The much anticipated annual PFA Cup interclub challenge between Revesby Workers and Goulburn Workers was held today at Camden GC.

The PFA Cup has been contested by these two clubs for over 10 years now and the fun and friendly banter gets better and better every time we meet.

The match is a single stableford event and the winning team is determined by dividing the aggregate score from each team by the numbers from each side to find the winning average team score. The best average score will win the event but unlike in most competitions, the loser actually gets to take the trophy home. Just one look at it and you will know why.

13  sleep deprived players from Goulburn Workers arrived at the course after having to get up at 4am to do battle  against 21 Revesby boys wanting to reverse the previous year’s result when Goulburn played out of their skins to defeat them.

The course this morning was barely visible due to the thick fog blanketing it  and the greens had recently been cored leaving them very patchy and  slow. The rules of the day were preferred lies through the green due to the longer than usual rough and with all of the groups sorted by captain Joy, it was game on.

With the game over, it was time to relax over a subsidised lunch and an open bar for all to enjoy. Whilst all of that was going on, the two club captains were hard at work processing all of the data that would determine today’s winners and more importantly , the losing trophy recipients.

After much deliberation, it was announced that Revesby had defeated Goulburn with an average score of 35.14 pts to 32.18pts and Revesby President John Varrica wasted no time presenting the Pigs Arse Trophy to Goulburn captain Craig Brown.

There were sum notable performances on both sides with the best being Allen Foster who had and absolute blinder to shoot Revesby’s best score with 45 pts. Allen reports that he had 21 pts on the front nine and 24 on the back. His only indiscretions were a wipe on the 1st hole after losing his tee shot and a poor chip on the 3rd for one point. He was mostly to the right this game and his usual draw was not prevalent for some reason.  He recovered well though and also had 7 greens in regulation, 9 pars with a birdie on the D&T 12th after missing his eagle putt from 8 feet. He got his short irons closer to the pins and only had 32 putts. Even though the preferred lies helped, he says that it is the best he has played since joining our club. Well played Allen.

The best score for Goulburn was shot by their club captain Craig Brown  on 43 pts. Craig plays with clubs that must be some 30 years old and containing a driver as big as most 5 woods today. The funny thing is that he hits it quite amazingly and not too far behind most people hitting drivers. His putting was on fire with the short stick delivering 10 one putt greens but the key to his successful round was actually many of the rocks which adorn parts of the course. On several occasions, Craig was headed for disaster with his ball landing in rockeries around  many parts of the course only to see it ricochet either back on to the fairway or on the green. This prompted Johnny V to give him the new nick name of “Rocky Road”. A great score for a top bloke.

The runner up for Revesby was the Prez John Varrica with a very unexpected score of 43 pts. John had worked until 8pm the previous night and arrived at the course shattered and in pain. He had predicted that he would surely be wearing the rabbits ears today. John wiped the first two holes and it seemed that his prediction would come true. Having hit so many shots on those first two holes must have loosened something up in John’s body because he proceeded to go around in even par for the remaining 16 holes which included two birdies and an eagle 2 on the short par 4 12th hole. The score could have been even better had he not lipped out on three other occasions. It was a “Joy” to play with our captain and Craig Brown and Marty Hunter from Goulburn with the great company helping John to relax and enjoy the round.

The runner up from Goulburn was Norm McInnes with a fine round of 40 pts. Unfortunately we do not have a report on how he played but I can tell you that he was quite chuffed at receiving $40 from Revesby and $25 from Goulburn for his days work. Well done Norm.

The Guzzler’s Cup was won by Phil White with a score of 40 pts  c/b and this was his second guzzlers win in a row. Phil reports that he started with 2 one pointers due to poor drives and finished the first nine holes after hitting driver on to the par 3 9th and just missing the ntp by a foot and also lipping out for a par and an uninspiring 17 pts. He drove weel on the back for a 2 over par 23 pts and missing many birdie putts. He must admit that the self proclaimed best putter in the club (George) both helped and hindered him. All in all he had a lovely day beating Gary and pommy Rob by a street after giving them 4 pts start at the break. He thanks Gary Privette for the halfway snack of Goulburn chicken and the never ending camaraderie that they share.

The Revesby Bradman was Joy Mesuria with a rather uninspiring 25 pts. Joy played army golf today going left right left and not having much luck at all. Joy did however do a great job of marshalling the groups in the morning for which we thank him.

All in all it was another successful get together with our friends from Goulburn. We thank them for the effort to get to the course so early and for being such great sports and good friends.

Many thanks go to Goulburn president Gary Privette for organising and submitting his team details and to Craig Brown for his role in assisiting with the presentation.

From Revesby we thank Noel Connolly for organising the dry till at the bar, Kenny Harris for clling out the groups in the morning, Matt Campbell for sorting the score cards and Joy Mesiria for his unenviable job of running the show.

Also a big thanks to the members of both clubs for making this event such great fun.

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Winners: Revesby 35.14 pts

Runners up: Goulburn  32.18 pts

Revesby Best Score: Allen Foster [19]  45 pts

Revesby Runner up: John Varrica [12]  43 pts

Goulburn Best Score: Craig Brown [19]  43 pts

Goulburn Runner Up: Norm McInnes[24]  40 pts

Guzzlers Cup: Phil White [13] 40 pts c/b

Drive & Pitch 12th: John Varrica [eagle]

NTP’s: [3] Marty Hunter  [9] Joy Mesuria  [6] Shane Thorn  [16] Marty Hunter




The wind cheaters were out in force for this visit to Antill Park as the temperature took a nose dive  overnight. The breeze had a bit of a bite to it and eventually turned into a a strongish wind towards the middle of the round. The course was in good condition and thankfully the greens had not been cored and were fairly fast.

