Is it deja-vu, am I sounding like a broken record player or am I suffering from writer’s stutter, are we really back again at Macarthur Grange golf obstacle course for another bone-jarring adventure across the rolly-polly concrete fairways in run-away electric carts without suspension and brakes?

It must be true, because my physio is all smiles at the moment as I visit the bank seeking a loan to payoff his bills 🙁

Today saw 27 players arrive on time (well, actually 26) for a single stableford event, which got underway at 7:15am from split tees with prefer-through-the-green being the local rule.  In addition, the 1st round of the Single Match Play Championship started.

The course looked the same as last week (I’m sure it wasn’t a dream) and the weather was surprisingly balmy, with many commenting on how much warmer it was than expected.  Well, if it was dream, it quickly turned into a real nightmare 🙁

A cool, dry south-westerly wind started to pick up as the rising Sun remained hidden behind the clouds.  As the minutes passed, the temperature kept dropping and within half an hour, players were shivering from the wind chill generated by the fast moving, windshield-less carts 🙁

After nine holes, the Sun finally broke through the shackles of the clouds to radiate its invigorating warmth to the cold-weary players.   Unfortunately, the wind went into over-drive and blasted the players with 30 knot gales 🙁

Just trying to stand in the wind and keep your hat on was hard enough, but keeping one’s balance whilst trying to swing was a lottery.  Presenting your back to the wind was like a sail in a yacht.

Some holes were nestled behind hills to provide respite from the strong winds, but most players were finding it tough and uncomfortable with the conditions and were focussed on one thing only, get back to the clubhouse a.s.a.p. 🙁

With all score cards submitted, the players recovered inside the clubhouse, generating much needed warmth from all the hot air of their tall tales out on the course 🙂

Statistically, only two players (7%) bettered 36 points today, with CCR set to 33 points.

The Outright Winner was Steph Suzor with 39 points.

Steph’s round today was head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Used his 3-wood very well from the tee and whilst his iron play was not too good, he recovered well with his chipping and was “par-excellence” with the putter.  Only had two wipes in the difficult conditions and easily took account of Luis Tasaico 5&4 in the match play!

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with 37 points.

Another good performance from Revesby’s fearless leader, it’s his fourth A-grade win of the year, so should be pleased with his consistency and effort.

Drove well in the windy conditions and recovered well around the greens and worked hard in his match play to win 2&1 against the tough Ronnie Knebusch.

The B Grade winner was Luis Tasaico with 32 points.

May have lost his match play against Steph Suzor, but still toughed it out on his new titanium knee, so it was only fitting he was rewarded for his effort.  Surprised to win, he put it down to keeping both feet on the ground in the strong wind and not having to put up with George Lattouf’s “kneedling” 🙂

The C Grade winner was John McDonald with 35 points.

An experienced “bad weather” campaigner, John easily kept his ball under the wind with his low trajectory drives and putts (equally both as long).  The strong gale force wind was no match against his low centre-of-gravity body, it was a case of the irresistible force succumbing to the immovable object.

John weathered a strong charge in the match play from Steve Vaughn, who amassed 21 points on the first nine to go 4up, only to score seven points and five wipes on the last nine to allow John to win 2&1 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Shane Thorn with 35 points.

Horses for courses, Shane used his intimate knowledge of his home track to squeeze out points from this unwilling course in ungodly conditions.

A good performance with his handicap, but his match play against the novice, Peter Davis, was a very tight affair, with Shane winning just one up.

Peter put up a very credible and staunch defence, but Shane’s experience won through. The course may be very dry and weathered, but Shane’s throat will be very wet and smooth for the rest of the week 🙂



The fog of political correctness (PC) has now prevented the scribe from using pejorative terms to players who exhibit golfing disabilities.

Any disparaging word or thought expressing a negative connotation, low opinion, or lack of respect just to get a cheap laugh is to cease immediately 🙁

Hang on, the Bradman winner is, by definition, any handicapped golfer who plays like a baboon (not a monkey, as there may be evolutionary questions raised).

In which case, the Bradman winners are exempt from PC constraints 🙂

The following three Bradmans are to be sent to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation for suspected terror-bull acts on a golf course!


BRADMAN Winners:

A Grade: Mick McCarney [16] 19 pts

B Grade: Mathew Campbell [20] 22 pts

C Grade: Ken Harris [25] 28 pts

Nearest To Pins: K.Little(2), A.Giltinan(5), N.Obody(8), G.Lattouf(15), F.Saify(17)

Drive & Pitch: J.Varrica(1)

Single Match Play Results:

Ryan Cassin    bye

Ken Little     bye

Cliff Bourquin bye

George Lattouf bye


Claude Poletti def Wayne Coleman 5&4

Graham Dean def Matthew Campbell 4&3

Mick McCarney def Gary Buckley (absent)

Joy Mesuria def Rossco Hamer 5&4

Steph Suzor def Luis Tasaico 5&4

Shane Thorn def Peter Davis 1up

Frank Saify def Brian Craven 2&1

John McDonald def Steve Vaughn 2up

Adam Giltinan def Phil White 2up

Ken Harris def Jeff Hilder 3&2

Allen Foster def Mark McDonald 2up

John Varrica def Ronnie Knebusch 2&1


  1. Best score on the day was Steph Suzor with a mighty 39 points!
  2. Frank Saify hit his tee shot on the par3 17th to 10cm (4 inches) from the hole (not an eagles nest hole). He managed to sink that putt. He also drove the par4 16th hole, but he 4-putted that one!


1.Matt Campbell may have won the Bradmans today, but he did something even worse than that! What could be worse you ask? He went to the wrong golf course, he showed up at Bankstown 🙁

2.It was only fitting he got the Bradmans today!Mick McCarney (another Bradman) had a shocker today, he even managed to putt his ball off the green on the par3 8th hole. His frustration was taken out on his clubs, which the scribe was told merited a 6 out of ten on the helicopter twirly-whirly scale (1 – no spin, 10 – spinning so fast it actually gains lift like a real helicopter).

3.Rossco Hamer (almost a Bradman, the count-back saved him) is a true exponent of the twirly-whirly and was reported to have thrown one into the wind today that reached the scale of 11 out of 10, that’s right, it spun so much it came back and hit him 🙂




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