6-APRIL-2014: Revesby to Goulburn

 Goulburn GC – Single Stableford – Pigs Arse Challenge

The Losers Trophy The Pigs Arse Cup

The Losers Trophy
The Pigs Arse Cup

The “Pigs Arse” Challenge is a bi-annual event between Revesby Workers and Goulburn Workers, where the average stableford score for each club determines the custodian of the “Pigs Arse” trophy (that is, the loser gets the “Pigs Arse”) 🙁

Like the recent weather in Sydney, Goulburn received nearly 100 mm of soaking rain over the last two weeks, and the Goulburn course has never looked so good. The fairways were lush and the greens were smooth and fast – terrific conditions for the thirteen rambunctious Revesby Rebel warriors to attack the Goulburn defenders with confidence and ensure the trophy stays in Goulburn hands.

The course was going to play very long with soft fairways and everyone hitting from the blue tees (back plates), so with “preferred-through-the-green” rule invoked, expect good scores from those who chip and putt well.

Play started at 7:30 am under cool overcast skies and all groups rattled along at good pace to ensure the round was finished quickly.

After the round, the players returned to Goulburn Workers Club for drinks and sated themselves by devouring the delicious schnitzels/roast lunch provided.

Analysis of the score cards showed the course from the back tees was much harder to play, with majority of players struggling to play to their handicap.

The Captains had their brains working in overdrive when it came time to average the team scores, but fortunately for the rest of us and before the sun went down, it was announced that the winning club on the day was Revesby Workers with a 33.3 average, which was better than Goulburn Workers 31.7 average. So Goulburn Workers get to keep the “Pigs Arse” trophy, well done fellas, couldn’t be in better hands 🙂

Goulburn Workers may have lost on the day, however, this did not stop them from shooting some good scores. In particular, the winner and runner-up for Goulburn Workers were Terry Riley and Ray Miller with scores of 41 points and 37 points respectively. Very good effort fellas on such a demanding course.

The shot of the day came from a young Goulburn player, Aaron Grant, when he hooked his tee shot on the par3 11th hole and hit the trees 15 metres left of the green to ricochet back onto the green to take out the nearest-the-pin. Aaron nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders and commented “local knowledge” 🙂

It was not surprising to see so many Revesby power-hitters in the running today on such a long course. The most noteworthy round came from a timid and unassuming character, dare I say his name, yes, it was SUPERMARK, strange visitor from another planet! First time he has played the course and he shoots 43 points to be outright winner on the day. His putter had telescopic sights and his driver had laser guidance 🙂

Not far behind was Mr Consistent (aka John Varrica) who played a clinical game (keep the ball in play, keep the ball in play) to score a sound 39 points to take the Runners-Up for Revesby. If he keeps driving straight then his irons will do the rest 🙂

Congratulations must go to all players for showing up to represent their club and for the good spirit and friendliness they exhibited both on and off the course. It was a great day for golf and topped afterwards by an equally great feast and celebration at the Goulburn Workers Club.

In this regard, special thanks must go to Gary Privett, Craig Brown and the Goulburn Workers social committee for their hospitality, time and effort in organising the event, it was a very enjoyable outing and pleasurable experience for all.

Until we meet again at Campbelltown for the next challenge, just remember RoboRossco’s favourite saying – “Pigs F@#king Arse they’ll leave it in Sydney” 🙂


Revesby Workers (avg 33.3 pts)   defeated    Goulburn Workers (avg 31.7 pts)

Goulburn Individual Results:
Winner: Terry Riley 41 pts
Runners-Up: Ray Miller 37 pts


Revesby Individual Results:
Winner: Mark Connolly 43 pts
Runners-Up: John Varrica 39 pts

Nearest To Pins: Rod Keen(5), Ryan Johnston(8), Aaron Grant(11) GW,
Ray Miller(15)GW, Rossco Hamer(17)

Drive & Pitch: Col Backhouse(4)

BRADMANS: Ray Grant (Goulburn), Rod Keen (Revesby)

The Losers Trophy The Pigs Arse Cup

The Losers Trophy
The Pigs Arse Cup

Pigs Arse Cup Winners Goulburn Workers GC

Pigs Arse Cup Winners
Goulburn Workers GC

Revesby Best Score  M.Connolly ( 43pts )

Revesby Best Score
M.Connolly ( 43pts )

Revesby 2nd Best Score J.Varrica ( 39pts )

Revesby 2nd Best Score
J.Varrica ( 39pts )

Revesby Bradman R.Keen ( 28pts c/b )

Revesby Bradman
R.Keen ( 28pts c/b )

Goulburn Best Score  T.Riley ( 41pts )

Goulburn Best Score
T.Riley ( 41pts )

Goulburn 2nd Best Score R.Miller ( 37pts )

Goulburn 2nd Best Score
R.Miller ( 37pts )

Goulburn Bradman G.Grant ( 27pts )

Goulburn Bradman
R.Grant ( 27pts )

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