It’s back to Macarthur Cringe golf course, whoops, that slipped out, I mean, Macarthur Grange golf course, for the annual charity shield challenge between the Rabbitohs and Roosters.

Hang on, I’ve got the NRL round for next week in front of me, let me look it up on the internet, R..E..V..E..S..B..Y M..E..N..S (I’m kinda slow on the keyboard) G..O..L..F C..L..U..B

Come on internet, hurry up, I’ve got a deadline to meet!

Phew! I’ve got it, I’ve got it!

It’s the annual charity challenge match between Revesby Workers and Bankstown Sports (the host), with the hosting club choosing the charity to which the raised funds will be donated.

The challenge today will depend on nine 2-man Ambrose teams from each club, with each team earning one point for winning their match (based on the 18-hole nett score).

Past memories of the course from two months ago were bad, not because of the layout, but because of its condition, in particular, the once pristine couch fairways now showing the symptoms of severe dehydration, with many dead or bare patches visible.

The ground was rock hard with many ruts, so whilst the ball may run forever, traversing the sloping course in electric carts (hopefully, with working brakes) with little to no suspension would prove to be an agonising journey, so expect a few to have sore backs or arses after the round 🙁

Today’s 2-man Ambrose event got underway at 7:30am from split tees with prefer-through-the-green being the local rule and six tee-shots-selected as the minimum from each player.

Speed of play was good, though some holes held up play considerably, because players were often waiting for the green to be cleared before hitting their second shot to the many short par5s or before launching their drive on the short par4 6th hole.

Fortunately, the course overall was a little bit greener than two months ago, with the greens well watered and maintained. Being large, grainy and undulating greens, putting well here is often the key to success.

With all score cards submitted, the players lounged on the clubhouse verandah with cool ale in hand. It took some time for the cards to be processed before the results were finally announced:

2018 Charity Challenge Winner
Revesby Workers (5) defeated Bankstown Sports (4)

Congratulations to Revesby and many thanks to the players from both clubs for the great camaraderie and the good sportsmanship shown on the day.

Special thanks must go to Bankstown Sports President, Neville Keeley and Bankstown Sports committee for organising the event today. It was a great success and Revesby eagerly look forward to defending the shield next year 🙂

The outright winners and runners up from each club were:


Bankstown Sports
Outright: Jim Gardner [11] & Scott Bates [24] 63¼ nett (count-back)
Runners Up: Robert Goodall [15] & Victor Kapruziak [16] 63¼ nett



Revesby Workers
Outright: Wayne Coleman [13] & Graham Dean [20] 56¾ nett
Runners Up: John Varrica [11] & Phil Kilazoglou [16] 61¼ nett

The Bradman winners for each club were:
Bankstown Sports
Mark Dimond [17] & Bill Leslie [21] 71½ nett

Revesby Workers
Shane Thorn [8] & Allen Foster [20] 67 nett (count-back)

Nearest To Pins:
P.Brennan(2), J.Gardner(5), G.Dean(8), S.Waters(13), K.James(15), M.Campbell(17)
Drive & Pitch:

Match Results:
John Varrica & Phil Kilazoglou (61¼) def Jim Gardner & Scott Bates (63¼)
Ken Little & George Lattouf (62) def Robert Goodall & Victor Kapruziak (63¼)

Shane Thorn & Allen Foster (67) lost John Soo & Col Gallagher (64½)
Wayne Coleman & Graham Dean (56¾) def Mark Dimond & Bill Leslie (71½)

Cliff Bourquin & Brian Craven (65½) def Parrish McMahon & Peter Brennan (67½)
Mick McCarney & Mark McDonald (67) lost Steve Toogood & Bob Toogood (66¼)

Joy Mesuria & Steve Vaughn (65¼) lost Stuart Waters & Peter Toogood (64¾)
Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs (65¾) def Geoff Redmile & Kevin James (66)

Claude Poletti & Jeff Hilder(absent) lost Neville Watson & Neville Keeley

1. Best score on the day was the team of Wayne Coleman and Graham Dean who shot 65 scratch (5-under par) for a nett score of 56¾.

Wayne has been in good form all year and Macarthur Grange is one course he excels on (he won A-grade last time here). On the other hand, Graham Dean, is like that horse, Chautauqua, you never know whether he will start from the barrier 🙂

They teamed very well today with Graham leading from the tees with his straight drives and Wayne capitalising with good irons and putts. Wayne (Mr. Panadol) must have had a calming influence on the more focussed Graham, because they sure as hell blew the opposition away 🙂

2. Longest putt ever witnessed.
Discounting Revesby’s Vice-President, John McDonald (who has been known to putt from 100 metres away), today saw the team of Rob Goodall and Victor Kapruziak on the front edge of the green on the par4 4th hole (the hour-glass green) with a putt measuring 49.1 metres (161 feet) by laser range-finder.

With the scribe and George Lattouf standing next to the flag thinking their opponents will be lucky to 3-putt from that distance, they were flabbergasted to see Rob stroke his left-to-right breaking putt to 2-feet from the hole for a tap-in. It was an amazing putt!

3. Wayne Higgs may get a little confused on the course, because sometimes he ends up playing billiards when his chips starts hitting opponents balls and knocking them in the hole.

But his driving is never confusing, its damn the torpedoes, full-speed ahead.
He smoked his drive to 12-feet from the hole on the par4 16th hole!

4. So Revesby won the challenge by one point. But which victory was the most critical?

It would have to go to the team of Matt Campbell & Wayne Higgs, who were four shots behind with three holes to go. After driving the par4 16th, Wayne two-putted for a birdie and this was followed by Matt sinking a birdie putt on the par3 17th.

Matt’s sixth-tee-shot selected was left to the last hole, so the pressure was on for him to perform. Wayne was biting his finger nails, or whats left of them, and the Gods were smiling, because Matt got one safely away.

They managed to get a safe par five, so it was left to their opponents to sink a 2-foot putt for a bogey six and victory for Bankstown Sports. But their opponents missed the putt and ended up with a double-bogey seven and a victory to Revesby by a ¼ of a stroke!!!!!!!

Phew! That was close, indeed 🙂

1. Mark McDonald’s opponents were about to give up looking for their ball on the par3 15th when he found it for them. Naturally, Mark’s good Samaritan effort was well rewarded when his opponents won the match play by one shot 🙁

2. Worst score was a triple bogey eight on the par5 9th hole. Yep, the team of Mark McDonald and Mick McCarney elected to hit their second shot out of the trench, actually, there was no choice for Mick because his partner was missing in action from the tee. They got out of the trench alright, but hit the next in the trees, the fourth rolled off the green into a bunker, then out of the bunker followed by a 3-putt.

What can I say, from trench to stench 🙁

3. Allen Foster (Bradman winner) best described his driving today:
“I was straight when I was cold, and crooked when warm”.

His forlorn playing partner, Shane Thorn, said he should have brought a large Esky for his partner 🙁

4. Who was the only person to reach their six-tee-shot quota on the last hole?
Yes, it was Matt Campbell. And how important was it? Very! Their team won the match on the last hole by a ¼ of a stroke!

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