With the seriousness of the recent club championships out of the way, it was time to have some fun again by teaming up with a partner and hoping that your combined scores would be good enough to triumph over the rest of the field. Play was extremely slow due to another social club playing before us.

With all the players in the clubhouse and the cards checked by the club captain Joy, it was time to announce the winners and losers.

The outright winners were Terry Coleman & Mathew Campbell with an amazing score of 77 pts.  Matt had just come off a Bradmans performance the week before and was fortunate to draw Terry who has been on fire so far this year. Funny enough, it was Matt that shone in this group today by shooting an outstanding round of 42 points on his own.

Matt reports “Our games were helped by playing on a course in great condition especially the top greens in comparison to last week and managing the windy conditions. Terry played his usual game driving long and straight followed by good iron shots into greens all day and  putting steadily for 35 points. I had my best driving round of the year. Drove it very long of the tee with some accurate approach shots and also stayed out of trouble. A good front nine of 19 points and finished with an excellent 23 points on the back nine  for a satisfying round of 42 points”.

The runners up were Shane Thorn and Allen Foster with a good score of 73 points. Don’t know who did what as no reports were submitted to the scribe.

Oh hang on, Shane did send something through. He reports that the reason for their win was ” Because someone didn’t strip down”.

Yeah right Shane. Get off the weed man!!!!!!!!

The Guzzlers were George Lattouf & Phil White with another good score of 72 points C/B. I’ve never seen George so happy because he was of the belief that he could hit everyone up for a free drink the next week at the Pig’s Arse Cup against Goulburn Workers. He looked a little deflated when told that there would be an open bar that week and drinks would be free anyway.

On the golf front George reported ” I was magnificent because I drove well but the clincher was the extremely accurate 3 wood approach shots into holes 12, 3 & 4. They all landed on the greens creating birdie opportunities”.

As usual, there was no mention of how his partner  played so will will assume that Phil did most of the work.

The Bradmans were Steph Suzor & Mick McCarney with an rather embarrassing score of 50 points. Understandably, no report was submitted by either of the pair.

As the scribe cannot be everywhere during a round, he relies on the members to inform him of any peculiar happenings on the course that might be worthy of reporting.

This week however, I was fortunate enough to be in a group where one player enjoyed a very eventful day. That player was Johnny Mac and he had us in stitches for most of the round. There were a few incidents so I will put them in point form.

  1. Standing on the first tee and looking at a 165 mtr par 3 to start with, Johnny pull out his trusty 3 wood and with 20 or so people watching him, he proceeded to take an almighty swing but failed to connect with the ball. That’s right, an air swing which had many members rolling around in fits of laughter.
  2. Johnny composed himself after that air swing an teed the ball up for his 3rd shot and this time connected. Only problem was that he drove it into the dam on the left of the fairway. Needless to say that he wiped that hole even with his two shot start on it.
  3. On the fourth hole, Johnny drove his ball into the tree line on the right of the fairway. He then chipped out to a safe distance from the green which is guarded by a dam in front of it. Unfortunately he hit his approach a little heavy and it fell into the dam ending up just in inch in the water. Johnny decided to have a go at extracting his ball from the water and against all advice, he did not remove his shirt. Well you guessed it, he ended up looking like the creature from the black lagoon with mud all over him.
  4. On the very next hole being the par 3 5th, Johnny ball once again failed to stay dry. This time he actually made it over the water only to see it roll back into the dam. Again it was just in the water and this time to the shock horror of his playing partners, he took of his shirt and played a good shot to get out. The ducks in the pond will be scarred for a long time to come.


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The club Championships for 2019 are done and dusted with the final round being played at Dunheved GC .

Congratulations to all of the new champions ( pictured above ) for their consistent and sometimes amazing play.

Dunheved GC is usually in great shape as it draws its water from a nearby treatment works. It had suffered major greens damage due to the heat earlier in the year and had some 9 temporary greens until a few weeks ago. On hearing about this at the start of the month, the president (moir) instructed our club captain to enquire re the state of the greens with the potion to move the round should they not be fit for a championship round. We were assured that there would be no temporary greens by the time we were to play but neglected to inform us that they would be cored instead.

And cored they were. The core holes were the size of a 5 cent piece coupled with an excessive layer of sand and long grass. Making a putt was like winning the lottery due to the uneven pace and the bumpy ride  experienced by the golf ball. On a more positive note, the fairways were a joy to play from with a lot of players not even bothering to prefer their lies.

Never the less it was the same for everyone and the most resilient or most fortunate would triumph today.

The outright winner with a score of 67 nett was the young George Osterman. At 82 years young, George is showing that age is no barrier to performing well. After getting the bunny ears the previous week, he decided to go on a diet of grappa and canolli to get  back to stallion like fitness for this round. Its an easy game when you can hit it dead straight a hundred or so metres at at time and then sink some putts.

The A grade winner with a top score of 70 nett on a countback was the ever improving and consistent Terry Coleman. terry has only played a few games this year due to pennants for his club but has still managed to get up for a few wins . He reports ” I didn’t play very well , hit a lot of bad tee shots but scored well. Short game was surprisingly good on those crap greens”. God help us all when he plays what he considers to be good golf.

The B grade winner was a golfer who seems to be enjoying his golf and life at the moment. Roscoe Hamer shot  70 nett and also collected the C grade championship along the way. Hit some good drives and made a few good putts on those ordinary greens. He too has had a few wins this year and is probably the most consistent golfers at the moment which has seen Roscoe climb to the top of the 2019 leaderboard standings. Keep it up Roscoe.

