higher than normal, so leniency, compassion, kindness, charity and benevolence are dripping from the scribe’s ink pen today 🙂

Highlights to report:
1. Best individual score was 42 points by Phil Kilazoglou.

2. Did you notice how the last group of players took out the majority of prizes today?

That’s right, the marque group comprising Phil Kilazoglou, Phil White, George Ostermann and someone else got the Outright, A grade, C grade and 5 out of 7 NTPs and one Drive&Pitch.

Phew! That’s one smoking hot group!

Urine samples may be on the agenda at the next AGM 🙂

By the way, the fourth member was Mick McCarney, who to his credit tried to get on the podium, but Cliff Bourquin beat him to the Bradmans on a count-back 🙂

Lowlights to report:
1. You often read about wealthy individuals who reach the height of financial success and then crash and burn and end up bankrupt and penniless.

Today saw the golf equivalent when Mark McDonald, an A grader at the beginning of the year, slowly saw his swing fritter away as he descended into B grade and began accumulating awards justifying his descent.

A week ago, he descended into C grade, and it didn’t take him much time to acclimatise himself when on his second outing in the grade today, he managed to collect another Bradmans 🙁

Dawko is now looking over his shoulder in anticipation someone else will usurp his crown!

2. For those who think Rapigel liniment will magically fix their golf game, please note it is a product registered for use on horses and dogs.

It has side-effects and should you experience problems then the advice of a veterinarian should be sought.

In particular, avoid contact with your balls and any mucuous membranes and do not apply to broken swings 🙁

Results on the day:

Outright: Phil Kilazoglou [15] 42 pts

A Grade: Phil White [14] 41 pts
B Grade: Joy Mesuria [19] 38 pts
C Grade: George Ostermann [24] 40 pts

GUZZLER: Ryan Cassin [13] 39 pts

A Grade: Cliff Bourquin [15] 35 pts c/b
B Grade: Wayne Coleman [18] 34 pts
C Grade: Mark McDonald [21] 31 pts

Nearest To Pins:
P.White(2), P.White(5), P.Kilazoglou(6), W.Coleman(9), M.McDonald(10),
C.Poletti(13), P.Kilazoglou(16)

Drive & Pitch: