6-MAY-2018: Georges River GC-2BBB Championship-2nd Rnd


Today saw 31 Revesby golfers show up to Georges River Golf Course to play the second and final round of the 2BBB Stableford Championship.

The Autumn morning was cool with some mist hovering above the fairways, a good sign that the day would turn out perfect for golf.

With the car park practically full by the time Revesby players showed up, one couldn’t help but feel this was going to be a long day out on the course 🙁

Favourites for the 2BBB Championship would most likely be the top 5 or 6 teams from the last round, however, the Georges River course can provide many opportunities for massive scores, giving some lower placed teams a slight glimmer of hope.


Play commenced, unusually, from the 10th social tee at around 7:30 am, with prefer-on-fairways only the local rule.

As expected, Revesby’s vanguard group quickly went round the first nine (holes 10 to 18) only to back into a slower-paced social club ahead and it soon became slow-motion replay golf from then on 🙁

The slo-mo game tested many a player’s patience and rhythm, the ultimate agony being on the long par3 5th hole when 12 players were sitting around the tee just waiting 🙁

Overall, the course conditions were good, the dry fairways were hard and fast making the course somewhat shorter to play whilst the slightly scarified greens were slightly bumpy but of reasonable pace.

By the time the last hole appeared, many a player’s golf mojo and appetite for the game had severely diminished 🙁

Fortunately, Revesby’s President, John Varrica, had the foresight to run off at half-time and order heaps of pizzas for the players at the end of the game, full knowing it would cure most ailments suffered on the last nine holes 🙂

Individual CCR for the day was a surprisingly low 35 points.

The Outright winning team today was James Dawkins and Paul Dawkins with a massive 51 points.

James shot 42 points by himself whilst his dad, Paul, amassed a vital 33 points.  Their first nine played (holes 10-18)/last nine played (holes 1-9) points score tally in the 2BBB was a whopping 24/27.

Paul’s birdie2 on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) for a 5-pointer was the icing on the cake.

How can you beat great team-work based on bloodlines?

It’s unfair you say, well, I call it just good genetic engineering 🙂

The Runners Up went to Ronnie Knebusch and Ken Harris with a terrific 49 points.

This pair may not have had a genetic link, but they sure as hell had some sort of symbiotic relationship today when they both scored 36 points individually to amass their 49 points!

What’s even more incredible was their 29 points on one of the nines (holes 10-18), yep, they had seven 3-pointers and two 4-pointers.  Yikes, the scribe struggles to get that many points in 18 holes 🙁

Ronnie’s birdie3 on the tough, long par4 18th hole was the highlight in the round.

If only they hadn’t wiped one hole together, it cost them dearly!

The Guzzlers went to Allen Foster and Gary McMahon with a great 48 points (count-back).

Allen shot the best individual score on the day with 43 points whilst Gary chimed in at the right time with his lowish 29 points.

The two sluggers from hell should have made mincemeat of the course, only trouble was Gary couldn’t follow the local Bankstown Air Traffic controller’s directions when launching his tee shots into the stratosphere 🙁

Not only did they win the arm-wrestle for the Guzzlers cup today, they also took out the 2BBB championship for 2018.

Congratulations fellas 🙂

The Bradman’s Trophy went to Ryan Johnston and Matthew Campbell with 36 points.

Ryan’s individual score of 29 points combined with Matt’s 28 points proved there was some sort of teamwork going on, but where was the coal to stoke the boiler?

The boys couldn’t chip or putt all day, in fact, Matt never scored a single par 🙁

The only saving grace about their performance was they protected the reputations of certain noted individuals in the club, whose names go unnoticed through fear of losing my job as the scribe 🙂


 Highlights of the Day:

1.The 2BBB Championship winners for 2018 were Allen Foster and Gary McMahon.

2.Best 2BBB score was James Dawkins and Paul Dawkins with 51 points.

3.Best individual score was Allen Foster with 43 points.

Was full of fire and brimstone when he started, not because he was psyched up for a good game, rather, he lost a ball in the practice nets beforehand 🙂

4.Best nine hole total was 29 points by Ronnie Kneebusch and Ken Harris (that’s right, 7 x 3-pointers and 2 x 4-pointers).

5.Adam Giltinan manned up again when he thumped his driver on the par5 7th hole to give himself only a 6-iron to the green.

He proceeded to sink the putt for another eagle3. Just like Jason Day, he has eased off the heavy lifting to give his pecs a rest 🙂

6.Paul Dawkins struck his tee shot on the par3 3rd (eagles nest) hole perfectly and watched it come to rest adjacent to the hole.

Not again!  Not another eagles nest! Dawko was smiling like a Cheshire cat 🙂 “I’ve got it, I’ve got it” he exclaimed.

His dispassionate son, James, coolly got the tape measure out and calmly measured the distance and quietly said: “Dad, tough bikkies, its 54cm away“. The birdie2 for 5-points was small consolation indeed 🙁

Lowlights of the day:

1. Steve Vaughn hit his drive on the short par4 15th (drive&pitch) hole and hit Mick McCarney’s golf bag some 20 metres away to the left. Only damage done was to Steve’s pride.

However, many holes later, when playing the long par3 5th hole (the second nine), Mick McCarney pulled out his infrequently used 3-wood. Mounting the ball on the tee, he placed his 3-wood behind the ball only to see the head fall off the shaft 🙁

Sure enough, the shaft had been snapped by some tremendous force! A blaspheming Mick McCarney threw the broken black & gold Fujikura shaft into the garbage bin.

It was suggested to Mick he change the colour of his replacement shaft as the West Tigers have always been fragile to brute force attacks 🙂

All I can say is, “The Punisher” got punished!

2. Speaking of equipment damage.

John Varrica was lining up a putt on the back of the par4 11th hole, when he walked backwards and collided with Kila’s parked buggy. Both John and buggy fell over.

After the dust had settled and the buggy righted, it soon became apparent the buggy came out worse. The buggy’s frame had cracked and was in need of repair to hold the bag in place.

Anyone got tape?” asked Kila. Needless to say, John had some sticky tape in his bag and after about 20 metres of it was wrapped around the frame, Kila’s buggy was fit for use.

3. Do you remember when Brett Ogle hit a tree and the ball ricocheted back and hit him in the kneecap? He was never the same golfer after that.

Well, today saw a Revesby golfer in a similar situation. Playing the par4 18th hole, Wayne Coleman hit his drive to the right edge of the fairway near the trees.

Electing to hook the ball around the tree, Wayne got out his go-to club, the 1-iron! I thought they were extinct, but apparently not.

He flushed the 1-iron, but it hit the tree and he saw the ball come back towards his head at incredible velocity.

Unlike Brett Ogle, Wayne instinctively flinched his head backwards like an Australian opening batsman and saw the ball graze his nose as it whistled past.

Unfortunately, the ball then hit his golf bag. Wayne imposed a 2-shot penalty on his score, however, it pays to check the rules.

Golf Rule 19 covers ball in motion deflected or stopped.

Under rule 19-2, it states:

If a player’s ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by himself, his partner or either of their caddies or equipment, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.

The lesson to be learnt here is:

Don’t carry a 1-iron in your bag and replace it with a rule book 🙂

2BBB Championship results:

Outright Winner:  Allen Foster & Gary McMahon   93 pts

Runners Up:       Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris  89 pts


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Jamie Dawkins & Paul Dawkins   51 pts

Runners Up:      Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris   49 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Allen Foster & Gary McMahon    48 pts (count-back)

BRADMANS:        Ryan Johnston &  Matt Campbell 36 pts

Nearest To Pins: P.Dawkins(3), B.Craven(5), R.Knebusch(9), G.McMahon(14)

Drive & Pitch: M.McCarney(15)


2BBB Championship Results (2018)


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