17-DEC-2017: Bankstown GC – 2 Man Ambrose



It’s the last game of the year, so 44 players rocked up to the Bankstown golf course (par 71) to play a 2-man Ambrose event followed by free lunch and drinks 🙂

The popular Ambrose is always fun to play, particularly when your partner is a slugger with the driver, it makes life so easy, as long as six of your tee shots are selected before the 18th hole 🙂

In addition to the game, the 2017 Presentation ceremony will be conducted after the game. Like the Academy Awards, Revesby’s presentation ceremony will celebrate the accomplishments of various players and acknowledge their good deeds with awards for their individual (or team) performance.

Play started from the 10th tee at around 7:00am with “prefer-through-the-green” the local rule of the day and holes cut in quadrant “B” of each green.

The weather was better than expected, with overcast conditions keeping the temperature down, and a slight breeze from the north assisting players with their shots on the early holes.

The game was quick on the first nine holes, however, Revesby’s vanguard group soon caught up with another social club and play slowed down by a gear or two 🙁

With the game over, it was pack the golf gear a.s.a.p. and get into the clubhouse!

The outright winners today were a combination that a good safe-cracker would find hard to pick.

Yes, the very steady Paul Kirgan combined with the enigmatic John McDonald to shoot a scratch score of 69 (two-under par) to score 58.25 nett.

With Paul piloting the plane and giving sound advice to an initially unsteady John, it was amazing to see them combine like the gears in a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, spitting fire from their irons and strafing the hole with the accuracy of a canonical tachometric Norden bomb-sight.

They managed to shoot down three birdies at the expense of being hit by one bogey.

A small piece of advice from Paul early on turned John into a clean hitting striker of the ball, which combined with their B17 Flying Fortress-like putting (they were dropping bombs everywhere), made them a lethal combination on the day 🙂

The Runners Up went to the inexperienced combination of Adam Shields and Kevin Gerkens, with a great score of 60.75 nett (71 gross).

Teamed very well, with Kevin shooting straight all day like Annie Oakley, allowing Adam to pump his driver like a Sharps buffalo gun.

Not surprisingly, they shot three birdies on the longer par5’s, but the best shot was Kevin’s shot on the par3 3rd hole (eagles nest) when his golf bullet ran along the ground, through the front bunker and safely stopped on the green.

Kevin was very proud of the shot, he called it his “fizzer” shot because it had plenty of top-spin!

Well, all I can say is, it was a top effort from Adam and Kevin, and the result was no fizzer 🙂

The Guzzlers went to the rusty combination of Terry Coleman and Ronnie Knebusch with a smooth score of 63.75 nett (73 gross).

Whilst Terry and Ronnie exhibited rust in their swings from a lack of playing, it’s amazing how WD-40 works so quickly on joints and shoulders!

After three holes they were two-under par, however, the WD-40 started to thin out as the day wore on, so they had to team well to keep the damage to a minimum.

A good short game from the two saved their score from sliding down the slippery pole, with the resultant 3 birdies and 5 bogeys earning them, to their surprise, the Guzzlers 🙂

The Bradman winners went to two individuals who are now packing their bags to travel to the Arctic Circle and pay their bradman dues by helping out Santa – Oh deer, what will become of them 🙁

Following speeches from the President and Captain, the 2017 Presentation Awards were conducted.
For a full list of awards, please refer to the 2017 Leaderboard section on the web site.

The last round of the year again proved very popular and special thanks must go to Claude Poletti for managing today’s events, Mark McDonald for organising the trophies, the Social Committee and Secretary for organising the luncheon and the provisioning of prizes and lastly, Bravo Zulu to Rossco for running the raffle 🙂

Special thanks to our ex-Captain (Steve Vaughn), President (John Varrica) and Vice-President (John McDonald) for guiding our club so successfully throughout the year, we were the envy of many social golf clubs for the way we conducted and presented our club.

Also, many thanks to our sponsors on the web site (SGT – Sydney Golf Tech, Milperra Golf Academy, Mobile Tools, JVE Painting Services, First Choice Fitouts, Australian Goat Soap, Milperra Golf Academy) for their on-going support, it was greatly appreciated.

Well, that’s all folks, time to wrap it up for the year, so Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to everyone and may your hips keep turning in 2018.

Highlights of the Day:

1. There were two eagles on the day with the first coming from Phil White and Ken Harris on the par 5 12th hole.
Taking Phil’s drive and approach, Phil then proceeded to chip in for an eagle 3 from the back of the green.

The second came from Ryan Cassin and Gary McMahon on the par5 12th hole.
Taking Ryan’s drive, Gary hit the second shot two feet from the hole for a tap-in eagle 3!

2. Revesby’s President, John Varrica, was in ga-ga land today whilst playing with his partner, the PGA professional, Greg Bailey. John was in a daze at how easily Greg hit the ball straight and long, turning the course into a practice-your-wedge only round.

And whilst they were putting for birdies on every hole, the surprising result was their playing partners, Phil White and Ken Harris, were ahead of John and Greg off the stick by one shot, with a score of three-under par after 9-holes!

Well, you guessed it, Phil and Ken crashed and burned on the last nine 🙁

3. Did I mention how well Terry Coleman and Ronnie Knebusch played around the greens?
As an example, on the par4 4th hole, Terry had to play his third shot and hit it low under a tree.

Unfortunately, Terry hit it low and too hard, saw the ball screaming towards the flag.

Guess what, the ball smashed into the flag stick and dropped dead two foot from the hole!

That’s what I call a good short game 🙂

4. It was a 2-man Ambrose today, but for two people, Rossco Hamer and Alan Tricker, they were both hobbling on one and a half legs.

To their credit and courage, they both showed up today to play their part in the team, and to their respective partners, a great sigh of relief for playing well enough to avoid the dreaded Bradmans.

Thanks fellas 🙂

Lowlights of the Day:

1: The Bradman winners categorically stated:
“They deserved it”

They loved the trees, particularly on the right.
They are now filling application forms for the NRMA Safer Driving School.
Their irons needed more steam (plus extension cord).
Their putting was no better than their punting.
Their short game skill was microscopic in quality.

2. Putting your name on the Drive and Pitch on the last hole (par4 9th) is usually a good sign.
Not for Matthew Campbell and Steph Suzor, they both three-putted from 12 foot 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Paul Kirgan [11] & John McDonald [32] 58.25 nett
Runners Up: Adam Shields [14] & Kevin Gerkens [27] 60.75 nett
Third Place: Terry Coleman [17] & Ronnie Knebusch [20] 63.75 nett

BRADMANS: Mick McCarney [14] & Glen Blades [33] 73.25 nett

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(3), G.Ostermann(7), S.Thorn(11), R.Knebusch(13), D.Tasaico(15)

Drive & Pitch:
W.Coleman(5), R.Knebusch(8), P.Kirgan(9), K.Harris(17)

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