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Hi Gents,

First of all I have to apology to Matt Davis & Claude Poletti after a detailed review of scores the count back for C grade Winner by 0.5 strokes was Claude Poletti and Matt Davis is now Guzzler Cup holder.

I don’t need to describe the course today as I’m your sure you know too well.

The day was absolutely glorious with brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.

The scores tell the tale of each player’s performance.

Congratulations to Joy Mesuria winning Outright with 69 Nett beating Cliff Bourquin on a C/B.

Congratulation to all other Grade winners results are as follows.

A Grade – Manny Petris [10] 71 nett

B-Grade – Cliff Bourquin [20] 69 nett

C-Grade – Claude Poletti [24] 72 nett c/b

Guzzlers Cup – Matt Davis [27} 72 nett

The Player standing for The Club Championship for each grade best 2 rounds of 3 rounds for Gross Par is listed and the top 4 players in each grade will play against each other next week.

From time to time and with respect to our budget, the committee will endeavour to support the members with some cost saving measures. Todays’ event was subsidised to the tune of $15 per player.

Next game is at Links Shell Cove 27-8-2023 at 6:45am please keep and eye on What’s App for any changes.

Signing off,

The Scribe


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