Dear members, the 2019 FOOTY TIPPING or LAST MAN STANDING as it is more commonly known commences this week. This is an integral part of our golf club’s fundraising efforts with the profits going towards the funding and subsidising of many of our activities such as senior discounts, trips away, BBQs, apparel, functions and games at the more expensive courses. If you don’t frequent the Revesby Pacific Hotel or if you haven’t received an email about it, then you can contact ken Harris or Rossco Hamer about entering. The competition rules are below.

Go the Roosters!!!!!!!

Revesby Workers Men’s Golf Club footy tipping competition for 2019.

1/ this is a last man/women standing competition i.e. each week those that get their selection wrong are eliminated & must therefore wait for a new competition to start before entering again! (each comp last about 5-7 rounds), those that get their selection correct progress through to the next round until there are a minimum of six people left, at this point the pool ($1,500-$2,000 depending on number of participants) can be split unless any one of the six wants to go another round (be careful here for if all the remaining players choose incorrectly, they all lose & the pool will jackpot to the next comp!).

2/ the cost is $10 per entry, this is a one off payment & last for the duration of each comp (note; if you wish to have more one pick in the same comp, you must supply a different name i.e. Tom, Dick & Harry).

3/ each entry must pick one team only from “any game they wish to choose”, however the FootyTAB “NRL Winners” start must be taken into consideration (i.e. this week Melbourne (-4.5) Vs Brisbane (+4.5), if you pick Brisbane (+4.5) they can lose by 4 points but you would have selected correctly, alternatively if you pick Melbourne (-4.5) they must win by at least 5 points for your selection to be correct! (See attachment for this week’s TAB starts). To find these TAB starts go to…/footyt…/Rugby%20League/H&A/rounds/1 & select “NRL Winners”.

4/ otherwise selections must be e-mailed back to me by 7.30pm Friday (exception is, if there is a Thursday night game & you wish to pick one of those teams, you obviously have to have your tip e-mailed to me before kick-off Thursday night!),, if selections are not in by then, you will be allocated the away team for the first Friday night Channel Nine TV game! (See attachment for the excel worksheet you enter your selections on & e-mail back to me).

As this is the first round, we will accept picks up to the last game on Sunday night, of course I must receive your e-mail before kick-off.

Fees can be given to myself or Roscoe at your earliest convenience, or at the next game you attend.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to call Ken Harris 0408 211 431

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