17-JUN-2018: Bankstown GC-Single Stableford+4BBB Matchplay Rnd 3


Today sees a single stableford event in conjunction with the third round of the 4BBB Matchplay Championships, with only four 4BBB teams remaining out of the original 16 teams.

Winter has finally kicked in and the frigid air of Bankstown golf course greeted 27 would-be Antarctic explorers.  For some, today’s expedition may end up like Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s journey to the South Pole in 1912 🙁

Speaking of cold, did you know that shivering is a protective response from the body to produce heat through muscular activity? Why is it so?

It’s all about CORE body temperature, once it goes below 35°C (95°F), hypothermia kicks in and the body starts to shutdown key organs (such as the heart and liver) and narrows blood vessels (called vasoconstriction) to preserve heat and protect the brain.

During exposure to cold temperatures, about 90% of body heat loss is through the skin as radiation, and the rest exhaled from the lungs.  If the heat loss is greater than the heat produced by the body for a prolonged period of time, hypothermia can occur.

Mild symptoms of hypothermia are shivering and mental confusion, which can hamper a person’s ability to understand what’s happening and make intelligent choices.

So when you bend over to make a 3-foot putt with your fingers frozen and shaking, and you’re unable to see the break and confused, you could be just suffering from mild hypothermia 🙁

To make matters worse, the practice putting and chipping green were lightning fast, sending a further shiver up everyone’s spine.  If that wasn’t enough, players were further tortured in the knowledge that the holes today were cut in the Anal quadrant (position “A”) on each green 🙁

Alas, the 6:46am hit off time from the tenth tee (yellow markers) meant the early groups would feel the biting cool air the most as the Sun slowly climbed its way above the trees.

The leading two groups comprised the 4BBB matchplay teams, so high expectations for a very fast round were null and void, particularly so if the game went to the wire 🙁

Play was slowish with no major bottlenecks on the course and the weather, once the Sun came out, turned out to be a mild Winter’s day.  The forecast for strong gusty winds later in the morning was spot on, with the latter groups experiencing the full might of the wind the most.

The consensus after the game was the course was the victor, with only one player playing to or bettering their handicap today.  CCR was a low 33 points.

The course could not be faulted, the fairways were very good, the bunkers well maintained and the greens smooth as silk and very fast 🙂

The outright winner today was Jim Close with a score of 38 points.

With shoulders as wide as a CinemaScope film, and a body akin to Mr. Incredible, this super-hero showed great strength, Dash and durability as he battled the tough conditions and came out smelling, not like a rose, but like a Violet.

Fortunately, he minimised collateral damage with his super power irons and avoided lawsuits that would have forced the Government to silently relocate him to another country (not again) 🙂

Has a swing as flexible as Elastigirl and a driver as powerful as a Jack-Jack hammer. His Drive&Pitch on the par4 5th hole was, dare I say it, very close Jim (or vice-a-versa)!

Just too strong and virtuous on the day, must be primed for a sequel this year 🙂

The A-grade winner today was George Lattouf with a score of 35 points.

Under the gun today with the 4BBB matchplay, he kept to his simple strategy of keeping the ball in play from the tee and using his irons and putter to do all the talking. When in trouble, he pulled out his trusty hybrid to play some magical shots to save the day for his team. Only occasionally let down by his under-strength putting, resulting in several 3-putts.  Fortunately, his partner pulled a rabbit out of the hat on these occasions.

A solid round with few mistakes that led to a good win in the 4BBB matchplay 🙂

The B-grade winner today was Mark McDonald with a score of 34 points.

That’s two B grade wins now, plus an outright win and a Guzzlers for the year, not a bad effort for the first half of the year.

Is the Friday Golf Academy at Georges River under the tutelage of George Lattouf actually having an impact on Mark’s game?  Its anathema to think that such wisdom and knowledge could actually exist and be imparted to someone else! Or could it be Mark has figured out how to hit the ball with less sideways spin? Based on what I have seen lately, I’m leaning towards the latter!

Another good effort under tough conditions 🙂

The C-grade winner today was Glen Blades with a score of 34 points.

