Its been three weeks of no golf, so 28 eager golfers showed up today in another attempt to conquer the benign Bankstown golf course, not realising their delusion and poor memory of past misdeeds.

Today’s event was a single stableford event in conjunction with the fourth and penultimate round of the singles matchplay event (involving four players).  So typical of this time of year, a cool south-westerly to westerly wind was ever present, with many players rugged up at the start and keen to get going from the tenth tee for the 6:18am start.

The recent rain event was very kind to the course, with the once empty lakes now filled and the ducks and geese much happier (except towards a certain Revesby member).

As usual, the fairways, greens and bunkers were in great shape.  The practice putting and chipping greens were extremely fast, so chipping and putting was going to be key to a good score today.

Flags on the greens were positioned in location “B” for bastard and because of the debris and litter scattering the course, prefer-thru-the-green was the order of the day.

Apart from the five late starters (they thought it was a 7am start), not much drama occurred during the round, though one or two put on a “Serena Williams” act with their poor play 🙁

With the round finished and all score cards collected, only 5 out of 28 players (18%) scored 36 or more points on the day, with a further eight player (29%) scoring 33 to 35 points.

Putting was a common complaint, with many having problems judging pace all day :-(.


The Outright Winner was Terry Coleman with a score of 37 points (count-back).

After playing pennants for the last couple of months, Terry has returned with a vengeance.  Used his experience to manage the course well and was able to extradite himself from any errant shots with the driver with solid iron play and short game.  A good grinding effort 🙂

The A grade winner was George Lattouf with 37 points.

Kept the ball in play and didn’t get into too much trouble.  He even got out of bunkers with a single blow. Could have putted better, but he always says that, but what is most amazing is, he now knows how to play this course, just treat it like its a game at Georges River course on a Friday 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with 37 points (count-back).

After two B grade wins early this year at Rosnay and Bankstown, “Sugar Ray” was surprised to hear his name read out as a winner.  What is surprising is he hasn’t won more often, what with his fire-power with the driver, he should be able to punch himself out of any trouble 🙂

The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with 30 points.

Another surprised winner, more so because of the low score.  He was everywhere from the tee but recovered well all day, mostly due to his improved short game.  His playing partners were more like Davy Crockett, scouts in search of a new frontier, but their eagle eyes aided and abetted his win today 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Noel Connolly with 37 points.

Plays mostly under the radar these days, but he has a rather fortuitous habit of grabbing the Guzzlers more often than not.  Played solid without too much duress and was happily rewarded not with gold coins but with liquid gold 🙂



Sadly, the Bradman winners were Mick McCarney (19 pts), Daniel Tasaico (22 pt) and Peter Davis (27 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

They all submitted blood samples after the game for performance depreciating drugs, and their results were all the same, “B negative“.


1.Best score was Terry Coleman with 37 points (count-back).

2.Best shot went to John Varrica on the par4 5th hole (drive & pitch hole).

John pushed his drive right and finished along the tree line.  Blocked by overhanging branches, John told his playing partners he was going to play a trick shot by blading the ball along the ground into the deep front bunker and roll it over the top lip onto the green.

Sure enough, he executed the “thin’ shot to perfection and the ball just missed the hole before it stopped. He sank the putt for a birdie3!

How come when the scribe elects to thin his shots there is always a dam or a lake in front of him 🙁

3.The semi-final winners in the Singles Match Play were Alan Foster (6&5) and Ryan Cassin (2up).

Alan may have power-sprayed his driver but he recovered very well with his irons.  On the other hand, Ryan is more the tactician, plays too his strength and keeps the ball in play and applies consistent pressure on his opponent.  The final should be a beauty.

4.Graham Dean played today and he didn’t DQ, he didn’t leave early and he didn’t get the Bradmans. That’s what I call a trifecta, Wayne Coleman, where are you, I think the scribe will be contacting you very soon for help 🙂


1.Alan Foster played very well today when he soundly beat his opponent, Adam Giltinan, 6&5. Adam stated his game was just a comedy of errors, but he wasn’t laughing 🙁

Why is this a lowlight. Well, Alan scored 39 points today, but he did not qualify for a win today as he discovered he had 15 clubs in his bag 🙁

For breaching the 14-club rule, I understand the maximum penalty in stroke play is 4 strokes and maximum penalty in match play is two holes.

2.The scribe got attacked again by a ruthless and threatening gaggle of two geese next to the par5 12th tee. This time, the scribe manned-up and stared eyeball-to-eyeball with the lead goose. The goose finally backed away after realising it was looking at a bigger goose, particularly after watching the big goose shank three balls into the canal on the preceding par3 🙁

3.Mick McCarney didn’t waste too much effort on scoring points today, but he sure as hell expended a lot of energy on throwing clubs. Mick claimed he didn’t throw, he just passed his clubs back to the bag! Well, that doesn’t explain why one club ricocheted off the frame of his buggy like a bullet and I couldn’t help but notice the brand name on his bag had abraded away 🙁


Ryan Cassin def Joy Mesuria 2up

Allen Foster def Adam Giltinan 6&5

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Terry Coleman [14]   37 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  George Lattouf [14]  37 pts

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [20]     37 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [26]      30 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:    Noel Connolly [22]  37 pts


A Grade:  Mick McCarney [16]   19 pts

B Grade:  Daniel Tasaico [17]  22 pts

C Grade:  Peter Davis [31]     27 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(3), N.Obody(7), C.Bourquin(11), R.Cassin(13), A.Giltinan(15)

Drive & Pitch:


2019 CYPRESS LAKES TOUR:17-19 MAY,2019.

The 2019 Cypress Lakes tour has been booked and deposit paid. The deposit is 50% of the total trip and has been paid  by the PREZ out of his own funds.

It would be appreciated if those intending to come pay a minimum deposit of $100+ to book their spot. Payment in full will be even better.

The event will consist of 3 championship rounds with carts and 2 nights accommodation (quad share) in 9 x 2 bedroom villas with breakfast.

At this stage transport will be of your own means as we will not have the luxury of Russ the Buss as he is moving to Port Macquarie. (This could change)

Date: Friday 17th  to Sunday 19th of May, 2019.

Golf: Friday 9:00am, Saturday 8:40am, Sunday 8:00am.

Prizes: Approximately $3000.00

Cost: $500.00 per person.

Contact John Varrica to book your spot. Deposits are essential.



26-AUG-2018: Liverpool GC-Single Stableford+Rnd 3 Singles Matchplay


It’s our third game here in two years and based on the previous two visits, good scores will be hard to come by.  Fortunately, the weather today was perfect for golf, totally different from the scorching temperature on our first visit and the frost-bite inducing cold on our second visit.

Play commenced in the single stableford event around 7:20am from the white tees on the 10th tee with prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule.   Of the twenty six (26) players who showed up, eight players would also be involved in the third round of the singles matchplay.

The course looked dry with fairways taking on a green/yellow splotchy appearance, reminiscent of the camouflage used by RAF fighters and bombers in WW2 over Europe.  So it won’t be no surprise to find players missing the fairways with their shots!  To make matters worse, the greens had been cored three weeks previous and were still slow and bumpy to putt on.

The game was somewhat slow, with most players succumbing to the seven artificial lakes and Georges River that came into play on fourteen (14) holes.  So staying clear of water was number one on the course management list, quickly followed by avoiding the many sand bunkers that guard most greens and for the few catawampus golfers, there are the trees 🙁

With the round finished, many alienated players were heard saying:

“That’s it man. Game over, man. Game over! What the f*** are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?”

The shock and horror of witnessing one’s alien game being slowly dismembered with watery acid was too much, and for those nearing the bottom could be heard screaming: “We’re on an express elevator to hell, going down!”

However, a few were saved from the horror spectacle:

The Outright winner was Ryan Cassin with a score of 33 points (count-back).