The C grade winner was Ken Harris with a score of 71 nett. Another multiple winner this year, Ken reports ” Can’t say that I played that great, but being off a handicap of 26 helped and fellow C grader George O winning outright didn’t hurt either. Having already had the bunny ears twice  this year, at lesat my form is going in the right direction ( hopefully )”.

The guzzler for the day was Gray Buckley with another fine score from another consistent golfer this year. Playing off a handicap of 14, Gary manged to shoot a quality round of 70 nett. He reports ” Played pretty good but could have been a lot better if I didn’t land in so many bunkers. I was however happy with my sand shots and the birdie.

The Bradmans were Dennis May  [a grade], Matt Campbell [b grade] and Pat Collins [c grade]. Well done boys…………………NOT!!!!!!!!

High/low Lights for the day

  1. Many golfers have airswings but it is unusual to hear of some doing one while putting. This achievement is credited to Glen Blades who hit a good putt to tap in range but then tried to nudge it in from behind the hole only to hit thin air instead. Some say that he might have actually had to airs wings in that moment.
  2. Graham Dean reported that he had one birdie and a turtle in his round. He saved a turtle from heat stroke on the 14th by picking it up from the middle of the fairway and put him back into the creek. Revesby’s own Steve Irwin (some say more like Bindy ). Crikey he is funny of late!
  3. On arriving at the course, George lattouf was stopped from entering by a very bossy emu. George said that when it finally laid eyes on him that it bolted. Probably because it had never seen a goose driving a car before.

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Today was a first for our club and many of the members. It was our first visit to Camden Lakeside GC and going on the great numbers that showed up it would be safe to say that most were excited at the prospect of playing this terrific Peter Thompson designed golf course.

Starting from the 12th tee, the players were treated to generous and lush fairways and well matted greens that contained many undulations. With only a few trees adorning this links style course, the name of the game was to stay out of the rough, avoid the pot bunkers and a decent score could be had.

Play was  very slow at times and members should be very mindful of their pace of play and position in the field. Most of the members would not have been aware that the pro shop had received complaints from their members which forced the marshals to come and speak to some of the groups on course. As golfers we all have our particular rituals but we must also be able to abandon or limit these rituals when the group falls behind.  It is up to the lowest marker in the group to monitor the situation and if need be  should encourage the rest of the group to speed up and no one should be offended by this. You can find a post on the front page of this website relating to slow play which also contains tips to speed up the pace of play.

While I am at it , I’d like to explain how groups are picked at events. In most cases it is by way of a blind draw with consideration to those in carts. When playing strokeplay however, the same sort of principle applies except that players are picked from three piles of cards representing A, B and C grade. The reasoning behind this is to even out the groups strokes so that the pace is consistent for all. The one exception to this rule will be the last round of the club championships where the four leaders from each grade will play in the same group.

The outright winner today was Glen Blades with a top score of 69 nett. Glen reports that he had a great day with the driver which saw him hit six greens in regulation. His flatstick was also behaving itself  and he managed to get a few pars but could only manage one birdie. He was also good around the greens and apart for a few holes managed to post a good score.

The A grade winner was the club captain Joy Mesuria with a score of  71 nett. No report received from Joy so we will assume that he enjoyed his day.

The B grade winner was Les Back with a nett score of 72. Les reports that he got off to a flyer. He birdied the 10th and then posted a few pars off the “back” of some good drives and approaches to the greens to end up with a pretty competitive 39 strokes for the front 9. Couldn’t keep it going on the back hitting a few loose ones with some in the water. That didn’t help his score but rallied on for a few pars at the end to limp over the line with a very respectable score.

The C grade winner was Gary McMahon with a score of nett 70. No report received from Gary so we will also assume he played well.

The Guzzlers Cup was won by John McDonald with another good score of nett 72. He reports that if not for a double slash and the 10 which was not a Bo Derrick, he would have won the day. A 60 foot putt got him guzzlered.



The Bradmans for the day were A grade: Dennis May 83 c/b, B grade: Brian Craven  83, C grade: George Osterman 85.

I will now provide a little bit of light entertainment for all those members that take great pleasure from the occasional mishaps by the president (moi). Johnny V was playing like a demon and was 2 over after 8 holes. His driving was long and straight with approach shots to die for. Had he been able to putt, the score could have been anything. On reaching the par 5 2nd hole, his playing partner Noel Connolly asked him if he was a chance in the championships to which Johnny replied “depends on this round”. John then confidently teed up and swooshed at the ball with his trusty driver only to see it fade into the rough. It took him 5 shots including a penalty drop to get out onto the fairway and still facing 200 mtrs to the green which he went for with a 5 wood only to have his first air swing in 30 years finally finishing the hole in 11 strokes. With his shoulders slumped, Johnny proceeded to shank his tee shot into the water on the very next hole and ended up with a 6 making it 17 stokes in 2 holes and sayonara club championship.

Other Results


NTPS: [3] M. McSWINNEY      [11] M. McSWINNEY    [15] G. LATTOUF  [17] A. FOSTER



Dear members, the 2019 FOOTY TIPPING or LAST MAN STANDING as it is more commonly known commences this week. This is an integral part of our golf club’s fundraising efforts with the profits going towards the funding and subsidising of many of our activities such as senior discounts, trips away, BBQs, apparel, functions and games at the more expensive courses. If you don’t frequent the Revesby Pacific Hotel or if you haven’t received an email about it, then you can contact ken Harris or Rossco Hamer about entering. The competition rules are below.

Go the Roosters!!!!!!!

Revesby Workers Men’s Golf Club footy tipping competition for 2019.

