19-AUG-2018: Bankstown GC - Single Stableford + Single Match Play 2nd Rnd



After last week’s tough effort in the cold and gale-force winds, it was pleasing to see twenty eight (28) battered Revesby masochists show up for another expected beating on the bruising Bankstown battleground.

Today’s event was a single stableford event in conjunction with the second round of the singles matchplay event (involving sixteen players).  With a south-westerly wind forecast to soar and roar, players were keen to get going from the tenth tee for the 6:32am start.

Even with the drought-like conditions, the course appeared in top-notch condition, the fairways and greens still very green, the bunkers filled with white sand and the practice putting green slick to very slick (gulp)!

Flags on the greens were positioned in location “D” for dummies and prefer-thru-the-green was the order of the day (because of the debris and litter from the high winds of past days).

Whilst the wind was strong, varying from 20-25 km/hour, the temperature was not as cold as last week and the many trees on the course provided some form of wind-break from the elements.  As the day progressed, players soon adapted to the uncomfortable conditions and traversed the course at reasonable pace without too many holdups.

With the round finished and all score cards collected, only 3 out of 28 players (11%) scored 36 or more points on the day.

The tightness of the course in the windy conditions combined with the ever increasing speed of the greens as the day wore on may have been significant factors for the many low scores.


The Outright Winner was Adam Giltinan with a brilliant score of 41 points!

Under conditions that were pretty tough, Adam amassed ten pars and three birdies to blow away all other contenders, and more importantly, demoralise his opponent in the singles matchplay by 8&7.

Whilst all other players were battering down to survive the elements, it was just a casual walk in the park for the strong hitting Adam – just too good 🙂

The A grade winner was Ryan Cassin with 36 points.

The giant-sized Ewok of Revesby handled the elements well with his left-to-right drives and was able to keep the ball in play most of the time and stay out of trouble from the trees.  Around the greens was solid and was backed-up by a smooth stroking putter.  Was able to stave off a late-running effort from Claude Poletti to win one-up in the match play.  Good course management under pressure justly rewarded 🙂

The B grade winner Graham Dean with 37 points.

A man on a mission to dispel his legendary “Fifita” performances from the past.  Under tutelage from master guru Wayne “no pain” Coleman, Graham has transformed from a Spitfire into a Mustang.

Playing on a course he regards as his favourite (incredulous that may seem), he has produced another well crafted round under difficult conditions.  Toughed it out by scrambling well around the greens.

The Dean is now head of the class 🙂

The C Grade winner was George Ostermann with 35 points.

That’s his fourth C grade win of the year!

Flies low under the radar with his shot-making, keeps hitting the ball straight on the firm fairways and makes course management look very simple.  The scribe is envious, how can golf be so straight-forward?

Even the Gods can’t stop you from winning 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Gary Buckley with 34 points (count-back).

Another player on the upturn in form, recovering from injury and re-gaining his lost form and confidence.

The driving that had undermined his game in the past has now regained its potency.  Backed up with OK irons, he produced another solid round to win his second Guzzlers in the last two months.

A swell performance rewarded with a swill 🙂


The Bradman winners were Frank Saify (23 pts), Ian Lindberg (22 pts count-back) and John McDonald (21 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

They must feel like goats, ever since since they were kids.

The only hope they have is to check their Red Cross donor card and see if it says “B positive”!

Cheer up fellas, just remember to always say NO to negativity 🙁


  1. Best score by several light years was Adam Giltinan’s brilliant 41 points in the windy conditions.
  2. Best shot went to John Varrica on the par4 18th hole (our 9th today). John struck his second shot with a 4-iron from 166 metres away and saw it land short of the green and run, and run, and run, before watching it disappear into the hole for an eagle 2 (for 5 stableford points). He thought it was better than his previous holes-in-one because he never saw any ball go into the hole, sadly, it was one of the few holes he won in his matchplay today!
  3. John McDonald celebrated his birthday on Sunday. When asked by the scribe what did he want for his birthday, he replied: “I want a good spanking“. Well, his playing opponent, Adam Giltinan, willingly obliged by spanking John 8&7 in their singles matchplay today!  Adam stated John was very accommodating, never put up any real resistance and peacefully turned the other cheek throughout the punishment 🙂


  1. Ian Lindberg made a come-back today and was justifiably rewarded for his miserable effort with the Bradmans. When asked to describe his game today, he put up the typical NRL coach response of “no comment“. He eventually relented under journalistic pressure and stated he might as well lounge on his sofa and watch the TV for future inspiration.  The scribe suggested he avoid shows like Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Lost, if he wanted to improve his game 🙁
  2. The scribe got attacked again by a ruthless and mercenary gaggle of grouchy geese next to the par4 17th green. All seven of them (and they weren’t magnificent in any shape or form) were hell bent on taking out the sombrero wearing ink-pushing bandit from Revesby. Suffice to say, the scribe blazed away with his 6-iron to ward off the attack!  The scribe contacted the police and requested they issue a BOLO (Be-On-the-Look-Out) for the goose leader, whose description was dark feathered and bald-headed, bit like Yul Brynner 🙁


Ryan Cassin def Claude Poletti 1up

Cliff Bourquin def Frank Saify 3&2

Graham Dean def  Mick McCarney 7&6

Adam Giltinan def John McDonald 8&7

Joy Mesuria def Ken Little 1up

George Lattouf def Ken Harris 4&3

Steph Suzor def Shane Thorn 1up

Allen Foster def John Varrica 4&2


Revesby results on the day brought to you by










Outright Winner: Adam Giltinan [12]    41 pts

A Grade Winner:  Ryan Cassin [14]      36 pts

B Grade Winner:  Graham Dean [20]      37 pts

C Grade Winner:  George Ostermann [24] 35 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:    Gary Buckley [14]    34 pts  c/b


A Grade:  Frank Saify [13]   23 pts

B Grade:  Ian Lindberg [19]  22 pts  c/b

C Grade:  John McDonald [29] 21 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:  G.Dean(3), G.Buckley(7), C.Poletti(11), P.White(13), M.McCarney(15)

Drive & Pitch:  P.White(5)


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