16-FEB-2014: Bankstown GC

2BBB + Single Matchplay Semi-Finals

In the absence of the club’s mild mannered reporter Ken(Jimmy Olsen) Little who is currently on a cruise (on the Starship Enterprise we think), your president will attempt to do justice to the position of publicity officer for the day.

The drought that has gripped NSW for the last few months finally broke this week and unfortunately for the members of RWMGC the rain continued on into Sunday morning.

Throughout the week, Club Captain Steve Vaughn had his phone ringing off the hook with calls from members wanting to play and the numbers soon swelled to a record for a non championship round of 36 players. With only 28 spots allocated by Bankstown Golf Club, Steve negotiated hard to get the extra spaces. Given the rain in the morning, it was great to see all but 5 players show up. Well done boys for supporting your Captain and the club.

Disappointingly, some of the no shows did not notify the club that they weren’t coming and we were not able to alter the booking. This led to ‘your’ club being fined for not making up the minimum numbers.

For those who don’t know, golf courses are booked years in advance and numbers are allocated at that point. Also, Steve (Captain) organises a great deal of the day’s event prior to game day and is greatly inconvenienced when members fail to communicate. I remind everyone that it is imperative that bookings are not made at the last minute and let Steve know if you are not able to attend. Please be warned that repeat offenders will be fined.

The day’s event was a 2BBB and the teams were picked via a blind draw (lucky dip describes it better). Also, the Semi-Finals of the Single Matchplay Championship would be contested by Noel (Head Chef) Connolly against George (I don’t care if I lose) Lattouf and Phil (Kila) Kilazoglou against Ryan (assassin) Cassin.

The course was in fairly good condition considering the weather and with preferred lies through the green being the order of the day, along with soft and slower than usual greens made for some high scoring.

The overall winners on a count back were the team of Ross Hamer/Scott Algeo with a score of 46 points. Great to see Rossco’s recent knee surgery  and free swing tips from yours truly are beginning to pay off and Scott’s lessons at Milperra Driving Range ( Club Sponsor) and newbie enthusiasm are propelling him to star status.

Runners up with score of 46 points were Noel Connolly/Ian Lindberg. Well done to Noel who must have found it hard to concentrate as he was also in the matchplay semis. Ian can only make the odd appearance due to work but always seems to walk away with one of the prizes on offer. Well done.

The much sought after Guzzlers Cup was won by George Lattouf and Paul Dawkins with a score of 45points.

The prize that no one wants, The Bradmans, was won by Richard (Dick) Paipa and looking resplendent in his long awaited new club shirt, Allan Tricker with a score of 33points( I did mention lucky dip somewhere?).

Congratulations to Noel Connolly for winning his matchplay semi over George Lattouf 4&3 and to Phil Kilazoglou for his 4&3 victory over Ryan Cassin. The final will be held next game at Bankstown GC and will consist of Noel Connolly against Phil Kilazoglou. Best of luck to both.

A big welcome to our 2 visitors today being Jack Young who had a score of 81 and also collected the drive & pitch award and John Harvey who shot a 96. Hope you both enjoyed your experience with RWMGC and hope that we might see you again in a club shirt.

Also a big thank you to those members who help with stuff in the mornings and after the game.

From your retiring apprentice reporter Johnny V, see you next game and remember “communication”.


Days Results

Overall Winners: Ross Hamer & Scott Algeo (46pts c/b)

Runners Up: Noel Connolly & Ian Lindberg (46pts)

Guzzlers Cup: George Lattouf & Paul Dawkins (45pts)

Nearest the pins: 3rd– G.McMahon 7th-S.Vaughn  11th-S.suzor 13th-M.Connolly 15th-R.Keen

Drive & Pitch: Jack young (visitor)

Bradmans: Richard Paipa & Allan Tricker (33pts)


Matchplay Results: Noel Connolly Defeated  George Lattouf   4&3

                              Phil Kilazoglou   Defeated  Ryan Cassin    4&3



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