23-SEP-2018: Camden GC-Single Stableford


Its been 16 months since Revesby last played here and it was good to see 26 players roll up on the social golf-friendly course to play a single stableford event at 6:45am.

The relatively short course (around 5,900 metres) allows the social golfer to go for broke with the driver or shank to his heart’s content with the irons on the wide-ish fairways, as the rough is relatively short and the trees sparsely populated.  Its not all easy as bunkers, water and out-of-bounds come into play, so player beware!

Play started on time from the 1st tee with prefer-on-fairways-only the local rule.

The weather was excellent and playing conditions were ideal.  The small to medium size contoured greens were generally smooth if somewhat slower than normal, whilst the fairways were in very good condition.

Players went around the course in good time with no major holdups to report.  Not surprisingly, the scores today were much better with 38% of scores better than 36 points.  CCR was 39 points.


The Captain, Joy Mesuria, announced the outright winner today was Claude Polty, huh, sorry Poultry, no it was Poletti, with 44 points (count-back from Brian Craven).

Claude always precedes his game with a McDonald’s breakfast, so the change in menu today (pancakes with steroidal syrup) did wonders, as it was a different person swinging the club today.  He drove well, putted solidly and was OK around the greens.  More importantly, his tactic of avoiding the bunkers at all costs was the basis for his terrific score today 🙂

The next best score was the B grade winner, Brian Craven, with a score of 44 points.

A metronome golfer who hits the ball straight all day (yawn) and makes relatively few mistakes with his irons and putter (damn, the scribe is so envious), capitalised on the benign conditions to amass a whopping score.  Surprisingly, it was only his second B grade win for the year.

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with 41 points.

Golly gosh, its his second game back from a pennant golf-sabbatical, and he has followed up his outright win last week with an A grade win today.  His game wasn’t 100% though, his mis-firing driver was eventually parked in the bag and replaced with a more reliable 3-wood.  On or around the greens with his irons all day, he putted solidly to grind out a good score.

The C grade winner was Ken Harris with 41 points (count-back from Rossco Hamer).

Crikey, this is his second C grade win in the last two weeks, making it four (4) C grade wins and a Guzzlers in the last three months.  Has the lack of responsibilities of being treasurer for the club lifted his game?  The account ledger may be gone, but the score card ledger is definitely showing a profit this year 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Joy Mesuria with 42 points.

The heavy responsibilities of Captaincy has not affected his golfing, unless he starts tampering the ball with sandpaper.  Kept the ball in play all day and put on a putting exhibition that blew away the players in his group.  Ten footers and under were just gimme putts for him today.  Could have won the outright today but for one or two mistakes.

The Bradmans went to Frank Saify (32 pts), Graham Dean (28 pts) and Peter Davis (30 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The Bradmans are all going back to boot camp.  Frank is being booted back to Western Australia, Graham booted back to Bankstown for punishment and Peter is going to invest in some new ten-pin bowling shoes.


1.Best score was Claude Poletti with a whopping 44 points (count-back). Honourable mention also goes to Brian Craven with the same score.

2.Best iron shot to par3 green was Wayne Coleman on the par3 6th hole.

He thinned the shot and watched it travel no more than 6-inches high before it bounced and ran along the ground, just missing the front right-hand bunker, taking the slope and curving onto the green six feet from the hole.  He sank the putt for a birdie2 and won the NTP for the hole 🙂  Wayne has a habit of doing these trick shots, today was just a repeat of the last hole at Liverpool a couple of weeks ago.



Claude Poletti may have won the outright today, but he took four (4) bunker shots to get out of the left-hand bunker on the par4 7th hole before he sank the putt for a seven 🙁

2.Hole-in-One ALERT

Hitting from the new par3 9th tee, Steve Vaughn pulled his tee shot left and low into a hole at the base of a tree 50 metres away.

Fortunately, he was able to poke a “tree” iron into the hole and get his ball back 🙁


You can’t keep a good man down.  Yep, Steve Vaughn, master air-swing champion did it again.

Faced with a grass tuft sitting behind his ball for his second shot on the par3 3rd hole, Steve saw his chip shot hit the grass tuft and bounce over the ball.  He played his third shot and again, saw the clubhead hit the grass tuft and bounce over the ball.

He managed to hit the ball on the next chip shot and eventually sank the putt for a five 🙁


Phil White parked his buggy near the right-hand bunker next to the par5 17th green.

When he finished putting out, he went back to his buggy only to find it had disappeared.

Yep, gravity won the day, his buggy had rolled down the hill and finished in the trees 100 metres away 🙁


Ever seen a golfer nonchalantly pass the time away by throwing a golf ball up in the air over and over again.

Well, Shane Thorn was doing this on the 1st tee whilst waiting for his shot.

Only trouble was, Shane forgot to get his head out of the way and threw the ball into his face and ended up with a fat lip!

Shane then tripped over the ropes surrounding the par3 6th tee area and landed flat on his face.  He now has a red face with a fat lip 🙁


We all know carts can’t go near the greens.

Well, as rally cart driver, Wayne Coleman, approached the par5 17th green, his navigator, Shane Thorn, shouted out:

you can’t go near the green!

Wayne quickly veered left and saw Shane fly out of the cart!

Shane finished the game with a red face with a fat lip and a grass colonoscopy 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Claude Poletti [22] 44 pts  c/b

A grade winner:  Terry Coleman [12]  41 pts

B grade winner:  Brian Craven [19]   44 pts

C grade winner   Ken Harris [26]     41 pts  c/b

GUZZLERS CUP:    Joy Mesuria [18]    42 pts


A grade:  Frank Saify [13]  32 pts

B grade:  Graham Dean [19]  28 pts

C grade:  Peter Davis [32]  30 pts

Nearest To Pins:

J.Varrica(3), W.Coleman(6), C.Poletti(12), R.Cassin(16)

Drive & Pitch:



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