Match Report 17-1-2021

The weather was excellent with a moderate breeze and the course was in good condition and the results are testimony to that.

Several players scored above the CCR of 40 points today and there were 2 exceptional of scores 48 points by Mark Mc Swiney and 45 points from Claude Poletti.

There were tales of misfortune and lack of concentration, in particular Steve Floyd had an air swing as if swatting a fly while trying to extricate his ball from the long rough on the 10 hole and on the 18th hole he threaded the needle and put his drive down on the bridge between the dams and then his second shot was topped and ended up in the dam with the result finally being a wipe.

Don’t worry Steve we have all experienced the same outcome throughout the other rounds.

Some players were on the green in regulation and still were unable to get that elusive birdie.

Pat Collins found a way around this by chipping in for his birdie.


The results for todays event is as follows.


Singles Event
Name Hcp Result Name
Outright Winner Mark McSwiney 19 48 A – Bradmans George Lattouf (16) 31 c/b from Dennis May (16) 31
A Grade Winner John Varrica 12 40 B – Bradmans Steve Vaughn (17) 28
B Grade Winner Claude Poletti 21 45 C – Bradmans Ken Harris (24) 26
C Grade Winner Luis Tasaico 27 42 Best Visitor Phil Heaton 97
Guzzlers Cup Winner Cliff Bourquin 18 41



Finally congratulations to all the winners and a big welcome  to Bob Mallia and Phil Heaton and we hope to see you at other games.

If you see anything that is funny or out of the ordinary please let me know so it can be mentioned in the report.

We also thank our sponsors today and in particular for supporting today’s event.


The Handicapper / Scribe

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