1/ this is a last man/women standing competition i.e. each week those that get their selection wrong are eliminated & must therefore wait for a new competition to start before entering again! (each comp last about 5-7 rounds), those that get their selection correct progress through to the next round until there are a minimum of six people left, at this point the pool ($1,500-$2,000 depending on number of participants) can be split unless any one of the six wants to go another round (be careful here for if all the remaining players choose incorrectly, they all lose & the pool will jackpot to the next comp!).

2/ the cost is $10 per entry, this is a one off payment & last for the duration of each comp (note; if you wish to have more one pick in the same comp, you must supply a different name i.e. Tom, Dick & Harry).

3/ each entry must pick one team only from “any game they wish to choose”, however the FootyTAB “NRL Winners” start must be taken into consideration (i.e. this week Melbourne (-4.5) Vs Brisbane (+4.5), if you pick Brisbane (+4.5) they can lose by 4 points but you would have selected correctly, alternatively if you pick Melbourne (-4.5) they must win by at least 5 points for your selection to be correct! (See attachment for this week’s TAB starts). To find these TAB starts go to…/footyt…/Rugby%20League/H&A/rounds/1 & select “NRL Winners”.

4/ otherwise selections must be e-mailed back to me by 7.30pm Friday (exception is, if there is a Thursday night game & you wish to pick one of those teams, you obviously have to have your tip e-mailed to me before kick-off Thursday night!),, if selections are not in by then, you will be allocated the away team for the first Friday night Channel Nine TV game! (See attachment for the excel worksheet you enter your selections on & e-mail back to me).

As this is the first round, we will accept picks up to the last game on Sunday night, of course I must receive your e-mail before kick-off.

Fees can be given to myself or Roscoe at your earliest convenience, or at the next game you attend.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call Ken Harris 0408 211 431

24-FEB-2019: 2nd Rnd Club Championship-Strokeplay


33 players turned up for today’s game at Bankstown GC for the 2nd round of the 2019 club championship.

The weather was cool and overcast and the course was in terrific condition as usual. This was the first game for this year at BGC and under  a new fee structure due to the cessation of the Group 1 agreement with our club. Members should know that the fees charged to us were $50 per player and subsidised to $40  by our committee.

The outright winner today was a player experiencing a very hot streak at the moment. Peter Davis shot 65 Nett to take out his second win of the year. He reports that he nearly gave up golf towards the end of last year. This year he has finally got his driver working and is enjoying his golf more. He was also buoyed by what he described as a great group of playing partners. After watching Jeff Hilder 5 putt the 12th and the 4 putt the 3rd, he says that he began to concentrate harder. A beaten Rossco was also very helpful in giving him some tips throughout the round and  witnessing Dorco’s zig zag golf game helped him straighten his own shots. Well played Peter.

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with a great score of 66 nett. Terry missed the first round due to pennant duty for Barnwell GC but boy did he perform today. Playing off a handicap of 12, Terry shot a controlled round of 7 over par and bagged 3 birdies along the way. He reports that his short game was great and that he really enjoyed the greens as they are in good condition compared to a lot of course around Sydney at the moment. He hit some nice short irons which set him up for the 3 birdies and wasn’t far away from getting a few more. Go back to playing pennants Terry (LOL).

The B grade winner was  a man who deals with the demons in his head every time he plays. He must have watched Happy Gilmore the previous evening as he seemed to channel his “happy place” today. Graham Dean playing off a handicap of 18 shot a score of 66 nett and reports that he is starting to get his golf mojo back. He backed off with the big dog an d put little dog in play. As a result he hit more shots out of the middle, rolled a couple of nice putts and declared that the game  has gotten easier…….not! Graham, it was nice to see you smile for a change. Nice teeth by the way.

The C grade winner with an unbelievable score ( for him) of 69 nett, was our illustrious vice president John McDonald. He reports that many members commented to him in the morning that he didn’t look like himself ( a good thing I reckon ). His golf clubs didn’t recognise him either as he proceeded to par the first hole played. he continued to fool his clubs until the 19th hole. Well played whoever you are.

The guzzlers cup was won by Adam Giltinan with a score of 68 nett. No report was received from Adam so we’ll assume that he played well.

The Bradmans were Phil White (A), Matt Campbell (B) and Ken Harris (C). No highlights to report here so we’ll leave it at that.

Points of interest:-

  1. Kevin Gerkens bagged 2 birdies in a row and then had a short putt for three in a row and you guessed it, he missed. That bottle of champagne will have to be put back on ice.
  2. Les Back had 3 pars in a row on both nines going “Back to Back to Back”


Outright winner: Peter Davis [30] 65 nett

A grade: Terry Coleman [12] 66 nett

B grade: Graham Dean [18] 66 nett

C grade: John McDonald [30] 69 nett

Guzzlers Cup: Adam Giltinan [9] 68 nett

Drive & pitch 4th: A. Giltinan / J.Mesuria

NTPS: 3-Cliff Bourquin    7-Terry Coleman   11-Joy Mesuria   13-Pat Collins   15-Adam Giltinan

17-FEB-19: Campbeltown GC-1st Rnd Club Championships (Stroke)


Today saw the start of the 2019 Club Championships where dreams may come to fruition but mostly when the nightmares  begin.

The rules for the first MAJOR of the year are preferred lies on fairways only, no gimmies and the format is strokeplay. Accompanying these are the 20 new rules of golf that have been introduced this year that should simplify the game a little more than before. The option for maximum scores on holes and the out of bounds/lost ball played under 2 shot penalty from closest fairway was voted against by the match committee for this year and will be reviewed after the championships.  The best 3 of 4 rounds will count towards the final result and your starting handicap will apply for the duration of the championship.

