18-FEB-2018: Bankstown GC-2nd Round Club Championships (strokeplay)


Its back to Bankstown golf course for 34 players to begin the second round of the Club Championships.

In many ways, Revesby’s Championship event is like the American “film noir” crime movies of the late 40’s and 50’s.  Fear, mistrust, bleakness, loss of confidence, despair and paranoia were readily evident in these noir films (that is, dark films), and there were rarely happy or optimistic endings.

Today will find many noir stories developed around cynical, hard-hearted, disillusioned male golfers who will experience a beautiful but promiscuous, amoral, double-dealing and seductive golf course, only to be charmed and then double-crossed and literally destroyed by it at the end 🙁

Some male protagonists will use noir movie titles such as, This Gun for Hire, Dead Reckoning, Brute Force and Double Indemnity, as their call card and insurance for success 🙂

On the other hand, the majority will probably use noir titles such as The Big Sleep, The Lost Weekend, Kiss of Death, Nightmare Alley, Walk a Crooked Mile, Short Cut to Hell, Born to be Bad, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Quicksand, as their calling card 🙁

Today’s story started from the social tees on the 10th hole at 6:47am.  Flags were situated in location “B” quadrant on the greens and prefer-on-fairways only and putting out on each green (its stroke play) was the order of the day.

The story unveiled slowly on the first nine holes, with many players finding the plot often elliptical, non-linear and twisting.  As the story unfolded on the second nine, the pages turned even more slowly, with many players Spellbound by the heat, listless from The Long Wait and their patience nearing The Breaking Point.

The story eventually ended with many players falling victim to their over-achieving ambitions.  Some got a Raw Deal, some went down The Street With No Name, and for the unfortunate few, got into a Dark Passage with No Way Out 🙁

With all score cards collected, only 11 players played to or bettered their handicap today, with CCR set to a provisional 71 strokes.

The best score on the day went to Joy Mesuria with a terrific score of 63 nett (handicap 19).

Just like Steve Smith, Revesby’s Captain led from the front and was Ruthless in his dissection of the course defences and kept his ball Beyond the Forest by driving straight down Sunset Boulevard all day.

It was a performance worthy of The Maltese Falcon, the, uh, stuff that dreams are made of 🙂

The A grade winner was Terry Coleman with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 16) – on a count-back.

Well, well, well, this man wins B-grade last game, and now he wins A-grade by The Narrow Margin!  He may have been out-of-form for many months, but The Damned Don’t Cry!

His revitalised swing is now reaping The Sweet Smell of Success, and if he keeps this up for another round then the B-grade championships will be like a Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with a good score of 70 nett (handicap 18) on a count-back.

A good result for a player now beginning to enjoy his game.

May have 3-putted the first five holes and felt like he was climbing a Rope of Sand, but he kept his cool.

Normally a big hitter who launches his ball into the High Sierra, his recovery play was The Glass Key to his success today.

A rewarding performance Steve 🙂

The C Grade winner was Claude Poletti with a very good score of 69 nett (handicap 21).

From Out of the Past comes a stranger to the podium, its definitely been a long time between drinks – like Strangers on a Train.

His last win was the Cypress Lakes Championship in May, 2017.

Avoided The Asphalt Jungle and had no Cause for Alarm on the greens.

A pleasing performance delivered, so lets hope The Postman Always Rings Twice 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was George Lattouf with a fine score of 67 nett (handicap 14).

Danger, danger, intruder alert!

Hang on, that’s a TV show, not noir:-(

Ah, I’ve got it.

I Wake Up Screaming, because The Mask of Dimitrios has been unmasked.

Yep, George has been in cracking good form lately, so no surprise to see him in the mix.

Didn’t drive that well but made up for it with good irons and chipping.

Will he keep the form up and be the Champion or The Pretender in A-grade?

Only The Big Clock will tell 🙂


Now we get down to the dreaded Bradman awards.


Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt, these are the Bradman winners:

The Bradmen winners were Adam Giltinan (83 nett), Graham Dean (Disq) and Paul Dawkins (83 nett) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Adam has gone from hot (A grade winner last week) to cold in the space of a week.

