16-OCT-2016: Bankstown GC – 2016 Lawson Cup-Hosted by Revesby


2016 Lawson Cup Winners-Club Mounties

2016 Lawson Cup Winners-Club Mounties

The Lawson Cup is a annual event, and this year saw various social golf clubs competing for the coveted Cup, namely Mounties, Cabramatta Leagues, Blacktown Workers and Revesby Workers.

For 2016, it was Revesby Worker’s turn to host the Lawson Cup (each club hosts the event on a rotation basis) and they could not have chosen a more suitable course than the challenging and immaculate Bankstown Golf Course.

Each club furnishes 20 players to play individual stableford (using their club handicap) and after eliminating the top five and bottom fives scores, the remaining ten scores are added up to represent the club’s score for the event.

With eighty (80) players to hit-off from the 10th hole (yellow tees), beginning at 6:03am with 7 minute intervals between each group, it took a lot of organising and administration to get the event started and running smoothly.

In this regard, kudos must go to Revesby’s Claude Poletti, Stefan Suzor, Steve Vaughn and John Varrica for their exceptional organisational skills and communication skills for ensuring the event ran like clockwork and Revesby players represented their club to the highest standard – even players from the other clubs were acknowledging the exceptional organisation and presentation 🙂

A cloudless spring morning found the Bankstown course looking its finest, with immaculate fairways and smooth as silk greens. The practice putting and chipping greens were like glass surfaces (gulp), the nearby bunkers appeared well manicured and hurrah, hurrah, the pins were in the friendly position “D” quadrant of the green.

So, if you can avoid the many trees straddling each fairway, stay out of the quicksand bunkers, veer away from the many water hazards and stay cool when putting on the F1 super-fast undulating greens then you are in for a good game of golf 🙂

After a pre-game morning breakfast of bacon & egg roll and coffee, players quickly assembled on the 10th hole to commence play. Instructed to prefer-on-fairways only, players were conscious of playing quickly so as not to cause a back-log on the course.

The game was fast with players grabbing another free feed and drinks after nine holes, and judging by the scores, some were lamenting that it was much easier from tee-to-green than green-to-hole 🙁

Sadly, for some, the second nine offered no respite 🙁

The lingering thoughts of bad shots melted away quickly with the fast play today, so Bravo Zulus to all players for their expeditious efforts on the course.

After the round, all the Lawson Cup players gathered in the Bankstown club house for quick drinks and post-mortems before making their way back to Revesby Workers’ Club for lunch and presentations.

After a lovely lunch washed down by a plentiful supply of free drinks, it was the duty of Revesby’s Captain, Steve Vaughn, to announce the Lawson Cup winner.

It what can only be described as a landslide win, MOUNTIES took out the Lawson Cup for 2016 with 343 points, which was 18 points clear of runners up, Blacktown with 325 points, followed by Revesby and Cabramatta with 320 and 316 points, respectively.

Best individual stableford score on the day was a brilliant 44 points from Revesby’s Captain, Steve Vaughn. Not far behind for Revesby was Frank Saify’s great score of 41 points to take out the 2nd Runners Up prize.

Other noteworthy rounds from Revesby players that equalled or bettered their handicap were George Lattouf (38pts), Phil White (37pts) and Mark McDonald (36pts).

The nearest-the-pins drought for Revesby today was compensated by Mark McDonald winning the B Grade drive & chip on the 5th hole, and the Tarzan of old springing back to life for Gary McMahon on the 18th hole when he won the B Grade longest drive 🙂

















Congratulations must go to Mounties for winning the 2016 Lawson Cup, it was an emphatic win !

It was also great to see Cabramatta Leagues and Blacktown Workers show up with very competitive teams, so hopefully there will be plenty more battles with them down the track.

Thanks must go to the club directors that attended the presentations and all the players from Mounties, Cabramatta and Blacktown for the good spirit in which they played and the friendships formed as a result.

Lastly, many thanks must go to all the Revesby players for showing up to represent their club today and whilst the team result was disappointing, it was still a great day had by all 🙂


Team Score:
1. Mounties 343 pts
2. Blacktown 325 pts
3. Revesby 320 pts
4. Cabramatta 316 pts

Individual results on the day:
Best Scratch Score: Tim Summers 72 (Mounties)
Best Stableford Score: Steve Vaughn 44 pts (Revesby)

1st Runners Up: Bill Shearer 42 pts (Mounties)

2nd Runners Up: Frank Saify 41 pts (Revesby) c/b


Best Front Nine: George Alonso 22 pts (Cabramatta) c/b

Best Back Nine: Glen Finnie 22 pts (Mounties) c/b

BRADMANS: Sam Salinitro 15 pts (Mounties)

Nearest To Pins:
Shaul Fulton-B (3), Peter Lipovic-B (7), Tim Summers-M (11), Shaun Fulton-B (13), Gary Marsden-C (15)

Drive & Pitch (5):
A Grade: Dylan Marsh-C (actually, Drive and Putt !!!)
B Grade: Mark McDonald-R

Longest Drive (18):
A Grade: Brandon Mudalier-C
B Grade: Gary McMahon-R

Revesby results on the day:

Pts Name
29 John Varrica [10]
37 Phil White [13]
26 Ken Harris [25]
38 George Lattouf [14]
27 John McDonald [27]

31 Greg Jones [14]
34 Phil Kilazoglou [18]
44 Steve Vaughn [17]
41 Frank Saify [17]
34 Ryan Cassin [16]

36 Mark McDonald [20]
29 Gary McMahon [25]
28 Ken Little [13]
32 Rossco Hamer [21]
33 Clifford Bourquin [21]

30 Claude Poletti [18]
33 Ryan Johnston [14]
27 George Osterman [24]
34 Shane Thorn [6]
30 Wayne Coleman [16]

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