We had a glorious day for golf today and several players played very well with sub rounds.

I can only say the rest had tales of woe.

Highlight to day was Santo Sammarco having a great round with 77 off the stick and Nett 62.

Congratulations to Santo.

Dennis May had an Eagle on the 16th hole, well done.

Lows for the day were air swings were had by Dennis May and Steve Floyd their excuses was they were swatting flies.

No names mentioned for the many players who had double figure scores on some holes, you know who you are.


The results for the day are as follows.


Singles Event
Name Hcp Result Name
Outright Winner Santo Sammarco 15 62 A – Bradmans John Varrica
A Grade Winner Joy Mesuria 16 65 B – Bradmans Claude Poletti
B Grade Winner Rosco Hamer 22 64 C – Bradmans Bob Mallia
C Grade Winner Jeff Hilder 23 72
Guzzlers Cup Winner Dennis May 16 66

The Eagles Nest wasn’t won.

Next game is next week 7-3-2021 at Bankstown and 2nd round of the Championships.

Be there at 7:50 am.

Signing off

The Scribe.




Team Event
Names Hcp Result Names
Winners Jeff Hilder 23 75 Guzzlers Graham Dean        73
Pete Davis 25 Mick McCarney
Runners Up Gary Buckley 17 73 Bradmans Joy Mesuria           62
Allen Foster 21 Steve Floyd


Nearest the Pin 3 – Gary Buckley

Nearest the Pin 6 – Jeff Hilder

Nearest the Pin 9 –  John Varrica

Nearest the Pin 16 – Graham Dean


After last weeks wash out at Camden Lakeside we were able to complete todays 2B Aggregate with 27 players and 2 visitors.

The weather was very good today with temperatures and tempers being elevated.

The rough was longer than normal and could explain the moderate scores and frustrations shown by some players.

Several players lost balls by mysteriously disappearing in the long rough.

There would many a tale to be told.

Congratulations to Graham Dean on 3 Birdies and a great round of 43 points and returning to A Grade for the next round.

The 2B Aggregate winners with 75 points are Pete Davis & Jeff Hilder and congratulations to all other winners today.

Welcome to new members Craig Mellitchey  & Jay Krishna and we all look forward to seeing you at our next game.

Next round is next week at Campbelltown Golf Course 6:14 am and is the 1st Round of the Club Championships.

New members please note.

All new members who have completed 5 rounds ARE ELIGIBLE for the Club Championships.

Those who have just received their handicap will ONLY be eligible to play in the days event during the Championships.

Those new members playing for handicap are also welcome to play during this period.

Look forward to seeing everyone next game.

The Scribe.



The International Cup was contested today and I proud to announce the Internationals Won 8 – 4.

Full results are as follows:

Santo Sammarco Won 1 up from Ken Harris

John Varrica Won 4/3 from Terry Coleman

Dennis May All Square with Phil White

Claude Poletti Won 4/3 from Rosco Hamer

Jeff Hilder Won 4/3 from George Ostermann

Michael Kabalan 3/2 from Graham Dean

Steve Vaughn Won 1 up from Mick McCarney

George Lattouf Won 6/4 from Gary Buckley

Steve Floyd Won 6/4 from Cliff Bourquin

Luis Tasiaco Won 4/3 from Reece Merrick

Mark McSwiney Won 3/2 from Joy Mesuria

Mark McDonald All Square with Pete Davis

Commiserations to the Australians better luck next year.



The weather today was overcast without any rain falling and the course was in good condition.

Pat Collins (The Phantom or Zorro) with his mask stole the event with a very impressive 48 points.

Pat Welcome to B grade and if you repeat the same performance next game will see you in A grade.

Mark McSwiney also had another good round even after having his handicap cut to win A Grade.

Steve Floyd put in an improved performance for a B Grade win on C/B from Claude Poletti.

Luis Tasaico produced 39 points to Win C Grade

The guzzlers cup was won by an in form Claude Poletti with a great score of 42 points.

Don’t worry the handicapper has caught up with recent winners and don’t worry the trend will continue.

All the Burglars will eventual be caught?

Next game is at Camden Lakeside 14-2-2021 @ 9:00 am

Please let the Captain know if you are playing.


