24-FEB-2019: 2nd Rnd Club Championship-Strokeplay


33 players turned up for today’s game at Bankstown GC for the 2nd round of the 2019 club championship.

The weather was cool and overcast and the course was in terrific condition as usual. This was the first game for this year at BGC and under  a new fee structure due to the cessation of the Group 1 agreement with our club. Members should know that the fees charged to us were $50 per player and subsidised to $40  by our committee.

The outright winner today was a player experiencing a very hot streak at the moment. Peter Davis shot 65 Nett to take out his second win of the year. He reports that he nearly gave up golf towards the end of last year. This year he has finally got his driver working and is enjoying his golf more. He was also buoyed by what he described as a great group of playing partners. After watching Jeff Hilder 5 putt the 12th and the 4 putt the 3rd, he says that he began to concentrate harder. A beaten Rossco was also very helpful in giving him some tips throughout the round and  witnessing Dorco’s zig zag golf game helped him straighten his own shots. Well played Peter.

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with a great score of 66 nett. Terry missed the first round due to pennant duty for Barnwell GC but boy did he perform today. Playing off a handicap of 12, Terry shot a controlled round of 7 over par and bagged 3 birdies along the way. He reports that his short game was great and that he really enjoyed the greens as they are in good condition compared to a lot of course around Sydney at the moment. He hit some nice short irons which set him up for the 3 birdies and wasn’t far away from getting a few more. Go back to playing pennants Terry (LOL).

The B grade winner was  a man who deals with the demons in his head every time he plays. He must have watched Happy Gilmore the previous evening as he seemed to channel his “happy place” today. Graham Dean playing off a handicap of 18 shot a score of 66 nett and reports that he is starting to get his golf mojo back. He backed off with the big dog an d put little dog in play. As a result he hit more shots out of the middle, rolled a couple of nice putts and declared that the game  has gotten easier…….not! Graham, it was nice to see you smile for a change. Nice teeth by the way.

The C grade winner with an unbelievable score ( for him) of 69 nett, was our illustrious vice president John McDonald. He reports that many members commented to him in the morning that he didn’t look like himself ( a good thing I reckon ). His golf clubs didn’t recognise him either as he proceeded to par the first hole played. he continued to fool his clubs until the 19th hole. Well played whoever you are.

The guzzlers cup was won by Adam Giltinan with a score of 68 nett. No report was received from Adam so we’ll assume that he played well.

The Bradmans were Phil White (A), Matt Campbell (B) and Ken Harris (C). No highlights to report here so we’ll leave it at that.

Points of interest:-

  1. Kevin Gerkens bagged 2 birdies in a row and then had a short putt for three in a row and you guessed it, he missed. That bottle of champagne will have to be put back on ice.
  2. Les Back had 3 pars in a row on both nines going “Back to Back to Back”


Outright winner: Peter Davis [30] 65 nett

A grade: Terry Coleman [12] 66 nett

B grade: Graham Dean [18] 66 nett

C grade: John McDonald [30] 69 nett

Guzzlers Cup: Adam Giltinan [9] 68 nett

Drive & pitch 4th: A. Giltinan / J.Mesuria

NTPS: 3-Cliff Bourquin    7-Terry Coleman   11-Joy Mesuria   13-Pat Collins   15-Adam Giltinan

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