11-MAR-2018: Campbelltown – 3rd Round Championships – STROKE


Today sees the third round of the championships at Campbelltown golf course (par 70) for a 6:56am start.

Whilst the Academy Awards have come and gone, many players will find their game today bordering on The Darkest Hour, overcome by The Shape of Water and Dunkirk sand that straddles the many greens and fairways.

In addition, the large and ever-so subtle contoured greens can make a Blade Runner out of the putter and drive you Coco in the process.

With so much punishment on hand, it was surprising to see thirty one (31) battle-weary Revesby soldiers show up for combat where high casualties were expected.

The skirmish started on time from the 10th white sector under clear skies and somewhat cool conditions, with fairways cleared of anti-personnel mines for preferential dispersion of balls as the local rules of engagement.

As expected, the advance got bogged down, with soldiers spending a lot of time reloading their guns on tees or looking for balls in uncharted territory.

The day got warmer, the wind grew stronger, the hills got steeper and the cursing got louder.

The fog of war eventually cleared as the troops queued to Get Out from the war zone and be evacuated back to the cool comfort of The Hurt Locker where medical staff were on hand to apply intravenous drips of amber fluid to the wounded.

With 31 dog tags to be checked and recorded, it soon became apparent that only a third of players had managed to come through unscathed (par 70 nett or better), whilst CCR was provisionally set to 68 nett.


The outright winner today was Glen Blades with a terrific score of 61 nett (handicap 28).

It’s a double-whammy for Glen, that’s two consecutive outright wins on the same course in the space of a month.

Kept to the same game plan and minimised risk.  When he did get into trouble, he somehow managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat to escape.  He even managed to hit the ball away when it was wedged against a tree trunk!

Its his third win of the year after taking out C-grade at Antill Park (Jan18) and outright at Campbelltown (Feb18), so is a golfer in good form who continues to improve – a clean win Glen20 🙂

The A Grade winner went to John Varrica with a good score of 68 nett (handicap 11) on a count-back.

A very steady performance with driver and irons, underlined by good course management, trading power for accuracy by keeping the foot off the pedal with the driver.

Chipping and putting was steady, sank a few good short putts to save par.

Dropped four shots on the last three holes to mar what was an excellent round.

A pleasing result for John 🙂

The B grade winner went to Mark McDonald with a sound score of 71 nett (handicap 20).

A player coming back into form, battled his way around the course but managed to salvage a winning score on the back of his good driving and good putting over short distances.

His irons weren’t as reliable today but he compensated by managing to eliminate 3-putting on the tricky greens and keeping the bad scores down to six or less 🙂

Any errors in his shot making were put down to poor eyesight 🙂

A rewarding result for all the hard work Mark 🙂

The C grade winner went to Wayne Higgs with a great score of 63 nett (handicap 23).

From the depths of despair in January when he took out the Bradmans at Bankstown, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes to fly aloft once more.

His brilliant driving has returned with plenty of, to quote Higgsy, “POW-WA!”

He drove long and well and putted very well over short distances, only marred by three 3-putts.

He amassed 42 and 44 on the first and second nine, respectively.

It was appropriate he chose the griller as his prize today, because its the closest thing to best describe his chest-thumping performance today – well done Magilla 🙂

The Guzzlers went to John McDonald with a very good score of 65 nett (handicap 33).

If ever a chap deserved a good long drink today and for the rest of the week, it was Revesby’s Vice-President.

Stuck to a simple game plan, if you can putt from 150 metres away, do it!

Managed to stay clear of the water all day and when he did muck up, it went straight and low and out of harms way.

His putting from 6-8 feet was not as good as it use to be (so he says), but I think his putting distometer went awry when the country changed to the metric system – he is the only player who carries a slide-rule in his golf bag 🙂

He got serious when he started to wear a hat on the second nine, a rare sight indeed.  But it paid off, he kept his cool and sweated out a thirst quenching score – my hat is off to you, John  🙂


The Bradmans went to a bunch of AWOLs who decided to attack the enemy by advancing to the rear.

