14-JAN-2018: Antill Park GC – Individual Stableford


Happy New Year to everyone, its been four weeks since our last game, so hopefully Santa provided you the replacements for all those balls you lost, drivers and putters you snapped, irons you lost in the middle of lakes and for the fortunate few, specialist DVDs from the ABC Shop covering anger & stress management 🙂

Even my doctor said I should exercise more and suggested I play 36 holes a day, so I went out and bought a harmonica!

The first golf event for 2018 saw a welcome return of thirty one (31) celebratory golfers (I can’t say over-weight anymore) to the distant and picturesque Antill Park golf course at Picton.

The dry weather in Sydney was no different in Picton and the fairways looked no different to the many front lawns in Sydney suburbs, sparse and ugly 🙁

Fortunately, the firm but patchy fairways were in stark contrast to the smooth looking greens.

Starting from the yellow tee on the 10th hole at 6:30am, the forecast was for a cool summer day with gusty southerly winds kicking in later on in the morning.

Play wasn’t that quick, but the cool conditions allowed for a relaxing and comfortable game.

Quite a few players managed to play to or better their handicap today, with CCR set to a high 39.

The best score on the day went to a re-surging Mark McDonald with a brilliant score of 46 points.
Mark left his indelible mark on the course with his crisp hitting irons and improving short game.

No wipes and no lost balls – a rare feat indeed. His improved performance was not a surprise to some, with Friday Golf Academy coach Georgie Porgie nominating him as favourite before the game.

Will he get back into A grade again, just like last year, or will he regress into the abyss?
Only time will tell and this commentator will not curse him by giving him a great rap, not just yet, anyway 🙂


The A grade winner went to John Varrica with a very good score of 42 points.
Another member of the Friday Golf Academy playing well of late. Managed to keep the ball out of harms way with his driver most of the time and took advantage of this with his consistent iron play and solid putting. His eagle3 on the par5 1st hole was the highlight of his game today.


The B grade winner was Brian Craven with a fine score of 41 points.
Carrying on from last year with yet another good performance. A straight shooter from the hip holster whose shots rarely miss the fairway, Brian would have found the course more to his liking. Also adapted quickly to the slightly slower than normal greens.


The C grade winner was Glen Blades with a very good score of 42 points.
Hmmm, finished last year with the Bradmans and now takes out the C grade, what gives?
Was he hamming it up or was it the extra Christmas pudding around the waistline that changed his swing today?

Well, it just so happens he had Bruce Murch in his group and the very good A grader had a strong influence on Glen’s swing and resultant straight driving. Bruce also had a better GPS 🙂

Needless to say, Glen needed no help on the putting, he was born with a Blade putter in his hand 🙂


The Guzzler went to Paul Dawkins with a fine score of 41 points.
Wow! Talk about coming out with all guns blazing, the man who put Audie Murphy’s medal count to shame with his haul of Bradman purple hearts, now comes out to receive a winners medal in his first game.

Bask in the sunshine Paul, smile like a Cheshire cat up in a tree and saviour the moment, before the fundamental forces of nature (be it gravity, electro-magnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force or golf swing) pulls you off the tree 🙂

Now for the Bradman winners.

Hold on, I just received a late thank you letter from Santa Claus.

He is thanking the club for all the help he received from the Bradman winners in late December (when they were exiled to the Arctic Circle) and is requesting they be given a reprieve from the scribe’s inky arrows in the first game.

Oh deer (sic), I suppose I must, I mean, how can I refuse Santa 🙁

1. Best score on the day was Mark McDonald with 46 points.
2. John Varrica grabbed an eagle3 on the par5 Hole1 (Driver -> 8-iron -> putt)

3. Steph Suzor is notorious for losing balls, but today he actually found lots of balls.
Whilst searching for his partner’s balls, Steph located 5 balls for Kila and 2 balls for the scribe!

When questioned on how many balls did Steph lose, he indirectly responded:
“I didn’t lose 2 balls, the water took it away from me”

4. Mark McDonald played very well, but he did have his fair share of luck.
The third last hole played, the par5 7th hole, is an example of his luck today.
a. Shanked his tee shot left towards the 8th green behind the trees
b. Punched an iron back onto the 7th fairway.
c. Laid up short of the pond in front of the green.
d. Hit approach shot over green towards highway.
e. Ball hits out-of-bounds fence post and bounces back into play above the green.
f. Chips onto green
g. Sinks putt for a 6 and three stableford points.

Lots of birdies were scored today!

1. Glen Blades claimed one on the par4 2nd hole when he mis-hit his 9-iron for his second shot and hit a duck 🙁

2. John Varrica managed to hit his first straight drive on the par4 17th hole only to see it land and hit a duck in the middle of the fairway and the ball stopped dead (and so did the duck) 🙁

Well, that’s it for the first game back, so happy new year to all and may your hips (natural or titanium) keep turning all year round 🙂

Revesby results on the day:

Outright Winner: Mark McDonald [22] 46 pts

A Grade Winner: John Varrica [11] 42 pts
B Grade Winner: Brian Craven [20] 41 pts
C Grade Winner: Glen Blades [33] 42 pts
GUZZLER’s CUP: Paul Dawkins [34] 41 pts

A Grade: Cliff Bourquin [14] 27 pts
B Grade: Graham Dean [17] 30 pts
C Grade: Rossco Hamer [22] 29 pts

Nearest To Pins:
K.Little(5), T.Coleman(6), W.Higgs(9), N.oBody(10), G.Dean(15), K.Little(16)

Drive & Pitch:

Longest Drives:
(A) G.Lattouf
(B) T.Coleman
(C) S.Vaughn

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