Its been three weeks of no golf, so 28 eager golfers showed up today in another attempt to conquer the benign Bankstown golf course, not realising their delusion and poor memory of past misdeeds.

Today’s event was a single stableford event in conjunction with the fourth and penultimate round of the singles matchplay event (involving four players).  So typical of this time of year, a cool south-westerly to westerly wind was ever present, with many players rugged up at the start and keen to get going from the tenth tee for the 6:18am start.

The recent rain event was very kind to the course, with the once empty lakes now filled and the ducks and geese much happier (except towards a certain Revesby member).

As usual, the fairways, greens and bunkers were in great shape.  The practice putting and chipping greens were extremely fast, so chipping and putting was going to be key to a good score today.

Flags on the greens were positioned in location “B” for bastard and because of the debris and litter scattering the course, prefer-thru-the-green was the order of the day.

Apart from the five late starters (they thought it was a 7am start), not much drama occurred during the round, though one or two put on a “Serena Williams” act with their poor play 🙁

With the round finished and all score cards collected, only 5 out of 28 players (18%) scored 36 or more points on the day, with a further eight player (29%) scoring 33 to 35 points.

Putting was a common complaint, with many having problems judging pace all day :-(.


The Outright Winner was Terry Coleman with a score of 37 points (count-back).

After playing pennants for the last couple of months, Terry has returned with a vengeance.  Used his experience to manage the course well and was able to extradite himself from any errant shots with the driver with solid iron play and short game.  A good grinding effort 🙂

The A grade winner was George Lattouf with 37 points.

Kept the ball in play and didn’t get into too much trouble.  He even got out of bunkers with a single blow. Could have putted better, but he always says that, but what is most amazing is, he now knows how to play this course, just treat it like its a game at Georges River course on a Friday 🙂

The B grade winner was Steve Floyd with 37 points (count-back).

After two B grade wins early this year at Rosnay and Bankstown, “Sugar Ray” was surprised to hear his name read out as a winner.  What is surprising is he hasn’t won more often, what with his fire-power with the driver, he should be able to punch himself out of any trouble 🙂

The C Grade winner was Ken Harris with 30 points.

Another surprised winner, more so because of the low score.  He was everywhere from the tee but recovered well all day, mostly due to his improved short game.  His playing partners were more like Davy Crockett, scouts in search of a new frontier, but their eagle eyes aided and abetted his win today 🙂

The Guzzlers was won by Noel Connolly with 37 points.

Plays mostly under the radar these days, but he has a rather fortuitous habit of grabbing the Guzzlers more often than not.  Played solid without too much duress and was happily rewarded not with gold coins but with liquid gold 🙂



Sadly, the Bradman winners were Mick McCarney (19 pts), Daniel Tasaico (22 pt) and Peter Davis (27 pts), for A, B and C grade, respectively.

They all submitted blood samples after the game for performance depreciating drugs, and their results were all the same, “B negative“.


1.Best score was Terry Coleman with 37 points (count-back).

2.Best shot went to John Varrica on the par4 5th hole (drive & pitch hole).

John pushed his drive right and finished along the tree line.  Blocked by overhanging branches, John told his playing partners he was going to play a trick shot by blading the ball along the ground into the deep front bunker and roll it over the top lip onto the green.

Sure enough, he executed the “thin’ shot to perfection and the ball just missed the hole before it stopped. He sank the putt for a birdie3!

How come when the scribe elects to thin his shots there is always a dam or a lake in front of him 🙁

3.The semi-final winners in the Singles Match Play were Alan Foster (6&5) and Ryan Cassin (2up).

Alan may have power-sprayed his driver but he recovered very well with his irons.  On the other hand, Ryan is more the tactician, plays too his strength and keeps the ball in play and applies consistent pressure on his opponent.  The final should be a beauty.

4.Graham Dean played today and he didn’t DQ, he didn’t leave early and he didn’t get the Bradmans. That’s what I call a trifecta, Wayne Coleman, where are you, I think the scribe will be contacting you very soon for help 🙂


1.Alan Foster played very well today when he soundly beat his opponent, Adam Giltinan, 6&5. Adam stated his game was just a comedy of errors, but he wasn’t laughing 🙁

Why is this a lowlight. Well, Alan scored 39 points today, but he did not qualify for a win today as he discovered he had 15 clubs in his bag 🙁

For breaching the 14-club rule, I understand the maximum penalty in stroke play is 4 strokes and maximum penalty in match play is two holes.

2.The scribe got attacked again by a ruthless and threatening gaggle of two geese next to the par5 12th tee. This time, the scribe manned-up and stared eyeball-to-eyeball with the lead goose. The goose finally backed away after realising it was looking at a bigger goose, particularly after watching the big goose shank three balls into the canal on the preceding par3 🙁

3.Mick McCarney didn’t waste too much effort on scoring points today, but he sure as hell expended a lot of energy on throwing clubs. Mick claimed he didn’t throw, he just passed his clubs back to the bag! Well, that doesn’t explain why one club ricocheted off the frame of his buggy like a bullet and I couldn’t help but notice the brand name on his bag had abraded away 🙁


Ryan Cassin def Joy Mesuria 2up

Allen Foster def Adam Giltinan 6&5

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Terry Coleman [14]   37 pts  c/b

A Grade Winner:  George Lattouf [14]  37 pts

B Grade Winner:  Steve Floyd [20]     37 pts c/b

C Grade Winner:  Ken Harris [26]      30 pts

GUZZLER’s CUP:    Noel Connolly [22]  37 pts


A Grade:  Mick McCarney [16]   19 pts

B Grade:  Daniel Tasaico [17]  22 pts

C Grade:  Peter Davis [31]     27 pts

NOTE: c/b = count-back

Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(3), N.Obody(7), C.Bourquin(11), R.Cassin(13), A.Giltinan(15)

Drive & Pitch:


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