More focussed on his matchplay against Graham Dean, kept to a simple plan of staying out of trouble and got off to a good start and never looked back.  Whilst his opponent took riskier shots and went everywhere, Ryan was disciplined with his simple plan all day.  Solid around the greens, backed it up with good putting.  The outright win was icing on the matchplay cake 🙂

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with a score of 33 points.

Has shown consistent form this year and with his game more suited to this type of course, it was no surprise to see him take out his fifth A grade victory for the year.  With no match play involvement to deflect his thoughts, he just concentrated on his swing tempo to produce another all-round solid performance 🙂

The B Grade winner was Allen Foster with a score of 31 points.

A handy 2BBB partner to have, Allen has kept under the radar most of the year, so it was pleasing to see his name back up in the lights again.  What was even more pleasurable (and popular) was his matchplay victory against George Lattouf, winning by 3&1.  Always led the matchplay, was two-up with two to go when George finally cracked like an egg falling off a twenty storey building.  A very popular win 🙂

The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with a score of 32 points.

The season is changing and the weather is getting warmer and so is Ken’s game.  That’s two C grade wins and a Guzzler in the last 2 months.  Keep out of trouble and let your short game and putter do the work was his plan.  A good effort on the long track 🙂

The Guzzler winner was Claude Poletti with a score of 30 points (count-back).

Its been a lean year for Claude, with only a single C grade win in February and a 2BBB runners up in July.  The grind of working six days a week has not been kind to his game, so maybe there is light at the end of tunnel with retirement now edging ever closer on the distant horizon.  Today’s effort was a bonus 🙂


The Bradman winners today were real bad-asses!

Ken Little (A grade) was a lame duck with 24 points after being attacked twice by wild geese on two separate holes.  He tried to knee-cap a couple of the attackers and the reward for his aggression were many shanks, all man-made  🙁

Luis Tasaico (B grade) claimed his lowly 19 points was caused by his new replacement titanium knee rejecting his golf swing 🙁

George Ostermann (C grade) kept hitting straight all day for his 24 points, only problem was, he was hitting straight into the water 🙁

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:

1.Best score was 33 points (count-back) by Ryan Cassin.

2.Scoring five (5) stableford points on a single hole is a fairly rare event, but today saw two individuals in the same playing group score 5 points on consecutive holes. Matthew Campbell scored a birdie3 on the long par4 2nd hole and Rossco Hamer chipped in for a birdie4 on the par5 3rd hole. Were they spurred on by their amazing score?  Well, talk about resting on one’s laurels, Matthew wiped the next hole and Rossco wiped the next two holes!

3.Matchplay is a funny game, you can actually play better than your opponent and still lose the match. Cliff Bourquin scored 30 points when playing against Adam Giltinan who scored 25 points.  Yet Adam won the matchplay 1up.  When asked to explain the peculiar result, Adam stated “I was brutally brilliant and brutally bad”, to which the scribe quickly summarised as Adam played like a yo-yo 🙂

4.The par4 9th (our last hole played) is a challenging hole, with the small green elevated on a pimple guarded by deep inverted pustules of sand and bordered by water on the left. The approach shot to the green is always intimidating and today saw Wayne Coleman go hell for leather when he hit his second shot from 150 metres.  The ball went straight as an arrow at the pin, only problem was he thinned the shot and saw the ball travel no more than 6-inches above the ground, it ran all the way and finally finished 8-foot from the pin.  Wayne sank the putt for a birdie3 🙂

LOWLIGHTS of the day:

1.The Captain, Joy Mesuria, almost got assassinated today. Yep, whilst standing on the par3 18th tee (our ninth hole played), a ball from the par4 1st tee came whistling past the Captain’s left ear.  It was a head shot and the person who pulled the trigger was a sheepish and embarrassed Peter Davis 🙁

2.As previously mentioned, the scribe was attacked by geese, again. Unlike last week at Bankstown when seven of them attacked him, today saw fourteen (14) geese ferociously attack the scribe in a wedge-shape formation on the par4 15th hole.  The scribe heroically advanced to the rear only to collide with a crouching Mark McDonald behind his buggy.  A jittery and twitchy scribe took down the license numbers of each offender, however, the Police database didn’t recognise Goose1, Goose2,….,Goose14 and stated they must have been fake plates 🙁

3.The same geese threatened the scribe again on the next nine, the par5 3rd hole. They slowly gathered in a menacing formation as they waddled their way towards him.  The scribe was smart this time, instead of running away he decided to run around them.  It proved the right tactic as the geese had no stamina!

You have to have balls to defend yourself against a huge gaggle of geese was the scribe’s mantra today, only trouble was he lost seven (7) balls in the process.

Matchplay results on the day:

Ryan Cassin   def  Graham Dean    5&4

Adam Giltinan def  Cliff Bourquin 1up

Joy Mesuria   def  Steph Suzor    1up

Allen Foster  def  George Lattouf 3&1

Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Ryan Cassin [14]    33 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [11]   33 pts

B Grade Winner:  Allen Foster [20]   31 pts

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [27]     32 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Claude Poletti [22] 30 pts c/b


A Grade:   Ken Little [14]       24 pts

B Grade:   Luis Tasaico [22]     19 pts

C Grade:   George Ostermann [23] 22 pts

Nearest To Pins: J.Varrica(4), C.Poletti(6), J.Varrica(14), M.McCarney(18)

Drive & Pitch: S.Vaughn(1)




19-AUG-2018: Bankstown GC - Single Stableford + Single Match Play 2nd Rnd



After last week’s tough effort in the cold and gale-force winds, it was pleasing to see twenty eight (28) battered Revesby masochists show up for another expected beating on the bruising Bankstown battleground.

Today’s event was a single stableford event in conjunction with the second round of the singles matchplay event (involving sixteen players).  With a south-westerly wind forecast to soar and roar, players were keen to get going from the tenth tee for the 6:32am start.

Even with the drought-like conditions, the course appeared in top-notch condition, the fairways and greens still very green, the bunkers filled with white sand and the practice putting green slick to very slick (gulp)!

Flags on the greens were positioned in location “D” for dummies and prefer-thru-the-green was the order of the day (because of the debris and litter from the high winds of past days).

Whilst the wind was strong, varying from 20-25 km/hour, the temperature was not as cold as last week and the many trees on the course provided some form of wind-break from the elements.  As the day progressed, players soon adapted to the uncomfortable conditions and traversed the course at reasonable pace without too many holdups.

With the round finished and all score cards collected, only 3 out of 28 players (11%) scored 36 or more points on the day.

The tightness of the course in the windy conditions combined with the ever increasing speed of the greens as the day wore on may have been significant factors for the many low scores.


The Outright Winner was Adam Giltinan with a brilliant score of 41 points!

Under conditions that were pretty tough, Adam amassed ten pars and three birdies to blow away all other contenders, and more importantly, demoralise his opponent in the singles matchplay by 8&7.

Whilst all other players were battering down to survive the elements, it was just a casual walk in the park for the strong hitting Adam – just too good 🙂

The A grade winner was Ryan Cassin with 36 points.

The giant-sized Ewok of Revesby handled the elements well with his left-to-right drives and was able to keep the ball in play most of the time and stay out of trouble from the trees.  Around the greens was solid and was backed-up by a smooth stroking putter.  Was able to stave off a late-running effort from Claude Poletti to win one-up in the match play.  Good course management under pressure justly rewarded 🙂

The B grade winner Graham Dean with 37 points.

A man on a mission to dispel his legendary “Fifita” performances from the past.  Under tutelage from master guru Wayne “no pain” Coleman, Graham has transformed from a Spitfire into a Mustang.

Playing on a course he regards as his favourite (incredulous that may seem), he has produced another well crafted round under difficult conditions.  Toughed it out by scrambling well around the greens.

The Dean is now head of the class 🙂

The C Grade winner was George Ostermann with 35 points.