A few other general rules that must be observed are :

  • Members should be at the registration area by the advertised time and that being there first does not guarantee you tee off first.
  • All players  must come to the registration area before getting a cart and wait until your name and partner are announced.
  • You cannot pick your playing partners even if you are in a cart.
  • Carts are ordered years in advance and sometimes problems may arise. In these circumstances, priority will be given to the most senior members and those that can’t otherwise play without one. This will apply  no matter when the cart was booked. We will endeavour to liaise with the golf clubs up until the last minute to try and accommodate everyone.
  •  You are a member of a social club first and golf club second and you should conduct yourself accordingly at all times. You must respect the golf course, their staff and members by not swearing,  throwing golf clubs or generally displaying anti social behaviour. Penalties can be imposed by our match committee for any breaches.
  • You should be considerate and patient with the members of our committee who work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has a good time. Yes, sometimes mistakes occur but we try to rectify and accommodate where we can. Remember that just like you, the committee is there to play golf as well.

Now to the golf bit. 32 bleary eyed golfers turned up to Campbelltown GC for and early start of 6am to find the course in extremely good condition and with great weather made for a very exciting start to the championship. Play was reasonably fast for a stroke round and with all groups in the clubhouse the results were read out.

The outright winner today with a nett score of 66 was George Lattouf. George is regarded as a one course wonder because he wins at Georges River GC so often so this victory away from home must be very satisfying for the gorgeous one. His reply when asked how he played was ” I WON”. Pressed further he stated that he putted extremely well and apart from going in the water on the 18th hole, every other drive was on the fairway. Well done George.

The A grade winner was Phil White with a score of 67 nett on a countback. Says that he had George’s measure until he bogeyed the last 3 holes. He also said that his bullsh#t handicap and the fact that they got a cart at the last minute helped his game. Whitey, I hope the handicapper reads this.

The B grade winner was a man who has new focus and confidence in his golf game. Steph Suzor got a tip from George Lattouf at Rosnay the prior week which has turned his driver into a beast. Today, Steph had a very good score of 68 nett and is looking dangerous for the rest of the championship.

The C grade winner with a score of 66 nett was another player in form of late. We think that Rossco Hamer has secretly been attending yoga classes as he is much more chilled than ever before and his golf game has improved out of sight. He also stated that he didn’t get much competition from the other members of his group being Macca, whinging Graham and erratic Gary and that the condition of the course suited him. Remember Rossco, ” just breathe in and then slowwwwwwly retend”

The guzzlers cup was won by Ryan Cassin with a score of 67 nett. I didn’t need a report from Ryan as I was in his group and witnessed a very controlled round of great driving and approaching. His putter was reasonably good and if not for a silly 5 on the par three 6th, could have won the day.A pleasure to watch the assassin in full flight.


The Bradmans today were A grade-Joy Mesuria 79c/b  B grade-Steve Vaughn 85   C grade-Pat Collins 85. Thank god that they can drop this round and I’m sure that they will bounce back.

Some highlights of note were-

  1. Brian Craven playing his first hole being the 10th, sank a 40 footer for birdie and predicted that it could only get worse from then on and it sure did. He finished the Bradman of his group.
  2. On the 18th hole, Phil White was telling his partners how many years ago he beat Johnny V in the club championship on this very hole when leading by 3 shots, John drove his ball into the water for a 7 and he got a birdie to win. George said that if he had of ben in the same position he would have played high and right and would demonstrate how. He proceeded to hook his ball into the water and so did Snow white. Boys , the golf ball also has the last say!
  3. A rare feat occurred on the long par 3 15th hole. The threesome of Phil Kila, Ryan Johnston and Matt Campbell all landed on the green and Ryan got a birdie.












Important notice: The new time for 17/2/19 Campbelltown GC is now be there at 6:00am.

After a lengthy 3 week break, it was game on again and Rosnay GC was inundated by 29 very eager Revesby golfers. The good numbers may have been attributed to the cooler weather, the lack of golf,  members wanting to hone their game for the upcoming Club Championships or was it the lure of the terrific seafood BBQ prepared by our amazing social secretary Mr Ryan Cassin.

The course had received a huge amount of rain the day before and as a consequence the rules for the day were preferred lies on fairways and all bunkers out of play. Balls landing off the fairway would be punished heavily because of the longer than usual rough and many bare lies.

Play got under way at 7am from both tees and the groups were led off by the social committee who needed to organise the cooking of the food.

Play was reasonably fast and the members quickly got stuck into the smorgasbord of prawns, oysters, grilled fish, salads and all washed down with the abundant supply of free beverage. Once again many thanks to Ryan and his crew for the great effort and we can’t wait for the next one.

With all of the eating taken care of, the captain commenced the presentation.

The outright winner today was Steve Floyd with a great score of 43pts. Steve said that this was his best round ever and could not have played any better. His reward is the loss of a shot to 18 hcp and firming into favouritism for the B grade championship. Well done Steve.

The A grade winner was John Varrica with a surprising result of 39pts. John has not played as much golf as usual in recent times as he has been renovating his new home. Working 7 days a week since November, John only rests on Revesby GC Sundays and was expecting to be quite rusty. To his surprise (and George’s), he hit some good drives, some great approaches and bagged a couple of birdies. The secret might be less is best for Johnny V.

The B grade winner was Mick McCarney with an impressive score of 41pts. The report from one of his playing partners (the loud one) stated that Mick played out of his skin and should have won the day had it not been for the slight mishap on the 11th hole. Mick apparently hit a great drive to a few metres short of the dam on the left but then proceeded to put his next shot into the dam. Took a penalty drop and you guessed it, put another in the water. He then took another drop only to do the same. No need to say that he wiped that hole.

