15-JULY-2018: Bankstown GC – 2BBB Stableford


It’s hard to believe just three months ago we saw bushfires near Menai a few kilometres away, and today, we now see Mr.Jack Frost come out to play, a cool dude wearing double-glazed glasses with a crunching handshake that leaves fingers tingling with numbness 🙁

With the temperature a comatose one degree Celsius and the Sun yet to peak itself over the horizon, it wasn’t surprising to see only 24 players show up and all rugged up to combat the challenging Bankstown golf course in a 2-Ball Better-Ball (2BBB) event.

The usual verdant greens and fairways were now temporarily covered in a white blanket of ice, and the holes were cut in the dastardly evil location “A” on each green.  Grrr and Brrr could be heard from the muffled moans as players assembled on the 10th hole (yellow tees) for the 7am start.

With players getting taller by the minute (from the ice building up under the shoes) and their balls beginning to freeze (well, everyone had their hands in their pockets and they sure as hell weren’t feeling cocky), the race was on to get out of the start block to find the Sun.

The first few holes were tortuous, with many players succumbing to frost-bitten fingers and toes, the pain or prickling progressing to numbness and the golf swing starting to disconnect and disintegrate 🙁

Just like the besieged town of Bastogne in the Battle of the Bulge in World War 2, the Sun eventually came out just in time to save the battling troops from total annihilation.  For most, the warmth returned the blood and oxygen to the vital extremities connecting body to club whilst for others, it was too late, their mind and body had gone into a state of stupor and were medically golf dead 🙁

Eventually, the ice hockey game concluded, with many players still thawing out and bruised from the many falls on the rink.  CCR freezing point for individual scores was 32 points.


The outright winners were Ryan Johnston and Paul Dawkins with a warm score of 45 points.

Both are products of the Greg Bailey Reform School of Delinquent Golfers and their team work today was as synchronised as a Swiss watch, with Ryan and Paul amassing 28 and 34 points, respectively.

It was good to see Ryan back from the wilderness (his last win was over a year ago at Hurstville) and Paul bouncing back (yet again) from the Bradman trampoline.  They may have chipped and putted well, but their team work was worthy of an Olympic gold performance 🙂

The Runners Up were Steve Vaughn and Claude Poletti with a mild score of 42 points (count-back).

A strong pair with a healthy dose of handicap insulation, they managed to break through the pain barrier and claim a win, with Steve and Claude scoring 32 and 28 points, respectively.  Another case of good team work overcoming erratic individual efforts, though the putter cured a few sins 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Frank Saify and Noel Connolly with a mild 42 points.

A welcome return from the big man saw Big Noel amass 31 points in the big cold.  Whilst Frank scored a lowish 26 points, they both managed well their short game with the chipper and putter to avoid disasters.

For the pair who stayed straight, steered clear, you can now wet your throats with free beer 🙂

The Bradmans went to a pair who must have a genetic disposition for inglorious greatness!

Yes, indeed, the Backs are back.  Both Rob Back (20 points) and Les Back (19 points) took out the Bradmans with a Mariana Trench (the lowest known natural point on Earth) 2BBB score of 28 points 🙁

Whilst good from the tee, they were terrible around the greens and their putting was woeful!  Looks like its back to the golf drawing board for both of them 🙁



  1. Best 2BBB score was 45 points by Ryan Johnston & Paul Dawkins.
  2. John Varrica took out four of the five NTPs today, whilst a Coleman took out the remaining NTP and drive&pitch.
  3. Normally, Graham Dean is odds-on favourite to get the Bradmans at Bankstown. Whilst he did not get the Bradman today, he was, technically, last today!Huh?  Well, his alarm clock didn’t go off, so he arrived at the course too late to start!
  4. Have you ever hit bad shots and never got rewarded? Well Kila must be bordering on Sainthood! Playing the par4 10th (our first hole), Kila hit his drive straight about 220 metres and proceeded to pull his next shot into the front left hand bunker.  The third shot stayed in the bunker, but the next bunker shot when into the hole for par. He followed this up on the par4 1st hole (our tenth) when he drove into the trees on the left.  He then shanked the ball out and duffed the next shot short of the green.  He used a 6-iron to pitch and run and saw it go into the hole for par 🙂 Bless you my Son 🙂


  1. Have you ever been asked by a playing partner for toilet paper whilst out on the course? Well, George Lattouf did exactly that on the par3 11th (our second hole played). Lacking a positive response from his playing partners, George scrummaged through his bag and quickly ran off behind the local native flora nearby.  Upon his return, he hit his tee shot out of his arse, it was a beauty, and he quickly walked towards the green! The following group arrived at the tee and straight away, Phil White could be heard muttering out loudly about the “dead dog” smell at the tee 🙁
  2. It may have been cold, but the scribe’s game wasn’t all what its cracked up to be until he noticed the ball he was using on the last green. Not only was his game falling apart, so was the ball he was using on the last two holes, it had a whopping big crack 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winners:  Ryan Johnston [16] & Paul Dawkins [32]  45 pts

Runners Up:        Steve Vaughn [22] & Claude Poletti [22] 42 pts c/b

GUZZLERS CUP:      Frank Saify [15] & Noel Connelly [22] 42 pts

BRADMANS:          Rob Back [21] & Les Back [20] 28 pts

Nearest To Pins:  T.Coleman(3), J.Varrica(7), J.Varrica(11), J.Varrica(13), J.Varrica(15)

Drive & Pitch: W.Coleman(5)


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