The weather was excellent with little breeze and the course was in excellent condition for our opening round for 2021.

Efforts of excellence were displayed by 2 individuals today.

Joy Mesuria successfully Birdied 3 holes in a row on holes 5,6 & 7 respectively and will be awarded a trophy for this effort.

Michael Kabalan had an Eagle on the 12th Hole for 5 points and also will receive a 3 balls for his effort.

The results were lower than those achieved in 2020 and this was due to the difficulty of the Brighton Lakes course layout.

The CCR was 36 today and only  small number achieved results better than the CCR.

A apology to Mick McCarney with his handicap being 22 when it was actually 18.

His card has been amended to reflect the correct result.


When marking of your ball on the green to clean it you must place your marker behind the ball before picking up.

Some players have been placing the marker in front or beside the ball and then the ball in placed in front of the marker upon replacement.

This is advancing the ball and not allowed.

This is an unacceptable practise and MUST cease.

The correct method for marking your ball on the green is normally behind the ball and this ensure that you don’t advance the ball when replaced.

The marker can be a tee, ball marker, putter, coin, poker chip or pitch repairer.

Please players  abide by the rules of golf to avoid confrontation on the course for these breaches.

I assure you every player has the right to confront a player who is breaching the rules of golf or report the matter to the match committee.


The results for todays event is as follows.


Singles Event
Name Hcp Result Name
Outright Winner Joy Mesuria C/B from Cliff Bourquin 16 41 A – Bradmans Santo Sammarco 29 C/B
A Grade Winner John Varrica C/B Terry Coleman 12 38 B – Bradmans Mark McDonald 25
B Grade Winner Cliff Bourquin 20 41 C – Bradmans George Ostermann 27
C Grade Winner Jeff Hilder 23 34 Visitor Braidon Harys 111
Guzzlers Cup Winner Mark Mc Swiney C/B Terry Coleman 19 38

Finally congratulations to all Winners and welcome to Braidon Harys and we hope to see you at other games.

If you see anything that is funny or out of the ordinary please let me know so it can be mentioned in the report.

The Handicapper / Scribe

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