A very steady player with a good short game and putter. With his partner, George Ostermann, they took on the A-graders (George Lattouf & Ken Little) in the 4BBB match play semi-final and came very close to knocking them off, losing on the second last hole to aberrant good shot-making from one of the opponents. Handled the pressure of matchplay well and maintained good course management throughout his game. May have lost the matchplay, but his individual performance was well rewarded 🙂

The Guzzlers winner today was Gary Buckley with a score of 34 points.

Recovering from a hand injury all year, Gary has been struggling with power and accuracy in his shot-making as well as the occasional lapse in putting. Must have found a cure or a workaround because he came out firing on all cylinders at a course that only a month ago rewarded him with a Bradmans. Lets hope the corner has turned and you no longer have a buckley’s chance of winning another trophy 🙂







The Bradman scores today were Ryan Cassin (28 pts), Allen Foster (23 pts) and John McDonald (19 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

The scribe has only just finished pulling out all the barbs from his back after the last game’s performance, so is rather reluctant (or still flinching) to throw barbs at these poor chaps. Suffice to say, Ryan is hot and cold, Allen broke his Bradman’s virginity and John McDonald is John McDonald :-(`


1.Best score was Mr. Incredible (aka Jim Close) with 38 points.

2.Did you know we have a good Samaritan in the club. Whilst playing the par5 14th hole, Ken Harris saw in front of him a slow moving electric buggy traverse right-to-left across the fairway with no one in sight.  Ken ran after the buggy, caught it, disabled the motor and then did a 360 degree scan of the horizon for the owner, but no one was seen. The owner eventually showed up a minute later to retrieve the buggy, it came from the par4 4th green!

3.Ryan Cassin played his second shot to the par4 5th (Drive&Pitch) hole only to see his ball plug and bury into the sand high up on the front face. Tilting at almost 60 degrees, Ryan blasted the sand out like a true landscaper and saw his ball pop out onto the green 🙂 Only trouble was he hurt his back in the process 🙁

4.In the 4BBB matchplay, Ron Knebusch putted very well whilst his partner, Ken Harris, was rock solid from tee to green and combined well to smash Jeff Hilder and John McDonald 5&4.

When asked to explain their loss, Johnny Mac said “we were unlucky“. Hmm, let me see, Jeff Hilder scored 26 points and John McDonald scored 19 points, I think they were lucky 🙂


1.Ryan Cassin may have got the A grade Bradmans today on a count-back from Phil White, but Phil did his darndest to win it. He threw away a point when he picked up his ball next to the hole thinking he was out of points on the par5 14th and much later on, he played the wrong ball in the bunker for a 2-shot penalty. Playing a Callaway ball, he hit Steve Vaughn’s Taylor-made ball in the bunker. Asked to explain his mistake, Phil said “the blue dots on his ball had worn off“. Hmm, I don’t think that’s the only thing that has faded in the old fella 🙁

2.Did I mention the greens were very fast? Well, Graham Dean had 5-putts from 1.5 metres away on hole number 3 🙁 Was that the worst putting on the day?  Nope!

The scribe’s ball was at the bottom of the long par5 11th green with the hole at the top.  Having watched Glen Blades chip from behind the green and seen the ball stop half-way down, the scribe elected to quickly putt out whilst Glen walked to his ball. Unfortunately for the scribe, he stroked his long putt like a cover drive in cricket, and watched his ball smash into Glen’s ball on the green – a two shot penalty 🙁 The scribe took 3 more putts to hole out, making that six shots on the green 🙁


Revesby Individual results on the day:


Outright Winner:  Jim Close [p20]     38 pts


A Grade Winner:   George Lattouf [15] 35 pts

B Grade Winner:   Mark McDonald [20]  34 pts

C Grade Winner:   Glen Blades [26]    34 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:     Gary Buckley [14]   34 pts


A Grade:          Ryan Cassin [13]    28 pts c/b

B Grade:          Allen Foster [20]   23 pts

C Grade:          John McDonald [30]  19 pts

Nearest To Pins:

G.Blades(3), No.Body(7), J.Hilder(11), K.Little(13), R.Back(15)

Drive & Pitch:




Ron Knebusch/Ken Harris   def  Jeff Hilder/John McDonald    5&4


Ken Little/George Lattouf def George Ostermann/Glen Blades  2&1


Final to be played at Rosnay.

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