The C grade winner was the super cook Rossco Hamer with a top score of 40pts. I haven’t received a report of how he played but going on his score it must have been pretty good. You always know when Rossco has a good game because of the absence of club throwing stories from his playing partners. Well done Rossco.

The Guzzlers cup was won by one of our newer members being Pat Collins with a score of 39pts on a count back. Pat is beginning to show some form and is someone to look out for as well during the championships.

The A grade Bradman was Cliff Bourquin with 34pts. The A grade field must have been on fire because it is very uncustomary to get the EARS with a score like that. Very unlucky Cliffy.

The B grade bradman could be excused for his lacklustre effort of 24pts. Steve Vaughn was on a strong dose of antibiotics to treat a recent bout of vertigo and not surprisingly was not firing on all cylinders.

The C grade Bradman was Ken Harris with a paltry score of 22pts. When asked about his round, he said that he was very consistent shooting 11pts on both front and back nines.

Once again, many thanks to all the members that showed up and a big thanks to the social committee for spoiling us. Also, a big thanks to Joy and Gary for getting us underway in the morning and Claude for helping with the cards after the match.

A reminder to all that you should attempt to familiarise yourselves with the new rules of golf before the start our Club Championship. A few of the 20  important to know general rules that must be observed are:-


  1. You must putt out on all holes during  Club Championships(no gimmies).
  2. The match committee has decided that there will be no maximum score on any hole so you must continue playing no matter the amount of strokes taken. If you pick up then you will be disqualified.
  3. The match committee has also decided that out of bounds or lost balls will be treated as before with no provision to take a 2 shot penalty from the fairway nearest to where you went out of bounds or lost your ball. Please play a provisional ball if you think you may be in trouble and if you are OB or LB you must take a stroke and distance penalty as before.
  4. The time limit for searching for a ball is now 3 minutes and the ball must be declared lost after this time. You cannot play that ball if it is found after you have declared it lost.
  5. Loose impediments can now be moved in Penalty Areas formerly known as water and lateral hazards as well as bunkers. Clubs can also be grounded in these areas but not as to improve your lie.
  6. You cannot deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with a club but accidental touching incurs no penalty
  7. You can take a 2 shot penalty and drop the ball out of the bunker and back on the line that it went in.
  8. If your ball moves whether on its own or accidentally touched by a player, it can be replaced in its original spot without penalty.
  9. A double hit is now deemed as one stroke.
  10. You can elect to leave the flag in the hole when putting from on the green and you may tap down spike marks.


Outright winner: Steve Floyd [19] 43pts

A Grade : John Varrica [11]  39pts

B Grade: Mick McCarney [18]  41pts

C Grade: Rossco Hamer [24]  40pts

Guzzlers Cup: Pat Collins [25]  39pts c/b

Bradmans: [A] Cliff Borquin 34pts   [B] Steve Vaughn 24pts  [C] Ken Harris  22pts

Drive & Pitch on 14th: Adam Glitinan

NTP’s: [5th] Adam Giltinan  [9th] Brian Craven [10th] Brian Craven  [16th] Mark McSwinney [17th] Matt   Campbell



20-Jan-2019: Camden GC-Single Stableford



A big welcome back to the 23 members and 3 visitors that showed up to Camden GC for the opening round of the 2019 season.

As you read on you will notice that this report will not contain much fanfare as in previous years due to the standing down of the previous publicity officer and until someone in the club puts their hand up to have a go, it will be up to the president who hasn’t got much to do these days (cough, cough) to try and do justice to these reports albeit a little later than usual. Thank you to the respective winners for texting me a brief description of their round as this will make it a lot easier to do this report.

Tee off was at 6:45am and for the first time in a long while, the weather was overcast and much cooler than the debilitating heat that we have been experiencing in Sydney the last few weeks. Coupled with much unbridled enthusiasm from many golf starved members made for some promising scores to kick off the new year.

Camden GC is a much liked golf course by many and was in pretty good condition considering the extreme heat that we have had recently with the only blemish being the slow greens which have taken a battering from the weather.

The Captain (Joy) and his trusty assistant (Steve) organised the groups  via a blind draw and as is now customary placed the late late comers in the last groups. Members must remember that it is very difficult to do the draw at events if you are late and the captain does not know if you are coming or not. A simple phone call can fix all that.

With the round completed, members congregated in the clubhouse for the customary refreshments and  presentation ceremony. With all of the cards checked and results noted, the captain began with the presentation.

The Outright winner today was Peter Davis with a terrific score of 42 points on a countback. This result was a bit of a surprise as Peter is relatively new to our club and has found it difficult to play to his handicap. In fact, I believe that the handicapper had or was going to use discretion to reevaluate Peter’s handicap but instead will be chopping it after this round. Peter started his round by topping a few of his drives and was told early by Cliffy to slow down his swing as he was coming  out his shoes and wella, he started to hit some great shots. A few holes later he duffed a chip shot and got another free lesson from the chipping guru Rossco Hamer ( the C grade Bradman by the way) and his round turned red hot. A pleasing result for Peter and a pleasure to be in the same group as him.

The A grade winner was Gary Buckley with a score of 40 points. His SMS read – “Had a good game no wipes. 2pts & 3pts only. Got 2 Birdies on one hole ????? On the par 4 12th hole I teed off and hit a bird near the green my ball stopped pin high just off the green. Just missed the putt but got the return one for a birdie 3”. Seems that Gary has recovered from his almost severed hand last year.

