Isn’t it strange, you start writing about rare and quirky golf decisions two weeks ago, like completing a swing when a clubhead falls off in either the back-swing (not counted) or down-swing (counted as one-shot) and sure enough, a very similar situation occurred in the recent Australian PGA tournament with John Senden, when he snapped his shaft in the grip handle on the down-swing and missed the ball.

Why is losing the clubhead in the back-swing and completing the swing not counted?

Because the rules state, a shaft by itself is not a club, and a stroke is the forward movement of the club!

Most social golfers have encountered snapped shafts and de-capitated clubheads in the past, I would say from my observations and testimonies from other players that these incidents always occurred between golf shots!  At least that’s one thing the social golfer is better at doing than the pros 🙁


Today’s game saw 25 players show up for a single stableford event at the short Georges River golf course, starting at 6:39am from the 1st tee.

It was going to be a Mufti & Pizza day for all, so when the scribe showed up with large coffee in hand, he asked where were all the muffins?

Revesby’s social secretary, Ryan Cassin, politely shook his head and advised the scribe that the pizzas were ordered and would be made available after the game, whilst the “muftis” were somewhere out on the course and if you keep your eyes open, you will find them!

The scribe is no Islamic scholar, but he certainly noticed many players not wearing their standard Revesby Workers golf uniform today!

Some shirts were obscenely bright, with Phil White’s Indy car racing shirt being the slickest looking and Allen Foster’s fluoro-yellow referee’s shirt being the brightest (some say he should have been sin-binned for wearing such a shirt on a golf course)!


The players quickly got underway, full knowing it was going to be a very hot day with a strong, gusty, westerly wind kicking in later.  The fairways and greens were very green and in good shape, whilst the bunkers looked compacted and skinny in the sand department.  Prefer-on-fairways only was the local rule of the day.

The strong westerly wind really kicked in towards the end of the round, so it was surprising to hear Revesby’s handicapper (Steve Vaughn) assess CCR at 37 points, with six players (24%) scoring 36 or more points on the day (and three of them were graduates from the Friday Golf Academy at Georges River).

Many thanks must go to Revesby’s Social Secretary, Ryan Cassin, and the committee for arranging the free pizas for all players at the end of the round. It was very well received and is a harbinger of good things to come at the end of year Christmas-Presentation day round at Bankstown.


Individual Single Stableford Results:

The Outright Winner was Ken Little with 42 points.

The scribe was so focussed on finding those muffins out on the course today, he forgot about golf course management and went hell-for-leather with the driver and got rewarded.  He did find some magic muffins out there because his short game of yore had magically re-appeared.

It was his first win of the year 🙂

The A grade winner was Phil Kilazoglou with 40 points.

(count-back from George Lattouf)

It was a battle royal today between the titanium-enriched Kila and the plutonium-dense George Lattouf for A grade.

Kila’s steady performance in team events recently has led to some visits to the winners podium, so it was expected he carry his winning momentum over today and topple the much fancied opponent on his home track.  Both graduates of the Friday Golf Academy, today saw the Apprentice master the Master! 🙂

The B grade winner was Mick McCarney with 38 points.

Out of action for two months with back problems, a partially rejuvenated Mick made a come-back today.  Started off poorly with two double-bogeys, his back and swing started to warm up as the day got hotter.  Started to hit the ball better and was only let down by poor putting all day.  If ever enthusiasm deserved a reward then it happened today with Mick’s victory – well done 🙂

The C Grade winner was Paul Dawkins with 36 points.

Has been out of the limelight most of the year.  You could always count on Paul in past years for being up on the podium every week for good and bad scores, but this year, he faces stiffer competition in both categories.  In any event, Paul is up here today because he played steady from tee-to-green, nothing brilliant and nothing dumb.  Consistency was well rewarded today 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by George Lattouf with 40 points.

It was a disappointing score for the man who knows every nook and cranny on the course and whose golf swing and low shot making fits perfectly with the flat, hard terrain and small greens.  Nevertheless, he came within a whisker of taking out A grade.  His second guzzlers for the year, he will be sponsoring the Guzzlers Cup next week at Liverpool with the rest of the ex-Marrickville boys (Whitey and the scribe).  An ironic win for the Guzzler sponsor 🙂





The Bradman winners were John Varrica (29 pts), Robert Black (25 pts) and Glen Blades (31 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

With Christmas looming on the horizon, the Bradman winners have each received an “Immunity from Persecution” from Santa’s attorney, which will protect them from any diatribe the scribe can think of to prosecute their performance today! Mind you, if I was them, I would be asking Santa to bring a new putter 🙁


1.It would be remiss of me not to mention Matt Campbell’s equal best individual performance of 42 points from last week at Cabramatta. His performance went un-noticed because his 2BBB score     was only 44 points (yes, Wayne Coleman contributed an additional two points), which did not register on the 2BBB WIN-ometer scale.

2.Best score on the day was Ken little with 42 points.

3.The current birdie leader in A grade, Phil White, cemented his position today when he garnered another three birdies to extend his lead by 5 birdies with one round to go. His closest opponents are Shane Thorn and Wayne Coleman.

4.Speaking of birdie comps, a very relieved Matt Campbell in B grade was ecstatic to see Kila win A grade today. Had Kila played poorly, he potentially could have dropped into B grade and pip Matt at the post with one round to go (deja-vu for Matt).  The C-grade birdie leader, Gary McMahon, is still sitting comfortable with only one round to go!

5.Robert Back hit his tee shot out-of-bounds on the long par4 18th hole. Why is this a highlight?  He played his 3rd shot from the tee in the stiff westerly wind and ended up getting a bogey 5 for 3 points (he basically scored a birdie with the second ball).  A great come-back (sorry about the pun) Robert 🙂


1.Revesby’s captain, Joy Mesuria, was seen chasing his umbrella in the strong winds down the par5 17th fairway. For many who witnessed the event, it was like watching “Mary Poppins gone             wrong” 🙁

2.John McDonald had an air-swing on the par4 13th hole. He hit his tee shot to the right under the trees. Trying to keep the ball low with his second shot, John swung and missed the ball, hit the overhanging branches, and knocked out two little doves from the tree.  Naturally, he claimed two birdies to add to his yearly total of zero birdies 🙁

3.Have you ever lost a ball up in a big tree? Who in our club could do such a thing?  I mean, its pretty hard to do, its 99% air, and when it does hit something, it always ricochets down to earth.

Well, the master of the improbable, Mark McDonald, did just that on the 1st hole today. Playing his second shot to the par4, Mark hit the ball straight into the last pine tree on the right edge of the fairway. He could see a ball in the tree and started to shake some branches and watched it drop down – it wasn’t his ball.  Declaring it lost, Mark moved on.

Later that day, Ian Lindberg was playing the par4 18th hole and as he was walking by this pine tree, he noticed a ball lying on the ground at the base of the pine tree.  It was Mark’s ball, the strong wind had shaken it free!

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Ken Little [16]       42 pts

A Grade Winner:  Phil Kilazoglou [16]  40 pts  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Mick McCarney [18]    38 pts

C Grade Winner:  Paul Dawkins [32]     36 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:   George Lattouf [15]   40 pts


A Grade:  John Varrica [12]  29 pts

B Grade:  Robert Back [22]   25 pts

C Grade:  Glen Blades [24]   31 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  J.McDonald(3), P.White(5), P.White(9), A.Foster(12), P.White(14), G.Lattouf(16)

Drive & Pitch:      P.Collins(15)


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