1-NOV-2015: Mollymook Hilltop GC – Revesby V Canberra LC - 2 Man Ambrose

Revesby wins the Metalcorp Cup

Revesby wins the Metalcorp Cup

This year saw Revesby Workers hosting the annual Metal Corp Challenge Cup against Canberra Labor Club on a neutral golf course, namely, Mollymook Hilltop, which is situated on the south coast of New South Wales, about three hours drive south of Sydney.

The area of Mollymook was first settled in 1859 by the Mitchell family who established a farm/homestead which they named “Molly Moke”, though many believe that the name of Mollymook was derived from the type of small Albatross found in the area, the Mollymawk.

The Mollymook Hilltop layout is often rated in the top 100 golf courses in Australia, as it is a stern test for golfers of any standard, be it social golfers from the yellow tees, members from the white tees or professional golfers from the puma black tees.

Designed by Bill Andriske in 1977, the par 72 course features long meandering tree-lined Kikuyu fairways, very large bent-grass greens with deceptive contours, water challenges from creeks and dams, moderate bunkering and the ever-present sea breeze.

It’s a thinking course as most of the par fours have severe dog-legs requiring golfers to consider where and how to place the ball from the tee. The next shot(s) require precise shot-making as the ball will typically be found lying on sloping fairways, either down-hill, up-hill or side-hill. Some of the fairways may give you vertigo, whilst others will enjoy the amphitheatre atmosphere and scenery 🙂

If that’s not enough problems, wait till you get near or on the greens! The large greens are very firm and quick and stopping the ball is near impossible, so chipping and putting from long distances will be the order of the day. Putting from above the hole will be courting disaster, and don’t be surprised to see many players finding their second putt much longer than their first putt 🙁

A large contingent of Canberra golfers (24) showed up to battle the Revesby players (31) for the Metal Corp Challenge Cup.

The days event was a 2-ball ambrose, with a team from each club playing a single match, with the 18-hole nett scores used to determine the match winner and earn a single point for their respective club. The club earning the majority of match points will determine the Metal Corp Challenge Winner.

Unfortunately, the imbalance in numbers from each club required some Revesby players to act as Canberra proxies for the day 🙁

Fozzy at the first

Fozzy at the first

The battle commenced from the yellow tees on the 10th tee at 6:52am, with the last group (group 14) hitting off at 8:36am. The weather and course conditions appeared perfect. Sanity prevailed when everyone elected to traverse the course in motorised carts 🙂

When the noise abated and the smoke had cleared, it was back to the Mollymook Golf Club (actually, it was the Beachside Course Clubhouse) for a hearty lunch, dessert and drinks. With all score cards in and post-mortems done and dusted, it soon became apparent that one side took a severe beating.

With 14 matches on the table, Revesby’s Captain, Steve Vaughn, announced that Revesby Workers had proved too strong and too long for most of the Canberra Labor crew who laboured under the unrelenting pressure to the tune of 11 matches (Revesby)to 3 matches (Canberra).

Congratulations to all REVESBY WORKERS players for an exceptional team effort 🙂

To add salt to the wound, two of Canberra’s winning matches were delivered by Revesby players acting as proxies for Canberra, namely Louis/Daniel Tasaico and Russ Miller/Alan Tricker. Both pairs had convincing wins over their Revesby counterparts, so Bravo Zulus for your good performances and dare I say it, unquestioning integrity 🙂

Interestingly, Russ Miller had the unenviable role of swinger today wearing two coloured hats, on the one hand he was playing with a Revesby partner (Paul Dawkins), and on the other hand, a proxy Canberra partner (Alan Tricker), and he was playing for both clubs, simultaneously. He couldn’t pull up if he tried 🙂



The best score for Canberra was the family pairing of Justin Wunsch and John Wunsch who shot a very commendable 66 nett on a difficult layout. It was a stand-out effort for their club and one they can be proud of. A shining light in a very dark room – top effort fellas 🙂



The runners up for Canberra were actually proxies from Revesby, yes, it was another father and son combination, Louis Tasaico and Daniel Tasaico, who shot a solid 69 nett. Louis is a very solid player who keeps the ball in play and provides able support on the greens, whilst his son Daniel is a candidate for the Avengers with his potent golf swing and is a danger to low-flying planes and drones when he launches the ball into sub-orbital flight – great effort fellas 🙂






