21-JAN-2018: Bankstown GC-Single Stableford CCR38



It may not be the hottest place on earth today, but its going to get awfully hot later on in the morning, so it was rather surprising to see thirty one (31) Revesby Bedouins show up with their camels for a very early trek at Bankstown Golf Course.

The weather was fine with little to no wind. Some Bedouins elected to travel by motorised camels on four wheels to survive the heat and ward of fatigue, whilst a significant number elected the more traditional and tribal custom of using shank ponies as a rite of passage to golfing glory.

Most players were carrying heaps of fluids to hydrate themselves in the expected heat wave conditions and for some, the protection and deployment of umbrellas to repel the stinging rays from the Sun was a last line of defence!

The quest started from the yellow tees on the 10th hole around 6:15am. Flags were situated in location C quadrant on the greens and prefer-on-fairways only was the order of the day.

Play was very brisk on the first nine holes, with many players finding the course easier to play under comfortable conditions whilst the Sun remained low in the sky.

Unfortunately, the vanguard group caught up with the members waiting to hit off from the tee on Hole1 (our 10th hole). Taking advantage of the break, everyone sat done around the covered water-hole and ordered a bacon+egg roll or snag+onion roll and bided their time.

After 15 minutes, the groups got going and the last nine holes felt slow, more so as the Sun began to glow!

More often than not, players swings would melt down and direct the ball instinctively into the shadiest part of the course, the TREES. Yep, it was a two-edged sword, you either got hot under the collar or cool under the collar or both 🙁

The trek eventually ended back at the big water-hole, the clubhouse. With all score cards collected, only 7 players out of 31 players bettered their handicap today, with CCR set to a provisional 38 points.

Not surprising to see so many good scores because the course was in very good condition, with fairways and bunkers well groomed and greens well matted with grass (notice how wet the greens were around the edges).

The lack of rain over the last few months has not degraded the course, so Bravo Zulus to the Bankstown green staff for their excellent work. Whilst many of the lakes were near to bone dry, there was still some that had plenty of water – did anyone notice the water spewing endlessly out of a pipe into a lake next to the par3 13th hole?

Not only is the weather hot at the beginning of the year, but so are the winning golf scores!

The best score on the day went to Wayne Coleman with an incandescent blue-hot score of 46 points !!!!!

That’s right, blue-hot is even hotter than white-hot, because its a 1,000 plus degrees hotter, and no one came near his score today.

Wayne stated he drove OK, irons were very solid, but his putting was Einstein brilliant!
He had seven one-putt greens on the second nine holes for a total of 23 putts for the round and managed to get up-and-down twice from bunkers. It was a brilliant performance worthy of a Nobel prize 🙂

The A grade winner was Shane Thorn with an incandescent white-hot score of 40 points.

Luke Skywalker may have left us but he wasn’t The Last Jedi, because Revesby has kept a secret from the rest of the movie-going public. Yep, master Jedi Shane “Yoda” Thorn still has “the force” and is still carving up the evil empire of golf courses throughout the galaxy.

Today was just another routine attack using his trusted and true light saber irons and sturdy X-wing driver. He did, however, utilise a new weapon, a no-name generic putter given to him from his niece, which must have had some psychometric powers built in to the blade, because he putted like a genius 🙂

The B grade winner went to Jeff Hilder with a slightly cooler red-hot score of 39 points.

Seems to always glide in under the radar and keep a low profile, but then springs into life and bites hard.
The scribe picked him as a favourite after watching him on the practice putting green!

He says he putted average today, but he had many birdie attempts (only one birdie) and no 3-putts!
Was very good from tee-to-green but marred his round with three wipes. He didn’t say whether it was bunkers or trees that hurt him, but I noticed he was getting tired as he wiped the sand from his eyes 🙂

The C Grade winner was Louis Tasaico with another white-hot score of 41 points.

Another successful graduate from the Friday Golf Academy, Louis is now bordering on Hall of Fame status if he keeps this performance up.

Nothing flashy about his game, hits the ball straight all day and gives it enough oomph to allow his steady irons to get the ball either on or near abouts to the green. Putted very well with no 3-putts.

Would have cleaned up Georgie Porgie today and earned another free coffee and one week of bragging rights 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Steve Vaughn with a red-hot score of 39 points (on a count-back from Phil White).
With the weight of Captaincy off his shoulders, Steve was able to swing his shoulders more freely and raise his arms and hands to a loftier plane and find the power and accuracy that had deserted him.

Was good from tee-to-green with his irons the best feature of his game.
His only blemishes were two wipes when he hit two trees.
It kind of reminds me of the old adage “of all the trees he could have hit, he hit the one that hits back)!

