19-JULY-2015: Links Shell Cove GC – Single Stableford+4BBB MATCHPLAY



Well, its back to the picturesque and very challenging Links Shell Cove Golf Course at Shellharbour, 100 kilometres south of Sydney. Thank God its not a stroke round 🙂

Interestingly, the area was referred to by the local Wodi Wodi Aborigines as both Yerrowah (meeting place) and Wonwin (place where there were big fish), but when the Europeans arrived in the early 1800s to clear the land for sheep and cattle grazing, a port was developed to transport the timber and products to other areas.

A township was laid out around the port in 1851 and was called “Peterborough”, however, this name was already in use elsewhere and soon gave way to the local European name that referred to the large quantities of shells found in Aboriginal middens along the foreshore, namely, Shellharbour. Unfortunately, due to the mining of shells in the mid 19th Century for the production of lime, these vast middens no longer remain.

The Links Shell Cove Golf Course is set over 63 hectares of undulations in a small valley and features meandering creeks, wetlands, lots of small, steep bunkers and compact greens with plenty of speed and movement.

Revesby players know from past visits they need to be on the correct side of the hole as the sharply sloped greens guarantee no sure up-and-down, or even a two-putt. The “beast of the east” course is now more social-golfer friendly with shorter rough and fewer bunkers, however, don’t be surprised to find some players calling it Links Shell-Shock Cove afterwards 🙁

The rain storm during the week had dampened the course leaving fairways soft and some bunkers out-of-play. Fortunately, the weather was clear and carts were operational (on cart path only) for today’s single stableford event in conjunction with the first round of the 4BBB match play.

“Prefer-through-the-green” was the order of the day as a good turn-out of players commenced play at 8am from the 1st tee on the Crimson tee, hang on, what happened with the multi-coloured tees, they don’t exist anymore ?

Guess what, the management have gone eco-friendly and are using recycled local products in lieu. What was known as Slate, Crimson, Tuscan and Mocha has now been replaced with Rock, Brick, Chain and Wood (Quarry, Brick Yard, Steelworks and Rail Yard courses, respectively), so Revesby played the Brick yard course today.

Speaking of changes, the par4 9th hole was now a temporary par3. Incidently, the course is about to have cosmetic surgery done if plans to sell off two greens and a fairway eventuate. Financial problems has forced the sell-off for housing development, so don’t be surprised to find a different layout after April, 2016. Example of the change will be the new 8th hole which starts from the existing 8th green, follows the existing 1st fairway (backwards) and finishes on the existing 2nd green, to become a 460 metre par5.

Looking for mud-covered balls did not slow down too much the advancing Revesby players as they completed their rounds in reasonable time.

Our smiling Fearless Leader, Steve Vaughn (hmmm, I wonder how he played today?), bellowed out the names of the winners:

The outright winner was, heaven forbid, is this a typo error, yes its true, with a robotic performance that Nick Faldo would have been proud of, George Lattouf peaked today with a fine score of 36 points. Keeping the ball in play from the tees and hitting low irons to the greens were the keys to his success. This is two wins in two weeks, will he strike it again next week or will he strike out for a Bradman ?



The A Grade winner went to Steve Vaughn with a good score of 35 points. A captains effort on this challenging course, steered clear of the mine fields and feared nought the greens with his full speed approach with the putter 🙂



The B Grade winner went to Joy Mesuria (aka Joy Misery) with a commendable score of 34 points. Joy has adopted the Adam Scott strategy of conserving his energy and playing selective events, and his win/loss ratio is probably the best in the club 🙂



The C Grade winner went to John Lovett with a good score of 35 points. Playing the 4BBB match play with his partner, Wally Trad, must have helped John to concentrate and keep the ball in play. Good effort John 🙂







Lastly, the Guzzlers Cup went to Graeme Dean with 34 points. With a mis-firing partner, Graeme must have worked very hard in his 4BBB match play to only just lose on the 19th. A rewarding effort 🙂







Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: George Lattouf [16] 36 pts

A Grade Winner: Steve Vaughn [17] 35 pts
B Grade Winner: Joy Mesuria [20] 34 pts
C Grade Winner: John Lovett [30] 35 pts

GUZZLERS CUP: Graeme Dean [17] 34 pts

A – Wayne Coleman [12] 24 pts
B – Brian Craven [18] 24 pts
C – Brendan Vaughn [26] 14 pts
Nearest To Pins:
J.Mesuria(4), G.Lattouf(6), S.Floyd(7), G.Lattouf(12), W.Coleman(15)

Drive & Pitch:

Match Play Results:

John Varrica & Wayne Higgs def Wayne Coleman & Graeme Dean (19th hole)

Wally Trad & John Lovett def Joy Mesuria & Louis Tasaico (2 up)

Jeff Hilder & John McDonald def Shane Thorn (6 & 5)

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