28-JAN-2018: The Ridge GC  2BBB Stableford


It was pleasing to see a large number of players (31) show up for the 6:57am start of the 2-Ball Better Ball stableford event at THE RIDGE golf course, located at Barden Ridge near Menai.

THE RIDGE is a public golf course that has features often found in championship layouts.

It has carpet-like couch fairways you could sleep on, flanked by short rough, native trees and plants to hug and hide your ball from further physical abuse.

The large, fast, contoured bent-grass greens will tease and befuddle the best of putters, and lastly, there are plenty of sand bunkers and water hazards to jump into should you wish to terminate your game with extreme prejudice!

The course may have been built on an old rubbish tip, but some players today will end up feeling like their game matched what was under their feet 🙁

Starting on the 10th tee (yellow markers), a large number elected to travel by cart across the exposed hilly terrain to mitigate the fatigue that sets in from the lack of shade and trekking the long uphill and downhill fairways.

No “Irish” rule for lost balls today, just prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule on the day.

The weather was overcast and comfortable, with a hint of a north-easterly breeze.

After the game, course feedback from players was very positive. Many players enjoyed the extra freedom of the wide fairways and the superb conditions of the course and were keen to play it again 🙂

As usual, the most challenging feature of the course were the tricky greens. Players found chipping over the fast surface to the hole very difficult, whilst putting on the mottled colour camouflage greens was very perplexing.

There was definitely a lot more grain in the greens today, so allowing for break, grain and pace became an equation too difficult to compute for some of the pupils of golf today (including me) 🙁

The outright winner today was Cliff Bourquin and Gary McMahon with a scholastically brilliant score of 50 points.

They formed a very competitive team, with Cliff the steady-like prefect who never got caught getting into serious trouble, whilst Gary, with his dichotomous hot & cold swing, would play brilliant one moment and then go truant the next.

Its reported that Gary is offering his golf swing to the CSIRO as they are looking at developing a new particle-accelerator and are in need of an atom-smasher 🙂

Both putted reasonably well, so they must have had programmable calculators in their smart phones in order to perform the complex Fourier transforms on each green and reduce the frequency of putts to the hole to an absolute minimum.

It was a performance that definitely deserved a high distinction from the Revesby School of Golf.

The Runners Up were Ronnie Knebusch and Ken Harris with a creditable pass score of 45 points.

Both pupils struggled to pass their own golf exam today, with Ronnie and Ken amassing 32 and 31 points, respectively. Lucky for them, when one didn’t have an answer on a hole, the other covered with the correct answer, it was just plain good team work 🙂

Their poor knowledge of chipping around the greens was more than compensated for by their street smarts in getting their balls near or into the hole when sliding across the green mattress with their flat bladed stick.

A great result for a pair who prefer to play golf hooky and angle their life away with other pursuits 🙂

The Guzzler’s winner today was John Varrica and Kevin Gerkins with a satisfactory pass score of 44 points (count-back).

With the Dean of the school present (aka President), poor Kevin Gerkins was like a first year pupil not wanting to get into trouble and go on detention or get the cane from his partner.

Well, Kevin exceeded his parent’s expectations (and the Dean) by being smarter than everyone in the group, displaying precision in his shot making and alertness in his golf management. Could hit the ball at will, be it low into the wind or high down-wind as he amassed an effortless 40 points himself.

The Dean contributed to the partnership, but was fatiguing fast at the end as he grasped and gasped for his electronic steam-engine puffer.

Walking in the last group and facing the toughest of weather conditions (the wind got stronger and the Sun came out), the pair deservedly earned their Guzzlers today 🙂

The Bradman winners were Shane Thorn and George Ostermann with 38 points.

How the mighty have fallen 🙁

When you put together the current A Grade scratch champion (Shane) and the C Grade scratch champion (George) together, you expect to see fireworks, if not commendable performances, rather than scratchy golf 🙁

Oh well, it just goes to prove that individual performers do not necessarily make a good team!

Today’s punishment for the Bradman’s is one week in detention and they must write on the back of their scorecard eighteen times “There was no Roman God named FARTICUS” 🙁

Highlights of the Day:
1. Best team score was Cliff Bourquin & Gary McMahon with 50 points.

2. Its arguable if this is a highlight, but Im desperate for another highlight, so for the lucky few in a certain group, it certainly was!

Talk about the “commentator’s curse”.

After lauding Wayne Higgs last week with his terrific driving prowess at Bankstown, today saw Wayne duff his tee shot on the very first hole (the par5 10th) and watch his ball dribble not very far, not even reaching the ladies tee 🙁

An ever alert member of the group, Ryan Johnston, quickly invoked the “Wear the Skirt” rule which entailed the skirt wearer to shout drinks at the bar for the group.

Wayne, the upright, ethical and moral golfer that he is, obliged accordingly 🙁

Lowlights of the Day:
1. Ever see a golfer pray on the course?

Well, today saw Kila do just that when he blocked his tee shot right on the par5 6th hole (our 4th last hole).

The ball ended up under a small native tree with the branches hovering near and over the ball.

Kila got on both knees and managed to swing and hit the ball out of trouble.

It was, and excuse the parlance, a Hail Mary shot!

Did the Gods listen to him and forgive him of his sins from the tee?

Nope, he still racked up a big score on the hole 🙁

2. OK, now for the lowlight birdie stories.

Yes, if you can’t get one legitimately then you might as well get one the easy way.

Brian Craven got one when playing the par5 10th (our first hole) when he played his second shot and saw the ball go straight up the arse of a duck near the waters edge. Naturally, Brian had to declare the ball lost 🙁

George Ostermann claimed another one whist playing the par4 2nd hole. Hitting his second shot over the small pond guarding the front of the green, George topped it and saw the ball scuttling left along the ground around the pond.

The ball started to curve back towards the green only to be stopped by a big fat duck.

In the duck’s defence, it had been up since the quack of dawn, so was tired, sleepy and too slow in getting out of the way.

A distressed George took pity on the lame duck and quickly fixed its ailment with a small piece of duck tape. No bill was charged for his kindness 🙂

3. Ryan Johnston proudly showed off his two luminescent green VolVik golf balls to his playing partners, boasting how easy it was to locate the balls in the air and on the ground, and how the crows won’t steal them.

The first nine holes proved his words right because Ryan couldn’t lose the ball, no matter where it went, be it rough or dense trees, it stood out like a beacon.

Come the second nine, Ryan had lost both green balls to the crows in the space of three holes 🙁

On the other hand, white balls were as safe as houses as the crows appear to be colour-blind to white 🙂

4. The scribe had a despicable lie to tell, and I don’t mean a fib.

Playing the long par4 16th, the scribe hit a good drive only to see it drift left and land in the left-hand fairway bunker up the hill.

It turned out the ball ran up the face of the bunker and finished outside, just 1cm from the elevated front edge of the bunker.

With no way to stand near the ball, the scribe hopped into the steeply sloped bunker face and elected to hit the chest-high ball.

He managed to hit the ball alright, but straight left into an unplayable lie in the deep rough 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Winners: Cliff Bourquin [16] & Gary McMahon [25] 50 pts

Runners Up: Ronnie Knebusch [20] & Ken Harris [26] 45 pts

Guzzlers Cup: John Varrica [10] & Kevin Gerkins [28] 44 pts c/b

BRADMANS: Shane Thorn [7] & George Ostermann [24] 38 pts

Nearest To Pins:
W.Higgs(5), C.Bourquin(8), M.McCarney(11), I.Lindberg(15)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
A.Giltinan (A)

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