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The 2nd week of the new season is one of the most anticipated events for our members because it happens to be the staging of the International Cup. This event is so popular that even Johnny Mac makes a huge effort to show up for this yearly grudge match between members of international heritage and those of Australian heritage.
24 players rolled up to the picturesque Macquarie Links GC to do battle, meaning that there would be 12 matches contested using the matchplay format to decide the Cup Winners for 2024. Still smarting from losing the last 3 years in a row, the Aussie captain (Johnny Mac) decided to take charge of the event and even performed the blind draw to decide the opponents on the day which meant that there might be some huge differences in handicaps for the matches. This was seen as an act of desperation on the part of the Aussies but as usual, the Internationals were not fazed and agreed to the dodgy draw.
Battle commenced at 6:30am and the competition was as hot as the temperature which by the end of the round was nudging 38 degrees. When the dust settled, it was up to the Club Captain to tally the results and announce the 2024 winners.
Even with all the shenanigans of the Aussies in their quest for a token victory, the cool headed and much more talented Internationals once again proved to strong with a 7-5 victory.
Congratulations to the Internationals on their victory and to all the members in attendance for a great day of camaraderie and fun. Too bad for the Aussies who were last seen hopping to their cars with furry tails between their legs.
Stableford Results
Congratulations to Seb Ares who was the outright winner for today with a very impressive 42 points of a hcp of 16. As our new handicapper, he now must chop himself 2 shots. Well done and Ha Ha.
The A grade winner was Mark McSwiney (14) with 34 points. He was very surprised to have won with this kind of score.
B Grade winner with another great score was Michael Kabalan (17) who conjured up a mighty 41 points. Well done Mick, looks like those lessons are paying dividends.
The C grade winner was Craig Flint (22) with a score of 34 points. This victory wasn’t so sweet for him as he ended up losing his match against Jay Krishna.
The Guzzlers Cup was won by Jay Krishna (20) with a very good score of 38 points as well as a great victory in his IC match.
The Bradmans today were
A Grade-Joy Mesuria 29 points
B Grade-Jason Christie 21 points
C Grade-Wayne Jol 19 points
The Prez.


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