That’s his fourth C grade win of the year!

Flies low under the radar with his shot-making, keeps hitting the ball straight on the firm fairways and makes course management look very simple.  The scribe is envious, how can golf be so straight-forward?

Even the Gods can’t stop you from winning 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Gary Buckley with 34 points (count-back).

Another player on the upturn in form, recovering from injury and re-gaining his lost form and confidence.

The driving that had undermined his game in the past has now regained its potency.  Backed up with OK irons, he produced another solid round to win his second Guzzlers in the last two months.

A swell performance rewarded with a swill 🙂


The Bradman winners were Frank Saify (23 pts), Ian Lindberg (22 pts count-back) and John McDonald (21 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

They must feel like goats, ever since since they were kids.

The only hope they have is to check their Red Cross donor card and see if it says “B positive”!

Cheer up fellas, just remember to always say NO to negativity 🙁


  1. Best score by several light years was Adam Giltinan’s brilliant 41 points in the windy conditions.
  2. Best shot went to John Varrica on the par4 18th hole (our 9th today). John struck his second shot with a 4-iron from 166 metres away and saw it land short of the green and run, and run, and run, before watching it disappear into the hole for an eagle 2 (for 5 stableford points). He thought it was better than his previous holes-in-one because he never saw any ball go into the hole, sadly, it was one of the few holes he won in his matchplay today!
  3. John McDonald celebrated his birthday on Sunday. When asked by the scribe what did he want for his birthday, he replied: “I want a good spanking“. Well, his playing opponent, Adam Giltinan, willingly obliged by spanking John 8&7 in their singles matchplay today!  Adam stated John was very accommodating, never put up any real resistance and peacefully turned the other cheek throughout the punishment 🙂


  1. Ian Lindberg made a come-back today and was justifiably rewarded for his miserable effort with the Bradmans. When asked to describe his game today, he put up the typical NRL coach response of “no comment“. He eventually relented under journalistic pressure and stated he might as well lounge on his sofa and watch the TV for future inspiration.  The scribe suggested he avoid shows like Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Lost, if he wanted to improve his game 🙁
  2. The scribe got attacked again by a ruthless and mercenary gaggle of grouchy geese next to the par4 17th green. All seven of them (and they weren’t magnificent in any shape or form) were hell bent on taking out the sombrero wearing ink-pushing bandit from Revesby. Suffice to say, the scribe blazed away with his 6-iron to ward off the attack!  The scribe contacted the police and requested they issue a BOLO (Be-On-the-Look-Out) for the goose leader, whose description was dark feathered and bald-headed, bit like Yul Brynner 🙁


Ryan Cassin def Claude Poletti 1up

Cliff Bourquin def Frank Saify 3&2

Graham Dean def  Mick McCarney 7&6

Adam Giltinan def John McDonald 8&7

Joy Mesuria def Ken Little 1up

George Lattouf def Ken Harris 4&3

Steph Suzor def Shane Thorn 1up

Allen Foster def John Varrica 4&2


Revesby results on the day brought to you by










Outright Winner: Adam Giltinan [12]    41 pts

A Grade Winner:  Ryan Cassin [14]      36 pts

B Grade Winner:  Graham Dean [20]      37 pts

C Grade Winner:  George Ostermann [24] 35 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:    Gary Buckley [14]    34 pts  c/b


A Grade:  Frank Saify [13]   23 pts

B Grade:  Ian Lindberg [19]  22 pts  c/b

C Grade:  John McDonald [29] 21 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  G.Dean(3), G.Buckley(7), C.Poletti(11), P.White(13), M.McCarney(15)

Drive & Pitch:  P.White(5)




Is it deja-vu, am I sounding like a broken record player or am I suffering from writer’s stutter, are we really back again at Macarthur Grange golf obstacle course for another bone-jarring adventure across the rolly-polly concrete fairways in run-away electric carts without suspension and brakes?

It must be true, because my physio is all smiles at the moment as I visit the bank seeking a loan to payoff his bills 🙁

Today saw 27 players arrive on time (well, actually 26) for a single stableford event, which got underway at 7:15am from split tees with prefer-through-the-green being the local rule.  In addition, the 1st round of the Single Match Play Championship started.

The course looked the same as last week (I’m sure it wasn’t a dream) and the weather was surprisingly balmy, with many commenting on how much warmer it was than expected.  Well, if it was dream, it quickly turned into a real nightmare 🙁

A cool, dry south-westerly wind started to pick up as the rising Sun remained hidden behind the clouds.  As the minutes passed, the temperature kept dropping and within half an hour, players were shivering from the wind chill generated by the fast moving, windshield-less carts 🙁

After nine holes, the Sun finally broke through the shackles of the clouds to radiate its invigorating warmth to the cold-weary players.   Unfortunately, the wind went into over-drive and blasted the players with 30 knot gales 🙁

Just trying to stand in the wind and keep your hat on was hard enough, but keeping one’s balance whilst trying to swing was a lottery.  Presenting your back to the wind was like a sail in a yacht.

Some holes were nestled behind hills to provide respite from the strong winds, but most players were finding it tough and uncomfortable with the conditions and were focussed on one thing only, get back to the clubhouse a.s.a.p. 🙁

With all score cards submitted, the players recovered inside the clubhouse, generating much needed warmth from all the hot air of their tall tales out on the course 🙂

Statistically, only two players (7%) bettered 36 points today, with CCR set to 33 points.

The Outright Winner was Steph Suzor with 39 points.

Steph’s round today was head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Used his 3-wood very well from the tee and whilst his iron play was not too good, he recovered well with his chipping and was “par-excellence” with the putter.  Only had two wipes in the difficult conditions and easily took account of Luis Tasaico 5&4 in the match play!

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with 37 points.

Another good performance from Revesby’s fearless leader, it’s his fourth A-grade win of the year, so should be pleased with his consistency and effort.

Drove well in the windy conditions and recovered well around the greens and worked hard in his match play to win 2&1 against the tough Ronnie Knebusch.

The B Grade winner was Luis Tasaico with 32 points.

May have lost his match play against Steph Suzor, but still toughed it out on his new titanium knee, so it was only fitting he was rewarded for his effort.  Surprised to win, he put it down to keeping both feet on the ground in the strong wind and not having to put up with George Lattouf’s “kneedling” 🙂

The C Grade winner was John McDonald with 35 points.

An experienced “bad weather” campaigner, John easily kept his ball under the wind with his low trajectory drives and putts (equally both as long).  The strong gale force wind was no match against his low centre-of-gravity body, it was a case of the irresistible force succumbing to the immovable object.

John weathered a strong charge in the match play from Steve Vaughn, who amassed 21 points on the first nine to go 4up, only to score seven points and five wipes on the last nine to allow John to win 2&1 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Shane Thorn with 35 points.

Horses for courses, Shane used his intimate knowledge of his home track to squeeze out points from this unwilling course in ungodly conditions.

A good performance with his handicap, but his match play against the novice, Peter Davis, was a very tight affair, with Shane winning just one up.

Peter put up a very credible and staunch defence, but Shane’s experience won through. The course may be very dry and weathered, but Shane’s throat will be very wet and smooth for the rest of the week 🙂



The fog of political correctness (PC) has now prevented the scribe from using pejorative terms to players who exhibit golfing disabilities.

Any disparaging word or thought expressing a negative connotation, low opinion, or lack of respect just to get a cheap laugh is to cease immediately 🙁

Hang on, the Bradman winner is, by definition, any handicapped golfer who plays like a baboon (not a monkey, as there may be evolutionary questions raised).

In which case, the Bradman winners are exempt from PC constraints 🙂

The following three Bradmans are to be sent to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation for suspected terror-bull acts on a golf course!


