15-APR-2018: Bankstown GC - 1st Round Club 2BBB Championships

The billowing smoke from the nearby bushfire near Menai was an ominous sign of things to come from the usually benign Bankstown golf course.

The fear of heat and smoke saw 31 evacuees arrive at the safe haven of Bankstown for shelter.  To keep their minds off the nearby danger, the evacuees were invited to play the first of two rounds of the 2BBB Stableford Championships.

Starting at 6:18am from the 10th hole (white tee), individuals were psyched up for a tough battle with Maria (sounds like ma-rye-ah), with predicted wind speeds up to 40 km/hr.

That’s right, away out here they got a name, for rain and wind and fire, the rain is Tess, the fire Joe, and they call the wind Maria.

Whilst that line may have come from the 1951 Broadway musical “Paint Your Wagon“, did you know there was a 1941 novel written by George Rippey Stewart called “Storm” in which he names the storm “Maria“.

The success of this novel influenced U.S. military meteorologists to start the informal practice of giving women’s names to storms in the Pacific during World War 2.  This practice became official in 1945 and in 1953, a similar naming system was adopted for North Atlantic storms.  Men’s names were eventually adopted in 1979, though some may think this was because technology was making storms more predictable 🙂

Play was reasonably fast on the first nine holes, however, many players were struggling with the strong wind.  Club selection was difficult, with many electing to go two or three clubs longer or shorter, depending on the direction.

The vanguard group eventually caught up with the members on Hole1 – our 10th hole 🙁

Playing the par4 first hole and par5 second hole was like hitting your head against a brick wall, so strong was the wind.  Relief would come when playing down wind on the last couple of holes, but then the dilemma, how do you stop the ball on the greens?

Even putting was difficult with the ball wobbling (and possibly moving) as you putt 🙁

Eventually, the game concluded, with many players worn down by the strong abrading wind and were suffering from the following symptoms:

– throats as dry as a bull’s bum going up a hill backwards

– so hungry they could eat the crotch out of a dead leper’s undies

– too dehydrated to drain the main vein 🙁

CCR for individual scores was 33 points.


The 2BBB winners today were a combination of a good anchor man with well handicapped partner.

The outright winners were Ryan Cassin and John McDonald with a good score of 45 points (on a count-back).

The new combination of quiet achiever with muscle (Ryan) and loud one with bustle (John) produced a winning score under the trying conditions, with John the major contributor scoring 38 points and Ryan backing up with 30 points.

The good team work was obvious from the individual scores, though John’s good effort in the wind was no surprise as his normal game is to keep the ball low.

The pair are good putters, though John’s putting technique of keeping head well over ball provided a stable platform against the strong winds.  He has on odd occasions gotten too low over the ball and fallen over, particularly on slippery wet greens 🙂

Runners up went to Allen Foster and Gary McMahon with another good score of 45 points.

A boom-boom pairing if ever I saw one, the pair of sluggers combined to over-power the strong wind, with Gary amassing 39 points and Allen 35 points.  Their consistency was outstanding but missed several opportunities with the putter on the wind-swept greens.

Gary’s eagle3 on the par5 6th hole for a 5 pointer was a big turning point 🙂

The Guzzlers went to Adam Giltinan and Rossco Hamer with a solid score of 44 points.

A good balanced pair, Adam speaks with his rail-gun driver whilst Rossco speaks with his, err, um, mouth!

Adam blasted his way out of trouble with a credible 36 points, whilst Rossco, well, when he is on, watch out, but the strong winds today may have muted his vocal chords as he only scored a respectable 33 points (he did lose three balls by the way).

The pair can now sit back and relax and reap the rewards of their great team work 🙂

The Bradmans went to Kevin Gerkins and Paul Dawkins with a low 35 points 🙁

What can I say, the strong wind blew them off the course.

Mind you, there are some pairs very relieved and grateful that Kevin and Paul showed up today!

When asked to best describe their game today, Paul said after scoring only six (6) points on the first nine holes, his game was a brown dog barking at the back door, whilst Kevin said it was no different to dropping a brown bear in the porcelain cave 🙁

Both were last seen taking a stroll to the gravy bowl (for those who don’t understand the Australian language, the sh**house) 🙁


What three words when spoken will make anyone sound like an Australian?





  1. Best score was 45 points (count-back) by Ryan Cassin & John McDonald.
  1. Gary McMahon grabbed an Eagle3 on the par5 6th hole (and 5 points).

Hit a terrific drive into the strong wind over the right-hand fairway bunker.

Followed it up with a brutish 3-wood to finish 30 metres from the green.

Using his Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video as a guide, he played a low chip from the back foot.

He thinned the chip and saw the ball scuttle across the fairway, run onto the green and hit the flag stick to go in.

