It’s the last round of the year and for some, it will be a welcome respite from golf, whilst for others, it will be a spring-board to a new year of improved golf with better equipment (if Santa comes to the party), new and simpler golf rules (if anyone bothers to read them) and greater selection of golf courses to play on.

Hopefully, the numerous bad shots during the year will fade away and be replaced indelibly by those few good shots, whilst the many balls lost will be replaced on Christmas day, and for those who expressed excessive negative emotions on the course, a one-on-one anger-management session with Santa would be the ideal gift 🙂

Today saw a large roll-up of thirty seven (37) players at Bankstown golf course (par 71) for an early 6:18am hit-off, to be followed after the round with the 2018 Presentation awards and annual gratis Christmas lunch and drinks.

Assembling on the 10th social tee (purple), the players were sorted into their respective teams (randomised partners) to play the ever-popular 2-Man Ambrose event, and only loses its popularity when your partner doesn’t contribute six tee shots by the 18th tee 🙁

With pins cut in the easier than normal quadrant “C” of the green, most players thought Christmas had come early when they were told to prefer-thru-the-green (it was a local rule) 🙂

Warm weather was predicted for the day, so players were keen to get out and finish quick before the melt-down 🙁

As usual, the speed of play on the first nine holes was good, but there was a 20 minute wait on the 1st hole (our tenth hole played), and with the humidity kicking in, players started to get hot under the collar 🙁

The course conditions were perfect, but the heat and humidity were unbearable.  It sucked every ounce of energy from ones body, so pity the swingers (more than one partner) today, double the workload, double the trouble 🙁

After five hours of play and game over, it was pack the gear a.s.a.p. and get into the clubhouse and replace the lost fluids!

Outright winners today were Ken Little & Peter Davis with a whopping 61.25 nett.

A sleeper combination of erratic golfers who somehow cancelled each other’s weaknesses to amass a pretty good score.  With Ken good from the tee and Peter good around the greens, and both putting very well, it ended up being a very potent combination. After being 2-under par on the first nine holes (holes 10 to 18), with tee shots selected being 8 to 1, with Peter on one, the pair somehow navigated the last nine holes to get past the finishing post unscathed.  Mind you, Peter’s last tee shot was finally selected on the 18th hole and what a “Hail Mary” shot it was.  Playing 5-iron from the tee, and with his partner’s eyes closed and fingers crossed, Peter hit his straightest tee shot on the day, and he followed it up with his second shot with the same club by hitting it straight again with the ball just finishing short of the green for an easy up-and-down for par.  Smart tactical play and good team-work won out at the end 🙂

Runners Up were Shane Thorn & Gary McMahon with a great score of 62 nett.

Another odd-couple pairing, with the straight-shooting Jedi Master (ex-Gunslinger), Shane, matched with the Johnny Weissmuller of Revesby, Gary McMahon, renowned for his swinging from tree-to-tree.  Shane was the ballast to the ship whilst Gary backed-up by playing safe with his socialistic 3-wood (had a tendency to go left) whilst his sand bucket ended up full of lard, after so many fat-shots.  They coupled very well, with each achieving their tee-quota after 12 holes (6-6), whilst their putting was good to ridiculously good, with Shane bombing 30-footers for birdies on the 15th and 16th holes, and Gary backed-up by bombing another 30-footer on the 17th for birdie 🙂

Guzzlers were Mick McCarney & Jeff Hilder with a fine score of 63.75 nett.

Mick had double duties as a swinger today, so his head was still spinning after five holes trying to figure out which team he was playing for and what ball and tactics he should be employing.  Fortunately, Jeff held the ship together with the first five tee shots and proved to be the solid partner for the team all day.  Jeff cruised in the cart whilst Mick braised on his feet and when Jeff offered the seat to him, Mick bravely stayed on his feet and got fried by the Sun and stewed by the humidity.  A tough win 🙂

Bradmans were Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs with a paltry score of 72.25 (nett).

Oh Deer!  There’s no dancer, prancer or dasher in this team.  They may smash the ball like a comet, they may roar like dunder and strike like blixem, but their chipping was cupid and they squabbled like vixens 🙁 Yep, that just about summed it up, 2-over par after the first nine holes, they lost it in the heat and all that waiting with 8-over par on the last nine holes.  They drove from the tee like an Army on parade, with Matt going right and Higgsy going left, all day.  They kept disparaging each other like any good Bradman team should, with bogeys on the last three holes just the right icing to add to the melting Bradman mud cake.  There was one bright candle on the mud cake, a birdie on the par3 11th hole 🙁

Highlights of the Day:

1.Best nett Ambrose score on the day was 61.25 by Ken Little and Peter Davis.