BRADMAN Winners:

A Grade: Mick McCarney [16] 19 pts

B Grade: Mathew Campbell [20] 22 pts

C Grade: Ken Harris [25] 28 pts

Nearest To Pins: K.Little(2), A.Giltinan(5), N.Obody(8), G.Lattouf(15), F.Saify(17)

Drive & Pitch: J.Varrica(1)

Single Match Play Results:

Ryan Cassin    bye

Ken Little     bye

Cliff Bourquin bye

George Lattouf bye


Claude Poletti def Wayne Coleman 5&4

Graham Dean def Matthew Campbell 4&3

Mick McCarney def Gary Buckley (absent)

Joy Mesuria def Rossco Hamer 5&4

Steph Suzor def Luis Tasaico 5&4

Shane Thorn def Peter Davis 1up

Frank Saify def Brian Craven 2&1

John McDonald def Steve Vaughn 2up

Adam Giltinan def Phil White 2up

Ken Harris def Jeff Hilder 3&2

Allen Foster def Mark McDonald 2up

John Varrica def Ronnie Knebusch 2&1


  1. Best score on the day was Steph Suzor with a mighty 39 points!
  2. Frank Saify hit his tee shot on the par3 17th to 10cm (4 inches) from the hole (not an eagles nest hole). He managed to sink that putt. He also drove the par4 16th hole, but he 4-putted that one!


1.Matt Campbell may have won the Bradmans today, but he did something even worse than that! What could be worse you ask? He went to the wrong golf course, he showed up at Bankstown 🙁

2.It was only fitting he got the Bradmans today!Mick McCarney (another Bradman) had a shocker today, he even managed to putt his ball off the green on the par3 8th hole. His frustration was taken out on his clubs, which the scribe was told merited a 6 out of ten on the helicopter twirly-whirly scale (1 – no spin, 10 – spinning so fast it actually gains lift like a real helicopter).

3.Rossco Hamer (almost a Bradman, the count-back saved him) is a true exponent of the twirly-whirly and was reported to have thrown one into the wind today that reached the scale of 11 out of 10, that’s right, it spun so much it came back and hit him 🙂






It’s back to Macarthur Cringe golf course, whoops, that slipped out, I mean, Macarthur Grange golf course, for the annual charity shield challenge between the Rabbitohs and Roosters.

Hang on, I’ve got the NRL round for next week in front of me, let me look it up on the internet, R..E..V..E..S..B..Y M..E..N..S (I’m kinda slow on the keyboard) G..O..L..F C..L..U..B

Come on internet, hurry up, I’ve got a deadline to meet!

Phew! I’ve got it, I’ve got it!

It’s the annual charity challenge match between Revesby Workers and Bankstown Sports (the host), with the hosting club choosing the charity to which the raised funds will be donated.

The challenge today will depend on nine 2-man Ambrose teams from each club, with each team earning one point for winning their match (based on the 18-hole nett score).

Past memories of the course from two months ago were bad, not because of the layout, but because of its condition, in particular, the once pristine couch fairways now showing the symptoms of severe dehydration, with many dead or bare patches visible.

The ground was rock hard with many ruts, so whilst the ball may run forever, traversing the sloping course in electric carts (hopefully, with working brakes) with little to no suspension would prove to be an agonising journey, so expect a few to have sore backs or arses after the round 🙁

Today’s 2-man Ambrose event got underway at 7:30am from split tees with prefer-through-the-green being the local rule and six tee-shots-selected as the minimum from each player.

Speed of play was good, though some holes held up play considerably, because players were often waiting for the green to be cleared before hitting their second shot to the many short par5s or before launching their drive on the short par4 6th hole.

Fortunately, the course overall was a little bit greener than two months ago, with the greens well watered and maintained. Being large, grainy and undulating greens, putting well here is often the key to success.

With all score cards submitted, the players lounged on the clubhouse verandah with cool ale in hand. It took some time for the cards to be processed before the results were finally announced:

2018 Charity Challenge Winner
Revesby Workers (5) defeated Bankstown Sports (4)

Congratulations to Revesby and many thanks to the players from both clubs for the great camaraderie and the good sportsmanship shown on the day.

Special thanks must go to Bankstown Sports President, Neville Keeley and Bankstown Sports committee for organising the event today. It was a great success and Revesby eagerly look forward to defending the shield next year 🙂

The outright winners and runners up from each club were:


Bankstown Sports
Outright: Jim Gardner [11] & Scott Bates [24] 63¼ nett (count-back)
Runners Up: Robert Goodall [15] & Victor Kapruziak [16] 63¼ nett



Revesby Workers
Outright: Wayne Coleman [13] & Graham Dean [20] 56¾ nett
Runners Up: John Varrica [11] & Phil Kilazoglou [16] 61¼ nett

The Bradman winners for each club were:
Bankstown Sports
Mark Dimond [17] & Bill Leslie [21] 71½ nett

Revesby Workers
Shane Thorn [8] & Allen Foster [20] 67 nett (count-back)

Nearest To Pins:
P.Brennan(2), J.Gardner(5), G.Dean(8), S.Waters(13), K.James(15), M.Campbell(17)
Drive & Pitch:

Match Results:
John Varrica & Phil Kilazoglou (61¼) def Jim Gardner & Scott Bates (63¼)
Ken Little & George Lattouf (62) def Robert Goodall & Victor Kapruziak (63¼)

Shane Thorn & Allen Foster (67) lost John Soo & Col Gallagher (64½)
Wayne Coleman & Graham Dean (56¾) def Mark Dimond & Bill Leslie (71½)

Cliff Bourquin & Brian Craven (65½) def Parrish McMahon & Peter Brennan (67½)
Mick McCarney & Mark McDonald (67) lost Steve Toogood & Bob Toogood (66¼)

Joy Mesuria & Steve Vaughn (65¼) lost Stuart Waters & Peter Toogood (64¾)
Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs (65¾) def Geoff Redmile & Kevin James (66)

Claude Poletti & Jeff Hilder(absent) lost Neville Watson & Neville Keeley

1. Best score on the day was the team of Wayne Coleman and Graham Dean who shot 65 scratch (5-under par) for a nett score of 56¾.

Wayne has been in good form all year and Macarthur Grange is one course he excels on (he won A-grade last time here). On the other hand, Graham Dean, is like that horse, Chautauqua, you never know whether he will start from the barrier 🙂

They teamed very well today with Graham leading from the tees with his straight drives and Wayne capitalising with good irons and putts. Wayne (Mr. Panadol) must have had a calming influence on the more focussed Graham, because they sure as hell blew the opposition away 🙂

2. Longest putt ever witnessed.
Discounting Revesby’s Vice-President, John McDonald (who has been known to putt from 100 metres away), today saw the team of Rob Goodall and Victor Kapruziak on the front edge of the green on the par4 4th hole (the hour-glass green) with a putt measuring 49.1 metres (161 feet) by laser range-finder.

With the scribe and George Lattouf standing next to the flag thinking their opponents will be lucky to 3-putt from that distance, they were flabbergasted to see Rob stroke his left-to-right breaking putt to 2-feet from the hole for a tap-in. It was an amazing putt!

3. Wayne Higgs may get a little confused on the course, because sometimes he ends up playing billiards when his chips starts hitting opponents balls and knocking them in the hole.

But his driving is never confusing, its damn the torpedoes, full-speed ahead.
He smoked his drive to 12-feet from the hole on the par4 16th hole!

4. So Revesby won the challenge by one point. But which victory was the most critical?

It would have to go to the team of Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs, who were four shots behind with three holes to go. After driving the par4 16th, Wayne two-putted for a birdie and this was followed by Matt sinking a birdie putt on the par3 17th.

Matt’s sixth-tee-shot selected was left to the last hole, so the pressure was on for him to perform. Wayne was biting his finger nails, or whats left of them, and the Gods were smiling, because Matt got one safely away.

