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Dear Members,

Further to the recent Committee meeting following several matters raised by our golfers at events and at our subsequent monthly meetings, the items listed below were discussed in detail and we hereby notify all members of such issues.

  • The marker is responsible for ensuring that the rules of the game are being enforced and that the correct scores are recorded.
  • The markers should observe the players they are marking and not take for granted the scores that they are given and be diligent in their duty. It is OK to question a score or incident if you feel that what you have seen or been told is questionable. If you feel uncomfortable doing so you can make a note of it and then report it to the match committee.
  • Both player and marker must write down scores after each hole played. Also, scores must be reconciled after the 9th & 18th holes. Cards are to be cross checked and signed at the completion of the round and not filled in or altered at the clubhouse.
  • We recommend that all golfers identify their ball title and number to their markers on commencement of the round. Should you lose your ball, you are required to identify your new ball.
  • Preferred lies if applicable should be no more that 15cm and no closer to the hole.
  • Preferred lies are only allowed on fairways unless notified by the captain prior to teeing off that preferred lies are through the green due to weather or course conditions.
  • Under the rule of preferred lies fairways only, you cannot not move or clean your ball unless it is on the fairway or green, even if it has mud on it. If you do, then a 1 stroke penalty will be imposed, and the ball must be replaced at its original position and be replayed. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
  • Before taking any sort of relief i.e., GUR, out of bounds, irregular ground conditions, penalty areas, unplayable lies, casual water, you must consult with your marker as to what the appropriate course of action should be before playing the next shot.
  • Should you hit a ball and be unsure of finding it, you must play a provisional ball. If your original ball is found, then you can play it. If you cannot find the original ball, then you must continue with the provisional ball and apply the relevant penalty strokes.
  • When playing strokeplay events, the Captain can announce that the “IRISH RULE ” is in play for that day. This rule is to save time if you have lost your ball or hit it out of bounds. Under these two scenarios, a player can drop a ball under penalty of 2 strokes from the nearest point on the fairway from where you went out of bounds or lost your ball (in consultation with your marker). However, if you are in any doubt about finding a ball, you should play a provisional ball first.
  • We suggest that golfers not carry extra balls in their pockets. If a situation arises where you are concerned about crossing hazards etc, and if you do bring a spare ball with you again you must inform your marker that you are doing so and again inform them of the title & number of the spare ball in case it is put into use. This also applies when playing a provisional ball.
  • The grounding of clubs in bunkers is not permitted and incurs a penalty. This is an existing rule and has not changed.
  • When marking balls on the green, your marker is to be placed behind the ball and not in front or to the side of the ball. Then when replacing the ball, it should be placed in front of the marker.
  • No GIMME PUTTS. You must hole out at all times unless you can’t score in a stableford event.
  • When moving a NTP marker because it might be in your way, it is to be marked with a marker and you must not scratch the green with the metal spike.
  • The incorrect counting of strokes where penalties apply seems to be a common complaint.
  • If you have hit your ball into a hazard where the ball is unplayable you can take a drop at the nearest point of relief BUT THE DROP MUST BE COUNTED AS 1 STROKE AND ADDED TO THE SCORE. The only exception to this is if your ball ends up out of bounds or lost where the penalty is 1 stroke plus distance unless when the committee notifies that the Irish rule is in play for the day where it will be a 2 stroke penalty from the nearest point of relief on the fairway.
  • Example– Tee shot ends up unplayable (stroke 1) drop is taken (stroke 2) shot taken after drop also unplayable (stroke 3) another drop is taken (stroke 4) shot onto green (stroke 5) ball putted into hole (stroke 6) Final score on hole =6
  • You are not to move or promote your ball once it is in play (unless you are preferring your lie or taking a drop)
  • Searching for lost balls should not take longer than 3 minutes and once you have given up your search, your ball is declared  lost and a new ball is put into play. You can no longer play your original ball even if you then find it.


Misunderstood Rules 2019 Edition

  • The moving of impediments in bunkers and penalty areas is allowed. However, if you cause your ball to move then a penalty must be imposed, and the ball replaced to its original position before playing your next shot.  You may ground your club in a penalty area except for bunkers.
  • If you accidentally cause your ball to move on the putting green it will not incur a penalty but the ball must be replaced to its original position before playing the next stroke otherwise it will incur a penalty of 1 stroke.  Should your ball move by itself there is no penalty and can be played from where it comes to rest.
  • If your golf ball accidently rebounds into you or hits your golfing equipment there is no penalty and the ball is played where it comes to rest.
  • Double hits do not incur a penalty and are treated as 1 stroke.

General Matters:

  • Blind Draws: The practise of blind draws will continue except for special events and players are reminded that it is the luck of the draw as to your position in the field so please do not complain if you happen to be in the last groups a few times.
  • Early Start Requests: Players needing to leave early must notify the captain at least 48 hours before and must arrive at the course early.
  • Bookings: When booking, please refrain from stipulating who you want to play with or who you are sharing a cart with. The Captain has the unenviable task of sorting out many variables before events and it is at his absolute discretion as to whom you are paired with unless it is an advertised special event where you can pick your partners.
  • Whats App: The Whats App group is not for general chit chat between members or for posting things that you might find funny. It is a communication channel for important announcements by the committee to the members, for questions regarding events and for bookings only. Repeat offenders will be removed.

Thanking you for your time and attention.

The Match Committee.

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