2.Best gross Ambrose score was a one-under par 70 from the team of Shane Thorn and Gary McMahon.

3.One of our web sponsors, the PGA Professional Greg Bayley, from Sydney Golf Tech, partnered the ever-young octogenarian, George Ostermann, and they managed to grab an eagle3 on the par5 12th hole. The team used driver, 9-iron and putter.   When the scribe asked George what was his contribution on the hole, he replied “the pencil used to write the 3 on the score-card!” The team ended up shooting even-par 71, but George stated his game was poor today, mainly due to “stage-fright” with his playing partner, but it was an experience 🙂 On the other hand, Greg boomed his driver straight at the beginning, but started to hit loose towards the right at the end.  His irons were good but not as precise as he would have liked.  Fortunately, both Greg and George putted well, particularly at the end.

4.One of the most dreaded roles to have in a 2-man Ambrose event is to be a swinger, that is, the low-marker in a group of three players. The swinger will hit their ball from the tee, but from then on, they can POTENTIALLY end up hitting two balls for the next shot, and the next, and so on until they reach the green, and then putt with two balls!  On top of that, they have to keep track of the tee-shot selection and quota, manage two teams and their respective tactics, run across fairways when playing two balls, and at the same time, keep track of their own game!  It can be head-spinning if you haven’t done it before. Today saw three heroes act as swingers, Joy Mesuria (with Steve Vaughn and Louis Tasaico), Mick McCarney (with Noel Connolly and Jeff Hilder) and lastly, Terry Coleman (with Ken Harris and Mark McDonald). All swingers walked today and were very tired and stressed towards the end, with only Terry looking on the bright side when he stated “it was good practice for his chipping“!  My hat’s off to you all for your courageous performance today in the hot Sun and humidity 🙂

Lowlights of the day:

1.When John McDonald shows up, you can always bet he’s a contender for a mention in this section. John had a stinker of a game and was propped up all day by his team mate, master-blaster puppeteer, Adam Giltinan.  John was nowhere to be seen and only managed to fulfil his tee-shot quota on the 16th hole. At the end of the game, fellow-competitor, Paul Dawkins, walked up to John and shook his hand and said “Thank you, Adam” 🙁 In the meanwhile, Adam was lying on the grassy knoll next to the last hole with one hand clutching his back and the other hand clutching his mobile trying to make a booking with a physiotherapist. When the scribe asked Adam was there anything good about John’s game today, Adam replied “he was good for nothing!” 🙁

2018 Presentation and Lunch:

Following end-of-year speeches from the President (John Varrica) and Captain (Joy Mesuria), the 2018 Presentation Awards were conducted.

For a full list of awards, please refer to the 2018 Leaderboard section on the web site. Special thanks must go to Claude Poletti for managing today’s events, Mark McDonald for organising the trophies and golf accessories, the Social Committee and Secretary (Phil Kilazoglou) for organising the luncheon and the provisioning of prizes and lollies and lastly, thanks to Rossco Hamer and Ken Harris for running the raffle 🙂

Also, Bravo Zulus to our Captain, President and Vice-President (John McDonald) for guiding our club so successfully throughout the year.

Lastly, many thanks to our sponsors on the web site (SGT – Sydney Golf Tech, Mobile Tools, JVE Painting Services, Australian Goat Soap) for their on-going support, and to Revesby Workers Club for their continued support, it was all greatly appreciated.

Well, the who and what and when, with the where and how and why, are things to remember as I say my goodbye. That’s all folks!



Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner:  Ken Little [14] & Peter Davis [33]     [11.75]  61.25 nett

Runners Up:       Shane Thorn [7] & Gary McMahon [25]    [8]      62.00 nett

GUZZLERS:         Mick McCarney [18] & Jeff Hilder [19]  [9.25]   63.75 nett

BRADMANS:         Matt Campbell [18] & Wayne Higgs [21]  [9.75]   72.25 nett

Nearest To Pins:

R.Hamer(3), K.Little(7), J.Hilder(11), A.Giltinan(13), M.McCarney(15)

Drive & Pitch:

G.McMahon(1), A.Giltinan(4), J.Varrica(5), J.McDonald(9), R.Back(10), S.Thorn(16), P.White(17), J.Varrica(18)

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