Its been several years since we played on the Kikuyu and Couch fairways and Penncross (Bentgrass) greens of Cabramatta golf course, and as usual, they appeared in excellent condition.

A large roll-up of 32 players congregated on the 1st tee for a 6:56am start from the friendly social tees.  The packed car park so early in the morning was a warning sign that play was going to be extra slow, and sure enough, the latter Revesby groups were still waiting at 8:00am to hit-off 🙁

Cabramatta golf course has a layout that has many tight fairways straddled by densely populated trees, many bunkers and water hazards, sharp dog-leg angles and severely contoured fairways on many holes, slippery greens and on top of all that, its bloody hard to walk on.  Not surprisingly, many experienced players elected to use a motorised cart 🙂

Lucky it wasn’t stroke play today as there would be players still outside looking for their balls 🙁

Hmmm, I wonder if the new 2019 Rule 21.2 (Maximum Score) for future stroke rounds is a solution or will tradition rule out?



Whilst the weather was ideal for golf, the slow round proved too much for some players who became, literally, legless during the round.

With all score cards in and checked, it soon became apparent that the top three individual scorers today, Joy Mesuria (42pts), Adam Giltinan (41pts) and Graham Dean (41pts), also boot-strapped their partners into the winning 2BBB circle.

The Outright winners today were Joy Mesuria and Noel Connolly with 47 points.

Revesby’s Captain is in a purple patch at the moment and his brilliant performance (42pts) was enough motivation for last week’s Bradman winner and partner, Noel Connolly (30pts), to get his game together and save Joy’s bacon on two holes and add the extra five valuable points needed for victory.

Mind you, Joy grabbed 2 birdies today, which was significant since he had only 3 birdies for the whole year before the game.

The Runners-Up were Adam Giltinan and Mark McDonald with 46 points.

Adam (41pts) took a liking to this course when he used his dilithium crystal warp driver to shrink space between tee and green and set his iron phasers to stun, whilst his fellow crew member, Mark McDonald (30pts), backed up on impulse engines and kept the shield arrays going to protect the team from damage.

The Guzzlers were Graham Dean and Phil Kilazoglou with 45 points (count-back).

Graham (41pts) exploded today and it wasn’t back in the club-house!  It was his best performance of the year and he was suitably backed up, not literally, by Kila (32pts) with his two birdies.  Their score should have been higher, but their combination was not as good as the winners.

The Bradmans were in the last group, so that was sufficient punishment 🙁



1.Best 2BBB score was 47 points from Joy Mesuria & Noel Connolly.

2.Top three individual scores were Joy Mesuria (42), Adam Giltinan (41) and Graham Dean (41).

3.Best stableford score on a hole was Graham Dean’s birdie3 on the short par4 3rd hole for 5 points.

4.The numerous hills and severely sloping fairways took its toll, and poor Shane Thorn’s legs succumbed to it on the par3 16th hole. His partner, George Ostermann, was left alone to play the final two holes for the team. George managed to steer the team home safely 🙂

5.Rossco Hamer was beaming like a Cheshire cat after the game. No, it wasn’t because he broke the world distance record for twirling a club in the air.  He was ecstatic because it was the first time in a decade that he hadn’t lost a ball after 18 holes!

6.Glen Blades 5-putted the par4 1st hole today. What makes this a highlight is he had the “Encouragement Award” trophy that he won last year in his bag, and if ever a person needed it it was right then. Sure enough, he pulled the trophy out of the bag, gave it a good rub with his towel and out of the smoke popped a Genie who granted Glen his wish of putting better. It worked 🙂


1.Noel Connolly was a winner today, but some of his shots were Bradmanesque. The low-light was his tee shot on the par4 10th hole, when he pulled it straight left onto the footpath, saw it bounce into the wire fence, and then ricochet right back out onto the fairway. When asked by the scribe if it was just good luck, he replied: “No, it was good course management”.

2.Cliff Bourquin hit his second shot into the pro-shop adjacent to the par4 9th green. When Cliff arrived at the shop looking for his ball, he found it sitting neatly on top of a brick wall outside the shop with a business card lying against the ball. The business card had some writing on it, which said “if you want some lessons, please see the professional inside the shop” 🙁

3.Phil White invoked his old “Sydney Water” workplace union rule when attempting to get out of the bunker. That’s right, its an unfamiliar rule which states “if you arms get tired, you’re allowed to pick up and get out”, and that’s what happened to him after playing six unsuccessful bunker shots in the far left hand front bunker on the par3 12th hole!

Ironically, next to him in the adjacent bunker was George Lattouf, who got out of the bunker in one shot!  To the scribe, who witnessed the event, it was just one of those “Ripley – Believe It or Not” moments 🙁

Revesby 2BBB results on the day:

Winners:       Joy Mesuria [17] & Noel Connolly [21]    47 pts

Runners Up:    Adan Giltinan [11] & Mark McDonald [20]  46 pts

Guzzlers Cup:  Graham Dean [20] & Phil Kilazoglou [16]  45 pts  c/b

BRADMANS:      Terry Coleman [12] & Robert Back [p22]   37 pts  c/b

Nearest To Pins:

R.Knebusch(5), J.Hilder(7), B.Craven(12), T.Coleman(14), R.Cassin(16)

Drive & Pitch:


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