26-AUG-2018: Liverpool GC-Single Stableford+Rnd 3 Singles Matchplay


It’s our third game here in two years and based on the previous two visits, good scores will be hard to come by.  Fortunately, the weather today was perfect for golf, totally different from the scorching temperature on our first visit and the frost-bite inducing cold on our second visit.

Play commenced in the single stableford event around 7:20am from the white tees on the 10th tee with prefer-on-fairways only being the local rule.   Of the twenty six (26) players who showed up, eight players would also be involved in the third round of the singles matchplay.

The course looked dry with fairways taking on a green/yellow splotchy appearance, reminiscent of the camouflage used by RAF fighters and bombers in WW2 over Europe.  So it won’t be no surprise to find players missing the fairways with their shots!  To make matters worse, the greens had been cored three weeks previous and were still slow and bumpy to putt on.

The game was somewhat slow, with most players succumbing to the seven artificial lakes and Georges River that came into play on fourteen (14) holes.  So staying clear of water was number one on the course management list, quickly followed by avoiding the many sand bunkers that guard most greens and for the few catawampus golfers, there are the trees 🙁

With the round finished, many alienated players were heard saying:

“That’s it man. Game over, man. Game over! What the f*** are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?”

The shock and horror of witnessing one’s alien game being slowly dismembered with watery acid was too much, and for those nearing the bottom could be heard screaming: “We’re on an express elevator to hell, going down!”

However, a few were saved from the horror spectacle:

The Outright winner was Ryan Cassin with a score of 33 points (count-back).

More focussed on his matchplay against Graham Dean, kept to a simple plan of staying out of trouble and got off to a good start and never looked back.  Whilst his opponent took riskier shots and went everywhere, Ryan was disciplined with his simple plan all day.  Solid around the greens, backed it up with good putting.  The outright win was icing on the matchplay cake 🙂

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with a score of 33 points.

Has shown consistent form this year and with his game more suited to this type of course, it was no surprise to see him take out his fifth A grade victory for the year.  With no match play involvement to deflect his thoughts, he just concentrated on his swing tempo to produce another all-round solid performance 🙂

The B Grade winner was Allen Foster with a score of 31 points.

A handy 2BBB partner to have, Allen has kept under the radar most of the year, so it was pleasing to see his name back up in the lights again.  What was even more pleasurable (and popular) was his matchplay victory against George Lattouf, winning by 3&1.  Always led the matchplay, was two-up with two to go when George finally cracked like an egg falling off a twenty storey building.  A very popular win 🙂

The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with a score of 32 points.

The season is changing and the weather is getting warmer and so is Ken’s game.  That’s two C grade wins and a Guzzler in the last 2 months.  Keep out of trouble and let your short game and putter do the work was his plan.  A good effort on the long track 🙂

The Guzzler winner was Claude Poletti with a score of 30 points (count-back).

Its been a lean year for Claude, with only a single C grade win in February and a 2BBB runners up in July.  The grind of working six days a week has not been kind to his game, so maybe there is light at the end of tunnel with retirement now edging ever closer on the distant horizon.  Today’s effort was a bonus 🙂


The Bradman winners today were real bad-asses!

Ken Little (A grade) was a lame duck with 24 points after being attacked twice by wild geese on two separate holes.  He tried to knee-cap a couple of the attackers and the reward for his aggression were many shanks, all man-made  🙁

Luis Tasaico (B grade) claimed his lowly 19 points was caused by his new replacement titanium knee rejecting his golf swing 🙁

George Ostermann (C grade) kept hitting straight all day for his 24 points, only problem was, he was hitting straight into the water 🙁

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:

1.Best score was 33 points (count-back) by Ryan Cassin.

2.Scoring five (5) stableford points on a single hole is a fairly rare event, but today saw two individuals in the same playing group score 5 points on consecutive holes. Matthew Campbell scored a birdie3 on the long par4 2nd hole and Rossco Hamer chipped in for a birdie4 on the par5 3rd hole. Were they spurred on by their amazing score?  Well, talk about resting on one’s laurels, Matthew wiped the next hole and Rossco wiped the next two holes!

3.Matchplay is a funny game, you can actually play better than your opponent and still lose the match. Cliff Bourquin scored 30 points when playing against Adam Giltinan who scored 25 points.  Yet Adam won the matchplay 1up.  When asked to explain the peculiar result, Adam stated “I was brutally brilliant and brutally bad”, to which the scribe quickly summarised as Adam played like a yo-yo 🙂

4.The par4 9th (our last hole played) is a challenging hole, with the small green elevated on a pimple guarded by deep inverted pustules of sand and bordered by water on the left. The approach shot to the green is always intimidating and today saw Wayne Coleman go hell for leather when he hit his second shot from 150 metres.  The ball went straight as an arrow at the pin, only problem was he thinned the shot and saw the ball travel no more than 6-inches above the ground, it ran all the way and finally finished 8-foot from the pin.  Wayne sank the putt for a birdie3 🙂

LOWLIGHTS of the day:

1.The Captain, Joy Mesuria, almost got assassinated today. Yep, whilst standing on the par3 18th tee (our ninth hole played), a ball from the par4 1st tee came whistling past the Captain’s left ear.  It was a head shot and the person who pulled the trigger was a sheepish and embarrassed Peter Davis 🙁

2.As previously mentioned, the scribe was attacked by geese, again. Unlike last week at Bankstown when seven of them attacked him, today saw fourteen (14) geese ferociously attack the scribe in a wedge-shape formation on the par4 15th hole.  The scribe heroically advanced to the rear only to collide with a crouching Mark McDonald behind his buggy.  A jittery and twitchy scribe took down the license numbers of each offender, however, the Police database didn’t recognise Goose1, Goose2,….,Goose14 and stated they must have been fake plates 🙁

3.The same geese threatened the scribe again on the next nine, the par5 3rd hole. They slowly gathered in a menacing formation as they waddled their way towards him.  The scribe was smart this time, instead of running away he decided to run around them.  It proved the right tactic as the geese had no stamina!

You have to have balls to defend yourself against a huge gaggle of geese was the scribe’s mantra today, only trouble was he lost seven (7) balls in the process.

Matchplay results on the day:

Ryan Cassin   def  Graham Dean    5&4

Adam Giltinan def  Cliff Bourquin 1up

Joy Mesuria   def  Steph Suzor    1up

Allen Foster  def  George Lattouf 3&1

Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Ryan Cassin [14]    33 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [11]   33 pts

B Grade Winner:  Allen Foster [20]   31 pts

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [27]     32 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   Claude Poletti [22] 30 pts c/b


A Grade:   Ken Little [14]       24 pts

B Grade:   Luis Tasaico [22]     19 pts

C Grade:   George Ostermann [23] 22 pts

Nearest To Pins: J.Varrica(4), C.Poletti(6), J.Varrica(14), M.McCarney(18)

Drive & Pitch: S.Vaughn(1)




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