1-JULY-2018: Auburn GC – Single Stableford + 4BBB Final + BBQ


A placid Winter’s day welcomed twenty eight (28) Revesby golfers to the geriatric-friendly Auburn Public Golf Course to play a single stableford event in conjunction with the 4BBB Final Matchplay, and more importantly, followed by the salivating induced barbecue (BBQ) organised by Revesby’s Social Secretary, Colonel Ryan Cassin, the finger-licking, chicken-plucking assassin 🙂

The long dry spell of weather this year has been kind to Auburn, with the course and greens in very good condition.  The practice putting green was well grassed, smooth and fast. The game started at 7:43am from the tenth tees (yellow tees).   Naturally, the vanguard group was led by Cassin’s Heroes, a motley crew of Crooks, sorry, I mean Cooks (Freudian slip), whose feats go beyond ordinary espionage and sabotage.  Led by The Assassin (Executive Chef), the cooking team comprised Rossco Hamper, the Sous Chef, specialist in carrying the food (naturally), saucier and grilling (even at monthly meetings and AGMs) followed by the Garde-Manger and Rotisseurs, Paul Daube-kins and Jeff Huile-der 🙂

The second group was the 4BBB matchplay final (Ken Harris/Ron Knebusch versus Ken Little/George Lattouf), so expectation for a fast round was low. Fortunately, the weather was mild and as the day wore on, it got warmer and more comfortable for golf, and the pace of play was reasonably fast. The players were happy with the course conditions today, however, majority had problems around the greens, particularly with chipping from the short, patchy Kikuyu fringe around the greens.  The greens were two-paced, with some much faster than others 🙁

After the round, the players quickly congregated around the BBQ area, watching and smelling the food being cooked. Most started out consuming the tasty feta & tomato bruschetta and followed up devouring the cooked sausages and chicken kebabs, with plenty of rolls and salad on hand. With beer and soft drink freely available, the players reactions to the BBQ was terrific, and in this regard, Bravo Zulus must go to the chief organiser, Ryan Cassin, and his stalwart cooks, Rossco Hamer, Paul Dawkins and Jeff Hilder for doing a tremendous job.  It was a five-finger-licking effort, fellas 🙂

The scores on the whole were not high, with only 29% of players (8 out of 28) playing to or better than handicap today.  For the small group who did play well, the handicapper gleefully set the CCR to 38 points.

The outright winner was Joy Mesuria with a very good score of 41 points (count-back).

Hmmm, what’s going on here, the Captain is not succumbing to the pressures of captaincy?  It’s his second outright win of the year (the last was at Bankstown in February), so what was his secret today? Played well from the tee and recovered well, when needed.  His chipping and putting was very good.  Oh, by the way, he has been practising during the week! Your hard work was definitely well rewarded today 🙂

The A Grade winner was John Varrica with a solid 38 points.

Hit the ball straight and long today, sank a few good putts, but more importantly, chipped very well. His second A-grade win of the year plus a Guzzlers, John has been fairly consistent all year, but his good short game is what keeps his game together, especially on courses with heaps of trees to curse ones game. A solid performance with a pleasing result 🙂

The B Grade winner was Rob Back with a good score of 40 points. 

A newcomer to the club, Rob has garnered a winning performance on the back of steady play from tee to green, grabbing a birdie on the way. Looked a bit like Gary player today, dressed in all black, but I guess you can say, Black is BACK! Asked whether he’s good enough to win again, Rob quoted The Terminator: “I’ll be BACK” I’m sure there’s a sequel in the making 🙂

The C Grade winner was Paul Dawkins with a good score of 40 points.

Could have won outright today, had he not wiped the first (10th) and last (9th) holes. With cooking chores to follow and with a dicky arm, Paul elected to leave his driver out of the bag today. Staying out of trouble from the tees, he took advantage of good chipping and putting to amass his many points. Good chipping did you say?  Yep, Paul swears his chipping has improved after reading a book by Alex Mercer on how social golfers should chip 🙂  And no, he doesn’t have the braille edition! A fitting reward for your studious performance 🙂

The Guzzlers winner was Ken Harris with a sound score of 39 points.