Au contraire mon capitan, it was a welcome return to form 🙂

Now we get down to the all important category that no member seeks, the dreaded Bradman awards.




All previous Bradman employment contracts with Santa Claus are now declared null and void and any exclusive non-disclosure arrangements are hereby cancelled.

The Bradmen winners were Ryan Cassin (28 pts), Ron Knebusch (32 pts) and Wayne Higgs (29 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Ryan was hot and cold last year, so getting a Bradmen was not a surprise. He had what could be described as a top game, and I mean it literally, he topped a lot of shots. Had some bad luck with unplayable lies but he compounded his problems with poor putting. Going on last year’s performance, expect to see him win the next event 🙁

Both Ron and Wayne had their share of problems with the trees and bunkers and not putting well was a common ailment. Ron’s 32 points was a respectable score, so can consider himself unlucky.

On the other hand, Wayne’s driving was brilliant, very long and straight, better and longer than most A graders! Unfortunately, his short game around and on the greens needs to improve. Has plenty of potential in him 🙂

1. Best score by several light years was Wayne Coleman’s brilliant 46 points.

2. Did I mention Wayne Coleman had a brilliant putting round? How good was he?

The scribe had to putt on the second last hole (par4 8th) from the back part of the green (about 3 metres from the back). Faced with a downhill then uphill then downhill double-breaking putt, the scribe struggled to 3-putt the hole.

On the other hand, Wayne Coleman was on the back of the green, 3 metres further back than the scribe’s putt, and guess what, Wayne drained his ridiculously difficult putt for a par four 🙂

The scribe was impressed!

3. Mark McDonald has a reputation for displaying the widest spectrum of golf shots in the club, dare I say it, maybe the country.

a. Playing the par4 Hole1 (our 10th hole), Mark hit his second shot into the right hand bunker next to the green.
b. He thinned his bunker shot out which went like a low-flying cruise missile across the green at sub-sonic speed.
c. The ball hit one of the small trees on the other side of the green, about 40 metres away.
d. The ball ricocheted back towards the hole, almost holing out as it rolled across the green.
e. Mark casually walked up to the ball and marked it, chastising himself on the shot because he put too much back-spin on the ball 🙂

4. Mark McDonald, the great shot wizard, also demonstrated his abilities when playing the par3 11th hole (our 2nd hole).

You guessed it, he hit his tee shot into the lake on the left 🙁

Fortunately for him, the lake was nearly empty of water, so he submerged himself into the cavernous hole and took out his SW (Submersible Wedge) and somehow gouged the ball out of the mud and land it near the front of the green. A chip and one putt for a bogey 4 was his reward!

1. Glen Blades walked into the clubhouse with a red face. From the Sun, you say?

Glen was playing the par4 17th (our 8th hole) when he heeled his tee shot 30 metres to the left of the tee into a hazard (huh, what hazard, its the one that comes into play on the left when you play the par5 12th hole).

Glen searched for his ball in the dry weeds and bush boys and found his ball in an unplayable lie.
He elected to pick the ball up and play outside the hazard.

As he walked out of the hazard, he trod on something he thought was just green weeds and tripped over head first, with his face landing in the mud!

It turned out Glen tripped over the red water hazard post with green vegetation grown over it 🙁

With a story like that, I would have a red face as well !

Another reason for Glen’s red face could be he had an airswing today.

Playing the last hole (par4 9th), Glen hit into the trees on the right, only to find the ball nestled adjacent to a tree.

He side saddled the tree in an attempt to hit the ball, only to miss it and look up in embarrassment.

He may have wiped the tears from his eyes after finishing the hole, but he also looked at his score card to find another hole wiped as well 🙁

3. Some players had trouble in the bunkers today. But how many had buried lies?

Well, I can think of three players who had dastardly buried lies with the ball barely visible.

Ryan Cassin (par4 16th), Wayne Higgs (par3 15th) and the scribe (par4 8th) all hit balls high up into the bunker face to find their balls almost hidden from view 🙁

Wayne had the worst lie with his ball not only buried but wedged under the lip of the bunker. He was not a happy chappy 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Wayne Coleman [18] 46 pts

A Grade Winner: Shane Thorn [7] 40 pts
B Grade Winner: Jeff Hilder [18] 39 pts
C Grade Winner: Louis Tasaico [24] 41 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP: Steve Vaughn [21] 39 pts c/b

A Grade: Ryan Cassin [13] 28 pts
B Grade: Ron Knebusch [20] 32 pts
C Grade: Wayne Higgs [23] 29 pts c/b

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(3), N.Obody(7), R.Knebusch(11), W.Coleman(13), K.Little(15)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
A. Giltinan (A)
I. Lindberg (B)
W. Higgs (C)

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