They managed to get a safe par five, so it was left to their opponents to sink a 2-foot putt for a bogey six and victory for Bankstown Sports. But their opponents missed the putt and ended up with a double-bogey seven and a victory to Revesby by a ¼ of a stroke!!!!!!!

Phew! That was close, indeed 🙂

1. Mark McDonald’s opponents were about to give up looking for their ball on the par3 15th when he found it for them. Naturally, Mark’s good Samaritan effort was well rewarded when his opponents won the match play by one shot 🙁

2. Worst score was a triple bogey eight on the par5 9th hole. Yep, the team of Mark McDonald and Mick McCarney elected to hit their second shot out of the trench, actually, there was no choice for Mick because his partner was missing in action from the tee. They got out of the trench alright, but hit the next in the trees, the fourth rolled off the green into a bunker, then out of the bunker followed by a 3-putt.

What can I say, from trench to stench 🙁

3. Allen Foster (Bradman winner) best described his driving today:
“I was straight when I was cold, and crooked when warm”.

His forlorn playing partner, Shane Thorn, said he should have brought a large Esky for his partner 🙁

4. Who was the only person to reach their six-tee-shot quota on the last hole?
Yes, it was Matt Campbell. And how important was it? Very! Their team won the match on the last hole by a ¼ of a stroke!

15-JULY-2018: Bankstown GC – 2BBB Stableford


It’s hard to believe just three months ago we saw bushfires near Menai a few kilometres away, and today, we now see Mr.Jack Frost come out to play, a cool dude wearing double-glazed glasses with a crunching handshake that leaves fingers tingling with numbness 🙁

With the temperature a comatose one degree Celsius and the Sun yet to peak itself over the horizon, it wasn’t surprising to see only 24 players show up and all rugged up to combat the challenging Bankstown golf course in a 2-Ball Better-Ball (2BBB) event.

The usual verdant greens and fairways were now temporarily covered in a white blanket of ice, and the holes were cut in the dastardly evil location “A” on each green.  Grrr and Brrr could be heard from the muffled moans as players assembled on the 10th hole (yellow tees) for the 7am start.

With players getting taller by the minute (from the ice building up under the shoes) and their balls beginning to freeze (well, everyone had their hands in their pockets and they sure as hell weren’t feeling cocky), the race was on to get out of the start block to find the Sun.

The first few holes were tortuous, with many players succumbing to frost-bitten fingers and toes, the pain or prickling progressing to numbness and the golf swing starting to disconnect and disintegrate 🙁

Just like the besieged town of Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge in World War 2, the Sun eventually came out just in time to save the battling troops from total annihilation.  For most, the warmth returned the blood and oxygen to the vital extremities connecting body to club whilst for others, it was too late, their mind and body had gone into a state of stupor and were medically golf dead 🙁

Eventually, the ice hockey game concluded, with many players still thawing out and bruised from the many falls on the rink.  CCR freezing point for individual scores was 32 points.


The outright winners were Ryan Johnston and Paul Dawkins with a warm score of 45 points.

Both are products of the Greg Bailey Reform School of Delinquent Golfers and their team work today was as synchronised as a Swiss watch, with Ryan and Paul amassing 28 and 34 points, respectively.

It was good to see Ryan back from the wilderness (his last win was over a year ago at Hurstville) and Paul bouncing back (yet again) from the Bradman trampoline.  They may have chipped and putted well, but their team work was worthy of an Olympic gold performance 🙂

The Runners Up were Steve Vaughn and Claude Poletti with a mild score of 42 points (count-back).

A strong pair with a healthy dose of handicap insulation, they managed to break through the pain barrier and claim a win, with Steve and Claude scoring 32 and 28 points, respectively.  Another case of good team work overcoming erratic individual efforts, though the putter cured a few sins 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Frank Saify and Noel Connolly with a mild 42 points.

A welcome return from the big man saw Big Noel amass 31 points in the big cold.  Whilst Frank scored a lowish 26 points, they both managed well their short game with the chipper and putter to avoid disasters.

For the pair who stayed straight, steered clear, you can now wet your throats with free beer 🙂

The Bradmans went to a pair who must have a genetic disposition for inglorious greatness!

Yes, indeed, the Backs are back.  Both Rob Back (20 points) and Les Back (19 points) took out the Bradmans with a Mariana Trench (the lowest known natural point on Earth) 2BBB score of 28 points 🙁

Whilst good from the tee, they were terrible around the greens and their putting was woeful!  Looks like its back to the golf drawing board for both of them 🙁



  1. Best 2BBB score was 45 points by Ryan Johnston & Paul Dawkins.
  2. John Varrica took out four of the five NTPs today, whilst a Coleman took out the remaining NTP and drive&pitch.
  3. Normally, Graham Dean is odds-on favourite to get the Bradmans at Bankstown. Whilst he did not get the Bradman today, he was, technically, last today!Huh?  Well, his alarm clock didn’t go off, so he arrived at the course too late to start!
  4. Have you ever hit bad shots and never got rewarded? Well Kila must be bordering on Sainthood! Playing the par4 10th (our first hole), Kila hit his drive straight about 220 metres and proceeded to pull his next shot into the front left hand bunker.  The third shot stayed in the bunker, but the next bunker shot when into the hole for par. He followed this up on the par4 1st hole (our tenth) when he drove into the trees on the left.  He then shanked the ball out and duffed the next shot short of the green.  He used a 6-iron to pitch and run and saw it go into the hole for par 🙂 Bless you my Son 🙂


  1. Have you ever been asked by a playing partner for toilet paper whilst out on the course? Well, George Lattouf did exactly that on the par3 11th (our second hole played). Lacking a positive response from his playing partners, George scrummaged through his bag and quickly ran off behind the local native flora nearby.  Upon his return, he hit his tee shot out of his arse, it was a beauty, and he quickly walked towards the green! The following group arrived at the tee and straight away, Phil White could be heard muttering out loudly about the “dead dog” smell at the tee 🙁
  2. It may have been cold, but the scribe’s game wasn’t all what its cracked up to be until he noticed the ball he was using on the last green. Not only was his game falling apart, so was the ball he was using on the last two holes, it had a whopping big crack 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winners:  Ryan Johnston [16] & Paul Dawkins [32]  45 pts

Runners Up:        Steve Vaughn [22] & Claude Poletti [22] 42 pts c/b

GUZZLERS CUP:      Frank Saify [15] & Noel Connelly [22] 42 pts

BRADMANS:          Rob Back [21] & Les Back [20] 28 pts

Nearest To Pins:  T.Coleman(3), J.Varrica(7), J.Varrica(11), J.Varrica(13), J.Varrica(15)

Drive & Pitch: W.Coleman(5)


8-July-2018: Campbelltown GC – Single Stableford


It’s now the middle of winter and today’s game was a single stableford event at Campbelltown golf course.

Only 23 players arrived to an empty car park for a 7am start, which was a good omen for a quick game.

The course looked in good condition from a distance, whilst the practice putting green was smooth and well grassed, the best its ever been as a matter of fact.  Only one problem, it was bloody fast!

On top of that, the scribe overheard a member, near the practice putting green, talk about the difficult pin positions, with every hole cut either deep left or right or behind bunkers on slopes, a legacy of the pennant matches played the day before 🙁

Hmmm, it was going to be another hard day at the office 🙁

Play commenced from the 1st tee (white markers) and prefer on fairways only was the local rule.

The weather was coolish and wind beginning to pick up from the west with expectations it will be gusting strongly (around 25 km/h) later on in the morning.

Egads, super-fast greens, difficult pin positions and now strong winds, guess I should have stayed in bed 🙁

The dry spell of late had not degraded the course, with bunkers in good condition and fairways reasonably grassed and very firm, and in some places, too firm with the wind blowing the ball downhill off the fairways, through the thin rough and into water hazards 🙁

Oh my God, what other spanner can the gods throw at us?  Yep, you guessed it, those marauding thieves of the sky, Crows 🙁

Fortunately, play was reasonably fast with most players finishing their rounds before running out of golf balls or patience or both!

