The wind cheaters were out in force for this visit to Antill Park as the temperature took a nose dive  overnight. The breeze had a bit of a bite to it and eventually turned into a a strongish wind towards the middle of the round. The course was in good condition and thankfully the greens had not been cored and were fairly fast.

With the seriousness of the recent club championships out of the way, it was time to have some fun again by teaming up with a partner and hoping that your combined scores would be good enough to triumph over the rest of the field. Play was extremely slow due to another social club playing before us.

With all the players in the clubhouse and the cards checked by the club captain Joy, it was time to announce the winners and losers.

The outright winners were Terry Coleman & Mathew Campbell with an amazing score of 77 pts.  Matt had just come off a Bradmans performance the week before and was fortunate to draw Terry who has been on fire so far this year. Funny enough, it was Matt that shone in this group today by shooting an outstanding round of 42 points on his own.

Matt reports “Our games were helped by playing on a course in great condition especially the top greens in comparison to last week and managing the windy conditions. Terry played his usual game driving long and straight followed by good iron shots into greens all day and  putting steadily for 35 points. I had my best driving round of the year. Drove it very long of the tee with some accurate approach shots and also stayed out of trouble. A good front nine of 19 points and finished with an excellent 23 points on the back nine  for a satisfying round of 42 points”.

The runners up were Shane Thorn and Allen Foster with a good score of 73 points. Don’t know who did what as no reports were submitted to the scribe.

Oh hang on, Shane did send something through. He reports that the reason for their win was ” Because someone didn’t strip down”.

Yeah right Shane. Get off the weed man!!!!!!!!

The Guzzlers were George Lattouf & Phil White with another good score of 72 points C/B. I’ve never seen George so happy because he was of the belief that he could hit everyone up for a free drink the next week at the Pig’s Arse Cup against Goulburn Workers. He looked a little deflated when told that there would be an open bar that week and drinks would be free anyway.

On the golf front George reported ” I was magnificent because I drove well but the clincher was the extremely accurate 3 wood approach shots into holes 12, 3 & 4. They all landed on the greens creating birdie opportunities”.

As usual, there was no mention of how his partner  played so will will assume that Phil did most of the work.

The Bradmans were Steph Suzor & Mick McCarney with an rather embarrassing score of 50 points. Understandably, no report was submitted by either of the pair.

As the scribe cannot be everywhere during a round, he relies on the members to inform him of any peculiar happenings on the course that might be worthy of reporting.

This week however, I was fortunate enough to be in a group where one player enjoyed a very eventful day. That player was Johnny Mac and he had us in stitches for most of the round. There were a few incidents so I will put them in point form.

  1. Standing on the first tee and looking at a 165 mtr par 3 to start with, Johnny pull out his trusty 3 wood and with 20 or so people watching him, he proceeded to take an almighty swing but failed to connect with the ball. That’s right, an air swing which had many members rolling around in fits of laughter.
  2. Johnny composed himself after that air swing an teed the ball up for his 3rd shot and this time connected. Only problem was that he drove it into the dam on the left of the fairway. Needless to say that he wiped that hole even with his two shot start on it.
  3. On the fourth hole, Johnny drove his ball into the tree line on the right of the fairway. He then chipped out to a safe distance from the green which is guarded by a dam in front of it. Unfortunately he hit his approach a little heavy and it fell into the dam ending up just in inch in the water. Johnny decided to have a go at extracting his ball from the water and against all advice, he did not remove his shirt. Well you guessed it, he ended up looking like the creature from the black lagoon with mud all over him.
  4. On the very next hole being the par 3 5th, Johnny ball once again failed to stay dry. This time he actually made it over the water only to see it roll back into the dam. Again it was just in the water and this time to the shock horror of his playing partners, he took of his shirt and played a good shot to get out. The ducks in the pond will be scarred for a long time to come.


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