The B grade winner was Mark McDonald with a score of 42 points. One of three players on that great score, Mark  reports that his putting was solid and his short pitching performance got him out of trouble ( it’s usually the other way around). He was in the same group as two other winners and says that they all bounced off each other. The 4th member of that group didn’t bounce very well and will remain anonymous. He seemed to still be in festive mood as he was heard singing ” Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel”.

The C grade winner was another in the 42pts club. Glen Blades reports that after a poor showing at the Ridge GC last Saturday his driver finally found it’s line and length which was surprisingly backed up by his irons for the first two holes and even the putter behaved itself. He thought that it might have been the new shoes but from the 3rd hole on , stuggle street raised it’s ugly head and short game fell apart. Score could have been anything if not for this.

The Guzzlers Cup winner was a man in a huury. Claude Poletti shot a credible 41 pts. Needing to leave early, Claude played at blistering pace and reports that he was walking faster than the cart carrying Glen Blades and Noel Connolly. At last report, the cart was seen being towed to the mechanics to have the suspension rebuilt. Claude had an overall good game driving well and sank a few good putts but reports that he left a lot out there.  The highlight for him was winning the lottery tickets off big Noel. He also reports that he has earmarked the first member that he is going to hit up for a free drink at the next game.




The Bradmans for A,B,C grade respectively were Joy Mesuria 29pts, Steph Suzor 30pts and Rossco Hamer 29pts. No need to embarrass them so early in the year and we hope that they come back from their pitiful performances today.

In concluding , I would like to thank all of the members who showed up and those who contributed towards our fundraising by entering in the eagles nest. Please remember that due to increases in green fees this year it is imperative that we all support  our club and not rely on others to fund our privileges. One such thing will be the free BBQ on the 10th of February at Rosnay golf club.

Also a big welcome to our newest members, Mark McSwinney and Dennis May. We hope that you enjoy our little golf club and hopefully be on the podium pretty soon.

Once again I urge any of our members to please contact me in regards to the position of publicity officer. You will be doing your club and me a great service.

Day’s Results

Outright Winner: Peter Davis [33]  42pts c/b

A Grade: Gary Buckley [15] 40pts

B Grade: Mark McDonald [21] 42pts

C Grade: Glen Blades [25] 42pts

Guzzlers Cup: Claude Poletti [21] 41pts

Drive & Pitch: Brian Craven

NTP’s: [3] Ken Little [6] Cliff Bourquin [8] Graham Dean [16] Jeff Hilder

Best Visitor: Mark McSwinney [88]

Bradmans: [A] Joy Mesuria  [B] Steph Suzor [C] Rossco Hamer




It’s the last round of the year and for some, it will be a welcome respite from golf, whilst for others, it will be a spring-board to a new year of improved golf with better equipment (if Santa comes to the party), new and simpler golf rules (if anyone bothers to read them) and greater selection of golf courses to play on.

Hopefully, the numerous bad shots during the year will fade away and be replaced indelibly by those few good shots, whilst the many balls lost will be replaced on Christmas day, and for those who expressed excessive negative emotions on the course, a one-on-one anger-management session with Santa would be the ideal gift 🙂

Today saw a large roll-up of thirty seven (37) players at Bankstown golf course (par 71) for an early 6:18am hit-off, to be followed after the round with the 2018 Presentation awards and annual gratis Christmas lunch and drinks.

Assembling on the 10th social tee (purple), the players were sorted into their respective teams (randomised partners) to play the ever-popular 2-Man Ambrose event, and only loses its popularity when your partner doesn’t contribute six tee shots by the 18th tee 🙁

With pins cut in the easier than normal quadrant “C” of the green, most players thought Christmas had come early when they were told to prefer-thru-the-green (it was a local rule) 🙂

Warm weather was predicted for the day, so players were keen to get out and finish quick before the melt-down 🙁

As usual, the speed of play on the first nine holes was good, but there was a 20 minute wait on the 1st hole (our tenth hole played), and with the humidity kicking in, players started to get hot under the collar 🙁

The course conditions were perfect, but the heat and humidity were unbearable.  It sucked every ounce of energy from ones body, so pity the swingers (more than one partner) today, double the workload, double the trouble 🙁

After five hours of play and game over, it was pack the gear a.s.a.p. and get into the clubhouse and replace the lost fluids!

Outright winners today were Ken Little & Peter Davis with a whopping 61.25 nett.

A sleeper combination of erratic golfers who somehow cancelled each other’s weaknesses to amass a pretty good score.  With Ken good from the tee and Peter good around the greens, and both putting very well, it ended up being a very potent combination. After being 2-under par on the first nine holes (holes 10 to 18), with tee shots selected being 8 to 1, with Peter on one, the pair somehow navigated the last nine holes to get past the finishing post unscathed.  Mind you, Peter’s last tee shot was finally selected on the 18th hole and what a “Hail Mary” shot it was.  Playing 5-iron from the tee, and with his partner’s eyes closed and fingers crossed, Peter hit his straightest tee shot on the day, and he followed it up with his second shot with the same club by hitting it straight again with the ball just finishing short of the green for an easy up-and-down for par.  Smart tactical play and good team-work won out at the end 🙂

Runners Up were Shane Thorn & Gary McMahon with a great score of 62 nett.

Another odd-couple pairing, with the straight-shooting Jedi Master (ex-Gunslinger), Shane, matched with the Johnny Weissmuller of Revesby, Gary McMahon, renowned for his swinging from tree-to-tree.  Shane was the ballast to the ship whilst Gary backed-up by playing safe with his socialistic 3-wood (had a tendency to go left) whilst his sand bucket ended up full of lard, after so many fat-shots.  They coupled very well, with each achieving their tee-quota after 12 holes (6-6), whilst their putting was good to ridiculously good, with Shane bombing 30-footers for birdies on the 15th and 16th holes, and Gary backed-up by bombing another 30-footer on the 17th for birdie 🙂

Guzzlers were Mick McCarney & Jeff Hilder with a fine score of 63.75 nett.