The defendants are:

Ryan Johnston (A – 82 nett)

Claude Poletti (B – 77 nett – count-back)

Rossco Hamer (C- 85 nett)

Their court-martial will offer them two choices:

  1. Tied to a post and be shot by a volley of golf balls
  2. Volunteer on a suicide mission as The Dirty Triplets

HIGHLIGHTS of the day:


  1. Best score on the day was Glen Blades with 61 (nett).


  1. Wayne Higgs topped his 9-iron to the par3 12th hole, saw the ball running along the ground towards the hole and started crying out loudly:

Stop… Go… Stop… Go… Stop…Go…Stop!

Well, the ball finally dribbled onto the green and stopped hole high to the right.  And you guessed right, he sank the putt for a birdie.

He wasn’t able to speak for the next three holes because his vocal chords were severely strained 🙁

3. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land in the water hazard.

The scribe hit his 9-iron on the tee and lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out another ball on the tee, the scribe repeated the shot with identical result, lost sight of the ball because he shanked it into the water on the right.

Pulling out a third ball, the scribe repeated the shot, heard a click and lost sight of the ball.  “Where did it go?” he asked.

Johnny Varrica replied: “its on the green a metre from the hole!”

Well, you wouldn’t believe it, the scribe sank the putt for his sixth stroke!

It was a commendable effort, worthy of Knighthood, so from now on, the scribe will be referred to as “Sir Shankalot” 🙂


LOWLIGHTS of the day:

  1. The par3 14th hole (near the practice putting green) can be dangerous if you land short of the green.

Steve Vaughn should have learnt from his previous encounter during the first round of the championships in February when he amassed 13 strokes on the hole.

Today saw Steve hit his tee shot land short of the green and roll back into the hazard.   Finding the ball, he elected to play it.

The ball flew up and short of the green and rolled back down the hill.

Several chips saw the same thing happen again and again and again (it was like the movie Groundhog Day).

Eventually his ball ended back into the hazard, where he started.

Watching him play out of the hazard was like watching a player trying to kill a snake.

Finally, after 12 attempts, Steve dropped out of the hazard, chipped on and two putted for an impressive 16 strokes.

That’s 29 strokes on the same hole in two rounds of the Championships 🙁

2. Players who use covers for their irons risk damage and embarrassment to their game.

Mark McDonald on Friday at Georges River mistakenly pulled out his Lob wedge instead of his 7-iron and found his shot was way short of the mark (no pun intended).

His explanation was the “L” on his lob wedge looked similar to his “7” (just upside down).

Well, today saw Mark select his 9-iron on the eagles nest par3 4th hole.

Aiming at the tree guarding the flag, he saw his ball climb over the tree, over the course perimeter fence and over the road into the neighbouring houses.

Thinking how he crunched the shot, he looked at the club-head only to see it was his 6-iron!

Hmm, think its time to invest in new Braille covers 🙁

3. Par5 3rd hole

Alan Foster was savaged severely on this hole last time we played it in the first round, when he amassed 13 shots.

When asked how did he go on the hole today, he said he had improved and only scored 12 shots 🙁

The par5s weren’t kind to him today, he also racked up 11 strokes on the par5 7th hole!


Phew! Only one more round to go before the fun in golf returns 🙂


Individual results on the day:

Outright Winner: Glen Blades [28]   61 nett

A Grade Winner:  John Varrica [11]  68 nett c/b

B Grade Winner:  Mark McDonald [20] 71 nett

C Grade Winner:  Wayne Higgs [23]   63 nett

GUZZLER’s CUP:   John McDonald [33] 65 nett


A Grade:  Ryan Johnston [14]   82 nett

B Grade:  Claude Poletti [20]  77 nett c/b

C Grade:  Rossco Hamer [23]    85 nett


Nearest To Pins:

S.Thorn(4), A.Giltinan(6), S.Thorn(12)


Drive & Pitch:




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