Most players thought the course was tough today, with chipping from above the hole impossible to get near and greens too tortuous to putt on, with hands getting more jittery as the greens dried out and the wind got stronger.  Poor judgement of pace on long putts and break on short putts was the downfall of many, with multiple 3-putts during the round the norm 🙁

With all score-cards in, it wasn’t surprising to find a large number of players with poor scores.

Statistically, only one player (4%) scored 36 points or more.

The Outright Winner was Frank Saify with 37 points.

It was the standout round on the day, head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Playing in the strong wind today didn’t bother the westerner, as he was weened on the Fremantle Doctor, which to him is just a zephyr.  A gusto performance 🙂

The A Grade winner was Phil White with 32 points.

It pays to be a regular attendee at the Monthly meetings, he has won the free game voucher three months in a row!

His luck stayed with him today when his lowish score was rewarded with a win.  It was a game full of mistakes, but but not as many as the other A-graders.  A fault-lesser performance 🙂

The B Grade winner was Mark McDonald with 31 points (count-back).

His third B-grade win of the year, it must be encouraging to know when the going gets tough, Mark now gets going, even if the conditions don’t suit his game.

Improved mind set developed over the many Fridays of mental torture at the Georges River golf academy has kept him in good stead.  A graduating performance 🙂


The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with 34 points.

In good form of late, wanted to prove he was not just a 2BBB or 4BBB specialist (well, he is the 2018 4BBB Champion with Ronnie Knebusch), and finally broke through with his first individual win this year after taking out the Guzzlers last week at Rosnay.

Keeping the ball in play and an improved short game has been the key to his success.  A champion-like performance 🙂


The Guzzlers winner was Glen Blades with 33 points.

No surprise here, this is his third C-grade win this year (as well as Antill Park and Bankstown), and did I forget to mention his previous two outright wins at Campbelltown this year!

Talk about horses for courses, we will need to add an extra 5KG on his buggy to have any chance in future 🙂

He’s smarter than the average bear when it comes to course management, it was just a pic-a-nic with no boo-boos!  A Yogi Bear like performance 🙂




BRADMAN Winners:

Revesby’s resident speleologist has recommended today’s Bradman winners be swept away into deep caves and left to rot with the bat guano and spores.  No international rescue team will be called as assistance is futile 🙁

They were Ryan Cassin (25 pts on a count-back), Jeff Hilder (24 pts) and Paul Dawkins (25 pts) for A, B and C Grade, respectively.

The fast greens and strong winds may have hurt Ryan’s and Jeff’s games, but Dawko had a different excuse.

When Dawko was asked by the scribe to explain his sudden downfall from winner last week to the abyss today, his stoic response was: “it’s lonely at the top“.

However, deep sources can reveal the root cause of his loneliness was sciatica 🙁


Lowlights of the day:

All submissions declined as there were too many with the same lowlight.

Let’s just say most sounded like they were riding a motor-scooter (putt-putt-putt-putt) or eating Smiths Crisps at home (too many chips everywhere) 🙁


HIGHLIGHTS of the Day:

1.Best round by far was Frank Saify with 37 points.

2.Well, the secondary eagles nest on the par3 12th hole (127 metres) went off today!

With 75% of the full jackpot on offer, the second last group, comprising John Varrica, Phil White, George Lattouf and Brian Craven, had hit their tee shots unsure of where their balls had finished, though the best looking tee shot had come from John Varrica’s 9-iron.

As the fellas approached the green, the surprise and glee could be heard on the adjacent par4 11th hole when the last group heard yells of “You’ve got it, you’ve got it“.

Sure enough, John Varrica’s tee shot ended up 15cm from the hole 🙂

What can I say, the four players found the experience very enriching 🙂

By the way, the nervous and fiscally frugal pair of George Lattouf and Phil White waited behind the green to observe the final group have their tee shots.

Both nearly had a heart-attack when one of the last group’s tee shot went straight at the flag and landed one metre in front of the hole and slowly saw it roll towards the hole.

Their collective gasp of horror blew the ball sideways away from the hole just out of range of the eagles nest 🙂

3.After grabbing the Eagles Nest, John Varrica was temporarily in a dream-state on cloud nine. He played the next hole, the par5 13th hole, like a Zombie.

He hit his tee shot right into a concrete water channel inside the water hazard.

He then hit the ball sitting in water off the concrete back onto the fairway.

He thinned his third shot with an 8-iron and saw the ball hit the wood on top of the concrete water channel in front of the green, and saw it ricochet backwards 30 metres.

He again thinned his fourth shot and saw the ball hit the wood atop the concrete channel and watched it ricochet 50 metres backwards to the left.

He chipped his fifth shot into the hole for par 🙂

Yes, it was ugly, but true!

4.Mark McDonald is renowned for mis-reading his clubs (you know, hitting a Lob instead of a 7-iron or hitting a 6 instead of a 9-iron).

Well, today Mark was looking at the eagles nest par3 12th hole (127 metres) when he felt the wind blowing and whilst facing the hole, he asked his playing partners behind him whether he was hitting into the wind.

Without turning around and hearing no reply, Mark assumed it was into the wind and selected his 7-iron for the 127 metre hole.

Mark crunched the shot and saw the ball fly over the green and into the trees behind and found a water hazard 🙁

Perplexed and pleased at how well he had hit the ball into the wind, Mark was aghast to find out on further query that no one had heard his question and that everyone had hit a 9-iron because the hole was playing DOWNWIND 🙂

5.Rossco Hamer hit his second shot left on the long par4 11th hole, only to see the ball disappear into the rock wall near the green. That’s right, INTO, not over.

Not trusting his eyes, Rossco hit a provisional, only to see a solitary crow go after it.  Using all the air in his lungs, he screamed at the crow with his Osmium-penetrating (its the densest metal) voice and told it where to go – quite successfully too!

As Rossco approached the rock wall in search of his first ball, he went to a small gap in the rocks and sure enough, there was his ball, inside the wall!

The scribe wasn’t surprised, anything can happen when you hit the ball like Rossco HAMMER (literally) 🙂

6.Speaking of crows, Steve Vaughn walked from the par3 14th green to the par4 10th tee and warned the scribe that he had a personally trained crow circling the par4 11th hole and he had taught it to pick up balls and drop them back at his place.

The scribe nodded and listened courteously and thought Steve was just having one of his quirky rationalisations to explain his ball loss from poor play 🙂

Well, you guessed it, the scribe lost his ball to that solitary crow on the next hole.

The scribe wasn’t too concerned because he knew where to find his ball, back at Steve’s place 🙂


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Frank Saify [14]   37 pts

A Grade Winner:  Phil White [11]    32 pts

B Grade Winner:  Mark McDonald [20] 31 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [26]    34 pts

Guzzler’s Cup:   Glen Blades [26]   33 pts


A Grade:         Ryan Cassin [14]   25 pts c/b

B Grade:         Jeff Hilder [17]   24 pts

C Grade:         Paul Dawkins [32]  25 pts

Nearest To Pins:

K.Harris(4), N.Obody(6), J.Varrica(12), G.Blades(14), J.Mesuria(17)

Drive & Pitch:



1-JULY-2018: Auburn GC – Single Stableford + 4BBB Final + BBQ


A placid Winter’s day welcomed twenty eight (28) Revesby golfers to the geriatric-friendly Auburn Public Golf Course to play a single stableford event in conjunction with the 4BBB Final Matchplay, and more importantly, followed by the salivating induced barbecue (BBQ) organised by Revesby’s Social Secretary, Colonel Ryan Cassin, the finger-licking, chicken-plucking assassin 🙂