The best Revesby scratch score and nett score on the day went to two of Revesby’s Avengers, Indominus Hulk and Hawkeye Assassin (aka Ryan Johnston and Ryan Cassin, respectively) for shooting a scratch 2-under par round for a 63 nett (including six birdies). The lefty and righty combination clicked well today with the assassin bombing long range birdies with putts from off the green, whilst the big lefty kept bombing the ball from the tees. Good to see them as buddies today, as the Revesby leader-board is very crowded and they will be mortal enemies for the remainder of the year – congratulations fellas for a great round 🙂



The Revesby Runners Up went to an unusual pairing of Wayne Coleman and Anthony Conte with a very good nett 65¼ score (on a count-back). Wayne had a very solid game from tee to green and was well supported by Anthony on the greens and with a few atom-smashing drives from the tee. Anthony doesn’t play that much, but he sure knows how to pick his partners and get his name up there on the winners list – top effort fellas 🙂






The Guzzlers went to the tried and tested combination of John Varrica and Phil Kilazoglou with a very good score of 65¼ nett. What was the secret to their good performance ? Well, Kila’s good practice round the day before (can you believe it, he actually walked the course!) put him in the right frame of mind whilst John’s improved driving (could it get any worse?) boot-strapped the rest of his game – very good effort fellas 🙂

Thanks must go to all participants on the day for making it an enjoyable and relaxing event and special Bravo Zulus to the social committees and Captains of both Clubs for organising the tournament and ensuring it be a great success. In particular, special thanks to Claude Poletti for his meticulous planning and organising, Gary McMahon for the accommodation bookings and Russ (The Bus) Miller for driving the bus to and fro.

It all went like clockwork 🙂

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Metal Corp Challenge Cup Result:

REVESBY (11) defeated CANBERRA (3)

Revesby Ambrose team winners:
Outright Winners: Ryan Johnston [11] & Ryan Cassin [17] 63 nett
Runners Up: Wayne Coleman [14] & Anthony Conte [25] 65¼ nett c/b
GUZZLER’s CUP: John Varrica [12] & Phil Kilazoglou [19] 65¼ nett
BRADMANS: Russ Miller [25] & Paul Dawkins [28] 77¾ nett

Canberra Ambrose team winners:
Outright winners: Justin Wunsch [19] & John Wunsch [21] 66 nett
Runners Up: Daniel Tasaico [16] & Louis Tasaico [21] 69¾ nett **
BRADMANS: Paul Magin [16] & Mark Croker [23] 78¼ nett

Nearest To Pins: Ryan Johnston(R)-5, Jeff Hilder(R)-9, Ryan Johnston(R)-12, Ken Little(R)-17

Drive & Pitch: Chris Forster(R)-7, Ray Goldsmith(C)-10

Longest Drives: Justin Wunsch(C)-8, Anthony Conte(R)-18
Matchplay Results:

 REVESBY                                                                       CANBERRA
Matt Campbell[19]/Ken Harris[24] 76¼         lost       Justin Wunsch[19]/John Wunsch[21] 66
Rossco Hamer[22]/Chris Forster[31] 69¾     def         Mark Hush[22]/Ray Goldsmith[36] 77½
John Varrica[12]/Phil Kilazoglou[19]65¼      def        Guy van Vliet[13]/Doug Weise[26] 72½

Steve Vaughn[17]/Ian Lindberg[21] 73½        def         Henry Lawson[21]/Aaron Prowse[30] 74¼
Greg Jones[18]/Gary McMahon[25] 70¼       def         Paul Magin[16]/Mark Croker[23] 78¼
Steve Floyd[17]/Rod Keen[19] 70                      def          Jeff Michael[15]/Alex Markakis[20] 72¼

Claude Poletti[20]/Stef Suzor[21] 66¾           def          Les Brown[21]/Doug Kelly[26] 72¼
Jeff Hilder[17]/John McDonald[29] 72           def         Alan McKeough[16]/Storky McKeough[34] 75½
Ryan Johnston[11]/Ryan Cassin[17] 63          def          Blaine Selway[18]/Peter Callow[28] 74½

Noel Connolly[20]/Wayne Donovan[20] 74  def          Phil McKeough[34]/Paul McKeough[36] 76½
Wayne Coleman[14]/Anthony Conte[25] 65¼ def      John Paris[16]/Neil Murray[24] 76
Ken Little[13]/George Lattouf[14] 68¼          def        Brian Selway[15]/Glen Stephenson[21] 78

Mark McDonald[20]/John Lovett[28] 72       lost        Daniel Tasaico[16]/Louis Tasaico[21] 69¾ **
Russ Miller[25]/Paul Dawkins[28] 77¾        lost         Russ Miller[25]/Alan Tricker[36] 71¾ **

c/b count-back
** proxy team for Canberra

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