Thank you Mr. Mickelson 🙂

  1. Cliff Bourquin landed in front of the par3 15th green with a straightforward chip to the hole.

Unfortunately, his ball was sitting in an area defined as GUR (Ground-Under-Repair).

His marker was The Punisher, Mick McCarney, who quoted Rule 25 to Cliff.  He MUST take relief and lift the ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club-length of and not nearer the hole.

The nearest point of relief was a spot to the left, leaving Cliff a more difficult chip over the bunker to the hole.

An unhappy and irate Cliff was GRRR about the GUR ruling, but nevertheless, he complied.

Guess what, he chipped in !!!!!!!!

  1. Allen Foster has had some bad luck on par5’s lately, but today saw the pin-ball wizard strike back.

Playing the par5 second hole, Allen struck his second shot into the strong wind and saw it curve left into the left hand concrete water channel marked as a water hazard.

The ball struck the wall and ricocheted left-right-left-right-left and then back out onto the fairway 🙂

He wasn’t shaking his head in disbelief, he was actually watching the ball!

  1. Ken Harris must have been inspired by the Phil Mickelson chipping 101 video.

Hitting left on the short par3 3rd hole (eagles nest), Ken was confronted with a delicate lob shot over the left hand bunker to a short-sided hole placement.

Well, as so often happens with Ken, a miracle happened, he skulled the ball and saw it hit the lip of the bunker and crawl over the top edge and gently roll onto the green 🙂 He missed the putt 🙁

  1. Adam Giltinan drove his tee shot into the water on the par5 second hole.

Dropping a ball at point of entry, he hit a driver for his third shot into the strong wind.

Playing his fourth shot, he creamed his 9-iron over the flag stick and watched it spin back pin-high to the hole.  Sank the putt for a straight forward par 🙂

That’s determination for you, never give up.  No wonder their team was in the mix today 🙂

  1. Jim Gardner played well today with a well constructed 38 points.

He drove into the green-side bunker on the par4 5th hole (drive & pitch) and played a great bunker shot close to the hole.

He looked at the ball and the existing NTP marker and thought he was closer and asked his marker if that was correct.

As his marker walked towards the ball, a gust of wind came up and moved the ball several inches closer to the hole making the choice obvious.

He put his name on the NTP marker 🙂


  1. Kevin Gerkins 5-putted the par4 16th hole.
  1. Rossco Hamer hit a house on the left on the par4 first hole (yep, you thought it was impossible).

Walking towards the house and hopefully find his ball, it was suggested by someone in the group he should drop into the Golf Academy building on the way 🙁

  1. Glen Blades had a double-hit whilst chipping from the back of the par5 14th hole.

Using a pitching wedge, he hit the ball and watched it slowly climb up into the air.  Only problem was his follow through was quicker than the ball.

He hit the ball smack in the middle of the sweet spot and watched it go miles back over his head 🙁

  1. The wind was strong, wasn’t it?

well, the scribe almost had an air-swing with the putter on the last hole.

Faced with a 2-foot putt for par, a sudden gust of wind blew his Bunning’s hat over his eyes as he prepared to putt.

Backing away, he again stood over the putt and as he was about to pull the trigger on the putt, another gust of wind blew him forward and the putter moved with him uncontrollably.

The putter hit the ground behind the ball and barely had enough momentum when it hit the ball.

The ball travelled four inches 🙁

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winners:  Ryan Cassin [13] & John McDonald [32]  45 pts  c/b

Runners Up:        Allen Foster [23] & Gary McMahon [24]  45 pts

GUZZLERS CUP:      Adam Giltinan [12] & Rossco Hamer [20] 44 pts

BRADMANS:          Kevin Gerkins [26] & Paul Dawkins [33] 35 pts

Nearest To Pins: A.Giltinan(3), P.Dawkins(7), J.Gardner(11), J.Varrica(13), A.Giltinan(15)

Drive & Pitch: J.Gardner(5)


Place Name 1st Round 2nd Round Final
1 G. McMahon / A. Foster 45   45
2 R. Hamer / A. Giltinan 44   44
3 J. Varrica / P. Kilazoglou 42   42
4 J. Gardner/ P. Davis 42   42
5 F. Saify / M. McDonald 41   41
6 J. Mesuria / S.Vaughn 41   41
7 S. Thorn / P.White 40   40
    8 K. Harris / R. Knebusch 40   40
9 J.McDonald / J Hilder 38   38
10 C. Bourquin / M. McCarney 38   38
11 S. Suzor / C. Poletti 38   38
12 G. Lattouf / K. Little 38   38
13 G, Buckley/ G. Dean 37   37
14 S. Floyd / W. Coleman 36   36
15 K. Gerkens / P. Dawkins 35   35
16 R. Cassin / R. Johnston 30   30

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