Signing off,

The Scribe and Handicapper – Steve Vaughn




Match Report 17-1-2021

The weather was excellent with a moderate breeze and the course was in good condition and the results are testimony to that.

Several players scored above the CCR of 40 points today and there were 2 exceptional of scores 48 points by Mark Mc Swiney and 45 points from Claude Poletti.

There were tales of misfortune and lack of concentration, in particular Steve Floyd had an air swing as if swatting a fly while trying to extricate his ball from the long rough on the 10 hole and on the 18th hole he threaded the needle and put his drive down on the bridge between the dams and then his second shot was topped and ended up in the dam with the result finally being a wipe.

Don’t worry Steve we have all experienced the same outcome throughout the other rounds.

Some players were on the green in regulation and still were unable to get that elusive birdie.

Pat Collins found a way around this by chipping in for his birdie.


The results for todays event is as follows.


Singles Event
Name Hcp Result Name
Outright Winner Mark McSwiney 19 48 A – Bradmans George Lattouf (16) 31 c/b from Dennis May (16) 31
A Grade Winner John Varrica 12 40 B – Bradmans Steve Vaughn (17) 28
B Grade Winner Claude Poletti 21 45 C – Bradmans Ken Harris (24) 26
C Grade Winner Luis Tasaico 27 42 Best Visitor Phil Heaton 97
Guzzlers Cup Winner Cliff Bourquin 18 41



Finally congratulations to all the winners and a big welcome  to Bob Mallia and Phil Heaton and we hope to see you at other games.

If you see anything that is funny or out of the ordinary please let me know so it can be mentioned in the report.

We also thank our sponsors today and in particular for supporting today’s event.


The Handicapper / Scribe



The weather was excellent with little breeze and the course was in excellent condition for our opening round for 2021.

Efforts of excellence were displayed by 2 individuals today.

Joy Mesuria successfully Birdied 3 holes in a row on holes 5,6 & 7 respectively and will be awarded a trophy for this effort.

Michael Kabalan had an Eagle on the 12th Hole for 5 points and also will receive a 3 balls for his effort.

The results were lower than those achieved in 2020 and this was due to the difficulty of the Brighton Lakes course layout.

The CCR was 36 today and only  small number achieved results better than the CCR.

A apology to Mick McCarney with his handicap being 22 when it was actually 18.

His card has been amended to reflect the correct result.


When marking of your ball on the green to clean it you must place your marker behind the ball before picking up.

Some players have been placing the marker in front or beside the ball and then the ball in placed in front of the marker upon replacement.

This is advancing the ball and not allowed.

This is an unacceptable practise and MUST cease.

The correct method for marking your ball on the green is normally behind the ball and this ensure that you don’t advance the ball when replaced.

The marker can be a tee, ball marker, putter, coin, poker chip or pitch repairer.

Please players  abide by the rules of golf to avoid confrontation on the course for these breaches.

I assure you every player has the right to confront a player who is breaching the rules of golf or report the matter to the match committee.


The results for todays event is as follows.


Singles Event
Name Hcp Result Name
Outright Winner Joy Mesuria C/B from Cliff Bourquin 16 41 A – Bradmans Santo Sammarco 29 C/B
A Grade Winner John Varrica C/B Terry Coleman 12 38 B – Bradmans Mark McDonald 25
B Grade Winner Cliff Bourquin 20 41 C – Bradmans George Ostermann 27
C Grade Winner Jeff Hilder 23 34 Visitor Braidon Harys 111
Guzzlers Cup Winner Mark Mc Swiney C/B Terry Coleman 19 38

Finally congratulations to all Winners and welcome to Braidon Harys and we hope to see you at other games.

If you see anything that is funny or out of the ordinary please let me know so it can be mentioned in the report.

The Handicapper / Scribe



The Presidents Xmas speech

Good afternoon members and welcome to our xmas /PRESENTATION function for 2020. I trust that everyone had a good day out on the course and  enjoyed some great food and a few drinks to end the year.

Before I go any further I would like to acknowledge some special guests in attendance today.

They are our Life Members

  • Mr Paul Kirgan
  • Mr John McDonald
  • Ken Harris
  • Jeff Hilder.

We now move on to our sponsors and we thank them for their generous support this year.

