A beautiful autumn day beckoned the Magnificent 7 from Revesby Golf Club (John Varrica, Phil White, Phil Kilazoglou, Joy Mesuria, Louis Tasaico, George Lattouf and Ken Little) as they approached the undulating hills of Goulburn. Whilst the number of gunslingers was disappointingly small, Goulburn Workers Golf Club hospitality made us feel like we were celebrities.

With experience and old bones creaking, electric carts were chosen as the weapon of the day to defeat the mighty Goulburn course. Typical of Autumn conditions, the greens were recently cored and described as crap by some of the Goulburn members, so with trepidation, the Revesby golfers hit out and quickly adapted to the corrugated roof greens. As it turned out, whist some of the greens were bumpy with corrugated grooves, the majority of greens were still reasonably fast and puttable. On the other hand, the fairways were in pretty good condition with decent grass covering.

The Revesby players soon out muscled the course with their heavy hitters and the majority were able to play close to handicap or exceed it. In particular, Mr Consistency (George Lattouf) with a great score of 44 points of 14 handicap and Kila Mockingbird (Phil Kilazoglou) with 39 points of 18 handicap were the top guns for Revesby with honourable mention of 37 points by Joy Mesuri and 34 points by John Varrica and Ken Little. Bringing up the rear with his cap pistol was Phil White with 31 points.

At the end of the day, the average score for Revesby was 36 points to Goulburn’s 31 points – so congratulations to Revesby for winning the match and ensuring the custodian of the “Pig’s Arse” trophy remains with Goulburn Workers.

Thanks must go to Gary Privett, Craig Brown and Charley Dawson for organising and managing the days event, and to the Goulburn players who partnered the Revesby players to make it such an enjoyable game. After the game, it was back to the Goulburn Workers Club for drinks and a terrific lunch followed by presentation of prizes, so hats off to Goulburn Workers Golf Club for providing a wonderful day.

Revesby will endeavour to provide an equally enjoyable outing to the Goulburn golfers when they visit us at Campbelltown in November.

Authors: Phil White & Ken Little.


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