2020 COVID-19 Schedule Update -2/6/2020-By the President and on behalf of the Executive Committee

 Dear Members,

The Executive committee of the RWC Mens Social Golf Club sincerely hope that this notification finds you and your families well and we appreciate your patience during this very serious situation (COVID-19)  being experienced the world over. Whilst we can understand that some members have become restless at not being able to play golf or enough golf, we can assure you that your committee has been working together by keeping up to date with the current regulations, talking with golf clubs, liaising with our mother club as well as some members in order to resume playing as a group when and in the safest way possible.

Before I begin to relay the committee’s decisions, I would like to take the opportunity to update you on some changes to our committee. As you may or may not know, our long serving Secretary Mr. Phil Kilazoglou has resigned from his position and has agreed to assist our new Secretary in the interim to ensure a smooth transition into the role. Phil has been a highly valued member of our committee for numerous years and his experience will be sorely missed. On behalf of the members of RWCMSGC I thank Phil for his amazing service throughout the years. Our new Secretary will be Santo Sammarco who had been elected at the last AGM as assistant Secretary. Santo has had experience in this field as he served on the committee of his last social club at Club Rivers, is very well versed in the business world and we are sure that he will also be a great asset to our club.

An Executive committee meeting was held at my house (under covid-19 rules) on Monday 25th of May. Many areas of operations were discussed and decisions were made for the near future with more meetings to come as new developments arise. Matters discussed were, schedule restart, bookings, scoring, club subsidies, interclub events, payments, change of secretary, leaderboard , handicapping, reformatting of remaining schedule, prizes, future change of treasurer and confirmation of bookings for 2021. I must point out that the health guidelines for NSW are ever changing and so may the guidance given here. Also, some bookings that we have in the remaining schedule will not be honoured by some golf clubs who have indicated that they will be satisfying their member base first.

Latest Developments


  1. The committee is pleased to announce that the club will be responsible for all future events and bookings will be made through our normal channels being Facebook, Whats App and by SMS or phone directly to the captain (Joy Mesuria)
  2. Our first game back will be at Camden Golf Club on 21st June 2020 and commencing from 7:37am and will be a trial run to see how bookings and numbers will go.
  3. Once notified by the Captain that bookings are open you may put your name down and if you require a cart*
  4. There will be a cut off date for bookings as numbers must be verified with Golf clubs early in the week prior.
  5. The groupings and tee times will then be published prior to the event and it is your responsibility to ensure that you register with the pro shop 15 minutes prior to your tee time.
  6. No visitors will be permitted for now.
  7. The cost for this game will be $40 and $30 for a cart (1 person to a cart only) and maximum 2 carts per group. (Cost of future events will vary and will be advertised prior to)
  8. *Only 10 carts are available and those most in need will be allocated one and those missing out will be notified.
  9. Payments will be made at the pro shop and most probably by card as cash will not be handled by any member. (Seniors may attempt to get a discount but it is not guaranteed)
  10. As this is a trial run, you can play whatever format your group desires.
  11. There will be no handicapping or prizes for this round as scores will not be recorded and as such there will be no presentation.
  12. Social distancing rules will still apply and players will not be permitted to remove flagsticks, must keep 1.5 metres apart, can take preferred lies in bunkers as there will be no rakes and must not share scorecards.
  13. I have spoken to the clubhouse manager and was told that you may be able to enter the club for a drink after the round depending on the numbers in the club at that time. Otherwise you must leave the premises as soon as possible.
  14. *****Most importantly, if you are unwell please do not attend any events *********


  • Bankstown Golf club- All Sunday social games have been cancelled for now but may change in the near future depending on their member attendance which has been very high to date
  • Scoring and Handicapping-The committee anticipates that this will commence on 5th July at the Campbelltown event (format to be announced once the schedule and events are adjusted)
  • Final Round of Club Championship – Will be played at a date yet to be determined by the committee.
  • Remaining Championships – to be determined once schedule of courses available are confirmed.
  • Scorecards-Must be neat, tidy & legible. They will need to be photographed clearly and must display handicap (will be available on the booking sheet or website), names of players, name and signature of marker only and must be sent via sms to the Handicapper (Steve Vaughn – Ph: 0418 161 120)***Please save this number to your phone and retain your scorecard in case Steve needs to verify anything with you.
  • Presentations – The current advice on public gatherings states that no more than 10 people can congregate hence rendering physical presentations out of the question. Once competition recommences, all presentations will be advertised as soon as practical after all score have been received. This will be done via our normal channels.
  • Leaderboard standings- will be updated and advertised in the usual manner.
  • Prizes-No prizes will be awarded until further notice for a number of reasons. (a) Revesby Workers Club management was contacted and informed that we may not be receiving our full subsidy this year due to the losses that they have incurred during the lockdown. (b) Our footy tipping competition has not operated for 11 weeks culminating in a shortfall of funds (c) The Eagles Nest has also been on hold for a while and we had already purchased new shirts which will be given free of charge to all paid up members as of 31st Dec 2019.
  • Nearest the pins etc-There will be no NTP’s or eagles Nest for obvious reasons ( Handling and collection)
  • Merv Pell Tournament Hosted by Club Mounties- Discussions were held with Mounties and this tournament was cancelled. They also suggested that this tournament is on its last legs and may not be staged in future years.
  • 2020 Charity Shield V’s Bankstown Sports 9/8/2020 – Discussions were held with BSMGC and it was agreed to cancel this interclub due to social distancing challenges and cart availability.
  • 2020 Lawson Cup 11/10/20 – Discussions were had with the presidents of the other stakeholders in this tournament and have agreed to discuss a final decision in mid July. As we are the hosts for this year we will be holding off organising anything as it would be a huge waste of effort should it not be able to go ahead.
  • 2020 Gold Coast Tour-This was cancelled a while ago and updates have been provided on all platforms as to the progress of negotiations for refunds from the tour operators.
  • Hogan/McKeough Shield V Canberra 1/11/20 – Bookings for the golf  and tentative bookings for accommodation have been made for this event and a decision will be made in consultation with Canberra labour Club in early September.
  • 2021 Bookings-These bookings are currently be confirmed by Phil and Santo.
  • Xmas / Presentation Day- To be confirmed closer to and based on restrictions at that time.
  • Monthly General meetings- We have been advised by RWC that meetings cannot be held at the club due to distancing/numbers regulations so the committee will meet when appropriate via conference calls .
  • Executive meetings- Will be ongoing to discuss any developments as they arise and attendance will be restricted to the numbers allowed at the time. The next meeting will be at the end of June.
  • Complaints process –Should you have any complaints you should not bring them up on game day as we are all there to have a good time nor should it be done on social media. Should you need make a suggestion or complaint, you can send an email addressed to the committee at where it will be tabled at the next available meeting. When physical general meetings are permitted you can attend personally to have you matter addressed.

On another note, our Whats App group was created for ease of communication between the committee and members. It is primarily for official notifications by the committee, bookings by the members and some advertising by our generous sponsors. The sometimes unnecessary chat that some members post only serves to dilute the important information that can be missed or cause members to turn it off or leave the group which in turn causes problems for the committee and sometimes for the members so please be mindful when using this service.

 As you can see, a lot of work has gone into ensuring that we as a social club can resume playing golf together albeit a little differently than before. We do understand that not everything may be perfect but it is what it is and because nobody knows when things will get back to normal nor if ever, but until then we need to exercise extreme patience, goodwill and camaraderie.

The committee looks forward to seeing you all soon and please stay safe.


Kind regards

The President on behalf of The Executive Committee.

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