He was ecstatic with the great job done by Greg Bailey (one of our sponsors – Sydney Golf Tech) to fit-out his clubs with super-sticky grips, only trouble was his game came unstuck when he used them for the first time today 🙂

Someone needs to tell Adam he needs to practice first and get the feel, otherwise, he will tug the ball left all day – which he did 🙁

Graham started out the day whistling and singing on the practice putting green.  The scribe actually complemented him for his good dulcet singing voice (he actually sings in a band – in case you didn’t know).

Unfortunately, Graham’s golf clubs were singing a different tune, one more attuned to a hacksaw 🙁

Paul had another one of those rounds again. However, he was quite pleased with his tee shots.  Instead of pulling his tee shots, he was now pushing.

Hmm, that doesn’t seem to add up, however, if you saw your son get engaged, married and you become a grandfather on the same day, then you could be excused for not concentrating on your golf game 🙂



  1. Best score by a long margin was Joy Mesuria’s terrific 63 nett.


2.Big Steve Vaughn grabbed an eagle3 on the par5 12th hole.

He bombed his driver, hit 7-iron and sank the putt!


  1. Ever watched another player putt on the same line as yours and get valuable insight on how much break is in your putt? It always help, doesn’t it?

Well, today saw Steph Suzor with a 10 metre putt on the last hole played (par4 9th).

On the same line and just a little bit closer was Paul Dawkin’s ball.

Paul carefully marked his ball and watched as Steph stroked the putt, watched the ball roll metre by metre, cm by cm before seeing the ball disappear in the hole.

Armed with the knowledge of how and where to putt the ball, Paul demonstrated his uncanny skills with the putter and proceeded to –

Did you say one-putt?

Not on your life, he proceeded to 5-putt the hole 🙁



  1. Wayne Higgs needs to learn how to drop a ball outside a water hazard.

After topping his ball 60 metres into the water hazard in front of him on the par4 4th hole, Wayne tempestuously grabbed a ball from his bag and dropped it, without looking, near where he went in.

Sure enough, the ball landed in the only hole present in the vicinity of the hazard.

With only the tip of the ball visible, Wayne took an almighty whack and saw divot and ball fly 3 metres back into the hazard 🙁

I wonder if he will remember next time?



John McDonald may know how to angle fish, but today saw his top shot literally go up the arse of a duck 🙁

There may be a circle on his score for that hole, but its not as big as the one he left on that duck’s arse!


3.Louis Tasaico almost holed out on the eagle’s nest hole par3 4th hole today.

His tee shot landed on the green and rolled at the hole, catching the rim and accelerated to a distance well outside the 40cm target!

The only trouble was he missed a putt from 6 inches 🙁


4.Can’t keep a good man down.

Alan Foster racked up a huge 13 last week on one of the par5’s at Campbelltown.

He didn’t let that bother him today, he got a 10 on the par5 12th hole and a 9 on the par5 6th hole 🙁


  1. Speaking of the par5 12th hole, it also gave Shane Thorn a lot of trouble today when he racked up a 10 as well.

He hit his first drive onto Milperra Road, followed up by hitting his 3rd shot from the tee into the far left hand water hazard.

Playing safety first, he punched his 5th shot too far into the creek in front of the green.

His 7th pitch shot went into the right hand bunker.

Splashing out of the bunker (no water in it, by the way), he safely 2-putted for a nice round 10 and three lost balls 🙁


  1. The par5’s seemed to cause quite a few problems today.

Glen Blades lost the plot on the par5 6th hole.

Started out with a good drive, hit his 3rd into the green-side bunker.

Taking two shots out of the bunker, he watched in shock as the ball came to rest on the edge of the other bunker.

Glen managed to hit both ball and bunker edge, only to see it pop up and fall back into the bunker 🙁

He must have put his Baker’s hat on because he ended up with a 12 on the hole 🙁


Revesby results on the day:


Outright Winner: Joy Mesuria [19]    63 nett


A Grade Winner:  Terry Coleman [16]  67 nett  c/b

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [18]    70 pts   c/b

C Grade Winner:  Claude Poletti [21] 69 nett


GUZZLER’s CUP:   George Lattouf [14] 67 nett



A Grade:  Adam Giltinan [12]   83 nett

B Grade:  Graham Dean [19]     Disq.

C Grade:  Paul Dawkins [32]    83 nett


NOTE: c/b = count-back


Nearest To Pins:  

T.Coleman(3), K.Little(7), A.Giltinan(11), C.Poletti(15)


Drive & Pitch:  




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