Mick had double duties as a swinger today, so his head was still spinning after five holes trying to figure out which team he was playing for and what ball and tactics he should be employing.  Fortunately, Jeff held the ship together with the first five tee shots and proved to be the solid partner for the team all day.  Jeff cruised in the cart whilst Mick braised on his feet and when Jeff offered the seat to him, Mick bravely stayed on his feet and got fried by the Sun and stewed by the humidity.  A tough win 🙂

Bradmans were Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs with a paltry score of 72.25 (nett).

Oh Deer!  There’s no dancer, prancer or dasher in this team.  They may smash the ball like a comet, they may roar like dunder and strike like blixem, but their chipping was cupid and they squabbled like vixens 🙁 Yep, that just about summed it up, 2-over par after the first nine holes, they lost it in the heat and all that waiting with 8-over par on the last nine holes.  They drove from the tee like an Army on parade, with Matt going right and Higgsy going left, all day.  They kept disparaging each other like any good Bradman team should, with bogeys on the last three holes just the right icing to add to the melting Bradman mud cake.  There was one bright candle on the mud cake, a birdie on the par3 11th hole 🙁

Highlights of the Day:

1.Best nett Ambrose score on the day was 61.25 by Ken Little and Peter Davis.

2.Best gross Ambrose score was a one-under par 70 from the team of Shane Thorn and Gary McMahon.

3.One of our web sponsors, the PGA Professional Greg Bayley, from Sydney Golf Tech, partnered the ever-young octogenarian, George Ostermann, and they managed to grab an eagle3 on the par5 12th hole. The team used driver, 9-iron and putter.   When the scribe asked George what was his contribution on the hole, he replied “the pencil used to write the 3 on the score-card!” The team ended up shooting even-par 71, but George stated his game was poor today, mainly due to “stage-fright” with his playing partner, but it was an experience 🙂 On the other hand, Greg boomed his driver straight at the beginning, but started to hit loose towards the right at the end.  His irons were good but not as precise as he would have liked.  Fortunately, both Greg and George putted well, particularly at the end.

4.One of the most dreaded roles to have in a 2-man Ambrose event is to be a swinger, that is, the low-marker in a group of three players. The swinger will hit their ball from the tee, but from then on, they can POTENTIALLY end up hitting two balls for the next shot, and the next, and so on until they reach the green, and then putt with two balls!  On top of that, they have to keep track of the tee-shot selection and quota, manage two teams and their respective tactics, run across fairways when playing two balls, and at the same time, keep track of their own game!  It can be head-spinning if you haven’t done it before. Today saw three heroes act as swingers, Joy Mesuria (with Steve Vaughn and Louis Tasaico), Mick McCarney (with Noel Connolly and Jeff Hilder) and lastly, Terry Coleman (with Ken Harris and Mark McDonald). All swingers walked today and were very tired and stressed towards the end, with only Terry looking on the bright side when he stated “it was good practice for his chipping“!  My hat’s off to you all for your courageous performance today in the hot Sun and humidity 🙂

Lowlights of the day:

1.When John McDonald shows up, you can always bet he’s a contender for a mention in this section. John had a stinker of a game and was propped up all day by his team mate, master-blaster puppeteer, Adam Giltinan.  John was nowhere to be seen and only managed to fulfil his tee-shot quota on the 16th hole. At the end of the game, fellow-competitor, Paul Dawkins, walked up to John and shook his hand and said “Thank you, Adam” 🙁 In the meanwhile, Adam was lying on the grassy knoll next to the last hole with one hand clutching his back and the other hand clutching his mobile trying to make a booking with a physiotherapist. When the scribe asked Adam was there anything good about John’s game today, Adam replied “he was good for nothing!” 🙁

2018 Presentation and Lunch:

Following end-of-year speeches from the President (John Varrica) and Captain (Joy Mesuria), the 2018 Presentation Awards were conducted.

For a full list of awards, please refer to the 2018 Leaderboard section on the web site. Special thanks must go to Claude Poletti for managing today’s events, Mark McDonald for organising the trophies and golf accessories, the Social Committee and Secretary (Phil Kilazoglou) for organising the luncheon and the provisioning of prizes and lollies and lastly, thanks to Rossco Hamer and Ken Harris for running the raffle 🙂

Also, Bravo Zulus to our Captain, President and Vice-President (John McDonald) for guiding our club so successfully throughout the year.

Lastly, many thanks to our sponsors on the web site (SGT – Sydney Golf Tech, Mobile Tools, JVE Painting Services, Australian Goat Soap) for their on-going support, and to Revesby Workers Club for their continued support, it was all greatly appreciated.

Well, the who and what and when, with the where and how and why, are things to remember as I say my goodbye. That’s all folks!



Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner:  Ken Little [14] & Peter Davis [33]     [11.75]  61.25 nett

Runners Up:       Shane Thorn [7] & Gary McMahon [25]    [8]      62.00 nett

GUZZLERS:         Mick McCarney [18] & Jeff Hilder [19]  [9.25]   63.75 nett

BRADMANS:         Matt Campbell [18] & Wayne Higgs [21]  [9.75]   72.25 nett

Nearest To Pins:

R.Hamer(3), K.Little(7), J.Hilder(11), A.Giltinan(13), M.McCarney(15)

Drive & Pitch:

G.McMahon(1), A.Giltinan(4), J.Varrica(5), J.McDonald(9), R.Back(10), S.Thorn(16), P.White(17), J.Varrica(18)