20-Dec-2015: Georges River GC – 2 Man Ambrose + Xmas Party

Life members enjoying the celebration

Life members enjoying the celebration

Like thirsty kangaroos hopping towards water, a troop of Revesby golfers (35 to be exact) showed up at Georges River Golf Course for their last hop of the year, a 2-Man Ambrose event.

The 2 Man Ambrose event with randomised partners is very popular, more so when it is followed by a gratis Christmas feast of seafood (prawns and oysters) and steak/chicken meals, all washed down with drinks free of charge.

At this point in time, I would very much like to thank Revesby’s sponsors whose funds contributed to this extravaganza. In particular, Anthony Conte (First Choice Fitouts), Joe Camuglia (Mobile Tools), Revesby Workers Club and Milperra Golf Driving Range for their on-going support and contributions 🙂

Last but not least, many thanks to Revesby’s philanthropist, John “Rockefeller” Varrica (JVE Painting Service), who put his heart and soul into supporting the club with sponsorship and many unrecognised deeds. Did you know John donated $500 to the lunch today? 🙂

Its been over two years since the club last played at Georges River. A social golfers course (par 70), the greens are predominantly small and the wide-ish fairways very firm with lots of run, so expect the course to play very easy with plenty of opportunities for good scores.

Just don’t hit a pin-ball tree because the bumper branches will blindly ricochet your ball into the twilight zone and tilt your game 🙁

Everyone knew it was going to be a hot day, so fast play was the order of the day. Starting at 6:05am from the white tee on the first hole, it didn’t take long before the nine groups of golfers were on their way.

Interestingly, the last group (group 9) consisted of three players, which meant the low marker (Paul Kirgan) would act as a swinger with two partners. With double the workload (both mentally and physically), a very fit looking Paul Kirgan elected to traverse the course by motorised cart – a wise choice indeed 🙂

With the round completed, players quickly made their way into the clubhouse for the much anticipated Christmas lunch and drinks.



After much eating and drinking, Revesby’s Captain, Steve “Rip Van” Vaughn, wiped the sleep out of his eyes and announced the winners of the award feared by most players – the Bradmans.



Yep, Messrs Jeff Hilder and Ian Lindberg won’t be receiving any Christmas gifts from Santa for their performance today. They had a Vixen score of 67½ nett, which was, technically, a sub-par score, however, it was relatively speaking, still a sub-par performance. Too many putts lipped out was their catch-cry, if only they knew better, they were just too Cupid with their putts 🙁
It wasn’t all bad, they did manage three birdies !






The Outright winners went to Phil White and Chris Forster with a Blitzen score of 57¼ nett (68 off the stick with 5 birdies, one of only three teams to shoot sub-par off the stick). Complimenting each other well, with Phil leading, the two part-time golfers were good Dancers on the green ballroom floors. With Phil’s Donner driver thundering down the fairways, it was left up to his partner’s silky smooth putter to amass a sleigh-load of birdies. Santa was very pleased with your efforts and will be making an extra early delivery to both of you 🙂



The runners-up went to “He Who Must Be Obeyed”, Steve Vaughn and oxymoronic Joy Misery, with a Comet like score of 58½ nett. With Joy making a come-back from a sore back, and Steve gaining an extra hour sleep over everyone else, the pair sizzled as they strutted around the course. Steve was the Dasher of the two with his mighty drives, but Joy was the steady Prancer who took the misery out of Steve’s poor shots with steady swings and bold putting. A praiseworthy performance, Santa may even tuck your blankets in whilst you sleep 🙂






The best scratch score came from the team of Shane Thorn and Brad Keen with a three-under par score (three birdies and one eagle) – good effort fellas, Santa is considering making you both honorary elves, namely, Shane Upatree and Brad Evergreen 🙂

Shots of the Day:
Eagles are hard to come by on any given day, but to have two on the same hole by two teams in the same group is a rarity.

The teams of Shane Thorn/Brad Keen and Rod Keen/Stefan Suzor both managed eagle 3s on the par5 6th hole.
The shot-making was vastly different as follows:

The sluggers approach came from Brad Keen when he used driver followed by 7-iron to the front of the green. With the pin at the back of the green, Shane miraculously nailed the long putt!

The Bubba Watson approach came from Rod Keen when he found his tee shot in the middle of the trees on the right of the fairway. With his next shot blocked by impenetrable trees and the green 220 metres up the hill, Rod did a Hail Bubba and chose Driver out of the rough, aimed left of the trees and proceeded to hit an almighty slice. The ball arced in the sky and landed on the green, ran between the feet of Wayne Coleman whilst putting, and stopped 2-3 metres from the hole. Stefan completed the job by nailing the putt.

Hub-a-bubba fellas, that’s smoking hot golf 🙂

The last round of the year again proved very popular and special thanks must go to the Committee for organising the luncheon and the provisioning of prizes.

It was a fun day of golf, followed by a huge feed with plenty of drinks to jog our memories of all the good friends and good shots we shared throughout the year – that’s the strength of the club’s existence and what keeps it viable from year to year.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and may your swing keep turning in 2016 🙂

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Revesby team results on the day:

Outright Winner: Phil White & Chris Forster [10¾] 57¼ nett
Runners Up: Steve Vaughn & Joy Mesuria [9½] 58½ nett

BRADMANS: Jeff Hilder & Ian Lindberg [9½] 67½ nett

Nearest To Pins: G.Jones(3), P.Kirgan(5), C.Poletti(9), S.Vaughn(12), M.McDonald(14), R.Cassin(16)

Drive & Pitch: P.White(1), S.Johnston(2), P.Kilazoglou(8), M.Campbell(10), S.Vaughn(11),R.Johnston(13), J.Lovett(15), P.Kilazoglou(18)
2-Man Ambrose Results:

P.White & C.Forster [10¾] 57¼ nett
S.Vaughn & J.Mesuria [9½] 58½ nett
J.Varrica & S.Johnston [10] 60 nett c/b

W.Coleman & G.McMahon [10] 60 nett
S.Thorn & B.Keen [6¾] 60¼ nett
G.Lattouf & R.Hamer [9] 61 nett

R.Johnston & C.Poletti [8¾] 61¼ nett
E.Gray & K.Harris [9] 61 nett
K.Little & W.Higgs [8½] 62½ nett

P.Kilazoglou & J.Banes Jr[11] 63 nett c/b
R.Keen & S.Suzor [10] 63 nett
P.Kirgan* & M.McDonald [7¼] 63¾ nett

R.Cassin & J.McDonald [11] 65 nett
M.Campbell & P.Dawkins [11½] 65½ nett
P.Kirgan* & J.Camuglia [7] 66 nett

N.Connolly & J.Lovett [11¾] 66¼ nett
G.Jones & R.Miller [10¾] 67¼ nett
J.Hilder & I.Lindberg [9½] 67½ nett

* ambrose swinger

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