July 7,2013-Campbelltown GC

 1st Round Club Championships & Last Man Standing Final

Twenty six gallant knights of the Revesby Round Table gathered for the first round of the Championship tournament at Campbelltown Golf Castellum (GC). This fortified place is protected by long undulating meadows guarded by large green turrets with moats filled with water or sand. Inside each green turret are Murder Holes, ready to pour hot burning oil on any knight’s mis-directed putting lance.

With creaking and in many cases, rusting armour at their disposal, the knights began their jousting on the 10th meadow hoping their can of WD40 wouldn’t run out. It soon became apparent that the putting lance would become the most important weapon in the knight’s arsenal.

Expect victors to be those who brought two or more cans of WD40 or avoided the hot burning oil.

Congratulations must go to all Revesby Knights for completing their jousts in a timely manner, especially when the crusading Pennant Knights were charging from the rear.

After the dust had settled, the B and C Grade knights proved more victorious than the fancier A Grade knights. Exception must be granted to Sir Troy, Young of Campbelltown, who had to leave after ten holes because of an emergency at home, though I suspect he was looking for emergency supplies of WD40.

Highest accolade must go to Sir Vaughn, Destroyer of Campbelltown, whose slashing victory on the day was best gross and best nett score on the day. Sir Vaughn also demolished the remaining contenders in the Last Man Standing competition – superb performance.

Accolades must also go to Sir Ken, Little of Campbelltown, Sir Ken, Big of Campbelltown and Sir Matthew, Ballistas of Campbelltown for winning their respective grades.

As usual, the high profile Sir Mark, Hulkus of Campbelltown, won the much coveted Guzzler’s Cup, and won unanimous praise when he selected Sir George, LaTruthless of Campbelltown, for the first drink.

Speaking of Sir George, it is noted that he and Sir Noel, Dirigibilis of Campbelltown, have now won the Bradmans two weeks in a row. Any bets on the trifecta ?

Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Steve Vaughn [19] 64 nett
A Grade Winner: Ken Little [13] 72 nett
B Grade Winner: Matthew Campbell [19] 66 nett
C Grade Winner: Ken Harris [24] 66 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP: Mark Connolly [30] 68 nett

Nearest To Pins: J. McDonald (4), J. Hilder (6), K. Little (12), B. Craven (14)
Drive & Pitch: S. Vaughn (18)

BRADMANS: A Grade: G. Lattouf, B Grade: N. Connolly, C Grade: J. McDonald

LAST MAN STANDING Final Winner: S. Vaughn

Overall Winner S. Vaughn

Overall Winner
S. Vaughn

A-Grade Winner K. Little

A-Grade Winner
K. Little

B-Grade Winner M. Campbell

B-Grade Winner
M. Campbell

C-Grade Winner K. Harris

C-Grade Winner
K. Harris

Guzzlers Cup M. Connolly

Guzzlers Cup
M. Connolly







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