The long dry spell of weather this year has been kind to Auburn, with the course and greens in very good condition.  The practice putting green was well grassed, smooth and fast. The game started at 7:43am from the tenth tees (yellow tees).   Naturally, the vanguard group was led by Cassin’s Heroes, a motley crew of Crooks, sorry, I mean Cooks (Freudian slip), whose feats go beyond ordinary espionage and sabotage.  Led by The Assassin (Executive Chef), the cooking team comprised Rossco Hamper, the Sous Chef, specialist in carrying the food (naturally), saucier and grilling (even at monthly meetings and AGMs) followed by the Garde-Manger and Rotisseurs, Paul Daube-kins and Jeff Huile-der 🙂

The second group was the 4BBB matchplay final (Ken Harris/Ron Knebusch versus Ken Little/George Lattouf), so expectation for a fast round was low. Fortunately, the weather was mild and as the day wore on, it got warmer and more comfortable for golf, and the pace of play was reasonably fast. The players were happy with the course conditions today, however, majority had problems around the greens, particularly with chipping from the short, patchy Kikuyu fringe around the greens.  The greens were two-paced, with some much faster than others 🙁

After the round, the players quickly congregated around the BBQ area, watching and smelling the food being cooked. Most started out consuming the tasty feta & tomato bruschetta and followed up devouring the cooked sausages and chicken kebabs, with plenty of rolls and salad on hand. With beer and soft drink freely available, the players reactions to the BBQ was terrific, and in this regard, Bravo Zulus must go to the chief organiser, Ryan Cassin, and his stalwart cooks, Rossco Hamer, Paul Dawkins and Jeff Hilder for doing a tremendous job.  It was a five-finger-licking effort, fellas 🙂

The scores on the whole were not high, with only 29% of players (8 out of 28) playing to or better than handicap today.  For the small group who did play well, the handicapper gleefully set the CCR to 38 points.

The outright winner was Joy Mesuria with a very good score of 41 points (count-back).

Hmmm, what’s going on here, the Captain is not succumbing to the pressures of captaincy?  It’s his second outright win of the year (the last was at Bankstown in February), so what was his secret today? Played well from the tee and recovered well, when needed.  His chipping and putting was very good.  Oh, by the way, he has been practising during the week! Your hard work was definitely well rewarded today 🙂

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with a solid 38 points.

Hit the ball straight and long today, sank a few good putts, but more importantly, chipped very well. His second A-grade win of the year plus a Guzzlers, John has been fairly consistent all year, but his good short game is what keeps his game together, especially on courses with heaps of trees to curse ones game. A solid performance with a pleasing result 🙂

The B Grade winner was Rob Back with a good score of 40 points. 

A newcomer to the club, Rob has garnered a winning performance on the back of steady play from tee to green, grabbing a birdie on the way. Looked a bit like Gary player today, dressed in all black, but I guess you can say, Black is BACK! Asked whether he’s good enough to win again, Rob quoted The Terminator: “I’ll be BACK” I’m sure there’s a sequel in the making 🙂

The C Grade winner was Paul Dawkins with a good score of 40 points.

Could have won outright today, had he not wiped the first (10th) and last (9th) holes. With cooking chores to follow and with a dicky arm, Paul elected to leave his driver out of the bag today. Staying out of trouble from the tees, he took advantage of good chipping and putting to amass his many points. Good chipping did you say?  Yep, Paul swears his chipping has improved after reading a book by Alex Mercer on how social golfers should chip 🙂  And no, he doesn’t have the braille edition! A fitting reward for your studious performance 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Ken Harris with a sound score of 39 points.

First individual trophy of the year, his performance today was much better than his score suggests.  Played many good tee shots and was very solid with his chipping and putting.  Just a few lapses cost him dearly. It’s a reward he will definitely take advantage of 🙂

The Bradmans went to players who the cooks are now preparing for rabbit stew:

The Bradman scores today were Cliff Bourquin (29 pts), Jim Close (22 pts) and Gary McMahon (28 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Cliff went Missing-In-Action (literally), Jim (aka Mr Incredible) was sacked from his super-hero job and Gary had no idea where the ball was going from the tee (up, down, left or right) 🙁

4BBB Matchplay Final:

It was down to the last two teams in the final race for glory, namely, the heroic team of Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris (hooray) versus the despicable and dastardly team of George Lattouf & Ken Little (boos).  The heroic team already had two Runners-Up wins in 2BBB events this year, so were well prepared for the onslaught.  With Ken Big receiving 13 shots and Ronnie 9 shots in the matchplay, and George (boos) only one shot on the second last hole, it was going to be a tough nut to crack for the despicable and dastardly team. The heroic team led from the first hole and after getting back to square after three holes, the heroic team clicked up a gear and never looked back.

Ken Big was the biggest hero on the day, with Ronnie kicking in on the holes his partner fell asleep.  Their teamwork was too hard to crack, with birdies and pars from the baddies not good enough to win holes. The match ended 3and2, with the heroic team the clear victors (hooray)!

Congratulations Ken and Ronnie for winning the 2018 4BBB Matchplay Championship, it was well deserved 🙂

Commiserations to George and Ken for coming second, it was very good teamwork throughout the Championship that got you there, so close, yet so far!

Highlights to report:

1.Best score was 41 points by Joy Mesuria.

2.John Varrica hit a 5-iron for safety on the hardest hole (par4 15th), only to see his ball hit a small tree trunk and ricochet further into the trees. Playing safely out onto the fairway for safety, he was faced with 220 metres to the flag for his third shot.  He decided to risk hitting a driver off the deck and saw the ball fly low and fast towards the green. Not sure where it had finished, John kept walking towards the green and eventually saw it had finished one foot from the hole, a tap-in putt for par 🙂


Lowlights to Report:

1.The greens were two-paced, but some players succumbed to the dreaded 4-putts, namely: Allen Foster on the par3 6th hole and Phil White on the par5 2nd hole 🙁

2.Another air-swing to report. Still no vaccine to this dreaded disease! Kila had one on the par5 12th hole. He hit his tee shot right into the trees. His ball was lying very close to the front of the tree trunk, with no way to address the ball normally. In his defence, he played the next shot left-handed with the club-face inverted.

His practice swing was excellent, sadly, the next shot was all air 🙁

3.Have you ever received a ball for a nearest-the-pin hole and couldn’t remember which hole you did it on? Well, the scribe got one today and was looking quizzically at the ball trying to remember the hole he had hit such a good shot! It wasn’t his poor memory at fault, it was because the ball actually belonged to Ken Big, not Ken Little! Yes, Ken Big had to use pliers to wrench the ball out of his fingers 🙁

Results on the day:

2018 4BBB Matchplay Championship Final:  Ronnie Knebusch[19]/Ken Harris[26] def Ken Little[13]/George Lattouf[14]  3and2


Outright:  Joy Mesuria [18]  41 pts  c/b

A Grade:  John Varrica [11]  38 pts

B Grade:  Rob Back [p21]     40 pts

C Grade:  Paul Dawkins [34]  41 pts

GUZZLER:  Ken Harris [26]    39 pts

BRADMANS:       A Grade:  Cliff Bourquin [15] 29 pts    B Grade:  Jim Close [p18]     22 pts    C Grade:  Gary McMahon [23]   28 pts

Nearest To Pins: J.Varrica(2), R.Back(6), J.Mesuria(9), P.Kilazoglou(10), K.Harris(13), J.Mesuria(16)

Drive & Pitch:  J.Varrica(14)

17-JUN-2018: Bankstown GC-Single Stableford+4BBB Matchplay Rnd 3


Today sees a single stableford event in conjunction with the third round of the 4BBB Matchplay Championships, with only four 4BBB teams remaining out of the original 16 teams.

Winter has finally kicked in and the frigid air of Bankstown golf course greeted 27 would-be Antarctic explorers.  For some, today’s expedition may end up like Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s journey to the South Pole in 1912 🙁

Speaking of cold, did you know that shivering is a protective response from the body to produce heat through muscular activity? Why is it so?