First individual trophy of the year, his performance today was much better than his score suggests.  Played many good tee shots and was very solid with his chipping and putting.  Just a few lapses cost him dearly. It’s a reward he will definitely take advantage of 🙂

The Bradmans went to players who the cooks are now preparing for rabbit stew:

The Bradman scores today were Cliff Bourquin (29 pts), Jim Close (22 pts) and Gary McMahon (28 pts) for A, B and C grade, respectively.

Cliff went Missing-In-Action (literally), Jim (aka Mr Incredible) was sacked from his super-hero job and Gary had no idea where the ball was going from the tee (up, down, left or right) 🙁

4BBB Matchplay Final:

It was down to the last two teams in the final race for glory, namely, the heroic team of Ronnie Knebusch & Ken Harris (hooray) versus the despicable and dastardly team of George Lattouf & Ken Little (boos).  The heroic team already had two Runners-Up wins in 2BBB events this year, so were well prepared for the onslaught.  With Ken Big receiving 13 shots and Ronnie 9 shots in the matchplay, and George (boos) only one shot on the second last hole, it was going to be a tough nut to crack for the despicable and dastardly team. The heroic team led from the first hole and after getting back to square after three holes, the heroic team clicked up a gear and never looked back.

Ken Big was the biggest hero on the day, with Ronnie kicking in on the holes his partner fell asleep.  Their teamwork was too hard to crack, with birdies and pars from the baddies not good enough to win holes. The match ended 3and2, with the heroic team the clear victors (hooray)!

Congratulations Ken and Ronnie for winning the 2018 4BBB Matchplay Championship, it was well deserved 🙂

Commiserations to George and Ken for coming second, it was very good teamwork throughout the Championship that got you there, so close, yet so far!

Highlights to report:

1.Best score was 41 points by Joy Mesuria.

2.John Varrica hit a 5-iron for safety on the hardest hole (par4 15th), only to see his ball hit a small tree trunk and ricochet further into the trees. Playing safely out onto the fairway for safety, he was faced with 220 metres to the flag for his third shot.  He decided to risk hitting a driver off the deck and saw the ball fly low and fast towards the green. Not sure where it had finished, John kept walking towards the green and eventually saw it had finished one foot from the hole, a tap-in putt for par 🙂


Lowlights to Report:

1.The greens were two-paced, but some players succumbed to the dreaded 4-putts, namely: Allen Foster on the par3 6th hole and Phil White on the par5 2nd hole 🙁

2.Another air-swing to report. Still no vaccine to this dreaded disease! Kila had one on the par5 12th hole. He hit his tee shot right into the trees. His ball was lying very close to the front of the tree trunk, with no way to address the ball normally. In his defence, he played the next shot left-handed with the club-face inverted.

His practice swing was excellent, sadly, the next shot was all air 🙁

3.Have you ever received a ball for a nearest-the-pin hole and couldn’t remember which hole you did it on? Well, the scribe got one today and was looking quizzically at the ball trying to remember the hole he had hit such a good shot! It wasn’t his poor memory at fault, it was because the ball actually belonged to Ken Big, not Ken Little! Yes, Ken Big had to use pliers to wrench the ball out of his fingers 🙁

Results on the day:

2018 4BBB Matchplay Championship Final:  Ronnie Knebusch[19]/Ken Harris[26] def Ken Little[13]/George Lattouf[14]  3and2


Outright:  Joy Mesuria [18]  41 pts  c/b

A Grade:  John Varrica [11]  38 pts

B Grade:  Rob Back [p21]     40 pts

C Grade:  Paul Dawkins [34]  41 pts

GUZZLER:  Ken Harris [26]    39 pts

BRADMANS:       A Grade:  Cliff Bourquin [15] 29 pts    B Grade:  Jim Close [p18]     22 pts    C Grade:  Gary McMahon [23]   28 pts

Nearest To Pins: J.Varrica(2), R.Back(6), J.Mesuria(9), P.Kilazoglou(10), K.Harris(13), J.Mesuria(16)

Drive & Pitch:  J.Varrica(14)

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