25-MAR-2018: Auburn GC –Single Stableford + BBQ


A warm Autumn day welcomed nineteen (19) Revesby golfers to the easy-walking Auburn Public Golf Course to play a single stableford event, followed by the ever popular barbecue (BBQ) organised by Revesby’s Social Secretary, Ryan Cassin 🙂

Interestingly, the word barbecue comes from the Spanish word “barbacoa” (cooking food using a framework of sticks set upon posts), whose usage was first traced back to the island of Haiti (the 2nd largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba) in the early 1500’s.

Overtime, the word transformed in the English language to “barbecue” or its informal variants, “barbeque“, “bar-b-q” and “BBQ“.

Today, barbecue can also refer to either a cooking method, an apparatus for cooking or to a type of social event featuring this cooking method.

Barbecuing is usually done outdoors by smoking the meat over wood or charcoal, but other techniques include roasting, baking, braising and grilling.

The recent dry Summer may have prohibited some BBQs from going ahead, but not today 🙂

Surprisingly, the dry spell has not affected the course too much, with much of the course and greens still verdant in appearance and in excellent condition.  The only downside was the greens which appeared to be recently cored and covered with light sand, still uncut and slightly bumpy, and as a consequence, very slow to putt on 🙁

The game started on time at around 7:00am from the par3 tenth tee (yellow tees).   Importantly, the vanguard group was led by Ryan Cassin and his motley crew of Food Service Specialists.

Play was reasonably quick and whilst the weather remained fine, the day got hotter and the wind stronger, making some holes into the wind play a lot longer and harder to score.

As expected, the slow and bumpy greens made the golf at best, challenging, and at worst, un-enjoyable 🙁

Fortunately, there was a cure for many of the 3-putt nightmares that had gutted many a player’s round today.

The cure came in the form of the odour of BBQ beef and lamb that was wafting its way across the fairways near the end of the round.

Sure enough, after the round, the players quickly congregated around the BBQ area, watching and smelling the cooking food with much anticipation.

Once the green light appeared, and with plenty of beer and soft drink available, the players dived in and devoured the food like a starving pride of lions masticating a wildebeest.

Even Revesby’s Captain, Joy Mesuria, was sorely tempted, he was a vegetarian until he started leaning towards the sunlight 🙂

Feedback from the players was terrific, and in this regard, the following Revesby food specialists must be acknowledged:

Ryan Cassin:

Bravo Zulus to the Assassin commando for stealthily procuring high-value targets like the beef and lamb without personal injury, successful reconnaissance and acquisition of classified drinks, rolls and sauces, and precision slicing and dicing of the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and onions without alerting the sentries.

Another highly successful mission from Cassin the Assassin 🙂

Rossco Hamer & Jeff Hilder:

The hot golfers on the day, in more ways than one, they combined to cook and slice the juicy, tender beef and lamb for their fellow golfers.

More importantly was the extra taste added by Rossco, no, he didn’t unzip his pants.

Rather, it was the Memphis Style Seasoning “Pigs Arse Rub” that was added to marinate the beef and the garlic and rosemary (plus salt and pepper) to the lamb, that gave it that extra twang for the taste buds to savour.

A salivating performance fellas 🙂

George Lattouf:

I saw him tread on a corn flake this morning and called him a cereal killer!

But lo and behold, he redeemed himself by volunteering to help out today with the BBQ by providing additional resources, namely –

– Lebanese bread

– tabouli salad

– baba ghanoush paste

– hummus paste

– garlic paste

The food was extremely popular with the players, so many thanks to George (and his wife!) for the extras today 🙂

The scribe wanted to take home the leftovers, but someone else FOILED his plans 🙁

With the eating over, it was back to announcing the winners (and losers) today.

On the whole, the scores were much lower than normal, with only three (3) players playing to or better than handicap today and CCR was provisionally set to 34 points.


The outright winner was Rossco Hamer with a great score of 41 points.

Handled the course conditions much better than the majority of players, must have handled his putter like a spatula to get the balls moving across the slow greens.

Probably marinated his golf balls the night before to make them more slippery!

Kept the ball in play and was aggressive (as always) with the chips and putts, which was a recipe for good fortune – a rewarding and tasty win to Revesby’s head chef 🙂


The A Grade winner was Phil White with a well crafted score of 39 points (on a count-back from Wayne Coleman).

Been in relatively good form over the last couple of months, found the slow greens challenging and elected to chip his putts on three occasions, so slow were the greens.

Wearing no hat on the first nine holes, he had to borrow Steph Suzor’s floppy hat and immediately proceeded to wipe the 10th hole.  Fearing the hat may be responsible, he turned the hat inside-out and put it back on, and the result was a resurgence of good form when he amassed a further 20 points over the last eight holes 🙂

Another good, steady performance from Snow White 🙂

The B Grade winner was Steve Floyd with a lowish score of 33 points.

He drove long but was erratic with the driver.  His medium irons were good, but he chipped well thanks to the Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video (I think it’s time the scribe looks at it, as well).

The putting could have been better, but that was true for most today.

Not his best performance today, but a pleasing result, nevertheless, for Steve 🙂

The C Grade winner was George Ostermann with a lowish score of 34 points.

There was a surprised expression on his face when he heard his name announced.

Kept the ball in play and was somewhat sneaky long for his age.

The slow greens were challenging for him, but he kept his patience and grinded out a winning score.

A welcome return to the winners podium George 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Wayne Coleman with a solid score of 39 points.

No flashy trousers today, just plain shorts and a hangover.

His tempo and rhythm was surprisingly good for someone under the weather, he didn’t stumble as he plastered his putter on the treacle-like greens.

A tension-free game from Wayne and his reward to cure his hangover today – the Guzzlers cup 🙂

The Bradmans went mainly to players with shoulders ladened with BBQ responsibilities today.

They were Ryan Cassin (26 points), Jeff Hilder (29 points) and Steve Vaughn (28 points), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The scribe was sympathetic, so will refrain from any ascerbic, sardonic, satirical or scathing remarks, suffice to say, the one common-denominator for their poor performances was pathetic putting, with Steve Vaughn one level lower 🙁

Highlights to report:

  1. Best score was Rossco Hamer with 41 points.
  2. A very enjoyable BBQ had by all (with many thanks to Ryan Cassin, Rossco Hamer, Jeff Hilder and George Lattouf).


Results on the day:

Outright: Rossco Hamer [23]     41 pts

A Grade:  Phil White [11]       39 pts  c/b

B Grade:  Steve Floyd [19]      33 pts

C Grade:  George Ostermann [25] 34 pts

GUZZLER:  Wayne Coleman [16]    39 pts


A Grade:  Ryan Cassin [12]      26 pts

B Grade:  Jeff Hilder [17]      29 pts

C Grade:  Steve Vaughn [22]     28 pts

Nearest To Pins:

C.Poletti(6), J.Hilder(9), J.Hilder(13), J.Mesuria(16)

Drive & Pitch:


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