It’s all about CORE body temperature, once it goes below 35°C (95°F), hypothermia kicks in and the body starts to shutdown key organs (such as the heart and liver) and narrows blood vessels (called vasoconstriction) to preserve heat and protect the brain.

During exposure to cold temperatures, about 90% of body heat loss is through the skin as radiation, and the rest exhaled from the lungs.  If the heat loss is greater than the heat produced by the body for a prolonged period of time, hypothermia can occur.

Mild symptoms of hypothermia are shivering and mental confusion, which can hamper a person’s ability to understand what’s happening and make intelligent choices.

So when you bend over to make a 3-foot putt with your fingers frozen and shaking, and you’re unable to see the break and confused, you could be just suffering from mild hypothermia 🙁

To make matters worse, the practice putting and chipping green were lightning fast, sending a further shiver up everyone’s spine.  If that wasn’t enough, players were further tortured in the knowledge that the holes today were cut in the Anal quadrant (position “A”) on each green 🙁

Alas, the 6:46am hit off time from the tenth tee (yellow markers) meant the early groups would feel the biting cool air the most as the Sun slowly climbed its way above the trees.

The leading two groups comprised the 4BBB matchplay teams, so high expectations for a very fast round were null and void, particularly so if the game went to the wire 🙁

Play was slowish with no major bottlenecks on the course and the weather, once the Sun came out, turned out to be a mild Winter’s day.  The forecast for strong gusty winds later in the morning was spot on, with the latter groups experiencing the full might of the wind the most.

The consensus after the game was the course was the victor, with only one player playing to or bettering their handicap today.  CCR was a low 33 points.

The course could not be faulted, the fairways were very good, the bunkers well maintained and the greens smooth as silk and very fast 🙂

The outright winner today was Jim Close with a score of 38 points.

With shoulders as wide as a CinemaScope film, and a body akin to Mr. Incredible, this super-hero showed great strength, Dash and durability as he battled the tough conditions and came out smelling, not like a rose, but like a Violet.

Fortunately, he minimised collateral damage with his super power irons and avoided lawsuits that would have forced the Government to silently relocate him to another country (not again) 🙂

Has a swing as flexible as Elastigirl and a driver as powerful as a Jack-Jack hammer. His Drive&Pitch on the par4 5th hole was, dare I say it, very close Jim (or vice-a-versa)!

Just too strong and virtuous on the day, must be primed for a sequel this year 🙂

The A-grade winner today was George Lattouf with a score of 35 points.

Under the gun today with the 4BBB matchplay, he kept to his simple strategy of keeping the ball in play from the tee and using his irons and putter to do all the talking. When in trouble, he pulled out his trusty hybrid to play some magical shots to save the day for his team. Only occasionally let down by his under-strength putting, resulting in several 3-putts.  Fortunately, his partner pulled a rabbit out of the hat on these occasions.

A solid round with few mistakes that led to a good win in the 4BBB matchplay 🙂

The B-grade winner today was Mark McDonald with a score of 34 points.

That’s two B grade wins now, plus an outright win and a Guzzlers for the year, not a bad effort for the first half of the year.

Is the Friday Golf Academy at Georges River under the tutelage of George Lattouf actually having an impact on Mark’s game?  Its anathema to think that such wisdom and knowledge could actually exist and be imparted to someone else! Or could it be Mark has figured out how to hit the ball with less sideways spin? Based on what I have seen lately, I’m leaning towards the latter!

Another good effort under tough conditions 🙂

The C-grade winner today was Glen Blades with a score of 34 points.

A very steady player with a good short game and putter. With his partner, George Ostermann, they took on the A-graders (George Lattouf & Ken Little) in the 4BBB match play semi-final and came very close to knocking them off, losing on the second last hole to aberrant good shot-making from one of the opponents. Handled the pressure of matchplay well and maintained good course management throughout his game. May have lost the matchplay, but his individual performance was well rewarded 🙂

The Guzzlers winner today was Gary Buckley with a score of 34 points.

Recovering from a hand injury all year, Gary has been struggling with power and accuracy in his shot-making as well as the occasional lapse in putting. Must have found a cure or a workaround because he came out firing on all cylinders at a course that only a month ago rewarded him with a Bradmans. Lets hope the corner has turned and you no longer have a buckley’s chance of winning another trophy 🙂







The Bradman scores today were Ryan Cassin (28 pts), Allen Foster (23 pts) and John McDonald (19 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The scribe has only just finished pulling out all the barbs from his back after the last game’s performance, so is rather reluctant (or still flinching) to throw barbs at these poor chaps. Suffice to say, Ryan is hot and cold, Allen broke his Bradman’s virginity and John McDonald is John McDonald :-(`


1.Best score was Mr. Incredible (aka Jim Close) with 38 points.

2.Did you know we have a good Samaritan in the club. Whilst playing the par5 14th hole, Ken Harris saw in front of him a slow moving electric buggy traverse right-to-left across the fairway with no one in sight.  Ken ran after the buggy, caught it, disabled the motor and then did a 360 degree scan of the horizon for the owner, but no one was seen. The owner eventually showed up a minute later to retrieve the buggy, it came from the par4 4th green!

3.Ryan Cassin played his second shot to the par4 5th (Drive&Pitch) hole only to see his ball plug and bury into the sand high up on the front face. Tilting at almost 60 degrees, Ryan blasted the sand out like a true landscaper and saw his ball pop out onto the green 🙂 Only trouble was he hurt his back in the process 🙁

4.In the 4BBB matchplay, Ron Knebusch putted very well whilst his partner, Ken Harris, was rock solid from tee to green and combined well to smash Jeff Hilder and John McDonald 5&4.

When asked to explain their loss, Johnny Mac said “we were unlucky“. Hmm, let me see, Jeff Hilder scored 26 points and John McDonald scored 19 points, I think they were lucky 🙂


1.Ryan Cassin may have got the A grade Bradmans today on a count-back from Phil White, but Phil did his darndest to win it. He threw away a point when he picked up his ball next to the hole thinking he was out of points on the par5 14th and much later on, he played the wrong ball in the bunker for a 2-shot penalty. Playing a Callaway ball, he hit Steve Vaughn’s Taylor-made ball in the bunker. Asked to explain his mistake, Phil said “the blue dots on his ball had worn off“. Hmm, I don’t think that’s the only thing that has faded in the old fella 🙁

2.Did I mention the greens were very fast? Well, Graham Dean had 5-putts from 1.5 metres away on hole number 3 🙁 Was that the worst putting on the day?  Nope!

The scribe’s ball was at the bottom of the long par5 11th green with the hole at the top.  Having watched Glen Blades chip from behind the green and seen the ball stop half-way down, the scribe elected to quickly putt out whilst Glen walked to his ball. Unfortunately for the scribe, he stroked his long putt like a cover drive in cricket, and watched his ball smash into Glen’s ball on the green – a two shot penalty 🙁 The scribe took 3 more putts to hole out, making that six shots on the green 🙁


Revesby Individual results on the day:


Outright Winner:  Jim Close [p20]     38 pts


A Grade Winner:   George Lattouf [15] 35 pts

B Grade Winner:   Mark McDonald [20]  34 pts

C Grade Winner:   Glen Blades [26]    34 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:     Gary Buckley [14]   34 pts


A Grade:          Ryan Cassin [13]    28 pts c/b

B Grade:          Allen Foster [20]   23 pts

C Grade:          John McDonald [30]  19 pts

Nearest To Pins:

G.Blades(3), No.Body(7), J.Hilder(11), K.Little(13), R.Back(15)

Drive & Pitch:




Ron Knebusch/Ken Harris   def  Jeff Hilder/John McDonald    5&4


Ken Little/George Lattouf def George Ostermann/Glen Blades  2&1


Final to be played at Rosnay.