  • Our major sponsor Rwc – Subsidy
  • Mobile tools
  • SGT Australian Goat Soap-Cliff Bourquin
  • Blue Iron Property
  • Go with the Gecko
  • Roadside assistance
  • Pro Fit Allied health – revesby
  • Jve Investments

Next I’d like to thank

  • All of the members who sponsored the trophies for today and those that have donated items towards the raffle.
  • All of those who were involved in fundraising such as Rossco and Ken Harris with the footy tipping
  • All of the members that supported the Eagles Nest

Members Now, to say that 2020 has been a bit of a challenge is an understatement. In late march the committee met and decided that given the challenges to our health and safety because of covid, we needed to shut down our operations until things got better. All of our interclub competitions and the much anticipated Gold Coast tour were cancelled and I and the committee make no apologies for that because our main objective was to keep the all of the members and the organisers that do the work safe. We recommenced operations with albeit with altered conditions in July and we were then challenged with a couple of washouts. At this point I would like to thank the executive and match committees for the time and effort they put in to ensure that we could fit in the important championship events and complete the season with as little disruption as possible given the circumstances. The 2021 schedule is now on our website and it looks very exiting with the addition of a few new courses and some old favourites and we hope that physical presentations will also recommence next year.

There are a couple  of changes for next year that were agreed on at the 58th Agm.

  1. Trophies will be now be in cash and they will be $40 for outright win and $30 for A,B,C.
  2. Balls will be given as usual for ball comp, ntp, and guzzlers cup.
  3. The cost of all games is increasing but has been averaged out and subsidised and will now be $45 every game + $5 eagles nest. Seniors will still get their discount.

Once again through our fundraising and sponsors we were able to subsidise a number of things such as  Todays function to the tune of around $100 per person.

A couple of free BBqs, senior player discounts, and we also gave all paid up members a free shirt worth $30 and this was achieved even though we missed out on our full grant from RWC.

In concluding I would like to thank all those who played a part in organising today’s event.

  • Joy & Claude for organising todays golf and results.
  • Claude for organising the lunch booking with Gasparos and for chasing up members and also for donating the cash prizes for the NTPs today along with Ken Harris to the tune of $50 each.
  • Our Treasurer Steph Suzor who has played a big part in today’s organisation.
  • Mark McDonald for organising the physical trophies.
  • Phil Kilazoglou for organising the awards certificates and for purchasing the chocolates & wine for our members.
  • Rossco Hamer & Mick McCarney who will be looking after the raffle later on today.
  • And last but not least the staff and management of Gasparos restaurant for looking after us today.

Congratulations to all of the award winners today and I wish all of you and your families a happy Xmas and safe & better new year and I look forward to seeing you all again at Brighton Lakes on the 10th of January to do it all again.

Thank you.







Below are the results for the Guzzlers Cup Single Stableford event.
The weather was great with gusty conditions with an elevated temperature of 28 degrees C.
The course condition was in good order and again with many players breaking their handicap.
Congratulations to Pete Davis for a great 43 points in trying conditions and Outright Winner but unfortunately he hadn’t qualified for the Guzzler Cup.
The Guzzler’s Cup Winner is Mark McSwiney (19) 41 points. Well done Mark and his 3 birdies today also clinches him the B Grade Birdie Comp for the year with 9.
Other trophy winners finalised today were…………..
A grade birdies – Terry Coleman 16
C grade birdies – Pat Collins 8
Congratulations to all the Individual winners and we look forward to our last game for 2020 at Georges River 13th December 2020 at 5:20 am. This round will be the Christmas/Presentation Day Event.
Days event will be 2 Man Ambrose with blind draw matching players from division 1 with division 2.
The Eagle’s Nest on the 6th Hole was won today by Luis Tasaico. Congratulations on a wonderful shot. The group believed the ball hit the flag and popped out and could have been a Hole In One.
Today’s Event Results
Outright Winner – Pete Davis (24) 43 points
A Grade Winner – Mark Donovan (8) 40 points
B Grade Winner – Mark McSwiney (19) 41 points 2020 Guzzler’s Cup Winner
C Grade Winner – Pat Collins (23) 40 points
Day Guzzlers Cup Winner – Cliff Bourquin (20) 40 points now qualified for 2021.
Bradman’s Awards
A Grade – Mitchell Floyd (16) 21 points
B Grade – Mick McCarney ( 18) 33 Points
C Grade – Ken Tyne (30) 32 points



The weather was great with little wind and an elevated temperature of 28 degrees C with high humidity.
The course condition was good.
Congratulations to Luis Tasaico for a great 44 points and being the outright winner.


Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 4BBB Matchplay Champions Mick McCarney & Cliff Bourquin winning 4/3 over Michael Kabalan & Santo Sammarco.


A great effort by two of a newer members Michael Kabalan & Santo Sammarco for reaching the final of the 4bbb in their first attempt. I’m sure that they will be a force to reckon with in the years to come. congratulations on a terrific performance guys.


Congratulations also to Steve Vaughn who now has an unbeatable lead in the race for the Pointscore Championship also known as the Player Of The Year Award and so wins the final Major Championship of the year.


Congratulations to all the Individual winners and look forward to our next game at The Links Shell Cove 6th December 2020 at 6:45am. This round will be the Guzzler’s Cup Final and those who won the Guzzler Cup throughout the year have qualified for the event. The day’s event will be Single Stableford.
Outright Winner – Luis Tasaico (29) 44 points
A Grade Winner – Dennis May (15) 40 points
B Grade Winner – Mick McCarney (18) 41 points
C Grade Winner – Jeff Hilder (23) 40 points
Guzzlers Cup Winner – Claude Poletti (21) 40 C/B from Steve Floyd (19) 40 points
Bradman’s Awards
A Grade – Santo Sammarco (14) 31 points
B Grade – Mark McDonald (20) 34 points C/B from Mark McSwiney 34 points
C Grade – Rosco Hamer (22) 29 points


The weather today was great with little wind and an elevated temperature of 31 degrees C.
The course condition was average and even this didn’t prevent several good scores.
Congratulations to Joy Mesuria for a great 44 points and outright winner.
I’m sure there are many hard lucky stories to be told especially when you miss a short putt.
Pink Floyd had some mishaps with 1 air swing on the 18th hole and he continues to use coloured balls, the crow won the battle again with his ball tightly jammed in his beak.
On the same hole, Johnny V suffering from near hearing loss due to the company in his group played his 3rd shot from the edge of the water. He made contact with the ball but then lost his balance and if not for the vigorous whirly bird arms would have fallen in.
Congratulations to Santo Sammarco & Michael Kabalan for winning their matchplay semi with a hard fought 1 up result & also Mick McCarney & Cliff Bourquin for their 4&3 victory.These 2 pairings will now face off in the 4BBB Matchplay final matches and at our next game at Camden Golf Course 22ndNovember 2020 at 6:50am.
Days event is Single Stableford.
Outright Winner – Joy Mesuria (17) 44 points
A Grade Winner – Adam Giltinan (10) 39 points
B Grade Winner – Steve Vaughn (18) 42 points
C Grade Winner – Claude Poletti (22) 41 points C/B from Rosco Hamer (22)
Guzzlers Cup Winner – Rosco Hamer (22) 41
Bradman’s Awards
A Grade – John Varrica (12) 29 points
B Grade – Ian Lindberg (21) 24 points
C Grade – Ken Tyne (30) 28 points


Hi Gents,


Today 21 combatants contested the Presidents Cup at Calderwood Valley Golf Course.

The weather was excellent with high scoring by many players breaking their handicap.

The CCR for the day was 40.

Congratulations to Michael Kabalan for his tremendous effort in winning the Presidents Cup with a mind blowing 46 points.

I must also mention another noteworthy score by the current pointscore leader. Steve Vaughn who has been in very rare form shot an equally impressive score of 45 points.

A big thanks to all of the members that made the effort to attend this event given that it was a very early start for everyone. We will endeavour to negotiate a better time in the future for this course.

The results from today are as follows.

Outright & President Cup Winner – Michael Kabalan (19) 46 pts

A Grade Winner – Phil Kilazoglou (15) 43 pts

B Grade Winner – Steve Vaughn (20) 45 pts

C Grade Winner – Pete Davis (25) 42 pts

Guzzler Cup Winner – Joy Mesuria (18) 43 pts

Bradman’s Awards

A Grade – Gary Buckley (16) 28 pts

B Grade – Mark McDonald (20) 29 pts

C Grade – Luis Tasiaco (29) 37 pts


Reece Merrick – 86

Paul McNamara – 98